My lip injection results - pouty and kissable

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I have always been told that I have a pretty smile...

I have always been told that I have a pretty smile. Not sure if it's my lips or teeth or both that they like but I get a lot of compliments. I don't wear make-up hardly at all so it's usually in my natural state that I get these compliments. Even more when I get dressed up. Anyway, I have been looking at a lot of reviews on here and I like the extra plump Angelina Jolie lip look!! I don't have to go that big but I like the pouty look. I went for a consultation for a breast aug a while back and that doctor sends me emails every once in a while. I recently got an email where they are offering $150 off their normal $525 per syringe cost. That makes it only $375. Tempting. I am not sure if I need one or two syringes. Not even sure I need this at all... but what's wrong with making something that's good even better? Thoughts?

Fuller Lips Postponed or Not Happening

So I moved to another state before deciding whether or not I wanted to get fuller lips. I was tempted to get them done before I moved as they were running a special; however, with packing and working until I left, I really didn't have the time to go. Plus I was hesitant to spend the money even though it was discounted because I needed the money for gas and travel for the move. I have had a few people comment that my smile, teeth and lips are great the way they are so maybe I really don't need to do this just to see what it would look like fuller. I think I'll postpone this decision and pay off some of my credit cards first before spending money on something I really don't "need." If I start doing research on this more or find a doctor here in FL, I'll post a new comment.

Consultation on Tuesday

When I wear lipstick I noticed that my upper lip is smaller than my lower lip. I have a consultation on Tuesday to discuss lip injections as well as other things. I'm not 100% sure that I want to do anything but at least wanted to get the doctor's opinion.

My consultation today

I went in for my consultation today for lip injections. The doctor offers Juvederm. One syringe of Juvederm is $650. If you are a first-time client or go to a special event they offer you 20% off. That makes one syringe 520. The doctor said that I could get away with one syringe to use for both my upper and lower lip to add some volume. I could get this done on a Tuesday or a Thursday anytime between 9 and 5. I forgot to ask some questions though such as do they use a numbing agent or just ice. This procedure is not that much money and it's temporary so I might try it. The doctor said there is an agent that you can use to dissolve the Juvederm if you absolutely hate it. However it only last about 6 months to a year anyway so it's not permanent. I also talked to the dr. About using a syringe for my tear troughs. I feel that it's a little bit Hollow right underneath my eyes. The doctor said that I could use one syringe for that too. So I would need two syringes. The doctor said if they fill in my lips with one syringe, they can also use that same syringe to fill in the little lines that I have called marionette lines. I will email the office one more time to ask a few questions left that I have. Then I will make a decision and let you know.

My procedure date is set

I decided that I am going to get lip injections. I did a lot of research this past weekend. I watched a lot of videos on youtube on how it is done. My doctor will be using the cannula method not the needle method. This hurts less, limits the bruising and only uses two holes versus lots of sticks from a needle. The Juvederm itself has lidocaine in it so it numbs. The doctor gives 20% off for new patients so instead of paying the full $650, I will pay $520. The results will last 6 months to a year approximately. IF I do not like it, they can reverse the look by using an additive that melts the Juvederm away. They really rather you not do this though so want you to try the lips out a few weeks before you make that decision. I wanted to get my lips done this Thursday but I have a fever blister and was told it's best to get it done after that goes away. The actual doctor does the injections not a nurse, CPA or helper so that's a good thing. I want to be sure I'm with someone who knows what they are doing. I'm doing the procedure on a Friday and taking off that day just in case I bruise or get a fat lip or reaction to it. I read that there is hardly any bruising with this method and that the lips are just a little puffy afterwards....but you never know so I rather take the day off just in case. Maybe I'll spend all day staring at my new lips. LOL. The coordinator said it would be a good idea to find some pictures of lips I like to show the doctor. I'm going to start working on my wish photo! Will post if I find good ones.

Before Juvederm Photos

Here are some before photos. I know my lips/smile look good here but as I said, what's wrong with making something nice even nicer.

I'm at the doctors waiting to get my injection

I'm patiently waiting for my turn to get my lip injection. There are 5 other people in the office and two of the ladies have their spouses with them. The guys keep looking around and one specifically keeps looking at me making me uncomfortable. A lady with an oxygen tank just walked in for products. She has to be 60 or 70. I guess everyone wants to look good. This one woman in here looks so fake and reminds me not to overdo it. Shes orange tan. Has a red face and looks bad. Anyway, she jist got called back. I'm still waiting. Before and after photos to come. Feeling a little nervous.

Before and after pictures

Here you go. Before and after pictures. I like the results. Whoever said this does not hurt lied. I looked up several videos on YouTube and almost everyone said that it did not hurt. My doctor took a needle and stuck it in each side of my mouth to numb the corners where the other needle would puncture a hole. The needle with the numbing serum hurt like a pinch. It was quick so not that big of a deal. Then the doctor took a little tiny needle to make a hole for the cannula. He didn't give it enough time to actually numb. The first side I didn't feel. The second side I felt. I also got filler under my eyes. So he worked on that area first before getting to my lips. The eyes hurt worse than the lips I think. He use Juvederm. The holes were already placed on each corner of my mouth so he could enter the cannula and just fill it using that. There was no numbing cream used on my lips. There was no ice used. There was no additional numbing use other than on the corners of my lips for the initial puncture. It was very uncomfortable and painful. Out of a scale of 1 to 10 I would say usually it was a 3. However, there were a few times where it felt like a 7. The doctor said that the Juvederm had a numbing serum in it. I think that's great however you still have the pain of the cannula going in and out in and out placing that serum. The procedure only takes about 10 to 15 minutes. By the time that serum starts working the doctors already done and so it just makes the aftereffect less painful. But getting the procedure itself was painful. It's only 10 minutes though so beauty is worth paying to some. I just wish that he had done some of the things that some of the other girls had done with their doctors and their videos. I would have liked to have tried the numbing cream. My doctor said that only numbs the outside not the inside of your lip so that it doesn't make a difference. According to the girls on YouTube, they say that works. I also saw some other doctors giving us before the procedure. I think I would like that instead. Some other doctors also gave their patients a valume or some kind of medication for the nerves before the procedure. Today's the first day and after the procedure I did not have much pain. In fact I went straight and had lunch. I was able to eat without any pain. I also went shopping afterwards. I didn't get home until about 5 hours later. That's when I put ice packs on my lips just to help them some because the numbing serum stopped working. I can feel some lumps in my lips but you can massage those out. I will keep you posted on the rest of the progress each day.

One syringe

By the way, we ended up using one syringe for my eyes and one syringe for my mouth. Each was $520.

Day 2 post lip injection

I read online that the day after lip injections your lips are supposed to be very swollen. I don't think mine are that swollen. In fact, I really like the way they look right now. They are nice and full but a little chapped. Here are some pictures with pink lipstick. I can still feel some lumps in the top and bottom lip. The corners of my mouth feel a little sore where they put the holes. Overall though the pain level is a 1.

Day after injection without lipstick

Here is a picture the day after injection without lipstick.

Day 2 photos

Day 2 photos

Wishing they were just a little bit bigger

So I keep staring at my lips. When I don't have something to compare them to I think that they haven't gotten any bigger. However when I look at my before pictures then I noticed the difference. Just like with my boobs I wanted the bigger, I'd like my lips to be bigger. However I don't want that. Look. I do like the way they look especially with just Vaseline or lip gloss. I guess when I go into work this week we will see if anybody notices any difference.

Just with Vaseline

Two days after just with Vaseline

Before, day 1 and day 2

Here is a comparison picture from before to day one to day two.

Day 3 photos

I got my lip filler on Friday and today is Monday. That's three days after the injections. I never had any bruising or swelling. I did not do anything special or use anything special to prevent this.

Day 4 post photos

Day 4 post photos

Post injections

My doctor's office called to say that it was time to get a refill for my lip injection. I did not feel I needed one yet so I did not make an appointment. Plus I decided that if I'm going to do it again I either want to do it during another surgery when I'm out cold or with another doctor. The last doctor did not use a numbing agent on my lips before hand so I could definitely feel the pain. I would want to go to someone else who numbs my lips before hand. This doctor said that the injection had a numbing agent already but it does take time for that to kick in. So I chose not to do it again with him. However I would like to try this again just with another doctor and later down the road.

Just a few more photos to show you post injection months later

Not really sure how much of the injection is still in my lips as it's been many months later. Just wanted to post some post photos.
Dr. Eberbach

I really enjoyed my consultation with Dr. Eberbach. The office was clean and inviting. The receptionist was kind. It was only about 10 minutes from my house. Dr. Eberbach has a great personality. He is very friendly and very informative. I felt like he really cared about what I wanted for results. Jennifer help me with more information about the procedures before I met with the doctor. She also gave me quotes. She provided me with a variety of quotes for the different procedures that I wanted combined and individually. Jennifer gave me her e-mail so that I could contact her if I have any additional questions. It sounds like they're pretty nice and flexible. I look forward to having some procedures done at this office. I highly recommend going in for a consultation. I had a few questions that I had forgot to ask so emailed Jessica my coordinator. She was prompt and got back to me the next day. I like the fast reply and adequate answers.

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