34 Yrs Old, 115lbs, 5'3.13 Yrs Old Implant Revision - Baton Rouge, LA

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I currently have 13 year old saline moderate...

I currently have 13 year old saline moderate profile 390 cc, sub muscular mentor implants. After breast feeding 4 children it's time to get the girls reset and pretty again! My doctor is Dr. Weiler, in Baton Rouge LA, his procedure is to deflate the current implants by drawing out the saline so my muscle and tissue can heal 2 weeks prior to Sx.

I am now flat as can be for the first time since I was 20 years old. My body fat is probably 10- 12%. I have been back and forth about the size I want for a week now. I really want 800 cc ultra high profile INSPIRA. But afraid I'm going too big. Every now and then I'm like maybe 650 to 700 cc is fine.... Lol

However, I am the type who really likes the fake boobs look. I want them high with cleavage on the inside and tight.

I had gone to 2 doctors in the area who had both tried to talk me into 450 cc max. Well I already had 390cc. I felt that would be a waste of money because it would have only gotten me only a half a cup larger.

Then I found Dr. Weiler. One of his nurses also liked the over filled big breast look. It's hard to find people that like it. She was able to identify with me on that, which is good because she was able to help me plan instead of talk me out of the size and look I was trying to achieve. Together we collaborated and decided ultimately with 800 cc overfilled silicone gel sub muscular extra high profile INSPIRA implant.

However, I still keep going back to 650 cc BC of fear, but I know me... I know if I went smaller that I'll be wishing I had gone bigger.

This site has helped so much.

My Sx was today-Post op day 1

So Dr. Weiler said he ordered 750 cc and 800 cc ultra high profile INSPIRA SRX. He said that the 800's may not fit, so ordered the 750 cc as a back up plan.

The 800s did fit so I am so happy about that. The surgery went smoothly. And I was worried about pain. I have been up walking around my house tonight and not really in that much pain at all. I am so surprised BC the first BA was so painful. My only problem now is my tummy is extended because of the anesthesia and pain meds have slowed down my intestinal movement down. Other than that I am rockin it.

Post op day 2

I have been really good today surprisingly. This morning I was able to do some light cleaning in
the kitchen. I folded some clothes and threw a load of laundry in the was matching. I have 2 ace bandages wrapped starting below my breasts. The dr told me to push my boobs up and together as someone wraps me. I have to occasionally rewrap them. I try to limit it to right before bed and when I wake up in the morning. Just so I don't jostle them too much. Today my sutures feel sore. Where as yesterday it was upper pole soreness where the skin and muscle was stretched. It honestly feels like my breasts are engorged as if I was breast feeding. That's the best way to compare the pain feeling at this point. I have slept most of the day.

TMI WARNING: I wish I could go number 2! My belly is distended and the pain Med has me all backed up.

I started drinking amino energy the day before my Sx and since I got home from Sx. My thought was if I can get more protein the faster the healing and recovery can increase. I think this being my second BA I have been a lot less sore, and not too uncomfortable. Pain management was my biggest concern. I would say from 1-10, 10 being the highest my pain today is like a 4. Yesterday after Sx my pain level was a 7 when the pain meds and muscle relaxer was wearing off. Im so happy with the way they came out. I'm glad that I didn't go with the 650cc's like I originally thought. I would have been disappointed with the size. I love the look of the 800 cc's. Best investment ever.

Post op day 3

So today I am experiencing different pain. It's more of a burning sensation around my incision sites. I got to shower and take off one of my 2 ace bandage wraps that i was instructed to wear for 48 hours. So that feels a little better. The medicine is kicking in and making me very sleepy. I was trying to only take 1/2 of my pain pill. I really hate taking meds. Unfortunately, my pain level is too high and ended up playing catch up on my pain. Very bad idea. The muscle relaxer is a must at this point. I am so ready to recover and be fully healed. It's so hard for me to just lay and not do much.

Almost recovered completely

It's been 12 days now. Still wearing two sports bras to keep the girls lifted and together during the healing of the 800 cc uhprofile SRX Allergan silicone gel implants. Where the dr implanted the Seri is still sore. It stretches at the bottom of my cup, and stitched to the inside of my underarms to the middle of my chest. That's the sorest part.

Still can't lift or put my arms straight in the air. No gym time yet either, which is hard for me. I had to slow down and chill.

Over the course of 15 years and after...

Over the course of 15 years and after breastfeeding 3 children with 390 cc saline implants it was time to replace the old implants. They had dropped in the pocket. I am 120 lbs and 5'3. I saw 3 Sergeons prior to Dr. Weiler. I told him I wanted XL implants, he suggested seri and ultra high profile 800 cc gel implants.

Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon

I knew he was the Dr for me when he didn't try to talk me out of placing XL implants on my petite frame. He said lets do it! His bedside manor is super respectful and has a great staff was so accommodating. All of my post op appointments went perfectly. Dr. Weiler said they looked perfect and hoped that make ladies wouldn't be so afraid of putting in larger implants. On me it really complimented my overall look and athletic figure. Thank you Dr. Weiler and staff!!! I could not be happier. I finally got my perfect size. I will only see Weilers office moving forward.

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