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Hey guys! I'm excited to share my journey with you...

Hey guys! I'm excited to share my journey with you all.

So I've had a Skype consultation with dr janjua and it went well. First I emailed them some pictures and waited a few days but I didn't see a response back. So I called about 4-5 days later and they said the doctor thinks I'm a good candidate and they called me. I had no idea they did and I must have missed it due to the unfamiliar number. Anyway I actually got a consultation that same day I called which was awesome. His staff are really nice over the phone too.

I'll be flying from Texas to New Jersey on July 31. I booked my hotel and flight already. I have to change the return date tho cause I'm so ditsy, it didn't occur in my brain that it's not a good idea to fly 2 days after surgery. Plus I don't wanna fly back again for my post op one week check up. I just have to find out when that is so I can change my return flight appropriately.

Cost of the rhinoplasty is perfect. I thought it was going to be like $1000 more! When I was doing my research and calling Beverly Hills offices it ranged from $9000-$15,000 ):

I have hotel, flight, supplies, and uber expenses to cover too. it all adds up. So thank god the price of my rhinoplasty was reasonable to begin with. I'll be having an alarplasty, tiplasty, and bridge narrowing (osteotomies). I promise I'll post more pictures and my nose goals as I get closer to my surgery date.

My parents are strictly against plastic surgery. My mother doesn't want me messing with my face at all. She's concerned I won't wake up during surgery and the fact that I may not like my new nose and I'll have to keep fixing it over and over. She believes I should love what God has given me. While I do understand where she is coming from, I have told her that no one can change my mind. I will have this surgery whether I'm 18 or 36 and married with children. I see 50 year olds still getting rhinoplasty and I'd rather not that be me. I have the money and opportunity to do it right now. Why should I wait?


Dr janjua. I trust him. I trust him so much you guys. I don't want any other surgeon. I get such good vibes from his youtube videos and I can't wait to meet him in person. My gut feeling says he's the one. He's going to change my life for the better. It is HIGHLY unlikely that I won't like my new nose. There are literally no bad reviews about him. Literally.

I received my prescriptions today in the mail and I'm so excited. One step closer!!!! There was a note saying I have to call when I receive them so that's what I shall do ((:

I'm looking forward to yalls comments and remember that no questions are off limits!
Bedminster Facial Plastic Surgeon

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