29 Years Old, 19cm BWD, 6"2. Custom Made Implants?

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Hi girls! (sorry for my english, i'm not...

Hi girls! (sorry for my english, i'm not completely bilingual)
First of all let me introduce myself. I'm a 28 years old french tall lady who always wanted a beautiful an full natural looking breast. But mother nature decided otherwise. Plus, being tall have always been a struggle, to find clothes, to feel comfortable in various places, and to find a surgeon also, for sure...
The result of my first surgery was a disappointment. Here in France,surgeons rarely wants to go over 500cc.So that's what i got for my first attempt to get the breast of my dreams, an it was a nightmare at first. The implants it received was unsuitable to my frame, so too narrow and not projected at all(i got 500cc low profile silicone implants) and the left implant was implanted lower than the right one so my breast is assymetrical now with a double bubble effet on the left side.
So I learned to love myself, covering the imperfection the way i can depending on the circumstances, even in front of my boyfriend.
But now 9 years have passed , and I think it's time to have a revision since my left implant causes me pain an discomfort.
So I met Dr Plovier, at BeClinic in belgium. And i'm little disappointed, not because of him (he seems to have a really good reputation, and he was really understanding with me), but because of the possibilities that can be offered to me. I don't really have the choice for the result...
Let me explain: I'm really broad in comparison to smaller women so I need broad implants.Actually I have 15.3 cm diameter implants and ideally i need 19cm.
So the doctor have just 2 choices fo me:
1050 cc standard implants who are narrower than my actual ones (15cm) but with more projection, or made to measure ones who are 1600cc, 19 cm ans 9.5 cm in projection.
As i want a natural looking breast, with not so much projection, I don't know what to do... The first implants, for me are a "no" because of the diameter, I want a larger breast but not so much in projection, I don' know if that make sense...it's hard for me to explain. And i'm afraid that the projection will be too much with the 1600cc ones...I feel stuck...
The price for the surgery with 1050 cc standard implants is really reasonable,no one is surprised.But the price of made to measure ones (surgery included)... ... ...I don't know if I will be able to have such a crazy amount of money...(9000euros)
I'm just feeling bad one more time not being in the norm, but that's the way it is...my health is good , that's all that matters after all.

Some photos!

Here's a photo of me and some wish pics so it's easier to see what I'am talking about!

Some news!

I was away for a long time, but i was waiting for an appointement with the surgeon who did my first BA.
I don't really know what to do now! let me explain:
She told me that 1600cc will be far too heavy to keep a good result for the long term...Well,
we all know that.
At first she told me that she wasn't ready to go aver 500cc with me. Then , she agreed that my implants weren't large enough to fit my frame. but like i said before, 19cm wide implants doesn't exists.
So she asked Sebbin about their "made to measure" implants, and she told me that she was agree to implant me 900cc silicone that are 16cm wide and approximatively 6.5 cm in projection.It's their widest implant apparently.
But, the only problem is that she don't want to correct the "double bubble" effect on my left breast.
I'm a bit lost. I think that it's a better option, as I don't want too much projection and weight. But my fist concern is that "defect" on my left breast...
What do you think, what would you do?
what could I do to convince her to correct the defect?
Thank you!

29 Years Old, 19cm BWD, 6"2. Custom Made Implants?

Hi ladies!

It's my second review. I wrote a first review on my search of surgeons and implants that can fit my body.

I need a revision, I have 500cc silicone low profiles that are way too tiny and narrow for me (15.3 cm).

Is this 3 years journey will end on saturday? I trully hope!

I'm 6"2, plus size/ curvy and my BWD is 19cm ( I can go up to 21 cm) and all of this journey makes me feel that i'm the largest lady on earth who needs implants ;) no joke!

I think I finally managed to find a solution.

I contacted all the implants manufacturers here in Europe and I ended up finding one (the only one!) who can solve my issue.

And... Cherry on top... they put me in contact with a surgeon who can perform my surgery in Paris.

I have set an appointement on saturday october 8.

I will keep you updated, feel free to ask your questions.

Still waiting...

Hi ladies!

I've had my appointment on Saturday.

The surgeon told me he was ok to perform the surgery on me, but he seemed to have no ideas for the size of my future implants...
He is also ok to try to correct the asymetry.

I'm still in doubt, an I have to wait to know what size my implants will be.

The cost of the surgery will be affordable, so i'm happy for that.

I have to be patient, on more time :)
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