cant believe I'm about to do this - self confidence beckons ;)

I would love my boobs to be quite big but still...

I would love my boobs to be quite big but still suit my frame. I'm petite, athletic and healthy. Will 350cc's or more be ok for my frame. I want a look between natural (sloped top chest) and unnatural, round) full look. My breasts are sagged from breast feeding my son 11 years ago. Please help as I'm worried that a size too small or too big will drive me nuts. I think I'm 32a and the cost of my surgery in pounds is £2600.

Excited, impatient and scared

So I've gone ahead and booked my ba with dr Oelbrandt for the 14th October. I had a consultation with him during the end of July in London and I've been going crazy with implant sizes since. He sent me 3D imaging of 180, 240cc mid profiles and 330 high profile on top of my own current breasts (32a, I think) and I'm thinking really hard on what I really want with no chance of future regrets of what ifs.
I'm 5' 4"
115 lbs
I mean, I want them big but not too big lol......... I know that doesn't really explain much but I would hate to go smaller than 38c or bigger than mid d cup. Which has me wondering whether I should go mid profile or high profile.
Dr Oelbrandt and his pa, Tahira have been great with keeping my mind at ease and giving me all the necessary information I need. She even went ahead and booked a second consultation for me to see dr Oelbrandt again two weeks before my surgery date. With that in mind I feel secure that I'm in the right hands and happy with my choice of surgeon.
Dr Oelbrandt answers all my email queries directly which deserves nothing short of 5 stars.
I'm real impatient at this point .....five weeks to go

Wish boobs

So I've chosen these beautiful boobies cos they look like how I want them to look on me and these women also have a similar body build to mine, slim/ athletic.
Stats wise, they fall under my category and some of them even weigh less and are smaller and shorter than me so I'd like to think I'm being very realistic. They range from 300 to 375cc

2 and a half weeks to go...

So I had my second consultation yesterday. I'd been going crazy in my head about what I'd like my breasts to really look like and came up blank. I think I was giving my ps a bit of grief with countless emails enquiringly about other different sizes only to show up again at his office lol. My ps basically has advised me that he will recommend no more between 260-300cc as I have a skinny frame with 11-12cm breast width - 116 lbs, 162cm. I opted for the biggest I can go which he stated is probably going to be a tight fit at 300 moderate but tbh I wanted 335 high profile at a bid c cup small d cup and he advised I have a bony chest and how it will look like two balls on a flat surface so I stay humble with moderate profile and hope it works out for the best. I just want to be happy however I'm shitting myself a little probably due to fact i haven't sorted out my holidays after I requested it three months ago.
I have managed to buy some essentials. I got surgical bras, scar away silicone sheets, wipes, travel pillows, ibuprofen and paracetamol,also seen my go for bloods etc
It's just round the corner though! Eeeeek!!!!

What do you guys think?? Pink (C cup) or blue (D cup) :-)

So I went into new look (the only decent store in Wood Green) while on my lunch break from work to try on some bra cup sizes. I was running out of time so decided to try on 32C and 32D.
The C cup is the pink bra and D cup being the blue. Please tell me what you think whether c might be too small or d too big for me? X

Smoking .....:(

I'm finding it hard to quit smoking cannabis. I have cut down a whole heap and tend to stop for several days between one to two day lapses. With one week to go I'm shitting myself. Anyone who smoked a week before surgery?

1 day pre

I'll be fine just like 1000,s of ladies who went before me

A before pic

I think I gained a little weight. Not complaining :)

It is well so far..

I'm in my hotel room watching a movie thinking how amazing it is that I don't feel sick or groggy. I'm feeling good and there's barely any pain probably cos I have a low pain threshold or the medication from since I left the clinic hasn't worn off. I'm glad it's over as I was anticipating not being able to cope... I came to Belgium on my own you see. ..Well it all worked out for the best then. My boobs look perfect however I hope they don't come out smaller than I wanted cos my ps said he could only fit 265cc moderate so fingers crossed, when they settle I pray to the almighty that they come out perky and on the bigger side on my frame. Mrsfrosty you've been a gem and mentally I couldn't have done it without you, you're a goddess.

Long overdue update

Hello ladies, I've haven't done a good job on keeping you up to date on my progress so I've attached photos of all the days I missed out on posting so you can see where I'm at now and how my boobies have progressed. I've been so busy keeping up with errands and anything that needed sorting out before I went away. The pain has been moderate for me except night times when they burn so much where I feel like only painkillers will save me. Other than that I've been easy on pain and still taking vitamins etc. I think my boobies are perfect and I'm loving them however Just can't wait for swelling to go down so I can see them for what they are...if ones bigger than the other as that's what I see in the mirror sometimes. Hope everyone's healing well and enjoying your results xx

My bestie

Picking up Oliver, my cat from the cattery. I took him there last week before my op and after a week of loneliness and so much quiet that you can hear the fridge humming, I'm now going to get him. Miss him so much..with him around my recovery process will be quicker and house will be full of life again. Its been quite a bore at home without his little mischievous character
Dr Bert Oelbrandt

cant fault anything on this doctor. He's interested and uses communication to show you he cares and makes you feel reassured

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