35 Years Old 3 Kids Got 325cc over the muscle- Bel Air, MD

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So I am 35 year old mother of three. I have been...

So I am 35 year old mother of three. I have been unhappy with my small breast for a very long time. I have wanted to get breast augmentation for about 10 years now. I have either not had the money or have talked myself out it. Finally my husband said just do it you would feel much better about yourself. He knows because I am very self conscious about my breasts. I wear very padded push up bras and don't wear certain clothes if I can't wear a big bra. I am very jealous of women with breasts.

Everything is set

So after seeing a ps his reccomendations are to go with 300cc after the muscle with moderate silicone implants and have a mastopexy cause my aerolas are large. I just hope it big enough he said that is the biggest I could go cause I have a small rib cage and not a lot of skin to stretch. I am scheduled for Oct 10 I am so nervous I have been on here everyday all day doing research. I hope everything goes well I am really excited at the same time nervous.


I meant to say under the muscle

Only 4 more days

I getting so nervous it's only 4 more days. I have to get off the internet I feel I am boob obsessed. I am on this site everyday all day. I keep researching everything that can go wrong. Ugh I need to just relax.

Today's the day

Ugh I am so nervous right now I am heading to the surgery center in an hour. Send prayers my way. Thanks

Yay all done

So I went in this morning at 7am filled out all my paperwork, took a pregnancy test and put on gown. I then went into a room where they took my vitals and put these compression things on my legs. Then the ps came in and put marking on my chest and talked to me some more calmed me down a lot. The nurse came in and put my iv in. I was all set to go in the room I felt like I feel asleep in two seconds it was really fast. When I came to it was really hard to open my eyes felt like everything was spinning it took a really long time to wear off didn't feel much pain just really dizzy and out of it. The one things that actually hurts is my jaw with locks up sometimes and its sore. The whole staff was great there really nice helped me a lot. My ps was great he actually said he put 325cc's in and they are over the muscle. I can't wait to see them I will post pictures when I can take my dressings off.

Three days post ba

Here are my pics three days post. I got 325 over the muscle. Not too much pain they feel heavy like they are going to fall off. Sleeping has been hard too. I have some bruising my ps said was normal.

8 days post

So far I am doing good. The bruises are fading. I have been back to work since day 5. I took only Tylenol since I got my surgery and only took that twice. I haven't had a lot of pain just soreness and tightness. I feel twinges of tingling and pain in my breasts every once in awhile. They still feel heavy. I am finally started to sleep better. My one nipple is pointing down and the other is straight I hope that will change when they drop.
My husband loves the size I kinda wish they were a little bigger because you can't tell when I wear clothes. They do look natural for my size.

Almost three weeks

They are getting better bruises are fading. I am feeling less pain sometimes in the morning when I first get up they hurt and feel heavy but goes away pain. I got the steri strips removed and my incisions don't look that bad. My left is lower than my right hopefully my right will drop soon. They are already starting to feel squisher.

Getting better

So it's been 4 weeks. I do have some boob greed I do wish they were a little bigger but my ps said this was as big as I could go. My husband thinks they are perfect so that should be all that matters. They feel good now getting softer and more bouncy. I can lay on them sleep in my side feels much better. My incisions are healing one looks better than the other. I have some stretch marks which show more on the bottom of one more. I finally went bra shopping at Victoria secret was measured at 32 ddd wow but I ended up liking how the 34 dd felt on me the band was digging in my ribs on the 32. I will update as they progress.

6 weeks

It's been 6 weeks can't believe it. They are healing nicely one is still higher than the other so one nipple points down still. I feel like they are getting smaller but I think I am just getting used to them. I really like having boobs feels so good to not have to wear padded bras anymore. I love having cleavage I never had before. I keep looking for low cut tops to show it off. Haha any suggestions for cleavage tops let me know.

Almost 10 weeks

So they are getting nice and soft I forget they are there sometimes. Ever so often I get a slight twinge of pain but goes away quick. My aerolas are not even but not sure if it's because the right one still seems higher or if they already were uneven to start. I love having them and I am so happy I got them and would do it again in a heartbeat. I love buying sexy bras and lingerie to wear. Actually I love all shopping to show them off. I am so happy to be rid of all the huge padded bras. I love that I have cleavage now never did. I feel much sexier now with them and my hubby loves them so much.

Right is not dropping

So I just saw my doctor and he said what I already knew my right is still not dropped he said give it six months if it doesn't drop he could go in and open the pocket and drop the implant. He wouldn't charge me but I would have to pay the surgery center and antheshia. Not sure what to do yet my husband thinks they are perfect and doesn't want me to do it he said you can't tell unless I am naked and only he can see. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Other than that I love them the scars are healing good. I still have some numbness and burning once in awhile.

Almost 6 months

So I am really loving my new boobs should have did this a long time ago. My one breast still won't drop all the way my ps said he could go back in and open the pocket. My hubby thinks they look perfect and says I don't need it not sure what to do yet. I still wish they were bigger but my ps said I don't have enough skin. I can already feel the implants so bigger would be more noticeable. My scars are looking great can't wait for summer to show them off.

Over 10 months

I love my boobs so happy especially this summer wearing bathing suits. They are nice and soft now. My one implant still has not dropped yet you can't notice unless I am naked not sure what to do yet if I should get it fixed. My hubby said it looks fine. Overall I am very happy with them and would do it all over again.
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