Fabulous in my 40's - 5'7", 155 Lbs - Recent 75lb Weight Loss. Bedford, NH

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After losing 75lbs over the past year or so, as...

After losing 75lbs over the past year or so, as with many others, my breasts became deflated. I've always been a B cup regardless of my size. The only thing I liked about my heavier weight were my boobs, but now they are gone. I've have two children born 10 years apart. I only breastfed for a few weeks with each of them. It wasn't until I lost all the weight that I really disliked how my breasts looked. I decided in July that I wanted to bigger and did a lot of research on types, position, surgeons, everything. I was obsessed for months learning all I could and deciding on surgeons to consult with. There was only one surgeon in the local area that really stood out for me. I had a specific timeline that I hoped to have the surgery and recuperate in. My DH is deployed oversees and I really wanted the surgery shortly before Thanksgiving so I would have time to recuperate before he comes home and wouldn't have to take as much time off work due to the holiday. So, in early September I called to make an appointment with my first choice from research. I figured it was a good place to start. The woman I spoke with on the phone was extremely sweet and helpful regarding my timeline. I met with the surgeon's medical assistant at the beginning of October. She was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and made the whole experience comfortable. She helped me select a size, 550cc silicone. Much bigger than I had expected I would want. However, I really like the way they felt over the 450cc. I was so happy with the initial meeting that I scheduled my surgery that day. I was lucky enough to get the exact day I wanted. Although I hadn't met with Dr. Sterling at this point, I knew there wasn't much that could change my mind. I don't concern myself with a doctor's mannerisms as long as he's good at what he does, and according to his reviews and the recommendations I received, he is. I met with the doctor about 10 days later. I was worried I would need a lift, but he confirmed that i only had Stage 1 ptosis and that with the size implants I had chosen it would be sufficient to give a more natural appearing lift especially for my age. I'm not looking to have perfect perky boobs so I was happy with that. He felt my chest and tissue could easily handle the 550cc. He recommended dual plane placement for better lift. Fortunately, I was extremely happy with the visit. Preop with PCP next week and everything should be all set. Then, it's nothing but counting down the days. I'm nervous that the 550 is too big, but I have seen so many people say they wish they had gone bigger and that if you're unsure, go with the larger size...

All Cleared and ready to go!

I had my preop appointment and labs yesterday and everything is all set to move forward. I was able to arrange for my daughter to stay with a friend for a couple of days and have somebody to stay with me the first night or two if needed, and to take me to my postop appointment the following day. She's also going to cook Thanksgiving dinner for us, which is a big relief. I have limited support with my husband gone and no family in the area. I'm relieved that all the logistics are out of the way. Now I can just be excited while I wait impatiently!

They're Here!!!!

Today was the day I've been patiently waiting patiently! I arrived at the Surgery Center at 8:15, in the OR at 8:55, and home by 12:30 or so. I was given one Dilaudid before i left and told to take another when I got home as well as ibuprofen. I slept for 3 hours and feel pretty good. I just took another Dilaudid so I expect I'll get sleep again soon.
Dr. Sterling doesn't use surgical bras or wrap, which surprised me, just the strap, but it was nice to be able to see them when I got home. I don't have much pain, mostly just muscle discomfort at this point. He used a long-lasting local anesthetic during surgery, so I'm curious to see if the pain gets worse. I have my post op in the morning. I was worried about how big the 550cc would be. They are a little bigger then I thought, but I know they are swollen. I'm excited to see how they look once the swelling goes down and they move into place!

Smooth Recovery but the Size?

Today is post op day 5. I'm amazed how easy my recovery has been. I've had almost no pain. I only took pain meds the day of surgery and day after. Most of my muscle soreness is going now except a little around my lower ribs around the incisions and some tenderness along the breast bone. I've been having tingling sensations throughout my breasts, mostly around the nipples for a couple days. I've been able to move and lift my arms almost 100% since post op day 2, which surprised me. Despite my easy recovery, I still forced myself to rest since I was worried about overdoing it.

I'm nervous about the size, they are definitely bigger than I had expected. The upper pole is very full and feels very tight, but they are beginning to soften. I can't wait for them to drop and fluff, waiting for the final result is probably the hardest part, lol. I am hopeful that once the lower pole fills out and the upper pole flattens, I will be happy with the size, I hope. In the meantime, they hide nicely in my clothes or I can accentuate them, whichever suits me.
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