56 Year Old Female Wanting More Youthful Eyes. Bakersfield, CA

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Hello! I'm Diane and I joined Realself in...

I'm Diane and I joined Realself in November.
I've been wanting my eyes done forever due to increasing puffiness and saggy skin. The reviews and pictures on this site helped me make the decision to have this procedure.
The best advice I can give right now is to have a great upbeat caregiver! My husband was scheduled to go overseas at the last minute, so I was going to be counting on friends, his trip was cancelled and I'm so relieved! I had no idea how much I would need someone consistent.
Day 1 was pretty painful but the prescribed meds helped.
Yesterday was day 3 and I was able to shower and clean up my sutures (very gently) which helped immensely with everything from pain to seeing.
Today I was worried about drainage still present and the nurse gave me her cell, I texted close up pictures. Of course I could go in to be seen, but I'm not ready for an outing. The nurse said I'm healing very well!

So much better!

I had my 1 week post op app today and everything is great! Staff was amazed that I drove myself! I also went out yesterday, with glasses (not sunglasses-I don't have RX sunglasses) and if someone starred too long I told them the details.
Today Is the best day yet!
One thing I was worried about was the goopey feeling in my eyes. Dr Lehockey explained that the swelling has temporarily shut or "kinked" my tear ducts so the goop has no where to go. This too will abate soon.
I'm already thrilled I had this procedure done!
Dr Lehockey and the staff have yet to keep me waiting, if it's over the phone or in the office. They treat my worries with significance and I feel like I'm the only patient they deal with.

11 days later

I'm really happy with the everyday changes, from less bruising to getting my energy back. I didn't expect to be so tired and "hit by a truck" after this procedure, it's not like something was removed! See-I even smiled!
I'm going to through out all of my old eye make-up and start new. I wasn't instructed to by Dr Lehocky or the RN's but it's fun anyway and hopefully now I can buy shimmery eye shadows that I avoided before due to wrinkly skin.

"Before" picture taken 1 week prior to eyelid blepharoplasty

Itchy scratchy eyes

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks after all quad blepharoplasty. I saw my PS last week because I felt poking and wanted to rule out a stitch. Dr said no stitch and asked me what I've been doing, and after I told him he said I'd been doing too much. He said I may have bumped it in my sleep.
My left eye still has the same sensation and is painful and even more swollen now. I'm using drops frequently to avoid dry eye. I see my PS tomorrow to cut the suture knots. The remaining sutures are dissolvable, how long does that take?
Also for some reason I'm not the least bit hungry, and have had zero wine, both after surgery; and, I love my Chardonnay!

2 week post op

My eyes are itchy, burning and painful. I saw my PS today and he said my dissolvable stitches are irritating my eyes and tissues. He prescribed two steroid meds, an ointment to put on the eye and another cream for the lids/sutures to reduce the inflammation. He was very happy with how I look.

Not good

Four quad bleph was 1/25/16, my left eye is still scratchy and painful. I'm using preservative-free Thera Tears. I'm getting discouraged and feel like I've been put on the "problem patient list", the RN says she'll call me back immediately and doesn't at all, my post-op office visits are very quick. My questions aren't being answered. I still have dissolvable sutures (why?). The bruising is the least of my concern. My recovery is not happening.

Got Office Manager involved

After a very painful weekend I called the office manager crying yesterday. She got me right in and stayed with me the entire visit.
I had a stitch in the corner of my left eye poking like a hot stick, which I suspected during the first week but my PS couldn't find it and didn't take it seriously. Yesterday he numbed the area and dug around, found it and clipped it. I think he spent more time with me yesterday than during surgery. My eye is still irritated after three weeks of being poked but it's nothing like the intense pain that wouldn't resolve no matter what I tried.
I still don't understand why these sutures haven't dissolved after three weeks and haven't received a clear answer. He removed the top sutures in my left eye, but they're still there in my right eye.
Let's go recovery!!!

Sutures Out and hopefully burned!

I did not want to go through another very painful weekend and the sutures were very intact (after four weeks??) and irritating. I got in today and had them removed. Hopefully I'm done with problems.
Rosie I want to go to TJ with you next time!

Maybe on the road to recovery?

Tomorrow is four weeks post op with sutures finally removed two days ago (which was excruciating). Today is the first day that I haven't wanted to rip my eyes out due to irritation from the damn sutures. Last night I was ready to go the ER, but woke up better this am so I'm hoping.....still bruised but that's so secondary right now.

Back at Dr office, next step ER

One month and I still have sutures left that are scratching and irritating. I'm losing my mind.

Tuesday, Feb 23, 2016

I'm going to see an ophthalmologist today. My aftercare has been horrible. I asked the PS yesterday if he could order labs to rule out infection, and he refused, saying that my insurance wouldn't cover it under his name. Well everything has been cash up to now. I've had so much pain and irritation since the surgery on 1/25/16 and he's only prescribed the initial 240 ml of Tylenol with codeine, then after a stitch poking my eye continuously he prescribed 10 Vicodin. I give up with this guy. The only time he's really looked at or touched my eyes have been during the stitch removal last week and again yesterday which is excruciating.

It Is What It Is

I received a call from the Nurse Manager today who explained that the past four weeks have been a totally normal healing process. She said that's it's normal for these sutures to take 4-6 weeks or more to dissolve. That's the first I've heard or read while researching. So, I obviously can't get anywhere and will just have to deal with itchy scratchy eyes. I give up and must move on.

Steroids maybe helping?

After seeing the owner, it was determined that I'm having a severe allergic reaction to the Caprosyn sutures that were used and require 56 days to absorb. He gave me an RX for a Medrol Dosepak. I'm on day three. Day 1 and 2 were great but now that the dose is lower I feel it flaring back up. I've got a call into his nurse who said she'd call back immediately after talking to him. It's close to quitting time now, so I guess I'll be revisiting the ER.

March 7, 2016

I'm at the point where I wish I'd never done this. I'm back to having red scratchy burning eyes, I don't feel well enough to leave the house and the plastic surgeon said I need to see a dermatologist. The earliest I can get in is in a week. I will have gouged my eyes out by then. Also I'm starting to feel pain in the outer corners.

March 9, 2016

I saw a board certified Opthomologist who performs blephs yesterday. Very nice unrushed physician.
Totally different diagnosis!! Yay!
Along with the allergic reaction to the sutures that stay in 56 days (day 43 today), he examined me and then had me close my eyes. He found that my eyes don't naturally close because the PS took off too much skin on the top. Now I'm in the Restasis club with ointment at night. He inj Botox in my left eye to correct the asymmetry. This will be a fix. He also is having a compound made for the thick ugly scars. Now, what to do about my lack of care and concern at the office I'll only return to to pick up my records.
Finally I can post something positive!
BTW I chose the other PS because he's Board Certed in PS, this physician is BC'd in eyes. I figured skin overruled, boy was I wrong!


How do I change worth it to not worth it in the heading?

Restasis-The new wonder drug!

So today is the last day of steroids and I started using Restasis yesterday for very dry eye caused by an aggressive blepharoplasty. This stuff feels great in my eyes, whitens them and I'm no longer a monster!

And the drama continues

So of course I had a reaction to the Restasis, or maybe I'm feeling so bad (flu and migraine) due to all the steroids I was on. Saw my PCP yesterday with labs so hopefully I'll hear back soon.
I soooo wish I went with Dr Chang, who's taken over my post op care. I gave him the op report and he said the procedure I had is so outdated. My thinking was that he deals with eyeballs, and I wanted skin and fat reshaped so I went with Dr Lehocky at Beautologie. I posted on Yelp under their practice name Beautologie and the owner responded within 5 minutes. If you have time check it out. My husband said I'll probably be sued, and that's ok, more people will hear my story and avoid them.
So now I look just beat up, and it's probably necrotic tissue that I'll have forever as a reminder how stupid I was to not consult with more surgeons. At least the itching, burning and craziness is gone. Thanks for reading!
Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon

The staff and Dr Lehockey at Beautologie were very compassionate, professional and went out of their way to reassure me and answer my questions. After my pre-op appointment, I felt very prepared to undergo this procedure. After the procedure, not so much. The staff is kind and trying to help but they can only do so much. It's been 4 weeks of painful, irritated eyes post op due to the Caprosyn sutures not dissolving. Dr Lehocky removed many 4 days ago (today is 2/23/16) and again yesterday, but I can still feel the irritation from more sutures. He never even took me seriously that one was poking my eye (or looked for it, or even spent enough time to understand what I was saying) until I got the office manager involved. Im afraid that the sutures remaining in so long will result in thick ugly scars.

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