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I'm 28 yrs old, 5'5" and 145 lbs. I have two...

I'm 28 yrs old, 5'5" and 145 lbs. I have two daughters ages 7 and 8, and I have two stepsons ages 6 and 8. I have always had a very small chest and have always been very self conscious about it. I was told breastfeeding would help with that and in a way it did and also it didn't. While I was nursing they were large and great looking, when I stopped nursing they shrank to smaller that what they were before :(

So finally after about 10 yrs of dreaming of having BA I am scheduled for Jan. 22nd with Dr. A. Freel. I am going with 400cc under the muscle silicone implants. I have broad shoulders and hips so the doc said this will fit my frame and will look natural and not bodacious, lol!

The funniest thing about my surgery is that everyone that has found out I was having it has asked my husband (we got married April 2013, but have been together almost 4 yrs) if he was making me do it. Well for one no one can force you into a cosmetic surgery, and secondly it has absolutely nothing to do with his desires!! He loves me like I am and would be happy with me like this forever, I'm the one that is unhappy and self conscious. We did discuss it and he is ok with me having it done but he would be just as content with me if I didn't have it done.

I had my pre-op and paid all my fees on the 2nd, now I just have to wait another 19 days, I wish it was tomorrow, I'm so impatient, lol!

Questions about profile...

Ok so I did some research before going in to the consultation but my surgery is in 16 days, OMG, and I don't know what profile he will be using. We discussed size and I looked at plenty of before and after pictures but we never talked about profile. Is this something my PS will decide upon from my wish boob images, or should I make that decision??? Help!!

On another note I'm getting more and more excited every day! I was worried about telling my mom, but she is just as excited because she knows how long I have wanted this! I also got my dates mixed up and instead of having 5 days of resting and recovery, I'll only have two... My husband and I are both previously divorced and have custody of our kids but every other weekend they go with their others, I thought the weekend after my surgery we didn't have them but I was wrong...
I'm hoping hubby will be able to handle them and I can rest because I go back to work on Monday!!!

I went to the pharmacy and priced my prescriptions, I will be getting 30 Norco, 30 Flexeril, and 1 Nausea patch (can't remember name) cash paying for $43.23. Not too bad! I also went looking for front closure bras and found two I like, just not sure what size to buy yet!!

Playing with Rice sizers

It's pretty sad that my pre boobs dont even stick out past my still present baby belly (7 yrs later :/) Hopefully with my 400cc silicone unders I wont have to worry about that ever again!!! I hate this waiting game, lol!

Really starting to think I should go bigger

So I was at my grandmothers this afternoon and I brought my rice sizers with me. I put them in and my mom, grandmother, and an aunt all agree that it looks good but if I'm gonna do it why not go a little bigger. I started out thinking I liked the look of the 350's I tried on at my PS office. Then I decided to go up to 400, now I like the look of that and thinking since I'm going under the muscle I should go up to 450 to accommodate the loss of volume from going under the muscle. I'm going to call my PS office Monday and talk to the nurse to see what she thinks or to see if they will have more than one size implant on the day of surgery...

Nerves are starting to get the best of me:(

Ok so my BA is in less than a week, 6 sleeps to go, and I'm beyond a nervous wreck!! I have been fine up until this point and have actually been very excited. However, today I am beginning to second guess if I really want to do this... I know I do, I'm just worried about a possible bad outcome. I have no reason to feel like this because I love and trust my PS, but seeing all the bad BA's out there (not by him) you know there is always that possibility that it could happen to you. I financed my BA so I know if something goes wrong with this one, I will just have to deal with it and wait until it is paid off before any revision could be done... I know I shouldn't even think negatively but there is always that possibility, BA's are not fool proof.....

On the other hand I have already started thinking about how amazing I will look in some lingerie I got for my wedding last year that didn't quite fit but will fit much better with my new tata's. Also my husband loves my boobs as they are, there is very little time that we are alone that he isn't touching them in some way. I'm worried that he wont like the feel of them and not want to touch them anymore... I also hope I don't lose any sensitivity permanently because I love it (sorry if this is TMI)!

Besides the nerves I feel that I am almost ready for the big day. I have one extra bra (didn't want to buy too many and them not fit), I have my ice packs in the freezer, I have all my OTC meds and creams, I am picking up my prescriptions Saturday. I have to get the house cleaned top to bottom this weekend and will go grocery shopping on Sunday. The kids are out of school on Monday so we will have a house full, hopefully that will make the day go by faster. Tuesday I will only have my babysitting kids so I'll be able to straighten the house back up and make sure all the laundry is done. I'm going to try and have some meals cooked and put in the freezer so my DH wont have to worry with that after working 12 hrs/day and taking care of kids and me. He is only going to be able to take off the day of my surgery so hopefully my sister will be able to come check on me Thursday.

Ok enough of my rambling, I hope everyone is ready for their twins or healing well if you have already been blessed with your twins ;)

Getting so excited!

I have about 22 hrs before my BA tomorrow morning! I have to be at the surgery center by 6:15 and my surgery is at 7! I get to meet with my PS before hand and confirm size and profile, I'm going to ask him if I should go a little bigger or stick with my 400's?? I can't believe it's finally happening!

On another note we found out last night that my sister in law has DKA (type of diabetes) and she is in the ICU because her glucose was in the 600's! Its very scary since she is only 21. I hate to be excited or scared to have my elective procedure when she is struggling with a life threatening illness. Hopefully they can get everything under control and she will be able to go home soon. Any prayers for her would be greatly appreciated!

Well I will post pics and updates as soon as I'm feeling up to it tomorrow, good luck to everyone going today or tomorrow YAY FOR BOOBIES ;)

Surgery went well!

I'm headed home from surgery. Everything went well, he put 400 in both sides! I feel ok, just very tight and kinda painful to take deep breathes but otherwise ok. Hope everyone else does great today!

Why was I so nervous....

Everything went great yesterday. My stepson's mom came to the house and got all the kids ready for the bus because we had to leave our house at 5:30 and they don't get up until 6 or 6:30. We arrived at the office (surgery suite is in the same building) and first thing the nurse said was I need you to pee in a cup for a UPT. So I told her; well I had a partial hysterectomy almost 7 yrs ago so definitely cant be pregnant, she said yeah I guess you don't need to collect anything then, lol! She did ask me to empty my bladder though. I finished that and walked out, she was giving my husband instructions on how to get in and out if he needed to leave before 8 when all the doors are open. Anyway we kissed and I went on back.

First I had to remove my shoes and shirt, she said pants and socks were ok, they just needed chest access. As soon as she finished another nurse, Marie, came in to start my IV and give me some antibiotics through the IV. Dr. Freel came in right behind her and drew on me and we talked about size again. then he left and his nurse said ok lets go. I got into the operating room, they put circulator cuffs on my legs (they squeeze and release intermittently to keep blood flowing), and then they strapped me down to the bed. The CRNA came in to discuss the anesthesia and then gave me something in my IV to help me relax, and the next thing I remember I was waking up in recovery. I kind of got freaked out just because I was disoriented and couldn't figure out where I was. Marie gave me some oxygen and said to take deep breaths and that calmed me down. I had some sprite and then they helped me dress and wheeled me out to the truck. We got home at about 10. I ate a little soup so I could take my pain meds, then I went and crashed. I slept until 2 then got up and moved around some. I'm not in "pain" it just feels full and tight. If any of you ladies have kids and breastfed them, then you know what I'm talking about when I say I feel engorged, lol!

I'm loving them already, the left is significantly higher than the right but I know they have to D&F and they will look better. At my consultation he said I was a little asymmetrical so he said he would more than likely have to use two different sizes to accommodate. However in the OR when he was putting sizers in to see what it would look like he decided that it wasn't that huge of a difference so he put 400cc's in both.

Hope all you ladies are doing well, I'm so in love ;)

2nd day post op

I am so happy to say that recovery has been much easier than I had anticipated. I have a high pain tolerance but every pain is different and I didn't know what to expect. I slept most of the day Wednesday, but other than that I have been up and moving around.

My husband had to return to work yesterday so my friend came and sat with me. She brought me some flowers, an LSU t-shirt and a zebra print pillow (the pillow with the arm rests-great for sleeping more upright). I kinda felt bad for having asked her to come sit all day because I was able to do everything on my own. I can get up out the bed and off the couch without assistance. My husband left my medicine bottles open so I didn't have to struggle with those (and even the one I had to open for my daughter wasn't hard to do or even painful). We just sat around watching TV and chit chatting. I did get her to wash my hair for me because it just felt gross, lol! I took a small bath last night when my husband got home, being extra careful to keep the new boobs dry. I can take a full shower tomorrow. I only have two bandages over the incisions, he said if they came off in the shower it's ok, but don't purposefully pull them off.

My implants are very high but I know that is to be expected, I cant wait until they D&F, I'm so happy I finally did this.

Feeling better everyday!

So everyday gets a little better. I got up yesterday and felt great; I had the kids clean their rooms, they helped with some laundry, then we had a few errands to run so we did all that. We were gone about 3 hours and most of that was sitting or riding; regardless though my body said ok time to take a break. We came back home and I took my muscle relaxer and some ibuprofen and crashed for a couple of hours. I felt much better after that. I have yet to be in any real pain, just pressure, tightness, and of course I've had "morning boob". I think they have started to drop some, but I've got a good ways to go before they stop looking like Frankenboobs :) Hope everyone else is doing well, Happy Healing!!

Impatiently waiting for the D&F

So far everything has gone very smoothly. I have been off pain pills since 2nd day post op, except for one at night occasionally to help with sleeping. I haven't seen any bruising, but I have several spots that feel bruised so they may pop up at some point. I was supposed to have my post op today, but with this winter storm coming they closed the schools so I had to reschedule. I go on Friday, he is going to remove my stitches and hopefully show me some massages to do so they will start dropping more.

Before my surgery I bought one of the Danskin zip front sports bras in a 36D (I started out a 36A), but that thing is SO tight. I can wear it for about an hour and then I have to take it off, its way to tight. I know I'm still pretty swollen so hopefully it will fit once that goes down. I have my surgical bra and one other sports bra to alternate between. The surgical bra seems to rub on my incision more than the other one so I haven't been wearing it except to wash the other one.

I finally had a BM (TMI sorry) YAY!!! I was drinking so much water I think my eyeballs started floating at one point, lol!! I was also taking stool softners, but nothing was helping. I don't know what finally worked or if my body just decided it was time, but I feel much better now.

My mom and her boyfriend decided to buy me my first "big girl bra".... They bought me a 42DD Red and white polka dot bra, I died laughing, it was huge!!! They knew it was going to be big but had to get it. I did go exchange it and got my new sports bra that I love!! Anyway, Hope all you lovely ladies are doing well and following doctors orders. Happy Healing ;)

1 week post op

So I'm 8 days post op and feeling great! I am noticing that lefty is looking bigger than righty but its too early to worry about that so trying not to (easier said than done). I also noticed this morning that I may have a Mondor's cord under righty, I stretched and noticed the pulling and the "cord". I go to my PS tomorrow to have sutures removed and can discuss all my concerns with him then. I'm so happy I finally got to do this, also glad that I did it during the winter so I can keep them covered until they look their best!! I took some pictures but can't post them from my phone, I'll try to from the computer later! Happy healing ladies!!

13 days post op

I am now 13 days post op and feeling great. Well actually I caught a stomach bug from my son so not feeling well at all today, but the girls are good!
I had my first post op visit with my PS last Friday, I was 9 days post op. He removed my sutures and said my incisions look ok. I do have a spot on each side, close to the armpit edge of the incisions, that are trying to gap open. He told me to put Neosporin on them and watch them. I have been using Bactroban (a rx strength antibiotic ointment) on them and they are getting better. The left is looking much better, the right is being stubborn. The problem I'm having is I have to wear a bra 24/7 and the elastic band rubs the incision so unless I put a bandaid over it it gets rubbed and irritated. I don't want to keep a bandaid on it because that keeps it moist and I need it to dry up and close. My husband came up with an ingenious idea last night that worked!! He told me to put on one of my silky camis and then my sports bra over that so there is a soft lining between the incision and the scratchy elastic, GENIUS!!!
My PS said the girls have dropped some but have a ways to go, which is to be expected at 9 days post op. I was concerned that my left was bigger than my right so we talked about that. Before the surgery we discussed him putting a larger implant in my right side because my left is bigger, but he said when he got into surgery he put a 425 cc in the right and a 400 cc in the left and it was a more noticeable asymmetry so he decided to just do 400 cc in both. He said the left is still more swollen that's why it looks bigger. He said the end result wont be as noticeable. I hope so because its pretty obvious right now.
We talked about the mondor's cord, he didn't call it that, he just said that because I was smaller and he had to stretch the skin, and the dual placement, there would be some pulling and stretching in that area. He just said try not to overextend that arm and it would go away on its own. I have notice the same kind of pulling and "cord" on the left side, but it doesn't hurt as bad. One thing I have noticed is I have a lot of pain on my ribs right below my breasts. I didn't have any visible bruising, but that's what it feels like when I press in that area. It's not an unbearable pain but if I touch or bump that area it does hurt.
He told me to continue to take it easy, no lifting over 10 lbs until the 3 week mark, no upper body exercise, no cardio. He said I can sleep any way I would like as long as it doesn't hurt. I have been able to sleep on my side, however I usually have one arm extended under my head and I can't stay like that for any length of time yet so I have to make do.

**Possible TMI alert** My husband and I have had sex, it was different, lol. I say that because when I had my O I could feel my chest muscles squishing the implants, it felt good (of course), and weird all in the same sense.

I am going on a field trip with my daughter tomorrow to see the Broadway production of Beauty and The Beast. We are both so excited, but I have to wear "Sunday's Best". The problem is I'm only two weeks post op so definitely haven't bought any real bras and nothing that is "Sunday's Best" works with a sports bra.... I guess I'm going to have to go this evening and get something, because I don't think he would want me to go without anything...
Well that's all for now, hopefully yall are all healing well and no problems. I will continue to wait out the final results!!

Three week update

I will be 3 weeks tomorrow. I'm doing good, no big changes this week. I still am dealing with the right incision, I called my PS last Thursday and still haven't received a return phone call. I'm pretty frustrated because my message stated that my incision was gapped open, possibly in need of a stitch, and possibly infected and still haven't heard a thing... UGH I could have called back yes, but that isn't the point, they are supposed to check the messages and return them. Luckily I used to work for a pediatrician so I went by her office and got her to look at the spot and she said it looks fine, it isn't infected (the whiteish stuff is granulation tissue- not pus) and more than likely they wouldn't put another stitch at this point it just has to heal from the inside out now.

They are beginning to drop more, from the side view I can still see where they are high but it isn't as bad as before. I have super hypersensitive nipples right now to an extent. I say that because to touch them its a weird tingling sensation but cold or hot or pressure I don't feel. I have almost all the feeling back in the skin of my breasts with the exception of the areas right above the incisions. My skin is also sensitive but the more I rub and massage them the less sensitive they become. My DH has just yesterday started touching them, he didn't want to hurt me, so sweet. He said he would wait until they were healed, I had to tell them touching, massaging, and rubbing them is part of the healing process and as long as he doesn't try to rip it off it wont hurt me! He did a little massaging on them and was in aww, lol, he said they are still pretty hard but I reassured him they will soften up in time.

Valentine's day is this Friday and I was really hoping to be able to wear something sexy but I don't think they look right just yet... I'm really glad I finally got to do this, I do love them but will love them more when I can wear a regular bra and cute clothes. I have literally had people look at me and say was that really worth $5000 when I'm wearing a t-shirt. Which bums me out to an extent because hello they are squished in a sports bra, they still have dropping and fluffing to do and a t-shirt doesn't do real boobs justice much less freshly bought ones, lol! Well I hope all you other ladies are doing well! Happy first Valentine's Day to our new girls, and happy healing :)

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Just found some fun pics that I thought I would post, Happy First Valentine's Day to our new girls!!!!

Incision issues.... Still!

Ok so I went back to my PS today because I'm still fighting this incision. I talked to the nurse first and she assures me that she called me back and left a voicemail on my phone back on the 6th when I first called about my incision. However I received no calls from her. Anyway, she told me to come on in so I went. He looked at it and said there were a few internal stitches that worked their way to the top and were keeping the area irritated. He removed those and told me to continue on with the Neosporin and gauze and come back Friday. He said if it is looking better on Friday we will let it be, if it isn't better he will numb it up and put another stitch in it to finish closing it up. hopefully it will heal on its own, we shall see.

Oh something fun I got to do this weekend, I went to Victoria's Secret and got sized, I know I know they aren't true to size and I still might have some changing to do since I'm only 4 weeks out... But I was happy because I used to not be able to fit into any VS bra, then she told me I was a 34DD; I was ecstatic, OMG!!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well, Happy Healing :)

if you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say anything at all!!

Its pretty upsetting when you're part of a "community" that is supposed to support you in your decision and there are mean people bashing you instead ? I am very happy with my results, I am only a month post op, I know I have a long ways to go before they look "perfect" and even if they don't I am happy that I feel better in clothes, no one but my DH sees them naked so it doesn't matter if anyone thinks they are misshaped or not pretty, its more than I had before and I AM HAPPY WITH MY GIRLS!

Sorry I've been MIA

So no big changes lately, nothing much to report. I did end up getting my incisions re stitched shut. I went back a week later but he decided it would be best to leave them another week, only because the first incision split after only a week with stitches and this time the skin and area around it was inflamed.. I went to a mardi gras parade and wore a cute shirt, no bra, and looked amazing!!! Still noticing some dropping, looking better every day. Also my DH has started to "enjoy" them :)

Finally filling out a swimmig suit!!!

So my daughters and I had a "Girl's Day" last weekend and we did some shopping. We each got a new swimming suit for this year. I am so excited and cant wait to wear it, I used to have to get small tops because I didn't have anything to put in it. I had to get a large and I was a little worried it was too small, lol! My sister, mom, and DH said it looks fine, I guess because I have more skin showing than I ever have I was worried. I thought my nips were gonna pop out but they are covered by a good bit. I've always been modest so I guess with having the new girls and them kinda being out there for the first time I'm a little nervous. What do yall think??

I went back to my PS on Monday and he removed my stitches again. I'm so happy to finally have no stitches and no issues. My incisions are looking great and feel fine. I did notice last night there is a piece of a stitch sticking out of a spot on my left incision. Its part of the original incision that he didn't have to re-stitch closed. I tried to see if I could just pull it out, but it isn't budging. I put a call in to my PS to see what I need to do... My breast still have a little numbness at the bottom, but its getting better. My nipples are still sensitive/numb. I'm hoping that goes away soon, I like my sensation I had before.

Hopefully yall are all healing fine and loving your results, I know I am. Happy Healing :)
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