20 Year Old. Rhinoplasty W/ Dr Oelbrandt. 2016 - Belgium

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I had my rhinoplasty consultation w/ Dr. Oelbrandt...

I had my rhinoplasty consultation w/ Dr. Oelbrandt on 18/10/2015 in London.
It was a nerveracking experience for me, meeting someone that I have read so much about online. The thing that frightened me the most was that he would tell me that all I had hoped for in regards to my nose would be impossible to achieve.

I filled out some paperwork with question regarding my health and also my self-esteem/reasons behind wanted the procedure.

My consultation was scheduled for 20mins and I was the first of the day.
We spoke about what I wanted and Dr. Oelbrandt was extremely honest with what I should expect and explained to me that due the shape and proportions of my nose and face that there would be limitations.

Although slightly depressing to hear I came prepared and understood that I would not receive a brand new nose. Truthfully I only wanted my existing nose to be slightly refined.

He took my pictures from front and side on and then put them into his computer where he could alter the pictures to show me what my results would look like. I like that.

He explained that due to the length of my nose (shorter) in comparison to the rest of my face that my results would be under-corrected but beautiful never the less.

In total my consultation lasted 40 mins and after some poking and prodding we decided on:

Nostral reduction
Dome sutures
Tip support graft

W/ a total quote of £2950.
I've confirmed my appointment and I can't wait!

Before Pictures

As requested, before pictures from all angles. As mentioned due to length and shape only minimal changes can be made but my main focus is slimming/narrowing the bridge. Also support on the tip and nostral reduction. Bring on March 18th !

Surgery Day! (Morning)

Good morning all.
So the day of my surgery has finally come. I'd be lying if I said the pre-op nerves haven't hit me like a tone of brick but I'm still overly confident in Dr O. I'm staying in a small town (Sint niklaas) outside of Beveren so will be taking the train to and from (hopefully).
I'm looking forward to it all being done and laying in bed catching up on some hardcore reality TV lol. Travelling alone isn't the easiest but I'm adjusting and I would recommend if you have the opportunity to take someone with you, do.
Wish me luck !!!!!

At Singelberg Clinic

I've just arrived at Singelberg clinic and had Dr Oelbrandt waiting at the front desk for me. He greeted me by name and was extremely welcoming. I had arrived 30 mins early and he explained to me that he still had a procedure before mine that would be done in an hours time, I hadn't sent him a text message with my name, hotel and mobile number (they advice you to do so in the pre-op instruction pack) so it's more my fault. He sat down with me in the waiting room and explained everything we had previously discussed in my first consultation some months ago. He was super sweet, immediately give me the password to the wifi and a consent form to fill out. He showed me what he would do using a nasal diagram, he included new procedures that we hadn't mentioned before i.e rim graphs which I remember him saying before that he couldn't do due to lack of nostral give. I reiterated that I had no intention to be a completely different person, I just want refinement which I will explain to him again before I go under. The clinic is very clean from what I can see, with the most beautiful statue which weirdly made me feel comfortable and very much at ease.
I paid in cash and feel at ease not having to carry so much money around with me any more.
I should be going in soon and I'll update you all once I've finished!

Post-Op (Late Update)

Waking up in my recovery room felt a little surreal. It felt like I just dosed off but apparent I'd been down for 3 hours. The nurse was so sweet she kept telling my how pretty I was and was intrigued by my curly hair lol. I looked in the mirror I it all just felt real, I looked exactly the same but just bandaged up. I was a little dizzy but nothing major just a bit of stumbling but overall I knew exactly where I was and what had just happened. The nurse came to check on me a brought me Coke and a waffle (delicious). I didn't see Dr O after surgery which was a bit weird but I'm guessing maybe he was busy with another patient. I'm heading back to Singelberg today to have my post op. After looking at my nostrils in my hotel mirror the look a bit taught probably from the rim graph which it feels like he's done. I would have love to speak to him after for him to explain to me what exactly he had done and how it went but I guess I can do that today. Day 1 post-op barely any bruising just slight discolouration under my eyes. I've been taking my arnica for a few days before surgery so hopefully this is the worse it gets.
Bruising and swelling came around day 3 and lasted until day 8/9. It started with swollen black eyes and descended down to my cheeks, it wasn't the worst but I was quite bad. Arnica definitely helps!!! After initially removing my cast I was shocked, my nose was lopsided and although I panicked like crazy on the inside, I stayed optimistic and continued icing multiple times a day... It's so important!
I returned to work 14 days post-op and no one really noticed as the swelling was almost completely gone but my nose was definitely still swollen. Overall I experienced no pain, only discomfort from the tightness of the splint, other than that I was completely pain free.

1 Month Update

I would like to start by thanking you all for the love and support I have received, it's been overwhelming and I am grateful beyond world. I am sorry it took so long for me to post pictures but I really wanted time to adjust to my new nose before I shared it with you all, I hope you understand.
I am currently 1.5 months post-op and very happy with my results. My only concern being my nostrils are somewhat uneven with one being bigger and rounder than the other but this is something that is almost impossible for others to notice unless I mention it. I will discuss with Dr. Oelbrandt at my catchup consultation (29th may) about what can be done. It's not a major concern but I feel as though it'll give me peace of mind.

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