I Am 38 and I Have 3 Kids 2 Boys 1 Girl, I Love Them. Bay Harbor Islands, FL

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Hello i am planning this surgery, this is my 3rd...

Hello i am planning this surgery, this is my 3rd round.my first surgery when i was 22 years old, at that time they used saline and don't remember the cc on my second round, i got 450 cc saline 11 years ago at cg cosmety center, i never was pleased with my results,the doctor was chistofer craft, my insions are horrible and we discussed a size and he put a lot less cc than i expected. After surgery,he said that only small implants can only be used with the lift because if they get to big,the implants can be exposed,what a big lie,because ive been seeing here people with 800 cc and lift at the same time,now i found this great doctor whos name is ary,that makes beautiful lifts and he suggest 800 cc, i am 5'9 and a 185 pounds, so im a thick woman with big thighs, and i think that i need big implants to make my body proportionate

My 800 cc implants

My sizing appointment

Sorry for the other publication before the photos are not there and i didnt have the surgery yet i was sizing appointment

My sizing appointment

Sorry this page is crazy today

Is done

I was super scares but happen so fast i didnt feel scared at that moment the are a great team if you have the extra money go to his private office is a great service there

800 cc

6 months

They are a good size i am 36 dd not huge
Miami Plastic Surgeon

He is great and sweet i love him i feel happy and thanks god that i will have my surgery whit him

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