I hate my double chin and jowls at 36 especially from the side. Biltmore Lift Maybe?

I have a consultation for a Breast Augmentation...

I have a consultation for a Breast Augmentation this Tuesday. During my visit, I was planning on asking them about chin lipo and possibly lipo of the stomach, flanks, bra fat and maybe thighs. I am not 100% sure about the lipo but I want the breast aug.

My concern is that the fat under my chin will only get worse as you can't really "work out" that area too much. I mean there are exercises for the chin I have tried but I don't think this is an area that exercising works out well with. My grandma and mom both have a double chin and jowls! I started to notice my jowls more, too, especially in photos! I'd like to take care of this now at the same time as the BA if possible (if it's not too much more money).

I heard that you can do Ulthera to help with the chin fat but it's expensive and may not work. Also, I read it's painful. If I'm going to pay that much money I might as well do something that definately works. Anyone get Ulthera already and can share their thoughts?

Can anyone who has had this done give me some advice or share their story? Is it worth it? How long was your downtime?

Not sure about expected cost yet as I haven't had consult with PS yet.

Had My Consult - Recommendations By Dr. Gruenwald

I had my consultation with Dr. Gruenwald today. He's close to my work and house so I'm lucky I didn't have to travel far. After discussing my breast augmentation, I asked him about lipo of the stomach and neck. He said I could do some lipo of the stomach if desired but did not recommend lipo for my chin. He said that it was a bad idea as it would leave me with hanging skin on my neck. I was surprised as I thought my neck skin would bounce back because I'm young, and I thought I didn't have much fat there. He recommended a neck lift called a lipectomy. A nurse came in to get me to take before photos in another room. Afterwards I went back to my exam room and got dressed. After that, I went into another office to discuss prices and scheduling. I got four quotes including the neck lift. The neck lift or Submental Lipectomy Platysmaplasty would cost $7,615!!! I was totally shocked!! That was more money than lipo of my stomach and breast aug together!!! I decided not to move forward with this procedure at this time and to do more research!

Take a look at my photo, do you think lipo would help or do you think what Dr. G recommended is best? I'm a little disappointed to hear I may need a neck lift!!!

Had A Second Consult - Recommendations By Dr. Perenack

I wanted to get a second opinion on my neck so I went to Dr. Perenack in Baton Rouge. Actually, I went to see his partner, Dr. Weiler for a breast augmentation consult, and also was able to see Dr. Perenack. He didn't have me on the books for a consult but took time out of his schedule to see me while I was there. I really appreciated this. He was very knowledgable and informative. I felt very comfortable with him because he took his time in expaining things to me. He also personally showed me photos and described what he did during each procedure. Dr. Perenack recommended chin lipo and a little filler called Radiesse instead of a neck lift. He quoted. $4,100 total. The lipo of the chin is cheaper than a neck lift obviously. Dr. Perenack said that my skin is tight enough to get the lipo and that I don't need a neck lift. However, he did say that to help define by jaw line more, I could use the filler Radiesse which is $800 for procedure. That's already included in the $4,100. To be honest, it's more than I thought it would be. Not sure why but I thought it would be closer to $2,000.

Right now my main focus is on my breast. However, I may want the lipo of chin or lipo of body in the future. I really liked Dr. Perenack for the face so I most likely would go with him if I decide to move forward with that.

The prices above include the surgeon's fees/procedure fees (includes operating room fees), anesthsia and garmets. The most expensive part of each quote was the surgeon's fee. This quote is only good for 90 days.

Thanks for seeing me, Dr. P without an appointment!

Neck Front View

This is a photo of my neck from the front w/o me making that double chin look like in the first photo. This is what it typically looks like unless I move my head/neck certain ways.

More Photos of Neck

Sorry - meant to upload these with the last photo. Please see the attached photos of my neck. These were taken more recently.

More Photos of Neck

Still Thinking If This Is For Me

I went ahead and had my breast enlargement surgery with success! I'm very happy so now I'm thinking about my neck and stomach again. They say plastic surgery is addictive. For the stomach, I'm hoping by exercising more and eating better that may help. However, my other family members all have weight in that area as well so not really sure if what I can do will help as maybe it's more genetic. So that leaves the neck. I was hoping to pay off my carecredit card before getting something else. Before my breast enlargement, I paid off my Invisalign fees on it. Then I got the BA. I'm hoping to pay off the card again before I move forward with my next procedure if I get another one. This gives my body time to heal as well as my wallet!

I will keep you posted on if I plan on going to anymore consultations, waiting a while, going through with it or not doing it at all.

Started Working Out At The Gym

I started working out at the gym this week so I'm hoping that I may lose weight not only in my body area but neck, too! We will see how that goes. Will update photos once I have been working out for a month or so. I have only joined the gym this week and went twice so far. No progress yet but that's not expected in two days.

Hate Looking at Photos of Myself

I used to love taking photos and looking back at them to see what I used to and do look like. I now hate it as every time I look I see this ugly, double chin. I'm hoping that with this new "diet" I am trying coupled with exercising that the double chin will lessen or disappear. If not, I need to start saving money for either the chin lipo with filler or the neck lift/Submental Lipectomy Platysmaplasty. Either way, I'm spending at least $5k to get either done. I'm hoping to fix this w/o surgery though if possible with my lifestyle changes. Here's hoping for the best. Only been doing this for about 2-3 weeks so far so no results yet. I will post pics once there is a change (hopefully).

Still wanting to do something about my chin but not sure what yet. Maybe the Biltmore Lift??

I look at photos of myself and love my smile but hate my neck! As I get older, I'm noticing more and more how it is becoming a double chin. When I had my breast aug consultation, I talked to the PS about doing something for my chin but the procedure was too much money for me at that time. I just went with the BA and put it on my Care Credit card. Once I pay off that card, I hope to do something about this chin! I'm not sure what to do though. I saw two different PSs about my chin and they both told me to do two different procedures. Recently, I've been looking at reviews on here and there seems to be one particular one that has great results. The Biltmore lift looks to be successful. Anyone know anything about that?

Comparison photo of my mom at 56 and me at 36

I love my mom dearly; however, I do not love her jowls and double chin. AND I see that I am headed down the same path. They say lots of things are genetic. Maybe this is one of them? As you can see from the photo, I already have a small double chin. My mom has one, too, but hers is a little more advanced. I want to try to prevent this as I think it makes my mom look heavier than she actually is. Maybe I'll talk to her about getting a neck lift together. That would be an awesome bonding experience. I don't think she wants to do anything cosmetic though as I spoke to her about it once before. Here's hoping!

Gained Weight due to Meds - Neck Not Nice

I'm on new medication that has caused me to gain weight quickly. I definitely need to and want to do something about my neck. I took some photos lately and HATED the way it looks!!! I'm very self-conscious about it now. I found out that the doctor who did my boobs who I was considering for my neck is retiring... so I'll have to go with my other options or find someone new. I've been reading reviews on here and it looks like the Biltmore Lift is something I'd consider. I would have to talk to the doctor again about it. I need to save money first or pay down my carecredit account before I move forward with this yet. I'll post more pics soon so you can see what I look like now and why I want to change this look!!

I am 37 and still not liking my double chin

So I'm still thinking about getting either neck lipo or a necklift. I'm 37 now and my neck has not changed for the better. It's not really that bad right now but I know that when I get older it will be. I'm basing this off of how my mother and grandmother's neckskin is. I want to take care of it before it gets worse. I have a consultation to see a doctor on Tuesday.

My consultation today

I had a consultation today with dr. Eberbach in Hudson Florida. The office was very nice and the staff was even nicer. In fact the office was only about 10 minutes from my home. Very convenient. I asked the doctor about my neck and jowls. He feels that I could just get liposuction instead of a neck lift. I got a quote for this and it's only $2,915. He does his surgeries only on Mondays and Wednesdays. I was told it would take a week to recuperate fully. The doctor obviously takes cash and credit including CareCredit. There is a deposit of $500 needed when you schedule your appointment. I did not schedule an appointment as I wanted to do more research first. I feel that this is a decent price for what I'm asking. The doctor said that my skin elasticity was pretty good and that I do not need a neck lift at least not yet. Since it will take a week for me to recuperate, I would have to do this during a holiday or a long weekend. Lots to think about.
Baton Rouge Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Perenack didn't have me on the books for a consult but he took time out of his schedule to see me while I was at his office visiting his partner's assistant Taylor. I really appreciated him making time for me. He was very knowledgable and informative. I felt very comfortable with him because he took his time in expaining things to me. He showed me photos and described what he did to each patient and why. He gave me his recommendation, explained why that would work for me and then later I got a quote for it. He was willing to bend his surgery schedule for me as well so that if I wanted to get surgery done by his partner and him at the same time, he'd make that happen. He had a good demeanor and personality. I would recommend him to anyone looking for face, head or neck surgery.

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