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So after an age of trying to position myself at...

So after an age of trying to position myself at more flattering angles in front of other people.. And the constant task of trying to disguise my side profile by adding ridiculous amounts of volume to my hair or disguising it with makeup.. I have booked a flight to Belgium to have Septo-Rhinoplasty with Dr. Oelbrandt on July 1st. I’ve been researching Oelbrandt for nearly a year. And even when I wasn’t actually looking for him, his name kept cropping up.. With a lot of positive feedback! So I felt determined to go with him.

I have kept this a secret from a lot of the people I know the past few years.. But, lately I figured I should tell my closest friends because this imaginary “car” that I’ve been saving for isn’t going to turn up anytime soon.. And it might be a bit strange that I’m leaving for a random trip to Belgium, despite turning down holidays they’ve invited me on recently. The closer the procedure gets, the more anxious I’m becoming to talk about it anyway. So I’ve been starting to tell a few close friends. Not that it’s anything to be ashamed of anyway. I would just prefer to not have all that attention on me.

I’ve had some negative reactions, some supportive. It’s confusing because I’m finding that the mixed responses are distorting my own feelings about this. I’m trying to ignore the fact that that I’ve been told that when I’m in my 30’s, I could have sincere regret about doing this. That I’ll regret letting a physical insecurity push me this far. Well.. I have had braces in the past.. I had a terrible set of teeth.. And after 4-5 years of having braces, I couldn’t be more confident about my smile now.. I know for a fact that I would be a totally different person, confidence-wise if I had never had braces. I mean, that physical change really has enhanced my life. So.. Basically, I’m trying to ignore some of the negative/concerning opinions that I’ve been getting. I think it’s very easy for people who don’t have such a physical insecurity to tell you not to go through with something like this.
Anyway, 3 weeks left until the surgery.. Little bit anxious! Funny enough, the main concerning thing for me is the actually the journey from Belgium to Ireland home with the splint still on my face. Ha.. Has anyone reading this flown on a plane home with the splint still on?

Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks :)

Music Festival after Rhinoplasty?

I’ve been wondering about something.. Okay so basically, when my surgery is 23 days post op. There is a music festival on which a friend got me a ticket for, a few months back. Would it be a very bad idea to go to it, 23 days post op? The whole camping this is included. I will ask my surgeon this myself and obviously will 100% follow his instructions. I’m just a little curious to find out now so I thought I would post up on this and see what people think.


Feeling Anxious

So my op is 3 days away. I'm getting so scared that I wont like my new nose. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist with most things in life and generally quite hard on myself. I just hope the surgery and the change works out for me. I've been reading some reviews here of people hating their new nose and they'd do anything to get their old one back. Most people's reviews are quite positive though. I'm just a bit afraid of being part of the regret crowd :/ hopefully not though!

Looking like a pop-eye fish!

So, I had my op yesterday with Dr. Oelbrandt. He was lovely. Very efficient and friendly. Everything about the hospital was lovely too. I can’t really say it’s been an enjoyable experience so far but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end. I thought after the surgery I would get away with all the puffy swelling. I woke up this morning like one of those pop-eye fish. My nose is throbbing a bit but it’s not very painful, just more uncomfortable than anything. I’m leaving home to Ireland in 2 days and I know my face isn’t going to swell down much more until then so I’m DREADING the journey home on the train and plane. Was thinking about wearing one of those medical masks for the journey home? I cannot stop sneezing and my face feels like it’s going to explode anytime I do! Well.. Rant over and out!

Packing Removal

So I actually foolishly thought I was actually gonna get away with the whole pain thing the first day but the following two were just atrocious. Ha. I was rotating 3 types of painkillers and they only seemed to work for the first couple of hours. I just had this agonizing, throbbing pain in my face.. Behind my eyes aswell. I couldn't really lie down.. Or sit up.. Or fall asleep for more than a couple of hours.. I just couldn’t feel relief at all.. This lasted for the the entire 2nd and 3rd day.. It was purely down to the packing in my nose. It felt pretty much embedded up to my brain. I was waiting on Dr. Oelbrandt to come and remove it but every hour seemed so, desperately slow .. When the time came.. It was like he pulled out two creatures from my nose. So gross. The pressure of it coming out was so unreal, discomforting and relieving all at the same time. I never thought all these feelings could be experienced together the way they did. It looked like such an alien thing to be coming out my face though. You know? Like both my nostrils gave birth. I actually didn’t read too much up on Septo-Rhinoplasty before (just Rhinoplasty, because I thought they pretty much involved the same thing).. so I wasn’t very mentally prepared for the whole packing business. Probably better off in oblivion before anyway.

I must say that Oelbrandt was truly a gent. For such a busy man, he gave so much time, care & attention.. Very patient too. He even had a sit down and chatted with me in my hotel room after removing the packing. He added, if there was any problem, if I needed to fly back to Belgium, he would pay for my flight back over. I have read only positive things about him online and I’ll add another one to that list. He is lovely.. And reliable.

Anyway, travelling home from Belgium to Dublin wasn’t exactly the best experience of my life. I lightly wore sunglasses over my splint to cover my horrible, swollen, yellow & purple eyes.. (even with that I got a few stares).. I wasn’t brave enough to reveal all. I know I shouldn’t have worn sunglasses.. But, I did. I’m SO anxious about what my nose will look like when I take the splint off on Tuesday. I keep reading horrible regret posts on this site. Not very nice to read. I feel bad for them. Anyway, Day 4, almost done.

CAST OFF! (one month after)

Well, I think I'm just totally back to normal now. The healing time was amazingly quick! Most of the swelling and bruising was gone so much sooner than I expected. No one would of known I had surgery after about 10 days. (In fairness I did have a closed-Septorhinoplasty).. I will say that my only regret is actually just telling as many people as I did beforehand. I really didn’t want to face them because the change is actually just that subtle. I know I look pretty much the same to everyone else, definitely. But to me it's very different. Which is all I really wanted! I know people are pretending to notice a difference just to break the awkwardness.. Haha.. I think Dr. Oelbrandt kept the all character I had in my nose.. I still look like me.. Which is amazing. I really am sooo much happier with my side profile.. And I feel like I dont have to keep adding so much volume to my hair to try disguise it. The front looks pretty much the same. My side-profile was my only concern anyway. He made tip look slightly less bulbous from the front though. It's a very subtle, but very positive change. It’s only been a month so my tip is still a bit tender and the numb sensation is still there. Well, I really wish everyone a good luck. The whole ordeal wasn’t exactly the most pleasant experience (flying home & recovering) but it’s only really a couple of weeks and it was worth it. Try not to worry so much. It takes guts to do what you're doing and it can feel a little lonely. But be strong and try think positive! :)

Cast-off pictures!


Side by side

Just thought I would post up a picture of the result directly side by side
London Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met my doctor in person yet. He seemed quite nice and efficient on Skype during the consultation though. I have read a lot of positive feedback about him, so I feel quite confident and trusting towards him.

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