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I've wanted to get my nose down for a couple...

I've wanted to get my nose down for a couple years, I was too scared. I found about Realself last year and I joined because I was curious. I read a few reviews but still I was nervous. I sometimes get notification reviews in my email, I would check them out and a few of their results amazed me. Fast forward to this year l, I read a review on Doctor Janjua and was very impressed. Her and there I would see more reviews on him and I decided I want him to do my nose. I live in New York and he's in New Jersey. I don't take trains/buses and everyone that I know works so I didn't know what to do as I kept postponing it due to transportation. Long story shorter..I'm getting sleepy, I'll continue this tomorrow.

Day 2

I was so sleepy writing my first post last night I wanted to continue where I left off today but I can't seem to edit the post. I'll just continue here. Early August I had a free skype consultation with Manhattan Doctor, he was nice and calmed. I liked him. We then set up a day for me to come in and do a graph preview. When his assistant contacted me and told me how much my procedure would cost, I had a changed of heart. For the rhinoplasty it would have been $6,000, plus $1,000 for the facility and $250 per hour for the anesthesia. when his assistant called me on the 8th to confirm in-office graph consultation for the next day, August 9th. I told her the price was too much for me because I take care of my mother and have other bills, I didn't want to use most of my savings. She said she'll call me back. She did and said the doctor will do it for $7,000 everything. That was awesome and nice of him. Still I wanted Jamjua, not only he was cheaper in price but I love his results. I ended up telling them that I'll contact them in a month. Same day, I contacted Janjua and set up a FaceTime consultation, it was $100. The next day, on the 9th, I did my FaceTime with Janjua, I was pleased. He answered all my questions, he's very honest. He told me straight up that he wasn't God when I wanted him to assure me that everything will workout 100%. I was sold right there because I'm a firm believer in God and most doctors like playing God. He was honest. I didn't hear from them a week later, I ended up calling the office and I was able to set up an appointment for September 14th. I wanted it before my birthday on the 22ND. If I didn't get it done before my birthday, I wasn't going to be motivated to do it. So the 14th will give me a week to heal before birthday. A few days later, they called me to do a pre-surgery deposit, I freaked out because it hit me suddenly like img this is real, I'm really going to do this. I was worried, I read a lot of Realself reviews on people not breathing rights afterward, bad rhinoplasty. I was overwhelmed. I told I think it was Liz that I was panicking, she calmed me down and asked if I wanted to do another FaceTime with Doctor Janjua so he could answer my questions and reassure me. I said yes. Since he was out of the states, we made an appointment for the 6th. I believed we had to postponed the 6th for the next day. I did the second FaceTime with Janjua and he made me comfortable all over again. I thought breaking the bone might interfered with my breathing but he explained that it's the tip or the narrowing of e base that could cause breathing issues. He said he won't narrow it too much so I'll be fine. Next day, I called in and paid my deposit. I was readyyyyyyy!!! I started researching more on how to be prepared, I took notes. I ordered a lot of things. I'll post pictures. And I did grocery shopping for fruits, vegetables and lots of Greek yogurt. I avoided eating garlic since I love cooking with garlic, it's healthy for you. I don't drink so that was easy to avoid. I don't take pills, another easy thing. On the 12th, I received my prescription to fill. On the 13th, I went to CVS and purchased 5 prescriptions. I don't have medicine insurance so I had to pay for them which costed me $147. One of them cost $50. They're not even a lot in them yet they're expensive. The things I had ordered for pre and post surgery costed me $145. I called Lily after I picked up my prescriptions and she explained to me which ones to take and to bring all with me tomorrow. I couldn't sleep. I slept for an hour. I woke up at 1 am and did not go back to sleep. I had a cab reservation from Westchester County to Jersey. They came at 8:15am, I had to be there at 10:15am. It's 1 and 30 minutes drive. I was allowed to eat breakfast to take 2 of the prescription pills, I just had a yogurt and a little piece of pineapple. I took s handful of ricola to suck on during the ride because I get car sick, it's worse when. I have to go far. I started feeling nauseous. I called Doctor Jenjua's office and asked them if I could suck on the ricola, she went and asked the doctor and it was a yes. So I sucked in the ricola but after 40 minutes, I couldn't take it. The cab driver pulled over and I vomited. He came out the cab and was waiting on me, how sweet. I couldn't do that, if someone around me is vomiting, I'll end up vomiting too, lol. I vomited water it looks like and a few tiny chunks of pineapple. It was nonstop, I couldn't stop vomiting. I was crying while vomiting. I have a phobia of vomiting. He gave me napkins, I took my water, rinse my mouth out. And once I was good, we continued to our destination.i felt so good after that. I arrived at Doctor Janjua's at 10:00. We arrived 15 minutes early, nice! I walked in, the sitting area is small and nice. Very clean. His staff greater me. I didn't know who was which because I spoke to all of them on the phone before. They are very nice and friendly. There's Liz who came in last, I asked for her name, she's very nice. I think there's 4 of them, Liz, Lily, Stephanie and I'm not sure, im missing someone. Ok I'm writing way too much, too much details, lol. I met Doctor Janjua. You can't help but smile around him, I think it's because he's always smiling, lol. I felt so safe. He went over what he was going to do and then I went to the operating room. I didn't have to get undressed. I had on sweat, with a top that zipped in the front, you shouldn't wear any top that you have to pull over your head. I dressed down as they suggested. Doctor janjua took my pictures and asked if he could add me on his social media. I said I'll think about it, lol. No one knows that I'm getting this done so I'm not sure I'm ready to be on social media, lol. Another reason is because I was dressed down, had a headband on, I looked basic. Lol. I am tiny, 4'7. He said he has never worked on a little person before and he was really excited. No one ever used that word to me because my whole family are tall, all my friends are tall. I've never felt that but I am a little person, hearing it for the first time was like woah, lol. Anyways, moving on, lol. They prepared me for the surgery. I don't think the anesthetia kicked in 100% because when he was breaking my nose bone. I felt it, omg it hurt. Everything else, I didn't really feel but the bone I felt it. Maybe he gave me less because of my stature, I don't know but I didn't enjoyed that part. I was wide awake during it. It was so fast, we started around 11-ish and by 12:40 I was done. WHATTT??? It looks good. I have a cast on but I like it so far. They gave me 2 ice packs to put on my cheeks. I called my driver, he was in New Jersey still waiting for me, which is nice. Doctor Janjua held my hand and walked me outside to my driver along with. One of the staff, I forgot which one. I got in the cab. Doctor Janjua told me to call him as soon as I get home. I don't remember the car ride, I only remembered when I was 2 minutes away from my house. I guessed I dozed off for the 1 hour and 30 minutes ride. My driver walked me inside my house. I had a big box packaged in my porch that I had ordered something, he carried it inside for me. I called Doctor Janjua, he didn't pickup. I went in the kitchen, came back, I missed his called, I called him back and told him I made it home. By the way, the taxi costed me $198 going and $198 coming back. I tipped him $44. That's all I had left on me. No bruises, no pain. This is crazy, I love it. I thought that I'd be in pain. Today, Thursday the 15th. I woke up at 8 and felt so great, I'm scared, lol. Lily from Doctor Janjua's office called to check up on me. I had a few questions for her about the medicines and that was all. I feel good. I'm just counting the days. I can't wait to see my result without G the cast. For now, I'm going to continue cleaning it 3x a day with peroxide and add the ointments and stuff. I'll add pictures later.

Day 3 - Pinch me, I think I'm dreaming

Another amazing day, is this for real? No pain whatsoever. Only issue I'm having us swallowing pills. I can't swallow pills to save my life. I have to crush them with my teeth to powdery form then swallow with water. And they are capsules, I'll open it, shake the power in my mouth and eat it and they taste nasty. That's my only complaint. I'm glad that I finished one of the pills today, it was the nastiest one. I have three days left to take this other one that keep swelling down and the bromelain one is not so bad but still I don't like the taste. And I have the vitamin C capsules that I have to take. If I could swallow pills this whole thing would be a piece of cake, since I can't, that's my only issues.

I wasn't able to smile but talking on the phone with a friend today, he kept making me laugh for 2 hours. That improved my smiling. It looks so good. I think I read somewhere that I shouldn't try to smile but I couldn't help it, I think it helped me, now my face is more relaxed, I don't feel the tightness around my nose and mouth. Today was a good day. I took a lot of pictures, I do daily to see my progress. I have a feeling that I'm going to love my result.The saying is true, we all go through things differently. Here I purchased all these things for the post surgery thinking I'm going to be miserable and in pain and it's the opposite. whenever you're prepared and ready for something, everything always go well but the second that you're not prepared with the things you need, that's when everything go wrong. It's crazy. I'm here eating an avocado since I purchased 15 of them thinking I wouldn't be able to cook or do anything, and it's the opposite. I'm just so happy. Counting the days.My nose was itching me today. I took a q-tip and just rubbed it with peroxide gently. Never touch or finger your nose. The q-tip technique work.

Day 4 - Itching so bad

Day 4. Again, amazing. My only issue is that my nose itch. When it's in the nostrils, it's easy to get a q-tip and tickle it but when it's on the bridge where the cast is on, it's annoying. I took a nap and it woke me up. I'm such a perfectionist (Virgo) I will not do anything that will risk my healing. I've thought about taking a toothpick and run it through the top of the cast but I don't want to mess with anything. I just want it to stop itching and it'd be an awesome day. I can't wait for Monday or Tuesday.

Day 6 - Cast removal

I was itching so much and I couldn't stand it. I called the office first thing this morning and asked if I could removed it or do I need to wait 7 days. They said I could. I jumped in the shower, followed the instructions, it came off without any pain. Removing the sticky thing from the tape was annoying, took long. My first reaction to my new nose was mixed. I like that it's small but it didn't have any definition to it. It just looked small and a little square. I loved it with the cast on. Without the cast the tip is not perky how I wanted it. I took some pictures to send to one of his staff because she wanted to see it. I texted them. I wasn't asked if I like it yet. If I just wanted an alarplasty then the result so far would have been great but I also had tip plasty and bridge define. I know I need to be patient but I just have a feeling the shape is going to stay like this. I'm not happy.

Day 6

Just updating with pictures.

Day 8

September 21st, a day before my birthday. Best day because I took someone's advice here in Realself. I took a long shower, changed my thought process. Look and felt great. Thank you :)

Day 9 - Birthday!!

It was amazing!! I actually went out and enjoyed myself. No makeup needed. I don't really wear makeup anyways so, I'm glad I didn't need to cover anything up. I didn't even use lotion. I have not used lotion since the surgery. In the pictures if you see I'm a little ashy on the side top of my nose, that's why. I Didnt want anything interrupting my healing, lol.

I am breaking out with pimples on my second week. I'm not used to having a lot of acne on my face. A pimple here and there but not 8 on my forehead, 4 on my chin, 5-8 on my cheeks. It's insane. I don't like it!!! They came out of nowhere, at the same damn time, lol.
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