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After giving birth to my second child I gained an...

After giving birth to my second child I gained an impressive 50lbs (and that's after giving birth!) My body was no longer "my body". After defeating a scary post part depression time, I snapped out of it (Thank God) and got my 210lb behind to the gym. I have now lost those 50lbs! And am motivated to continue on to lose another 20. The more I lose the more I see my stomach "wrinkle" around all my tiger stripes (stretch marks) and came to the realization my body will never bounce back to where it was before the babies. My boobs are no longer boobs lol I was a large B, small C size before my babies... I haven't even shopped for new bras after the babies and know my bras are way too big for me now. My initial want was a breast augmentation upon reaching my goal weight. But upon looking at all the amazing transformations for mommy makeovers I thought "What the hell, if I'm going to go for the BA, then might as well go big or go home and go for a mommy makeover"

I scheduled a consultation to see Dr Lehocky in Bakersfield, CA. and was ready to seriously consider this surgery. They set me up with Stephanie who recited several scripts about the procedures but was very nice overall. To make a long story short, after a 3 hour long consultation (yes I had that many questions) I agreed to leave a deposit for the procedures: full tummy tuck, silicone breast augmentation, and liposuction of my lower back. All for a WHOPPING $12,750! They did discount $500 for leaving a deposit at my consultation, and a $250 discount because I will not be financing the amount. So that leaves me at $12,000. She allowed me to leave the date open until I'm ready to commit to a specific date however it MUST be scheduled within 1 yr of leaving my deposit or else I forfeit my $3,000 deposit. Pretty harsh huh?

It's time to set a date!

I went into this procedure without setting an exact surgery date. The downside to this is I never really gave it much thought for the past couple of months and just had a "holy sh*t" moment when I realized I have to have this surgery in less than 6 months (I'm required to set a date within 1 year of my consultation date). My strict weight loss regimen hasn't been as strict lately so this is a pretty good wakeup call to get my ass back on that treadmill. My main goal with these updates from here on forward is to ensure I give an honest and realistic experience with Beautologie and Dr. Lehocky. I plan on requesting a 2nd consultation before my surgery date so I could revisit all of my questions and concerns with him now that I'm going to go through with it for sure. Stephanie has been super nice when I do speak to her on the phone, however to get a hold of her is a whole other story. The first incident, I can take some blame for because I never left a voicemail message, but when I attempted to reach out to her again, I made sure to leave a voicemail (I left two), also left alternate callback numbers, and asked the receptionist to pass on the message. I hope these have only been a result of bad timing.

Back on track, its game time

I am a little over 2 months away from surgery date. I scheduled it for April and am super nervous, happy, excited, scared, proud, anxious, and a million other words that I could probably add in there too. I was able to speak to Stephanie today and had some questions over preparing for surgery. I read that high protein diets will help with recovery and see lots of other PS recommend vitamins/supplements but in reality, whats the science behind it? She offered to have a nurse call me back to answer any questions I might have around nutrition which I really appreciated. I'm back to my gym routine, I've lost some more weight and hope to be pretty close to my goal weight. I scheduled another consultation with Dr. Lehocky before the surgery. I want to kick myself in the face for this but there are so many questions that I now have that weren't asked at my initial consultation. Like, what's his revision procedure? Who pays what? What if I'm not happy? I know what ifs are what ifs.. but hey anything can happen! I'd rather be aware than to find out the hard way. I now have another concern.... Dr. Lehocky seems to specialize in facial PS... not tummy tucks. Does he do them? yes? But is he an expert and performs several tummy tucks a month? Don't know.... see what I mean about wanting to kick myself in the face now? Anyone thats had any experience with Dr. Lehocky please enlighten me. I tend to seek blogs and reviews to research and I am planning on being 100% honest with this review as well. I'm hoping for a good experience with him.

Pre-Op Appt

I told myself I would diligently update my experience and have failed. Sorry! My surgery date was April 10th so that makes me 8 days post op now. I'll start with my pre-op appt experience. The nurse that helped me was absolutely amazing. I can't remember her name for the life of me but her demeanor is perfect for what she does! She took my vitals, blood, and pre-op pictures. She went over every detail and was very excited for me which then transferred to me. I then felt excited rather than nervous like when I did when I first walked in. I also had a second consultation with Dr. Lehocky and was happy to see him and go over everything we initially talked about again. I lost another 15lbs from my first consultation and he reassured me that this would help me have great results. Something I really like about him is he will always go into a detailed explanation over any question I asked. After that was taken care of I was ready to go and and show up for my surgery date!

Surgery Date

I wasn't nervous how I thought I would be the day of surgery. I went in got into my gown, got into the coolest blowup blanket that warmed me up, and was ready to have Dr. Lehocky mark me with the marker. I remember the nurse putting something in the IV which made me feel like I had an instant buzz, then I have no memory of anything after that. I have a faint memory of the drive home but dont remember much until I was at home and in bed. Beautologie has everything very well organized. My husband knew exactly what meds to give me and how to take care of me because the nurse was also able to give him a good run down of what to do. The first two days are brutal. I had pain from the breast augmentation and felt like my bellybutton was attached to my knees if I tried to sit up. I felt like I couldn't take a deep breath in and was very nauseous as well. My husband's a champ though and by day 3 I was 10x better. The first shower I think is when I noticed the difference between feeling terrible to feeling a whole lot better. I was able to remove the dressings and see my scar and bellybutton. To my surprise, I was very happy with my initial peek. There was swelling and numbness around the incision but nothing I couldn't handle.

8 days post op

I went to my follow up appt and was told I had to keep my drain in. It was still draining quite a bit of fluid and the fluid was still very dark. I started to have this annoying cough which killed me everytime and caused so much pain in my abdomen that it burned. I tried my best to keep myself from coughing but when I did, I would produce alot of mucus. I ready pneumonia is a big concern after surgery but didn't have any other symptoms. Dr. Lehocky came in, said everything looked great and scheduled me for another follow up within a week. The next day I had a low grade fever, (between 99.9 - 100.8). Then in the afternoon I started feeling body chills constantly into the evening. I was concerned and called the 24 hr phone number to ask if I should be concerned. I thought this was a number where a nurse would answer a question but it was a call answering service that called Dr. Lehocky to speak to me. I was sooooooo relieved to speak to him rather than a nurse for some odd reason. He was very detailed in his conversation with me and asked me to call him first thing the next morning if I wasn't feeling any better. The next morning, I had the same symptoms and called again. He quickly called in some antibiotics to my pharmacy to rule out an infection and gave me his phone number to call him directly if things changed. Talk about making me feel at ease! Its only been 8 days since my surgery but my experience has so far been great!

Cabin fever!!

Left the house for the first time today since surgery! And boy did it feel good. A quick trip to grab breakfast and a drive around town make me feel so much better overall. I made sure to not over exert myself and was very careful since I still have my drain in but I think it actually made me feel better sooner! I've been in my compression garment at all times (other than showering). It definitely took some thinking and creativity to hide my drain under my clothes but I got the job done!!

2 weeks post op

I feel great. My stomach still feels very very tight and I believe I might be getting some of my feeling back in certain areas. I do feel those 'electric' pains and freak out! I hope that is a good sign meaning my nerves are connecting back. I went to my 2 week post op appt in hopes to have my drain removed. I am still draining approximately 50cc in a full 24hr period. Dr. Lehocky said he could remove it but if the fluid accumulates in my belly, he'd have to extrude it with a needle every few days. I opted to keep the drain in at least until next week. I only have 1 opportunity to recover and I didnt want to cut any corners and risk any complications that I could have prevented myself. So here I am, with my drain in STILL... aghh.. I've gotten pretty good at hiding it in my clothes. What I do is wrap the drain around my waist line and tuck the bulb into my sports bra and I make sure to always have on my compression garment.
Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Lehocky was very patient. I can't even remember how many questions and what ifs I asked him and he was very thorough with every answer and even joked around with my husband (who joined me at my consultation). I will definitely continue to update my experience with him as I get closer to actually having my procedure done. I'm hoping for a great experience!

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