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I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly...

I had an eyebrow that sometimes appeared slightly lower than the other. No one but me ever noticed this and it was only apparent sometimes. The surgeon recommended a brow lift. I wasn’t sure I needed this surgery and flip-flopped changing my mind a few times.

The reason I went to see this surgeon was for a rhinoplasty estimate not for a brow lift. This doctor always tells you to wait for his assistant before leaving. She then arrives with estimates of anything that was mentioned during the appt. I ended up with many estimates for up to 6 procedures. I mentioned a few times that I didn’t think I needed all these and should probably wait until I’m older. Now I understand that they have all been trained very well to sell, sell, sell. They add all these procedures with a high price and then take off a huge amount at the end so it appears as if you’re getting them at a substantial bargain IF you do them all at once. When it was time to sign the consent forms for this, I said I wouldn’t do it because it sounded too scary and I was not convinced I even wanted this surgery. The pre-op nurse said to talk to the Dr. because the paperwork was outdated and didn’t pertain to the method that he used. She said the doctor only used 2 screws. The thought of screws on my skull still scared me so I told the doctor that I would not be doing the surgery but he assured me that he didn’t use screws and that I would only have 2 stitches, one above each eyebrow, behind the hairline.

Two days before the surgery, I spoke to the Dr. on the phone because I had reservations. He assured me that I wouldn’t look weird and told me that people will think I look refreshed and assume I must have a new hair style. I ended up with 5 incisions, each with a few stitches, and with some foreign objects placed under my skin, attached to my skull! They feel like small marbles and are very sensitive to touch. Even 3 months later, I must brush and wash my hair carefully because they still sensitive. I get a lot of dull headaches because I feel like I’m wearing a very tight visor that I can’t take off. I feel tinges of pain here and there. I often have to massage my forehead to relieve the tension. And ONE EYEBROW IS STILL SOMETIMES LOWER THAN THE OTHER and I have a WEIRD UNNATURAL LOOK.

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