Duran doll July 24th! Tummy tuck, lipo and vaginal lift-Dr. Augustina Hilario Duran - Dominican Republic

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I want to lose the apron of stretched skin that...

I want to lose the apron of stretched skin that hangs in my lap, I want to have a trim waist line adding to the curviness I seek and I want to regain the confidence I once had. The idea of what I am going to do (extended TT, breast lift, vaginal lift and liposculpture of the whole mid section of my torso (minus the ab area, of course.) is scary but exciting. I have certain fears, there are so many things I am looking forward too. Albeit, I am terrified of the cons, I keep my mind on the prize of the pros=) I have researched my Dr quite a lot, Dr. Quiroz of Cosmed, he has many more very happy clients than not, I try to be realistic about expectations, potential complications, I really read the things that the nay sayers had to say (lack of pain meds, perhaps less than perfec stitching.) I do plan to address all these things with my Dr before surgery. Im in the process currently of losing weight, getting my passport stuff situated, getting my lab testing done and booking my flight. I will be going with my best pal (who is fluent in Spanish) and staying in the recovery boutique for up to 2 weeks following. I have had a fairly good experience thus far, although, I do agree getting phone calls/emails back are a bit difficult. Im going to leave my mind open and hope for the best=) Will keep you posted!!

I'm so confused!

I was told yesterday that I will need a vertical AND horizontal tummy tuck to get the desired results with dr Quiroz (trim waist line)..this is horrible=( I'm honestly debating going to DR to see Dr Duran. Any Duran dolls out there? It's just so many girls say they wake up during surgery..this is not ok! I really wonder how many girls wake up vs those that don't? Seems pretty common from what I read. I need some help from my fellow mommy make over patients..any one have anything to add?=/ my surgery with Dr Quiroz is planned for end of July..I haven't even heard back about a quote from Duran..I hear she is near impossible to reach. I don't trust any of the other Dominican drs, to many scary reviews..ugh, what to do??

got a message back from Jazmine at Bella vita regarding Duran

Wow, that was fast! Jazmine from Bella vita has offered me her services to be my liaison with Dr. Duran. Granted, it's going to be an additional $300 for her services, but she will take care of all my needs and get me a date as soon as July 21st! That's like 6 weeks away! This is so exciting! :-) I'm hoping after I fill out ask the paperwork that I qualify to be a good surgery candidate! P.S. her services are normally $150, but I requested expedited service. Anyone have any thing to add about bella vita??

here is a before and after of my face..

I was 260 at 5'1..now I'm 180, on my way to being 170 or less before surgery. How did I lose the weight? A combo of phentermine appetite suppressant (rx) and very low cal eating. I drink at least one Vega meal replacement shake a day too :-) Will post body pix later.

jazmine gave me the ok, BMI below 35! Just waiting for Dr. Duran to give quote

Jazmine at Bella vita has been extremely helpful! She is super fast with everything and very attentive so far. She recently got work done by Duran and stayed at recovery house armonia. It's $85 per night, with 3 meals a day and round the clock nursing care. I think that's my ticket :-) I called cosmed clinic today to get my deposit back, they said no problem. Also ladies, I was told that if you are getting lipo of the whole mid section of your body with Duran, the Brazilian butt lift (BBL) doesn't cost extra! I initially told jazmine I would drop the bbl off the list due to finances..so she filled me in about no additional cost :-) I have also expressed a little concern about waking up during surgery and complications afterwords..Jazmine helped put my mind at ease a bit about these things. It is fairly common to wake up during surgery with the epidural block and sedation they offer. But you don't feel anything I guess? This alleviates the risk of being overly drugged with anesthesia. I know here in the states it's considered a nightmare to wake up during surgery, but they don't give the epidural here. As long as I feel nothing and don't stay awake for long..lol. talk about traumatic! I think I'm going to aim for July 21st in DR, I will be traveling alone since the plane ticket from San Francisco Will cost me $1000=( I'm also staying in the DR 15 days, this gives me proper time to recover and get my drains out. I read another girl got some kind of blood clot due to the cabin pressure of the air plane ride back to the states from dr after surgery. I think she left 8 days after? I'm not trying to lose my life here, I'll take pre cautions when necessary! I started my iron and folic acid supplements today, think high hemoglobins! They need to be above 12 I believe, I've read some girls get there and the levels are too low so they can't get surgery! What a freaking waste! I'll write again when I get my quote :-)

I need to stop looking at facebook=/

I went to Facebook to start looking at Duran dolls post op, and I found a million girls with Duran doll pages, but NONE posted any after pix or how things went? The more I hear from my family how this doesn't seem safe the more freaked out I get=( Im trying to stay hopeful, and Realself has been incredibly helpful to me on this journey..just getting cold feet tonight for some reason=/ The closer the date comes the more worried Im getting. Maybe getting all these procedures at once is too much on my body, I certainly don't want ANY complications. And seeing so many FB pages started, but none finished with the after math of surgery is a little nerve racking...someone tell me it will be ok..lol. Just looking at these pics reminds me that I need to do this for the confidence it will give me and the pride I will feel once I get through the hard parts. I uploaded a few wish pix and even though Im thicker than these women..I like the hip to waist ratio=) P.S. Ive been looking around realself at before/after of Duran dolls..GOOD LAWDY THEY GOT SOME BIG BOOTYS! Im not looking to get a massive ass here ladies, just a subtle enlargement;)

I think I have yet again changed my mind about..

The butt lift. Even though the butt lift wont cost me anymore money, Ive seen some of these post op pix of these beautiful ladies, and their booty's are so huge that they look extremely disproportioned almost making them look freakish=( I believe if you want a big ass, Duran is the one to see..but with some aggressive lipo, and squats once Im healed from sx I can get some more shape and curve to my booty, while keeping it natural. Ive already started purchasing some of the items other girls are mentioning are must have items. Go girl potty device, additional supplements, and few other things that I already have Im gathering up=) As the date gets nearer I notice that I tend to let my mind run at night (before bed, of course!) so that's when I freak out the most. I mean, lets be real ladies, going to the DR from the states is certainly upping the risk of complications and its not exactly "OK" that girls routinely wake up during surgery. I also know that getting lipo in the upper abdomen after a tummy tuck is something they don't even do in the USA because of how unsafe it is (the tummy tuck scar needs the blood supply above the belly button for healing purposes and to avoid necrosis..) so why are we doing this to ourselves?! Beauty. plain and simple. We all HOPE we will be one of the lucky ones that have no issues. Read the reviews, almost all the DR girls have some kind of issues=( Am I still going? Yes. Why?! because much like every other girl that bravely crosses this threshold for a shapely figure, I want to be beautiful, I want to be sexy and I want to be noticed. I WILL be one of the lucky ones. I just have too=/

Im fairly confident that I want a buddy..

Anyone going to see Dr. Duran around July 20th?? I might be getting surgery the 21st and could use someone to travel with, maybe talk to (oh, those comforts of home!) Anyone?? Im leaving San Francisco the 19th, arriving on the 20th. I think I will be staying at recovery Armonia (with the encouragement of Jazmine from Bella Vita Conults..) Let me know=)

Jazmine got back to me today and...

I got my quote from Duran=) So it seems the tummy tuck is only $1000, lipo is $3800 (this includes the butt lift for no additional cost, which I am not getting) breast lift is $2000 and the vaginal lift didn't have a dollar amount (it actually said I needed to be seen by the Dr. to determine if I needed it..TRUST ME, I DO) =/ I got a list of some things I will need to get while there and/or things to bring with me. Below is a copy of what I was sent via email today:

Before surgery we will perform an assessment to verify that your state of health is adequate to submit to surgery. You should therefore have FAST the morning of surgery to realize: blood labs, chest plate, electrocardiogram and physical examination by an internist or cardiologist. If you complete your labs the day prior to surgery, please still refrain from eating or drinking anything other than water past 9pm the night before.
The surgery is performed under regional anesthesia or lock with assisted sedation to not feel discomfort when the anesthesia is applied. Depending on your procedures, the surgery may take about to 3 hours or more. The first night you will be recovering in the clinic where I operate, and be discharged the next day for outpatient management, ie through visits. And carry a drain for 1 week and will use a compression garment postsurgical, during the day, for 6 weeks. I need to give close follow-up care for a minimum of 10 days to ensure that you heal properly and to check your progress.
In order to be able to operate on you, you have to have high levels of hemoglobin (above 12), as they decrease with bleeding from the surgery itself, and I dislike my patients to be transfused unless it’s an absolute emergency. There is an additional cost for a blood transfusion in the amount of $150 that is not included in your quote, should a transfusion be needed.

 It is therefore advised that you take daily from now: a multivitamin, an iron pill with folic acid and 3 grams of vitamin C (1 gram 3 times daily). Consume a nutritious diet rich in protein, vegetables and fruits. Please refrain from taking vitamin E. You CAN NOT TAKE ASPIRIN from two (2) weeks prior to surgery, as well as any medicine that contains or is thinner, it can encourage bleeding during surgery.
 DO NOT SMOKE and avoid secondhand smoke at least three months before because the vasoconstrictor action of nicotine decreases the flow of oxygen necessary for healing of tissues and can cause serious complications. Please inform me of any other medications you are taking, even as a nutrition supplement, ointments, etc.. (For any substance, natural or not may have a bad interaction or impact with surgery or anesthesia). Also inform me of any health condition you may suffer from prior to surgery.
You are encouraged to purchase and bring with you any items that you feel will aid you in your recovery. Such items include: Abdominal boards, epi foam, urine funnel, along with any antiseptic items to ensure sanitation measures are met.
I also encourage and advise my patients to taking Arnica and Bromelain supplements to aid in the recovery process. Arnica is common homeopathic medicine given to people before and after surgery because of its ability to reduce surgical shock and minimize bleeding. Bromelain is used for reducing swelling (inflammation), especially of the nose and sinuses, after surgery or injury.

Post Operative Care
Please thoroughly read though the post-operative care instructions directly pertaining to your specific procedure(s), including the wound care instructions located at the bottom of the document and the drainage care instructions, located on another attached document.

For ALL surgical procedures:
Seek medical attention if you are having an adverse or unexpected reaction during your recovery.
Avoid strenuous activity and lifting of objects heavier than 10 lbs for 3 weeks (keep heart rate less than 100 beats per minute.)
If you notice some vaginal burning and itching (vaginitis) as a result of the antibiotic given after surgery, Dra. Duran or your family physician can prescribe Diflucan, or yeast medications can be purchased over the counter. Ask your pharmacist for assistance.
Unexplained Leg Pain. One of the major risks of surgery is the development of blood clots in the legs, a condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT).
If your incision begins to separate, your surgeon should be contacted immediately. Cover the wound with a moist bandage or clean piece of cloth, then seek medical attention
Contact your surgeon’s office if you are constipated or having difficulty urinating. Straining to have a bowel movement or urinate can increase the pressure in your abdomen and put stress on your incisions, and these symptoms can be signs of more severe complications.
Do not take aspirin or products containing aspirin for 3 weeks after surgery
Please take all medication carefully and as directed.
If you have nausea, vomiting, rash, shortness of breath, or diarrhea after taking your medications please call my office or contact your PCP if you have returned home.
If you develop a fever (oral temperature greater than 101°), redness, or increased pain at the surgical incisions, please call immediately.
Drink plenty of fluid, do not allow yourself to get dehydrated
DO NOT SMOKE. This is very important.
All incisions will be extremely sensitive to sunlight during the healing phase. Direct sun contact is to be avoided and use a sunscreen with SPF 20 or greater (with both UVA and UVB protection) for at least 6 months.

Stay on a soft diet, high in protein, for 2-3 days and avoid spicy food which can cause nausea and gas. Then you may resume a normal, high protein diet.
It is important to note that showers are not possible while the drains are in place. Sponge baths are acceptable for hygiene.
You may resume sexual activity in 4 weeks. For the first 10 days following surgery, raising your blood pressure (heart rate) will cause bleeding. Abdominal stress on your muscles will stretch or break the sutures if you exercise before 4 weeks. At four weeks you should consider passive or less vigorous sexual activity that will not cause abdominal movement.
A compression garment is put on at the end of the operation. This must be worn at all times for at least four weeks. A second stage garment should be used at about 2 weeks post op. It is recommended that you purchase one from the clinic. You may only remove the garment to shower until directed otherwise.
Do not remove your steri strips; allow them to fall off on their own.
Avoid wearing clothing that may be too tight or that may rub on your unhealed incision to avoid developing an infection
Silicone sheeting is recommended for post-operative wound care and healing but most not be used until the wound has completely healed.
If you notice some vaginal burning and itching (vaginitis) as a result of the antibiotic given after surgery, Dra. Duran or your family physician can prescribe Diflucan, or yeast medications can be purchased over the counter. Ask your pharmacist for assistance.
All incisions will be extremely sensitive during the healing phase. Direct sun is to be avoided. When going out, even on cloudy days, use a sunscreen with SPF 20 or greater for at least 1 year that has both UVA and UVB protection.
Please do not drive for 7-10 days
Do not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for 3 weeks
It is good to walk for 15-20 minutes 6 times per day
Do not run, lift weights, play tennis, or golf for 3-4 weeks after surgery. (Keep your heart
rate under 100 for 3 weeks)
You may begin swimming 4 weeks post-operatively, if healing is complete

After surgery, it is important for you to have someone available to stay with you for the first 24-48 hours, as you will be weak and drowsy. You may require help the first few times you get out of bed.
It is important to be walking early and frequently, move your legs and ankles when in bed. Keep legs elevated, when in bed, for the first 2-3 days. Please don’t cross your legs as this can increase the risk for blood clots.
Please take deep breaths frequently to keep your lungs clear (15-20 per time).
A light diet is best after surgery. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups or jello. You may start a regular diet the next day.
It is important to refrain from any strenuous activities for 3 weeks after surgery. Keep your heart rate below 100 beats per minute. Gradually work to pre-surgical activities beginning slowly at the 2nd week.
The body retains fluids in response to surgery so do not expect to see any immediate weight loss for the first 2-3 weeks. In the long run you will see more of a change in the way your clothes fit than a decrease in pounds.
Swelling and bruising are a normal expectation following surgery. Bruising could be apparent for as long as 3-4 months afterwards. The bruises will move down your body as they are absorbed.
Massage to the surgical sites will help increase circulation and alleviate the hardness felt underneath the skin. Massage can begin 5 days after surgery. Request a lymphatic massage therapist

Fat Transfer (Brazilian Butt Lift)
Avoid sitting for about 2 weeks (If possible). This is important because prolonged sitting may damage the fat. The fat behaves as a graft (no blood supply) during the first few weeks. Once the fat develops its own blood supply, then sitting will be recommended.
Walk and stretch your legs. You need to ambulate! This will help to decrease the risk of developing clots.
Take ibuprofen 400mg by mouth every 6hrs around the clock.
Do buttocks stretching exercises. This will help with your recovery.
Wear your compression girdle at all times. You can remove it to take a shower; then wear the garment again.
From the day after surgery, take water pills for three consecutive days. Your body will be swollen all over because of the fluid shift. This will help getting rid of your swelling.
Wear a compression stocking net the first day after surgery to prevent clots.

Breast Augmentation, Reduction and Lift
After surgery, it is important for you to have someone available to stay with you for the first 24-28 hours, as you will be weak and drowsy. You may require help the first few times you get out of bed.
It is important to get out of bed early and often after your surgery (with assistance) to prevent postoperative problems. Please take deep breaths frequently to keep your lungs clear (15-20 per hour.)
Keep your head elevated about 30 degrees (two pillows) with the knees slightly flexed.
After surgery it is best to go to bed and elevate your head and shoulders on at least 2 pillows.
A light diet is best after surgery. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups or Jell-O. You may start a regular diet the next day.
Please take the pain medication only if you have pain. Take it with crackers, Jell-O, etc. You should need it the first 2-3 days after surgery every 3-4 hours.
For the first 48 hours keep your arm movements to a minimum. Your arms should not be used to support your body or lift anything heavy. Do not push with your arms to lift yourself in bed.
You may shower 24 hours after surgery.
Dra. Duran will advise you when you may wear an underwire bra (usually 6 weeks after surgery.)
Strenuous activities and exercises are to be avoided until 3 weeks after surgery. (heart rate should stay below 100 beats per minute.) You may gradually resume normal daily activities after 48 hours being careful to avoid any activity that causes pain or discomfort.
Driving may be resumed when a sharp turn of the steering wheel will not cause pain; this is usually within 5-7 days.
Breast implant massage should start 3-5 days after surgery. An illustration is provided and the nurse or Dra Duran will show you how to perform these breast exercises. The importance of the breast exercises cannot be over emphasized. They help to prevent capsular contractures and promote healing of the chest muscles. You should be committed to doing these exercises on each breast three times daily for life.
All incisions will be extremely sensitive to sunlight during the healing phase. Direct sun contact or tanning booths are to be avoided and use a sunscreen with SPF of 15 with UVA and UVB protection for at least 6 months. The incision scars can be massaged with a moisturizing cream, vitamin E, or aloe vera cream starting 3 weeks after surgery. This will promote early softening and maturation of these areas.
Sensations like numbness, sharpness, and burning are common during the healing process. These sensations may last several weeks and will gradually disappear.
Bruising and swelling are normal for 2-3 weeks. It will disappear over time.
You will initially feel like your implants are too high and too large. This will resolve over the first 4-6 weeks post operatively.
If you have nausea, vomiting, rash, shortness of breath, or diarrhea after taking your medications, please call our office.
If you develop a fever (oral temperature greater than 100°), redness and/or increased pain at the surgical incision sites, please call Dra. Duran immediately.

It is important to walk and only lift your arms less than 90 degrees at the shoulder for the first 10-14 days to minimize tension on the suture line. Sleep with your arms on 2-3 pillows to minimize swelling. This will improve the quality of your scar.
After your surgery, start with a liquid diet and then progress to a soft diet. Limit spicy foods which cause gas or bloating. Though it is impossible to get rid of gas entirely, there are strategies to reduce it. Eat and drink slowly. Do not gulp. Chew thoroughly. Cut down on carbonated drinks. Avoid sugar-free gums and sugar-free candies that contain sorbitol or zylitol – both sweeteners are poorly digested. If gas is painful and persistent, call our office. People are all different so you will need to use your judgment on food choices.
If you have sutures, they will be removed in 7-10 days and you will wear steri-strips for 3-4 weeks. Thereafter, apply scar cream to maximize wound healing beginning at week 3. Use the cream for 6 months after surgery. You may also use silicone sheeting.
Take your pain pills, herbal supplements, and muscle relaxants as directed to manage your discomfort
Please wear your arm compression binder continuously for 14 days. You can take it off to shower on day 3 per Dra. Duran’s instructions.
Do not drive for 7-10 days
You may resume sexual activity in 4 weeks. (Raising your blood pressure for the first 10 days following surgery may cause bleeding.)
Do not take ibuprofen, aspirin or products containing aspirin for 3 weeks after surgery.
Do not lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for 3 weeks. It is good to walk for 15-20 minutes 2-3 times per day. Do not run, lift weights, play tennis, or golf for 3-4 weeks. (Keep your heart rate under 100 for 3 weeks.) You may begin swimming 4 weeks post-operatively
Moderate swelling of your arms is to be expected. You may find that your clothes may not fit as easily as before. Be patient. The swelling will gradually subside and you will be back to normal in 3 to 6 months.
Because of the removal of tissue from your arms, there is a certain amount of tightness that is to be expected. This will slowly relax within 6 months.
Infrequently after surgery, you may have fluid in the arms after the drains are removed. If this happens, please contact our office, as Dr. Duran will want to see you to remove the fluid, if you are an international patient, please contact a local plastic surgeon to have the fluid removed.

When sleeping keep your head elevated on 2 pillows for the first 7 days after surgery.
During the day for the first 72 hours after surgery, apply crushed ice in an ice bag or Swiss Eye Pads (obtained from the hospital) to minimize swelling and bruising. Do not put pressure on the nasal splint.
It is normal to continue to swell after the first 48 hours. Swelling reaches its peak at 48-72 hours.
If you have pain, take the pain medication every 4-6 hours. It is best to take it with crackers, jello, etc. If you have no pain, do not take the medication. Alcohol should not be used while you are taking a pain medication.
Following surgery begin with a light diet: liquids only. The next day you can begin a soft, regular diet but for 2 weeks avoid foods that require excessive lip movement such as apples, corn on the cob, etc.
You will probably have a bloody nasal discharge for 3-4 days and may change the drip pad under your nose as often as needed. Do not rub or blot your nose, as this will tend to irritate if. You may discard the drip pad and remove the tape on your cheeks when the drainage has stopped.
To prevent bleeding, do not sniff or blow your nose for the first 2 weeks after surgery. Try not to sneeze, but if you do, sneeze through your mouth.
While the nasal splint is on, you may have your hair washed beauty salon fashion. Take care to prevent the nasal splint from getting wet.
Keep the inside edges of your nostrils and any stitches clean by using a Q-tip saturated with hydrogen peroxide followed by a thin coating of Polysporin ointment. This will help prevent crust from forming. You are to advance the Q-tip into the nose as far as the cotton tip, but no further. You will not hurt anything inside your nose as long as you are gentle in your actions.
Avoid hitting your nose for 4 weeks after surgery.
After the splint is removed, do not wear glasses or allow anything else to rest on your nose for 4 weeks. Glasses should be taped to the forehead. (We will show you how.) Contacts can be worn as soon as the swelling has decreased enough for them to be inserted.
The incision of your nose is sensitive to sunlight after surgery. Protect the incision line from sun exposure for 12 months. Wear a wide brim hat and/or a good sunscreen (SPF-20 or greater) with both UVA and UVB protection if you are in the sun, in water or on snow for prolonged periods.
The nasal splint will be removed in 6-7 days after surgery.
After the nasal splint is removed, the nose can be washed gently with a mild soap and make-up can be applied. Moisturizing creams can be used if the nose is dry.
The tip of the nose sometimes will feel numb after rhinoplasty and occasionally the front teeth will feel “funny.” These feelings will gradually disappear.
Much of the swelling will be gone in 2-3 weeks after surgery. It often takes approximately 1 year for the last 10% of the swelling to disappear. Your nose may feel stiff when you smile and not as flexible as before surgery.
This is not noticeable to others and things will gradually return to normal.

Wound Care Instructions
Days 1-5
Apply Polysporin or Bacitracin ointment sparingly to the suture line for the first two days only.
Discontinue ointment after two days as it may cause a skin irritation or reaction (dermatitis.)
If you have DermaBond (skin glue) closure, you do not need to apply ointment to the area.
Apply cold compresses as much as possible to the incision site during the first 3-5 hours to help reduce swelling. With permission you may shower the second post-operative day. Let the water hit the area and blot dry. The swelling and discoloration peak at the third day and then decrease over the next 5-7 days.
If applicable, elevate the operated area above the level of the heart.
Days 5-7
One half of all sutures will be removed. Wear steri-strips on the suture line at all times for the next 4 weeks, after suture removal. The steri-strips will be provided for you. You may shower or bathe with the strips in place. Remove every 5-7 days, bathe, dry the area gently and reapply.
Week 2-4
Continue to wear steri-strips at all times. The longer you are able to wear the strips after surgery will optimize the final appearance of your incision. Most of the swelling and discoloration should be resolved.
Week 3-4
Use Scar Cream twice daily by massaging into the incision in a circular fashion. Use the cream for 6 months, which minimizes scar problems. You may also use silicone sheeting. The scar cream recommended is specially formulated with Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and an oil free moisturizer.
Months 9-12
The scar will be re-evaluated at this time. Infrequently, scar revision may be needed, but will not be performed until at least 12-15 months after surgery, to allow for maximal wound healing.
* Strenuous activity and heavy lifting is to be avoided for at least 4-6 weeks.
* Direct sun contact on the surgical site is to be avoided for 6-12 months. Please use a sunscreen SPF 15 with UVA and UVB (Skinceuticals.)

Post Operative Medications
You may purchase these at the clinic for $150 USD or may get this from your Primary Care Physician. If you are getting it from your PCP please ensure to get it PRIOR to your surgery.
CLAVULIN 1GR: antibiotic-prescription
DICLOFENAC 50MG for the pain-prescription
OMEPRAZOL 20 MG is a gastric protector-prescription
TROMBOCIL CREAM: relief of superficial hematomas- OTC
HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days
CLAVULIN 1GR: Take 1 every 24 hours for 10 days
DICLOFENAC 50MG: Take 2 tablets together the first 3 days every 6 hours, then at 4th day take 1 every 8 hours for 10 days
OMEPRAZOL 20 MG: Take 1 every 12 hours for 10 days
VITAMIN C 500 MG: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for a month.
FERROUS SULFATE: Take 1 tablet every 12 hours for 30 days.
FOLIC ACID 10 MG: Take 2 tablets per day for 15 days.

Please note: This list, along with the dosing schedule and calculations may or may not be final as it may need to be modified to fit your specific needs.

and the other pages read:

1. All surgeries are performed in the clinic CIPLA, along with post operative care.

2. . All materials, drugs and implants we use are top quality and are duly approved by the Ministry of Health in Dominican Republic, FDA and/or EU models.

3. This budget does not include: unforeseen events, emergency reoperation costs, consultations with other medical specialists and cost of blood transfusions, medications after surgery or post surgical physiotherapy.

4. Anesthesia type used is epidural block with sedation.

5. All patients must have a BMI of 34% or less at the time of surgery.

The quote includes
Costs: chest plate X-ray, pre surgical blood labs, electrocardiogram, admission into the surgical clinic, anesthetic drugs, medicines and laboratories during your stay, use per hour of surgery room, gastable material, one night stay at the clinic, operating costs, one post surgical compression garment, and all post surgical follow up appointments, a long with subsequent visits to the surgery.

FEES: The cardiologist or internist performing presurgical evaluation, Anesthesiologists, the Operating Room Assistant, Nurses and Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran
Patient : Prescila Wilkins
Procedures : TT, Lipo and BBL

Quote : $4800.00 USD
Date quoted : June 15th, 2014
Available SX Date : Dates available as of November 2014
Surgeon Recommendation : Surgeon will have to see you in person to determine qualification for the vaginal lift.
*Not included in quote: In the case of an emergency blood transfusión, the patient is responsible for the cost of the transfusión, at a cost of $100 USD (per transfusión). Patient is also responsible for post operative medications at a cost of $150 USD. Medical insurance must be purchased at a Price of $130 USD. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency.

Medication before surgery:
Please obtain your hemoglobin level prior to surgery, a level of atleast 13 is required for the procedure. You may also begin taking the following at least one month prior to surgery: Iron with Folic Acid, vitamin C and B12
After surgery You'll need:
amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
Vitamina C, B12
Proteín (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tablets and/or cream)

Other supplies:
Maxi Pads
Tank tops or tshirts
Sanitary wipes
Comfortable Clothes
The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days.

To secure your date for surgery, please send a $250 security deposit via BANK WIRE TRANSFER (No remittance payments) to:
Bank: Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
Account number: 200 02 092 000588 4
Recipient: Agustina Hilario Duran
Swift Code: BRRDDOSD
ABA: 021000089
Bank address: Calle Maria Trinidad Samchez, Cotui provincia Sanchez Ramirez
Dra Durans address: 137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Please note: This deposit is non-refundable AND non-transferable.
Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,
Jazmine Navarro, Consultant
Bella Vita Consultants

On behalf of:
Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran, Surgeon
The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,

*I have already started buying supplies online and from CVS, Jazmine and I had previously discussed a July 21st date, but I need to wire Dr. Duran a deposit first..then we can schedule a date

**I AM 5'1, AND 170LBS..MY BMI IS UNDER 34 (WHICH IT NEEDS TO BE OR DR. WILL NOT OPERATE ON YOU. I AM A THICK GIRL WITH A NATURALLY MUSCULAR BUILD (ENDOMORPH BODY TYPE, MUSCLE WITH FAT ON TOP) I know some girls worry about being rejected because of their size. Im a bigger girl and I was not denied..just make sure to look up a BMI chart (body mass index) to see if you need to lose weight before surgery=)

Hola chicka's!

So I got my date confirmed for the 22nd of July (21st got booked up fast!) I have now told both my employers that I am going to DR on the 21st for surgery (sx) and have sent Jazmine $300 us (for expedited premium consult and booking services. Usually cost is only $150 for the basics, which often times is all you need..I needed to secure my earlier date so I paid the extra money.) I also got my $250 deposit sent over to Jazmine for Dr. Duran of $250 (both fees are non refundable.) Dominican Republic here I come!

Spoke to Mayra at Recovery Armonia today..

And I am booked for July 21-Aug 5. Im not taking any extra chances with blood clots, embolisms or cabin pressure on the plane! I am recovering in the DR for at least 2 weeks and will be flying first class on the trip home! Started gathering even more stuff from around the house today o pack on my trip. Cant believe Im just about a month away from sx!! Here is a list I have compiled for my sx needs:
wife beaters
maxi dresses
night gowns
computer and cord
cell phone and cord
baby wipes
feminine wipes
maxi pads (lots)
vitamins (multi/iron/folic/vit c)
go girl pee thingy
loose panties
Tylenol pm
Amazin supplies
hand sanitizer
tooth brush/paste
large, comfy clothes for wear home (sweat pants/t shirts x 2)
heating pad
tooth picks
dial soap

bactine spray

VEGA and protein


bottled water


TROMBOCIL CREAM: relief of superficial hematomas- OTC
HEPARIN 40 MG: Subcutaneous injection 1 per day for 8 days
CLAVULIN 1GR: antibiotic-prescription
DICLOFENAC 50MG for the pain-prescription
transfer cash to DR pesos (tips and various needs)

*I learned today that I will need to bring AN OBSCENE AMOUNT OF CASH WITH ME TO PAY FOR THINGS!! MONEY BELT REQUIRED!! Wow! Nothing is really paid upfront excepts deposit to Dr. Duran of $250+wire fee of $45, $100 to recovery house and the $300 to Jazmine of Bella Vita. So we are talking $7000 appx for surgery, $1200 for recovery house stay and appx $1000 for various other necessities (massages, blood transfusion, taxi rides, extra food/water needs, nursing care while at CIPLA, etc..) this is a bit odd=/ Why no VISA cards? Oh well..Im not going to major in te minor leagues with worries! I have bigger things to worry about! Having some mixed feelings today..some days Im more pessimistic and I think of all the bad aspects of SX, other days I focus more on the good things and the awesome results Ill have! Im going to be hot! Today was mixed..trying to stay more focused on the aftermath..like, a month or 2 post op! Ha!

Sh*t just got real ladies..

OMG..SX date confirmed for July 22nd, JetBlue flight leaving Sacramento on Sun July 20 at 11:45pm to JFK, from JFK (Ny, NY) to SDQ Dominican Republic at 1:40pm (the following day, Mon July 21st.) After I land I will take care of business in preparation for SX Tues on Mon, what I cant do Mon I will obviously take care of early Tues morning. I am freaking out dolls=/ Im exactly one month from going under the knife. I have a strong feeling I will end up waking up during surgery, and that I will need a transfusion. I hear that 6/10 girls get blood transfusions after such aggressive lipo. These are things that will suck but I can live with. Send me positive thoughts?? =) Where are my Duran dolls??!

Hi again..

I noticed most girls on RS only closely follow those that have pre AND post op info. I was starting to wonder why I wasn't getting much info/responses from my fellow Duran dolls=/ So, I was doing more research today, and found out about a few CIPLA deaths over the last year or so. More than 6 confirmed so far. My Dr. seems to be free and clear of any malpractice situations, but other DR Dr's aren't so lucky=( I can tell you all one thing, I WILL do any/everything I am supposed to do to maintain safety and health, I will ALWAYS take all my meds and antibiotics, I AM healthy of any illness/condition that would cause me ill fate before/during/after surgery and I will closely follow ALL Dra. Durans instructions! I WILL NOT BE THE ONE TO KILL THEMSELVES! I trust my Dr. and believe that as long as they use sterile equipment, provide a clean environment, do the procedures correctly and are attentive to my aftercare (like any trained medical staff should be!) I will be fine. I need to start thinking about the prize here, not let negativity get the better of me. Im so sorry to all the girls that have died for beauty..COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED! RIP=(

less than a month away..

Oh lordy, am I really ready for this?! Ha! I still need to get my expedited passport (since I had to wait for my birth certificate in the mail, I had to do my passport seriously last minute..) hate feeling unprepared! Was going over my finances too..no more drunken date nights with the husband, I'm spending my sx money=( I'm thinking I need to bring at least $500 extra dollars for various things, the more the better! I still need to buy a few things (plane ticket home, meds one I get there, tank tops, hibiclens, snacks, etc..so saving every penny at this point would be smart. I hear Sun is the day to reach Duran, so ladies if you are looking to get ahold of her, I hear she has a one email rule (don't blow her mailbox up!) Hut her up on Sun, aim to be at the to of her email list. I also hear sending pix along with your email is good also :-) Not sue I have much more to say..thank you to the ladies that have followed me this far!

Another few things checked off my to do list..

FINALLY got to the post office to take care of my passport! Jesus, it took 3 hours of waiting to finally be seen! But I did it! =) It was $211, with expedited surcharge (2-3 weeks to receive it.) Boy I must admit, when I was there, waiting in line..thinking..THINKING AND THINKING SOME MORE, I started to entertain the idea of just walking out of there, and going home. Why you ask? Because if Im having this level of anxiety this far out, what if I get there and cant go through with it?! Im trying to stay calm and rational through all of this..I just need some positivity. I wonder how many girls get to DR and chicken out and go home=/ I should be taking anxiety meds, but Dr. Duran doesn't allow it I guess (they do here in the US though..??) I checked my blood pressure yesterday and it was a high..I cant imagine no other girls have done this with high levels of anxiety? I feel sort of stuck. I really want/need this but am having a bit of trouble "dealing". Not doing this ISNT AN OPTION. Just getting cold feet=/ Not only that but I STILL have not received my final quote from Bella Vita. Ive been waiting for weeks. I have NO CLUE how much I need to bring and save up..so Im just saving every penny just in case! I know those ladies are busy, I just like the feeling that all my ducks are in a row, ya know? =) Honestly, Realself is the main reason I think I am actually able to go through with this at all! If I hadn't been able to read all the success stories, and merely looked up surgery in DR on the web, I would have never contacted Duran at all. You ladies inspire me!! EYE ON THE PRIZE! My husband has been really supportive both financially and mentally, Im lucky for that. Most of my family/friends are so scared for me that they are sort of avoiding the topic all together. They aren't hating on me, just worried. Oh well, everything will be ok=) So I think I have also purchased everything Ill need for the trip except tank tops, maxi pads and the meds that I will need once I get to DR (anti blood clot shots, antibiotics and pain meds.) I also need to borrow luggage from someone (easy find.) I think I will be bringing an extra $500-$600 for my DR needs. Hope this is enough?? Blood transfusions are only $150 (not $250) Meds will be appx $100, massages will be $250 and tips will be what I have left. Hopefully no transfusion are needed, but I hear 6/10 girls DO need to get at least one damn aggressive lipo!) Im sorry, Im repeating stuff I have already talked about in previous posts..haha! Ok, rant #10,450 officially over! Im in DR in appx 3 weeks..this is so crazy. Still need o purchase my first class plane ticket home, that will be $830 for one way=/ Save, save, save=)

Hi again dolls!

Well, I officially have all my shopping done! I got my flight for the trip home paid for ($700 for business class, rather than $823 for first class..similar arrangement/space/food quality) so I just saved myself $123 on the return flight (sweet!) I'm pinching pennies at this point ladies, Id like to bring at LEAST $700 surplus dollars ($500 just wasn't enough for any and all emergencies!) I'm starting to calm myself down a bit, a little less anxiety..I just keep looking at women's bodies and comparing what they have, to what I want..I get to pick and chose how I will look! How freaking cool is that?! I still need o get my hemo checked but I have been taking my Geritol, iron and vitamin c tabs daily, a great organic multi vitamin and organic spirulina (I generally eat fairly clean, lots of organic foods and rarely do I drink anything besides wine and water) =) I tell you what friends, Im going into this surgery COMPLETELY READY AND HEALTHY. If something goes wrong, mark these words, all was great on my end=) Following all Dr. Durans instructions religiously, will do exactly as I am told so I have as little complications as possible. I have been OBSESSING over RS (realself) *all future dolls do* ;) And I am focusing my sights more on the good reviews, rather than the horror stories..I must do this to keep sane! I did find out the Dra. Duran has had at least 1 doll die on her, due to lapband complications=( I think I may have said something to the contrary in an earlier post? Either way..tummy tuck/lipo/buttlift/breastlift or any other sx you get is superficial (nothing is done inside the body) so I don't really know how Duran could have had anything to do with her band around the inside of her stomach busting? She was also urged to return to the states to get it fixed, but she waited and passed away in DR. So sad, but it wont happen to me! Safety is paramount when traveling abroad for sx!! Im packing alcohol pads, peroxide, gloves, and all sorts of other precautionary measures to ensure things are sterile. I assume, OF COURSE, all instruments will be sanitized and up to code as well. So where do I go from here you ask? I not so patiently wait! I think Ive got less than 3 weeks until I leave, Im actually doing this!! Holy shit! P.S. Contacted Jazmine appx a week ago for info on my quote and to tell her tat my blood pressure has been a bit high these last few weeks (Dr. needs to know this!) Ive heard nothing back. I paid Jazmine $300 us dollars..wish I knew what was going on? Im leaving in 3 weeks and don't know how much my surgeries will cost..lol. I got a quote for the tummy tuck and lipo/bbl at $4800. I *think* the breast lift is $2000 (not sure) and chin lipo is appx $200. Vaginal lift is maybe $500 so SX total is appx $7500. I will bring $700 for extras, $1200 for Armonia recovery house..GRAND TOTAL IM BRING O DR, IN CASH IS $9400. Am I crazy, or what?! And to top it all off, my "husband" is giving me a hard time about coming home and cheating on him. Jealous much? Oh well, health and happiness first folks! I don't have time for games!

Well this is disappointing..

I have been trying to get my final quote from Jazmine, all flights booked and everything purchased. Finally after weeks of waiting I hear back tonight. I guess I am not able to get my breast lift at the same time because I have too much excess skin. More work for Dr. Duran means more anesthesia and time in the operating room. This I guess was too risky so Dr. Duran said no. I understand and want to be super safe, Im just very disappointed=( I could cry..I have been mentally preparing for this surgery, convincing myself my body is gross and bad, justifying to myself why I NEED to go through all of this craziness! I have made myself hate my breasts and stomach. But now only one area can be fixed. My body will look very strange if I don't do something about my breasts as well..but I cant go through with a round 2! I can barely fathom round 1..itwill be at LEAST another $1200 for recovery 2 weeks stay in a recovery house) another $1000 for a plane ticket, and the $2000 for sx. Plus all the additional things I will need while there..we are talking an additional $5000 just to get my breasts lifted. I might as well just save myself the trouble and do it in the states if that's the case. I couldn't afford it anyways..this really sucks. I know its for the best though..safety first. So now I will be getting a tt, lipo and *hopefully* vaginal lift. I can tell you, if I cant get my vaginal lift, Im not doing surgery. Whats the point in getting my tummy and waist looking good, if I have lose, saggy skin in my genital area?! Im not sure why I didn't get the ok for this procedure?? This is all too much right now.

Real self changed my Dr..?! who is THAT guy?! ha!

Real-self changed my dr. From Dra Duran in DR to some Mexican dr. Duran=/ I'll get it fixed..haha. As my sx date gets closer I'm feeling a bit less anxious believe it or not. Maybe I've done all the stressing my mind can handle:-) Either way, I'm less than 3 weeks away from curvy bliss!!

My "husband"...

I think my husband is seriously trying to sabotage my success=/ He has continued to try to get me to drink and eat out with him when he knows my sx date is right around the corner=( Its not his fault, its my own for going with him..but Im back up to 184, I was 178 a week ago. I must be no heavier than 175 by my sx date (less than 3 weeks away.) I will try my best to lose any extra weight I can starting tomorrow, and I had a long talk with him about it. When I told him I regained 6 lbs (when I should have been losing..) he laughed. He is being a bit insecure with my future success, and has demonstrated it in many ways. Im going back to the grind stone as of tomorrow ladies, no excuses. If I show up at 175 I should be ok. No giving up!! I really wanted to be 170lbs for the best results..Im feeling pretty down about this=(

I'm bonkers ladies...

I'm seriously debating getting my BBL done too! I decided against it because I *sort of* have a butt, and I was getting so much done already..well now Im no longer able to get my breast lift (as mentioned above..) SOOOOO...I think Ill go through with the butt lift=) My plan at this point is to tell Duran to just create me! I want her honest opinion on how to create the best doll out of me that is possible! OMG..now Im really starting to feel butterflies in my tummy! This is such a crazy feeling!! =D Im ordering my boppy pillow now!! Im not sure what else I will need??

Hemo levels are in!

13.7!! Talk about scary! I should have done this part LONG AGO! Ladies, if you are needing to get those hemo levels up, do liquid iron!!! I take Geritol as recommended by Jazmine of Bella Vita..I hear purabsorb is good too!! I wish my levels were higher, but Ill just load up before I get to DR so I should be fine=) I leave on a plane in appx 10 days, and I have been experiencing CRAZY dreams..mentally Im preparing for this experience, scary but so worth the outcome! Making new friends along the way is also a great feeling!! Hurry up and come July 22!!
P.S. I went to request a test.com and paid $29 to their Dr to write me a lab script for my hemo test for those that don't have insurance or cant use them for whatever reason.

My passport..

Came today!! I have everything all ready now..nothing else to worry about aside from the sx and recovery! My lovely aunt bought me an awesome carry on duffle bag so I will be able to keep my computer, cell phone and personal items next to me on the plane rides to and from the DR. Everything is falling perfectly into place now..no crazy complications so far=)


Just weighed myself..still hovering around 180lbs=( I need to eat like a bunny rabbit until the day of sx so I can drop down to at least 175. Im so mad at myself for not buckling down more regarding my eating habits! Ughh..I really wanted to be no heavier than 170. I will just keep trying and hopefully it will work out ok! P.S. I stopped drinking my healthy meal replacement shakes because they have vitamin E in them and I didn't want to take he risk (safety first!) =/

Getting closer friends!

Yikes, Im 6 days away I think from leaving! Im scared but excited..I have new questions/concerns/excitement everyday! My new freak out is regarding my results=/ Im searching EVERYWHERE on RS about BBW results in the DR (not just with my Dra, but all of the Dr's that do the aggressive lipo.) Im also stressing a bit about my slightly high blood pressure=( Im contemplating all the possible "what if's" that will cause Dr. Duran to tell me "NO SX!"..ahhhh!!! And on top of it all, I think I have an ear infection. LMAO..REALLY BODY?! My body is upset with me I guess! I swear, not being in direct contact with Dr. Duran (but through a consultant instead) is taking a toll on me. My consultant is ok about getting back to me but I feel that some of the responses Im getting in return are not full answers. I also feel like my questions wont be going to Duran, but rather addressed by my consultant instead=/ Well, in other news, Im 175 ladies! Im feeling good that I'm going to be right around 170lbs for sx=) Liquid Iron, chicken salad, and my daily breakfast of 2 eggs with dry toast (no butter or salt..yum.) My daily caloric allotment is right around 1200 (give or take 100 calories) so for me, dropping nearly a pound a day is doable. Let's face it, Im 5'1 and in he 170's..I have a fair amount of fat to lose. Sadly, I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) this hormone imbalance causes excessive weight gain in the mid section (apple shape) excessive hair growth (face/chest/back included) trust me when I say I get laser hair removal for my face! And one HELLUVA TIME losing weight. It sucks. I have to eat 1200 calories a day or less to lose weight. Then I stop at 170..my body just says, "NOPE, I DONT THINK SO HONEY"..and I stop losing=( So..along with my excessive loose skin, Im now facing other issues because of this damn problem. *SIGH* Im hanging in there and keeping strong. Don't really have a choice! Im just hoping that I stay safe, healthy (considering..) and I get decent results. Some girls I've seen that are on the heavier side look great, others not so much=/ I want that tiny waist and am willing to give up the other procedures for that perfectly aggressive lipo I need to look my best=) If I cant get my arms done, or my butt done so be it. Aggressive lipo of my whole mid section (full back, waist, flanks and arm pits) and tt are my main goal here, no getting side tracked from the main focus. Jeez, hoping this ear pain goes away soon too..please don't let me get sick!

Did I forget to post some new wish pix? =D

Im adding a chubby girl as well, since I am in fact *el chubbarella* I figure it might be a bit more realistic..LOLOL. She's still smoking though! sx 8 days away, leaving in 6..OMG!!


After reading WAY TOO MANY reviews (as usual..) Im starting to wonder if Duran can give me what I want=( Reason?Im a bigger girl..Duran specializes in girls that are small to medium sized..I don't think she really does many bbw type girls=/ Ive been looking at Robles work..SHE IS THE REAL DEAL! I went straight for Duran because of her awesome results and popularity..but Im starting to wonder if Robles can give me better results? Im going to wait and talk to Duran in person, then find out from her what she can do for me. If I cant get my aggressive lipo or get good results with her, Robles it is!

Ok so..

I talked to Jazmine from Bella Vita again about Duran vs. Robles regarding us bigger girls and decent results. Jazmine said that both are great Dr's but that Duran used to SPECIALIZE in the larger ladies, and only this last year did she change her requirements for BMI from 35, to 34. Soo..even though Robles is great, and has been very responsive to my request for a quote, Im sticking with Duran. #TeamDuran it is=) Its just that will all the many worries that come along with this whole journey, Id hate to think I will go through this HELL and not end up looking good when Im done. I must admit, I recently came across a patient of Durans that is a bbw (over 200lbs at the time of sx) and her results were not very good=/ So I started freaking out a little. Im over it now though, I realized everyones different and all results will be different. I did hear back from Robles that I would still NOT qualify for the breast lift (tt,lipo and bbl only) and she recommended I lose 30lbs (But I have already lost 90 lbs, so that's just not going to happen Im afraid..lol.) I will be 170lbs at the time of sx, Im not able to get much below that, my BMI will be 32..I will be fine=) Im trying to keep this hemo level up by drinking 5mg of purabsorb randomly throughout my day, drinking my geritol AND taking my supplements too. Im not over dosing myself, taking in the max daily to get this hemo over 14 ladies! Yesss!! So I think we are at 5 more days until sx..I have to say, the closer I get the less Im worried about certain things, like the "scary" stuff..Ive worried about the risks and have prepared myself mentally/physically to ensure certain bad things don't happen. I trust my Dr, and Im ready to do this! In a few more days Im on a plane and off to the DR!! Send me positive vibes or prayers if that's your thing ladies?? *Im including another wish pic of a larger lady that might be closer to my attainable goal=)

Time is closing in! Bags all packed..

Im officially ready to go=) Not to be Debbie Downer, but I made my WILL today (you never know..) =/ It was sort of difficult writing out a living will, I have substantial assets to be divided up so a WILL for me was an absolute. This is all so surreal. I actually woke up early to weight myelf today and I gained a lb. WTF?! UGHHHH. Im going to just eat protein and drink water for the next few days, I cant go into sx bigger than 170! BMI is a big deal when you get into the higher weight range like me..I could get turned away! =( I do everything last minute, I hate that about myself. Either way..my bags are packed, and Im ready to do this! Tying up all loose ends today, buying some groceries for the husband and I made him a check list of what needs to be gone while Im gone for 2 weeks, I hope I don't come home to disaster! Will update more again later=)

Please remember to take iron with caution ladies

Too little iron is bad, but so is too much. It is still a metal and too much iron can cause major problems, even death. When I say Im taking iron like crazy, Im still watching the amount. I stay under 60mg, but above 45mg per day. I know most of us are worried about our hemo levels..but be safe

And MORE wish pix!

I just love reviewing wish pix! HOPEFULLY, some of these pix aren't too different from what I can actually achieve! Leaving in 2 days, sx in 4..weighed in at 175 this morning..Im hoping I can at least drop 3 more lbs before the 22nd=)

For all the dolls that are planning to meet me while there..

Can all you dolls give me your real names?? I have been talking to so many different folks, I'm afraid I might get people confused! Anyone that is getting surgery with Duran or is staying at Armonia July 21 to Aug 5, I plan to visit with you!! :-) *I'm including a pic of my foster puppy and me bc she is too damn cute :-) lmao..

Im am officially on my way!

Im on my flight headed for New York City! Then after a short lay over I will be headed to DR! I want to send some positive thoughts out to my girls TJ and Alora (flying out a bit before me)..you will both be fine and look great dolls, cant wait to meet you both!!! =) I will update again once I land and be a bit more detailed with my journey thus far.

Im here!!

Ok, heres the scoop..First, make sure you have the phone number and address of your recovery house, passport handy and boarding passes all at quick access, you will need to pull them out often! You will need $10 once you arrive in DR for your tourist card. I exchanged $82 and got 3000 pesos (I was told that the appropriate amount to tip someone here is appx 100 pesos (or $3 dollars.) The plane rides were ok..I took Jetblue..decent leg room. Sadly, I took a midnight flight so I am freaking exhausted! I arrived at the airport here in DR and from the looks of this country while flying in, its scary. Its very third world looking..BUT..once you go out into the inner city (where there are more people, with maybe a bit more money?) it gets less scary..lol. Personally, I did not find there to be too much of a culture shock for me..some of these RS girls made it seem like it was unspeakably third world. It isn't=) When I started seeing Land rovers and Toyota camrys on the roads, it honesty reminded me of the US (sort of) or maybe Mexico. I know Im very far from home, but it doesn't exactly feel like it (yet.) Angel picked me up from the airport (he was about 15 mins late..) but I didn't worry, and neither should anyone else..the roads here are nuts, Im sure he didn't mean to be late. The driving is one thing that is a little sketchy..my driver was very nice..but he is a very unsafe driver! LOL! All you can do is laugh I guess=/ He was texting, tailgating, driving in the middle of 2 lanes, uses his horn (with need) quite often. Even though they have regular looking raods like in the US, he driving here is less than courteous. Oh well..thats the least of my worries right now. When I got to Armonia, I was greeted with a friendly smile and hug by Myra (owner) she asked me right away if was hungry, and then she had someone bring me up some beef flank, rice, beans and a salad, friend plantains and juice. I know it sounds like a lot, but the portions are small-med. I didn't eat much of my rice or plantains..too many calories=) I have spoken to a few nurses, they were all very polite and friendly..one even joined me on the balcony to chat=) So far, so good..things can change though..Ill keep you posted. Im waiting to go to CIPLA to get my testing done..I must say, Im no where near as nervous as I was before..what happened?! Ha! Im not awkward here alone, Im not scared about going in for sx tomorrow (although, another Duran doll scheduled for July 22 told me she knows of 4 girls going in tmorrow..and I know 2 also..UM, WHA?!) we both voiced concern over this..there is no way little Duran can safely do 6 girls in one day (she would need help of some kind..) Im not ok with this. So I will just politely ask her when I see her. Well ladies..Im off..I might log back in to update later tonight.

Houston, we have a problem=(

Well..I found out today that I have type 0 negative blood (very rare) and they cant do sx until they find some in case of a transfusion. If they cant find any, no sx=( Im waiting in the pre surgery room with 2 other Duran dolls that are going in soon. So far, my stay has been good. Everyone is fairly nice and there are English speaking girls here to help me out. I must say, the super casual style of the employees in the DR can be misconstrued. Some might say they are not very professional, I just think there is a more relaxed lifestyle here. Things still get done the correct way, its just they aren't as "proper" as we are in American hospitals. Its really nothing considerably different than the states..for anyone that is worried about CIPLA or the staff, don't be. Im a TOTAL SISSY, and Im quite comfortable believe it or not=) So, Im just going to wait and hope for the best. P.S. I think the hemo levels ARE read differently here (a point less than in the states) because I have upped my iron greatly, and my hemo level dropped to 13.5 today (it was 13.7 back home about a week ago.) FYI dolls=)

Since I have time to kill..

I will give some more random info about my stay=) They eat late here, I wasn't asked if I wanted food until after 730..no biggie..but if you get hungry here, you might need to let someone know, it is never a problem. Some of the hospital staff carry around phones that play music while they work. I know it seems odd (and it is at a hospital..lol) but its not considered inappropriate I guess. All the drivers here (so far) have driven cars that had all the lights on the dash lit up (lmao) the engine light, gas light and maintenance lights..all lit up. Someone told me that cars are harder to come by here and way more expensive, and even though you see BMW's and Lexus' driving around, they all have some kind of dent or scratches all over them (oh yeah, did I mention the driving here is what road rage is made from?!) people text, talk on phones and blast loud music while taiogaiting and running red lights..and its blatant! Today I saw men dressed in military fatigues armed with guns patrolling. I saw them all over the down town area..I think this is the norm? They were posted on various street corners and were in groups of 2-3. Th mattresses here at Armonia and very thin/hard..be prepared for back aches=/ Last night and tonight, no hot water..but things like that are the least of my worries, and Myra said it would be getting fixed soon. I try not to major in the minor leagues, so I smiled and nodded. There is a/c in each room..trust me, you will need it! Im in the room with 4 beds (no single rooms were available) but I have it to myself (thank goodness) its a good sized room. Duran informed me after seeing me that I was not considered to be an aesthetic patient, ut rather reconstructive instead (due to much excess skin) so my results will not be that of a typical doll. I kind of figured this, but it was good to hear it from her today. She is really cute..very dainty and pleasant. One of the other girls staying here (that I was in the pre surgery room with) came back while I was still waiting for them to find my blood after lipo and her bbl. Ladies, she was not doing so well=( She was violently shaking, and she kept screaming her legs/feet hurt. She said she was cold and I noticed they gave her 2 sheets to cover up with (no blankets.) I thought that was odd=/ She kept saying she regretted doing this, and she said she wanted to stand up, 2 girls had to keep her calm and in bed. I felt so badly for her. She cried and fell back asleep. it was really hard to see someone in so much confusion and pain, knowing that I would be doing the very same thing only a day after her! It was crazy! Im trying to get this tipping thing in order..no one has demanded tips or whatever, but I think they expect a tip after each thing they do for you..no joke. Can you imagine if every time someone brought up your food and or checked in on you, you had to tip them 100 pesos? It would be in the hundreds before you left, to me, that just seems like too much. Im going to ask if I can tip the ladies helping me at the end of my stay. What do you all think? Im not trying to be cheap, I just think its excessive=/ Sorry this post is just a jumble of random things I remembered..will update later!

Blood type o negative confirmed!

Let me tell you ladies, today has been freaking crazy (and its only 10am!) I got to come here with 2 of my surgery buddies (sx was on July 22, the day I should have had my sx) they are going through it! Lipo and bbls only! Man oh man, even though they are able to get up and walk, smile, go pee on their own..I still keep hearing how badly it hurts=/ Yikes! So..my blood is arriving today, so my sx is tomorrow morning. Im now a July 24th Duran doll. Oh, and I was trippin when these girls were in bed crying, telling me how badly they felt, regretting it all, one even was awake the whole surgery! I WAS trippin, until they stood up. These girls look crazy amazing! Both had a start weight higher than mine and both have little waists and big round booties! They look so amazing that I am going to keep the bbl on the list of things Im getting! *I had changed my mind after yesterday about the butt..now its back on the table! I think its the first 3 days that are the killers, then after that smoother sailing. Will update later!

all went well

made it to the flat side! im already up and walking! I did passout before sx and had a rough time during sx, but slept fairly well once recovering afterwards. I did it!! will update more later=)

I have never cried throughout all of this..

Until today='( My results so far are horrible. My waist has zero curves, and she left my pubic area grotesquely large compared to my new flatter tummy. Even if it is just swelling, there is NO WAY my results will be that of a Duran doll. Im totally crushed. I risked so much coming this far, to a third world country for results..I feel like I completely wasted my time. Duran said My pubic area is a little swollen, but will not change much..this means I will look freakish. She did my sx end of the day and she squeezed me in..Im no where near my wish pix. My waist is nearly the same size as my hips..Im as straight as a board..I had more curves with my gut before I came. I have large fat rolls on my stomach where she pulled the skin together in the middle, Im hoping these will flatten a bit, I have read they do. Don't mean to be negative, but to be honest..this is my journey, and Im speaking the truth from my perspective. I wont even go into the nightmare of my sx..I was awake the whole time, I remember everything. I was drugged up but it was a real nightmare. I was hallucinating and everything. I do recommend you ask for the blue pill at least 20 mins before sx..please don't forget to ask!! This will help you greatly with anxiety! The surgery was a success as far as rolling smoothly..no complications. This I am grateful for. Will update later.

You guys are too kind to this emotional wreck!

I am feeling better today ladies, I was emotional yesterday with many things..not just my results. I think my husband and I are going to call it quits when I get home. Him and I had a chat yesterday about it..he has been treating me horribly since I have been here..I didn't even hear from him the first 3 days I was here. Not good=( Its something we have talked about before, but when I messaged him yesterday it seemed more real. What a shit for bringing it up while I am here, in a foreign county healing from invasive surgery?! So as I was thinking about life as a single woman again, I started REALLY focusing on my results. This is when I broke down and lost my calm='( I know waiting is key, patience for the swelling to go down..I just don't know if Duran was able to lipo the front part of my waist because my tt scar goes from hip to hip. I read that you need all the blood above a tt incision so lipoing those areas cant happen. I surely didn't know my waist couldn't get lipoed, Im having them call Dr. Duran to ask her about lipo in the pubic area, and waist was possible. Will update again..thanks for all the kind words ladies..you all make me feel so much better!!

Hello my lovelies, 3 days post op

Boy oh boy what a ride this has been!! Hoping to continue doing well, no complications..PLEASE!! I did get one transfusion, and Im starting with the low grade fever today (99.8) I have had nasty headaches all morning, they say bc I have slightly high blood pressure this is the cause. I also noticed that my drain was clogged all night long=/ The nurses here at Armonia are very good..right on top of meds and stuff. They are the real deal ladies..recommend them! The younger girls tend to be sort of bitchy, one was actually saying rude things about me thinking I couldn't understand her..well, I did. She was mimicking me because I say "thank you" a lot and when she heard I was feeling a tad upset about my super swollen results, she said my results will be bad because of what I eat (in other words, bc I am heavy set.) LOL. Bear in mind this is the same girl that didn't take my random tip of 100 pesos because it wasn't enough. She actually told me that it was only enough to buy her a breakfast, and she preferred $20 in American money. Um..LMAO..she will be getting no tip (I barely see her anyways..) Anyhow, I talked to Duran on the phone yesterday about my concerns and she seemed less than thrilled to have to explain that it is just swelling, and that my shape will come later on. I understand and all, but as my Dr I shouldn't have to feel afraid to ask questions. Its part of her job to help me along the way with anything I need. I have high anxiety and am a fairly sensitive person. Im over the top polite and am very even tempered..I definitely think that when you come see Duran, its not ok to ask a question that could insult her, in any way. My concerns with my vagina are still very present, as my vaginal area is very saggy and loose in some areas then swollen and looks very odd in others. Hoping it looks better down the road, its just humiliating at this point. Im actually looking forward to my massages, Im so swollen! As soon as they take my pads away from my drain hole in the back, my butt practically squirts fluid/blood all over (its pretty gross) but I do feel better..Im going to give this massuse a run for her money! =) The food here is pretty good..they do cater a lot f Americans so they offer lots of foods that are from back home, personally..I want Dominican food only (tis is still a vacation, right?) LOL! So far, I have no regrets, and will address the pubic area with smart lipo when I get home..no problem. My ass looks really good..natural and round, lifted and amazing! My waist is slimming down a bit, my tummy is as flat as its ever been and Im grateful=)

Developed a fever..

of 99.9 and have a pretty bd headache. This has been going on all day..they say its fairly normal but they called Duran anyways. Dra said it may be from too much compression (although, I have been researching this and no where can I find compression as a factor for having these 2 issues simultaneously.) Its Sun, and Im sure Duran doesnt want to be bothered, I have an apt with her tomorrow anyways. The amount of blood and fluid Im draining, I wouldnt doubt if my hemo dropped again=/They gave me Tylenol, hopefully this isn't anything serious=( Ill tell you what, some of these ladies here are so damn sweet, and super helpful. Most DR folks have their noses in their cell phones ALL DAY LONG. They barely even look up! Especially the younger girls. The younger girls are the ones with the attitude (trust me, Im not trying to be difficult or make enemies in a foreign country after sx!!) so I just ignore it. Im planning to give tips after my stay (last day ) so this could be why Im having some trouble with the younger chicks (2)..they want to be tipped right away? Not sure..Im just playing nice=) Durans asst Elizabeth is the same way..even Jazmine from Bella Vita could be snotty and rude, Im a grown woman of 32..I don't play those games. Its just another reminder that Im far from home..not a lot of patience and friendliness with some peoples here Im afraid. Funny thing is, I read this exact thing from nearly every other RS girl that traveled here for sx (they were not treated very well by everyone.) No surprise. I had planned on giving the whole low down once I was gone from here..I try to give a very accurate depiction of what to expect in DR..no negativity, just truth. Most people here have a very "leave it to God, no negative thoughts AT ALL" theory..this is not realistic. Will update more later=)

Dont I look stupid=/

Ladies, I saw Duran today and got my faja closed for the first time..and all I can say is WOW! I stress TOO MUCH and I assumed things that weren't true. I feel like an asshole=( I look great and I feel pretty good..thiss faja (compression garment) is my new BFF!!! My vaginal area looks smaller, my waist looks smaller and I owe it all to the Dra!! My confidence once Im done swelling will shoot through the roof..so glad I did this

First massage..

Can you say, "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY?!" LOLOL!! They are bittersweet but they drain soooo much crap out of your body..Im getting 2 tomorrow alone. By the way ladies..you do not need to tip after every little thing they do for you..just tip them before you leave (its expected upon departure.) If you tip for each thing, you will be B-R-O-K-E. Its rude to tip less than 100 pesos I guess..when you multiply that over 100 different things, it looks better to just give a decent tip for all they have done. Im giving the girls that help me the most $20 each (there is about 8 of them) the ones that stay in the backround (3 or 4) $10. My faja is already one notch smaller=) If you all have questions, Im bored as hell anyways..don't hesitate to ask me..even if I may have mentioned earlier. Some girls get all bent out of shape when they write something in an earlier post, then girls ask questions about it later..these blogs would take you HOURS to sort through, and if you are like me..they start to get confusing and melt together. I want to give an accurate depiction of my each and every step! I know ther are many things Im forgetting..I will probably blurt them out randomly..like this: The nurse at CIPLA (head nurse even..) was taking out my iv..I made a noise like, "OUCH", and she told me to be quiet, and stop moving. MMHHMMM miss thing=/ These ladies do not like nonsense..lol. The massuse, Jenny, was very good about being gentle and used a good amount of compassion when handling my noises..lmao. Bear in mind friends, you will be butt ass naked, with this skinny, pretty little thing massaging your most sensitive areas (even your pooter doo!) She is very professional (Ive had a few weird stares and a few little bits of laughter after seeing my goods)=/ My vagina looks like a ball sack, NO LIE. LMAO..this is crazy! P.S. If you don't tell them to alter your menu items, you will be leaving here looking like the Michelin man (we are talking 600 calorie meals *including your fresh juice*) while being bed ridden..this will make you gain fat back where they lipoed you, no bueno! I tell them no carbs (maybe just for breakfast) my menu if oatmeal and fresh fruit and fresh juice for breaky, veggies and meat source (usually fried but small portions) for lunch, and a salad with tomatoes, cucumbers and a meat source for dinner. The food here is very good and fresh, remember to not allow your hard work to be ruined! Night guys!

I hope this helps you on your journeys!!

YOU DO NOT NEED TO BRING ANYONE WITH YOU, OR HAVE AN SX BUDDY!! Shall I repeat?? Ha! Please ladies, you will make friends at the recovery house..so don't worry about tracking someone down before hand..so unnecessary. As far as dragging someone with you from the states, pointless. They will be bored as well, watching you suffer (sorry, its true..) through this whole process. You are nked half the ime and cant do a whole lot..so they will just sit around, hot as Hades, looking at you naked and uncomfortable. Some people bring their husbands (with all the half naked dolls running around recovering, I think this is crazy! LOL!) one person brought their dad..?? He cant be with her half the time beause she is wearing a faja with the vaginal area cut out for comfort. I think unless you bring a girlfriend or mom, don't bother. Please make sure they are aware that there are nurses/care takers that are at your beck and call always. If you do bring someone along on your journey, it makes the most sense to invite them to merely keep you company and support you. That's really all they can do, you know what I mean? I had contemplated bringing my BFF (male) and even my hubby at one point..what a mistake that would have been in a house full of women! Teehee..ok, Im done with that for now. If you cant get a hold of US pain killers, please double up on the oxa forte they prescribe you here! Its considered a mild pain killer..ladies, do you really want to recover with MILD alleviation of your pain? Hell to the no! Im a needle freak, cant STAND blood being drawn and needles poking me upset me very much..you will take a heparin shot daily for 8 days (in your leg)..no worry, the needle is small and they use a technique to wiggle the needle in nearly painlessly. Of all the helprs here at Armonia, I think my favs are Olga, and Victoria (preggo) I like most everyone, but they go above and beyond and they don't mak me feel like they are being fake. I FIANLLY got on the good side of the younger 2 that were not so friendly in the beginning (Nena and Isa) by just being silly old me. Im quite the fun maker when Im comfortable and feeling ok. I told Nena (the girl who refused my 100 pesos and was making fun of me..) that I wanted to know how to say, "my booty itches" in Spanish (because I kept scratching it and they would look at me like I was bonkers) I wanted to be able to relay that I was scrtching my itcheys, she thought it was hilarious that I wanted to learn this..I figured she would cave a bit=) Once we were joking around a little, I jokingly said "GRACIAS, GRACIASSSS, GRACIAS?" to her..she knew EXACTLY what I meant, and proceeded to cry with laughter bc I knew she was talking shit..lolol. She does speak some English, as does Isa, the other young, sarcastic girl. Isa promised me that we would go the the Carribean sea before I left..I cant wait ladies! Almost like a real vacation! The water here is crystal clear and quite lovely. Also, of you are an animal lover like me, please don't look around the neighborhoods too much..they don't take care of their animals here for SHIT! I am an animal rescuer, I pull dogs on death row from shelters all around California..its VERY difficult to see=( I tried to chase a kitty cat down that was bone thin so I coul snuggle the hell out of it..she is ran off. Again, they thought I was nuts. I don't care though, I was meowing at that kitty, crawling on the ground to look under the cars..I wanted to give it a kissy..poor thing! This was pre sx, of course..lol. I cant stop itching..its crazy ladies! Also..here are a few thing to remember to bring a TON of..so you don't have to buy it here (they charge you probably more than it would cost in the states!)
1. Stool softner (you will be constipated most of your stay..pain killers and iron..no bueno)
2. The thickest, longest pads you can find!! Bring at least 60-80. I have fund that the cheaper you go with pads, the thicker and longer they are. Overnight, heavy flow. Walmarts brand name, Equate (purple bag) is perfecto!
3. At least 400-500 baby wipes! Don't forget to bring Clorox wipes for non skin related disinfecting.
4. Alcohol wipes. They use these a lot.
5. Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning your wounds if need be.
I actually brought 5 small bttles of Hibiclens (surgical wash) and H.P. that I poured into containers myself..or the airport personal with make you throw it away!
6. "wife beaters" (hate that reference!) are useful under your faja! I brought a pack of 5.
7. Tylenol pm (trussttttt me!!!!!!!!!!)
8. AT least an extra $800 for incidentals! They do nickel and dime you for most everything, and if you think your meds are going to cost only $130, you are crazy! I paid well ovr $220. Massages are $25+tip. (GET AS MANY AS YOU CAN AFFORD, TWICE DAILY EVEN!) Second faja is $150. Blood transfusions are $150 (not $100.)
PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO REMIND ELIZABET (Durans asst) ABOUT YOUR DEPOSIT OF $250!! If yiu don't remind her, you wont get credit. Bring a printed copy to show her even. The a/c and tv at CIPLA has a deposit of $20..dont forget to get this before going to the recovery house too! I cant think of anything else to remind you all of, but you know me..if I think of it, I will let you know=D

And how could I forget..

Puppy pads (chux) they are liners that you will need for numerous reasons! Bring a pack of at lest 50, 100 preferably. Walamrt and target has them. adies, I will be selling whatever supplies I have left for a very inexpensive price (trying to pay my bills once I get home..lol) It will include nearly everything you might need on your trip. If something isn't included, I will take responsibility for letting you know it. If something is used up, I will let you know how many more you might need. Thre will be plenty of freebees with this package. Start staking up on Geritol now my pre surgery dolls!! I saw a girl go home to Canada because her hemo was too low=( I just got my massage and my drain hole in the back closed up already! She needed to pierce it with a clean needle to allow drainage (didn't hurt, but was a little freaky!) I got to look at my super swollen self butt naked while she set up..I really do look like a doll, best feeling in the world=) P.S. You will be naked as a jay bird a lot here..so don't be shy! LOL!


Not much for updating today..Im 8 days po and Im as grumpy as hell. The food here is starting to make me feel ill, I have a very upset stomach right now from it=( My second stage garment is ridiculously tight, and Its making my life miserable. I read that fajas do not mold your permanent shape, it just tucks you in and smooths you out..it does however help with swelling and posture. So why bother suffering with them on? I read its actually bad to wear super tight garments because it decreases blood flow and can ignite complications. Some American Dr's don't even have you wear one at all..is that why results are a little less shapely in the US?? =/ Im lost and irritable! Wqnt to send a shout out to my girl Brie..I know we are only a few doors down, Ive just been in a mood!! Im hiding in my room until I can start feeling a bit better=/ Wish me luck ladies!!

Not happy at all..

Duran took my drains out WAY TOO EARLY and now I have huge seromas in my vaginal area. A seroma is a collection of fluid and are usually not an issue if drains are left in long enough (previously obese patients require a longer drain time)..Duran took my drains out 4 days po while I was still draining a TON! How could this have ben over looked?! So now I need to find a Dr in the states to drain my seromas however often its needed (I read they will sometimes drain you daily!) This is going to be terribly expensive, painful and its going to take a lot of time. All of this hassle could have been avoided had she just taken a bit more time and actually paid attention to my body. Surgery here has proven to be more like a factory line..girls in, girls out..I haven't seen real quality care for anyone. My last apt was today, I was drained (10 syringes full) and again, nearly passed out=( I was trying to ask Duran some questions and I was rushed like crazy. I guess she put 800cc into each hips/butt cheek, and she assured me that my waist will trim down a lot and my vaginal area will get much smaller too. Ladies, I am very worried about this damn seroma issue..such a stupid mistake is going to cost me a lot of trouble! I just want to get out of here, this experience has been a lot to deal with. I am still having trouble standing upright, Duran really tightened my muscle repair and skin, so its actually painful to stand upright. My belly button has been leaking like crazy (blood and fluid combo) this is because of the seroma also. My belly button should be healed for the most part, now I have the extra worry of infection because the belly button isn't staying dry. I really need to relax and take a nap..will update more later.

Home at last!

Missed more than one flight, doesn't even matter..I'm home! I went to the ER after I got off the plane because my swelling was so bad I could barely walk, they have me some pain meds, they did a CT scan to make sure my seroma want too bad, all checked out ok, seroms Will go away on its own they said. They did give me extra antibiotics because my belly button was not looking too great (it's been seeping due to excessive swelling) but I'm infection free and necrosis free dolls!! Can't wait to get back into my normal routine. Looking great, husband was floored!! So excited to be back :-) Will post pix soon!


My stomach hung over my vagina before..I would get rashes under it and all=( I'm very swollen, Will post end results too!!


Well ladies, after 2 unsuccessful visits to the ER for my seroma (they basically refused to drain me and claimed my body would reabsorb the fluid) and after his of baking around to find a surgeon that would help me I finally found one that would help. When he saw me he said I was so full of fluid my tummy tuck incision was on the verge of busting open. Hee said we needed to put a drain back in me immediately to the tune of $500. And that was a pity discount. He also couldn't believe my friend were taken out so soon. Ladies, PLEASE do not let your dr take your drains out any sooner than they should be (when you are draining less than 25cc) they drained nearly 500cc of fluid during my visit. I'm now back to drains in for another week and I am super lucky that's ALL that happened to me. I have to work with these drains in too. How Duran missed this huge matter, I don't know=( I KNEW something was wrong, I could feel it..if I had listened to ER my tummy tuck would have potentially undone itself=( Scary friends. Please read your bodies and make sure you don't hesitate to get checked out for anything!! Feeling s but better now that I'm drained. He said no more compression garment, which is great!! :-)

Tummy tuck and weight loss..

I have little idea why Im all of a sudden allowed to eat thousands of calories per day without gaining weight. Actually, if I stay under 2000, I lose. Its pretty awesome. Maybe its that the recovery is burning up more calories..eitherway, Im nipping it in the bud after today. Im 165, and will start eating like my normal self in hopes of taking advantage of this weight loss opportunity=) So recovery has been slow and Im still very swollen and sore. Cant believe so much time has passed? My vagina is still massive, Ive discovered that my butt has NEW dimples that were never there before (large ones at that) but my body has an overall good shape=) I think some fat moved around or something? Its not cellulite because its only 2 or 3 dimples..not sure what it is exactly. Got my drains out Fri, great Dr. here in Sacramento named Dr. Hause (will be leaving him a realself review soon!) getting some Botox from him tomorrow=) I found out that the marks on my legs from where the compression socks rolled down my thighs a bit (and stayed for a full 24 hours after sx) are like burns or scars, and will take a long time to heal and disappear. They are 2 reddish, 1/4 inch rings around my thighs. My compression socks weren't put on properly at CIPLA. I was half asleep and out of it and I told my overnight nurse my legs were KILLING ME..she said it was normal. Sadly, it was the socks killing the skin in that spot around each of my legs..not ok. Also, from the drains being put back in I had developed a mild infection and had to go BACK to the ER for more antibiotics (I was running a low grade fever of 100.1 and was feeling really badly)..they did a ton more tests, another 7 hours later they let me go home (3am)..my third visit to the Sutter ER, they actually knew me by name! LOL! Hoping the drama is over so I can finally start enjoying this adventure! Its really hard to say if it was all worth it because Ive had a bunch of issues. Once I see my outcome Ill know for sure. My Dr here said no more compression garments (yay!) so I know I will stay inflamed longer=/ My choice, but that garment is hell! Will update more later ladies=)

selling some sx items

I have a ton of things I'm selling, including a stage one compression garment. All for a big discount! I have nearly everything you would need..but will let you know what to buy in case I used it all..I way over bought for this trip!=/

a few more pix :-)

Here is the awesomeness of my transformation. Bear in mind my waist was SIZES bigger, and I'm still totally swollen!!

oops, other pix didn't post..lol!

Here are the pix that weren't posted to the review before this=/

So far..

Wow!! Now that all the crap is behind me (for the most part) Im so freaking glad I went through with this! I wanted my butt to stay natural looking (kind of wished I went bit bigger projection wise..) =/ But the REAL triumph is my CURVES! I cant BELIEVE how little my waist is ladies!! And Im still swollen! My hips-to-waist ratio is flippin crazy! I look awesome! My phone is dead so I cant post pix with this post but I will soon! Im now comfortably wearing my second stage faja and can close it by myself..I have lots of inflammation still, so this body is just going to get better and better! I went out to drink with my husband and a few friends last night and I actually had different guys stopping me on the way to the bathroom trying to tell me "hi" and "whats your name"..the bouncer even told me I looked very beautiful. Lolol!! *Didn't tell the hubby that*..I can honestly say my curves don't look entirely natural in my opinion, but I LOVE IT! My new plastic surgeon told me that the upper part of my vagina will get much flatter, but the lower part might need more lipo to look uniform..I had a feeling=/ Oh well, if I was any more sexy Id be fighting guys off with a stick..I think Ill figure it out ;) I have to tell you all that I recommend my Dr hands down. I was a bit unsure before *WORRY WART* but now that Im seeing the after math and the hard parts are behind me, I have zero regrets. Thanks to you Dr. Duran!!

Hello lovely ladies!

Oh boy, its going on 3 months post op!! Time sure does fly when you are feeling and looking good=) Im staying put right around 165lbs (give or take a few pounds) and Im looking pretty damn good. I feel a little un sure about how I look without my faja on, since Im still very sore and swollen, but with? UH-MAZING!! I have no regrets at this point, and loving my new body!! I seem to get more attention from women hating on me, than by men (doesn't matter to me at all to be honest, just an observation.) Im posting some pics so everyone can see my current shape..hoping my hips/waist get smaller and my vaginal area de-swells too. All in all? Flat stomach, great hip to waist ratio (OMG..did I mention how CURVY I am?!!) Happy camper over here! =)
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Worth it but one hell of a ride..please be prepared!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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