Scheduled for a BBL and Tumescent Liposuction of Back & Waist Bayonne, NJ

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My consultation with Dr Pelosi III was good....

My consultation with Dr Pelosi III was good. Straight forward and funny. He suggested I get a TT however I chose not to. He explained some patients also opt not to get a TT and are still satisfied with their results. I'm hoping that will be my case. I'm excited looking forward to having a booty. Pics will be posted after

Time is drawing near

Almost that time I'm super excited. 15 days to go

I did it!

Post op day 1
I'm sore but not in pain at all I've been taking ibuprofen on schedule to intercept my pain receptors. (So I don't feel anything). I haven't taken any 'after' pics yet I will in a few days along with the before.
Dr Pelosi was good, sarcastic which made me like him even more lol. The nurse Cindy I believe her name is was awesome. So helpful she should teach a class on bed side manners. Stay tuned for pics.

I don't know

Im 3 days shy of 1 month post op and I am not liking my bbl results. The Lipo of the sides and back are good. My butt right after lacked shape. Like a bigger square still flat in the middle. I'm really disappointed


I like my sides (waist) and back results I have more of a shape now. I hate the BBL. it looks as though nothing was done to my butt at all. I'm embarrassed to say I had a BBL done. And Yes I did everything correct. No sitting, I wore my garment no sleeping on my back nothing. The only time my butt looks like I have one is when I'm wearing my garment. I was doing that before the surgery. I'll post pictures if your interested. The one thing I do feel on my butt is soreness sometime on the bottom sides why I don't know. My back and sides are still partially numb I always feel those shocking prickly shocks in my back and I'm constantly itching on my back. I just deal with it at this point, no need to take Benadryl anymore. Any questions please feel free to ask.

2 month post op

Here is a pic the left is night before surgery and right is 2 months post op. I didn't get a TT which the Dr said I should get but I didn't want one so there. The back and sides are great the butt barely shows any difference he said he put in 510 cc. The pic of me laying on the table directly after he finished looks like nothing was done to my butt.

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