32 Yr Old Mom of 3-- 5'4", 125lbs, 34B with 375cc Mentor Smooth Round Mod Plus Implants under muscle

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Well, it's official!! The date is set for March...

Well, it's official!! The date is set for March 19th at noon! Grandma is keeping the boys for the day of surgery! Woohoo!!! It's actually happening! I've wanted this for over 6 years now (after the birth of our first son).

At first, I was thinking I didn't want to go too big. But after looking at before and after pics of my approximate size and shape of breasts, I am now wanting at least 375cc...maybe more! Dr. Medalie said he would start at 360cc and go up from there. I completely trust his judgement. I'm SO excited!!!

25 Days until Surgery Day

I'm so excited I can't contain myself! I'm constantly on this site trying to find moms with similar builds as myself. This is the only thing I can do to help pass the time faster, other than being a mom of three little boys! Haha!

23 days and counting!!

Doing some sizing! I think PS is on target with 375cc! But I may want to go a tad bigger, especially if he's going under the muscle!

Last weekend as a 34B!

It still hasn't quite hit me yet because I'm trying not to think about it much. But the butterflies are starting a little at this point, along with anxiousness! I just want it to be over already!! My plastic surgeon is amazing! I have zero doubt that he will give me the best look possible. This site, though, is almost like WebMD. The more you look into a specific topic, the more you worry and question your original decision. I am wondering still if maybe I should go with either moderate or moderate plus profile. I'm going to email my PS, whom is great at responding to my email questions! I'm sure he's annoyed with me by now bc it's hard for me to drive an hour to the office to ask him these questions in person. But regardless, I cannot wait for my new boobies!

They're heeeeere!!!!!

Well, they're finally here! I must say...I'm in love!!! My Surgery went as smoothly as it possibly could have. Although, I woke up in A LOT pain. They gave me small doses of something but it did not work. So I had to wait until we got back from our hour long trip home for my husband to get my prescription. After he got home from the pharmacy, I took two Percocet. Twenty minutes later, I was feeling lovely!!!! Now I can move more on my own. More updates to come!

Day #2- Pain is much better!!

Last night was pretty rough trying to sleep...not bc of pain but bc I couldn't stand having to sleep on my back while propped up on a ton of pillows. I love to sleep on my back from time to time but I am always switching positions throughout the night. I'm hoping tonight I will sleep in longer increments! Fingers crossed!!!

I've been doing much better today as far as pain goes. I think it was mostly from the globs of gauze I had packed underneath the folds. The post op bra they put on me was pretty tight. So today, I took a little bit of the gauze out from each side and put on one of my own post op surgery bras and let me tell you ...what a world of difference! I still have a lot of swelling at the top. I know that's totally normal though! They look amazing! My hubby can't wait to play with them!! ????????

I'm still taking two Percocet every 4 hours. I'm hoping by tomorrow I can cut down to one pill every 4 hours.


Not much change today. If anything, I've gotten more swollen on the top where the muscle is. But pain is very manageable with Advil. No need for pain killers anymore. I'm so excited for these babies to move down and fluff!

One Week Post-op

Not much change in my overall look. So I'm not posting any new pics yet. Hopefully, by next week they will start to change so I can show everyone my progress. As far as pain goes, I'm still taking Ibuprofen every 4-6 hours. Last night was the first I haven't taken a Percocet at bedtime. I managed to sleep ok throughout the night but this morning, they were extremely sore and had a lot of tightness. Other than that, no new news to report!


So we're celebrating my 32nd birthday (April 1st) and our third son's 1st birthday (March 27th) tomorrow night by going out to dinner with the family! I was freaking out bc I really do not want to buy a bra yet bc I'm still extremely swollen and haven't dropped and fluffed yet. I know my bra size will change for sure in the next few weeks. So I was cleaning out my bra drawer to rid it off all the 34B's when I came across this gem that I forgot I had from the fall when I was breastfeeding still. It's a 36C! It is kind of a bummer that it fits, though, bc I was hoping to be at least a 32D. But I'm hoping once they drop that there's still a chance to be a small D. Anyway, regardless, I was happy to find this one to use for now!

13 days post op

I got my stitches out yesterday (12 days)!! I'm aloud to do lower body workouts again! Woohoo! The swelling is definitely starting to subside SLOWLY! However, my left side is being way more stubborn than my right side. But regardless, a world of difference since day one. So I really can't complain!

3 Week Post-op

It's been exactly 3 three weeks since my surgery, although it feels more like 3 months. Time is dragging on while waiting for the final result. Having said that, my right side has FINALLY started to drop. It is definitely starting to have more projection at the bottom, rather than at the top. My left breast, however, is still extremely high. It's so hard to be patient. But at least I'm seeing a little progress at this point. So hope has not been lost! ;)

4 Weeks Post-op

Tomorrow will be my 4 weeks post op! I went wireless bra shopping yesterday bc I can't stand wearing only bralettes unless they have lined cups bc you can still see my nipples through both layers of the bralette and my top. I'm having a hard time finding lined bralettes. Anyone know of any? So I bought this SUPER comfy wireless bra yesterday for days/nights for when I go out somewhere special! Definitely not an every day thing! It's a 34D and it fits perfectly! Btw, I do not have a farmer's tan in this photo. It's just the shadow from my head! Haha!

4 weeks exactly

I must say a huge difference in a matter of a week! But still a long way to go! My incisions are healing so well. I continue to put organic vitamin E oil on them almost everyday. Both muscles have gone down quite a bit in swelling. I'm definitely happy about that. So I'm not looking like "Long Boobs" as much. I'm starting to be more patient and just realize that things will settle in their own good time. I'm tired of running to the bathroom mirror every morning to see if my left side has dropped as if I were a kid running downstairs to see the presents on Christmas morning! It's a very gradual thing and I need to except that! Happy healing, ladies!

Username Changed

I just wanted to update those that care that I have changed my username! :)

30 days post op

As I said, I have stopped expecting instant results! Now that I have, I feel I'm progressing faster and faster! I'm so excited for summer! :)

5 Weeks Post Op

I have finally gotten back into my normal workout routine. I'm able to do push ups again too, which I love!! I did my spray tan last night and am feeling much better about my body lately! Although, I still have a lot of work to do to get back on track physically. But I'm on my way! :) Sooooo, leftie is still lagging behind quite a bit in the D & F department. But that's ok!!! I'm loving my results more and more each day! I also tried on some bathing suits again and WOW...what a difference a few weeks make. They actually look round and not like Frankenboob!

6 weeks post op- Not much change

Well, since week 4 I have seen so much change in my right breast! So much change that it's making my breasts look very uneven. My left hasn't budged other than the muscle swelling going down. But the implant itself has not dropped at all or at least enough to see a difference. I know it will drop! It's just soooooo hard to stay patient! But hey, I'm seeing many changes overall! So I can't complain!!

7 weeks post op- IN LOVE WITH MY GIRLS!!!

My progress has been insane this past week!!! PHEW!!!! My left side is finally catching up to my right side! I know I had to be driving my PS crazy with long drawn out emails about this unevenness. He flat told me that time is the answer to all my questions and concerns! He was so right bc literally two days after he wrote that response back to me, my left breast magically dropped a smidge. I noticed much more fullness at the bottom! So, to all the awesome ladies out there waiting...and waiting...and waiting, time IS the answer!!! It is so hard...I know!! But it is worth the wait!! :)

I'm a 34D!!!!

I wasn't able to get sized at Macy's today bc the lady that does the fittings was busy ringing people up at the cash register. I was so sick of waiting. So I said screw being measured and decided to try on all of the possible sizes to see which one fits best. I tried a 32D, 32DD, 34D and 34DD. By far, the best fit was 34D!! Soooo I haven't bought any more bras yet bc I still wear my comfy sports bras or my post op bras for the most part! I will be buying some very soon though! I did, however, buy more swim suits! I'm so obsessed with buying swim suits! I can't stop!!! I need to stop!! ;)

8 week post op

Well, I haven't seen a whole lot of change this week! As I've said before, my left is dropping...but at an extremely slow pace! I can still see quite a bit of difference between the two still. I may stop posting weekly updates just bc I don't think I'll really see a huge difference from week to week now. It's going to be a very gradual thing with this left side dropping. BUT, I wanted to post this week to show the most amazing sports bras ever.... And they're SO CHEAP!!! I just recently ordered white and black sports bras from the Forever 21 website. They're pretty basic but have a cute mesh in the back to spruce them up a bit! They also have removable pads to give a sexy push up look! I am in love them. So I went to the store and brought a couple more. I bought size large in all of them and they are so comfy too! The best part...I can literally buy 4 for the price of ONE Victoria's Secret sports bra! They're all roughly $12-14! They seem to be great quality with thick fabric and threading!! I will definitely be buying more in different colors!!

Bra shopping (32DD)....FINALLY!!!

Well, a couple weeks ago, I was so convinced I was a 34D. But bc I've lost a little weight from being pregnant, the band did feel a little loose. But it actually felt good bc I didn't want anything too tight on my incisions. I did try on a 32D and a 32DD. The band felt good but the cup was way too small in both cups at the time. But they both were designed to be low cut cups. Then a friend on here (Stratefull) told me to try a 32DD again!!! I never in a million years thought that I would be a DD! So I finally got a chance today to go bra shopping again today! I went to VS and tried a 32DD! They all fit like a glove....for real this time. LOL! Thank you, Stratefull!!!! I'm glad I tried a different brand in that size!!

My fave bra!!!

Last night, I tried on all my bras with different shirts and tank tops! I honestly love them ALL!! But my absolute favorite is the multi-colored leopard racerback push-up! It's also my husband's fave so far! I'm already ready to go shopping for more now that I know my perfect size! HOWEVER, I'm wondering if I should try a 32DDD for days when I want more coverage and not so much cleavage. But I could just buy more bras with no push-up in it. We shall see! I may try one on just for shits and giggles to see the difference! Does is make sense to still want the push-up but not want as much cleavage sometimes?!? Lol!


I have been MIA for a few weeks! But I keep falling in love with my boobies more and more !!!! They are still improving each week. I can wear a 34D for a looser fit or 32DD for more push up. I could not have asked for better results. I will say it was a long couple of months. But SO WORTH IT!!! I would do it all again a million times over! Dr. Medalie in Cleveland is a true artist and I'm so pleased I chose him for my surgery! Happy healing! Until next time....

Almost 4 months post-op

Life is good!!! Although, the kids being out of school is driving me NUTS!!! Can I get an amen?!?! I NEED to try on a 32DDD still because I feel like I would get more coverage, OBVIOUSLY! Sometimes, I feel like I'm pouring out of the 32DD! I like that sometimes! When I don't like that, I wear a comfy 34D! But I feel like a 32DDD would give me the push up I like occasionally along with a bit more coverage. So that's basically it for now! I will post again as soon as I spend more money!! ;) P.S.- Kudos to my hubby to buying me these pretty new bras!!

1 Year Boobiversary!!! (3/19)

Well, I made it! It's been exactly one year since my surgery. I have been on an emotional roller coaster the entire time. At this point in time, I can honestly say- I'm happy with my results! But a few months ago, I wasn't so happy Bc there is a slight difference in droopiness between my two breasts. Now this droopiness was there prior to my surgery due to breastfeeding. I had a much larger milk supply in my left breast than my right which caused a bit more sag in the heavier side. I spoke my concerns about this to my PS while he was measuring and gauging symmetry at the consultation. He said he didn't notice the difference. So he recommended going with the same size for both breasts. I just with he would've taken a little more assessing this concern Bc I feel if he would've added 15-25cc's to my right side, it would've made them a bit more symmetric.
Having said that, I have noticed a (good) change within these last few months which has been pleasantly surprising Bc I didn't think they would change much more being on the better part of a year. My right has settled a smidge more. So the difference isn't as noticeable. Btw, I should mention the difference in droopiness is only noticeable when taking a head-on screenshot, not a mirror shot. But it was significant. But like I said, the recent changes have made me much happier with my results.

Happy 1st Anniversary to me!!!
Beachwood Plastic Surgeon

The consultation went great! Dr. Medalie was extremely knowledgeable and friendly! He had an ideal size for my breast augmentation in mind and he was 100% on target with that suggested size! I would highly recommend Dr. Medalie to any of my friends!

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