Basic Botox with Phenomenal Result

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Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am not one to write reviews… however, every now and then, an experience stands out so distinctly, I feel compelled to do so. This is one of those instances. I am a total freak-show when it comes to being comfortable with aesthetic procedures… I scrutinize every detail and find it hard to achieve what I want the first time, whether it's a new haircut or an even an eyebrow wax, I'm terribly picky and a perfectionist to a fault. You can imagine then, how nerve-racking it was for me to get Botox. I tried it with someone local with disappointing results that left me panic stricken and afraid to do it again. My arch disappeared and I looked worried anytime I wanted to look happy! I had no idea where to go from there! Being that I am on the East Coast, I was shocked (and very excited) to find out that Dr. Diamond had an East Coast location, in New York nonetheless, which was about two hours from me in southern New Jersey. I told myself, "If Dr. Jason Diamond can't do this, it's totally me, I must be crazy and an impossible patient..." I traveled to Manhattan for his one-day east cost debut he makes every four months and was immediately and warmly greeted by his lovely assistant, with whom I had been communicating with via email. We waited for our appointment as we watched Dr. Diamond hustle back-and-forth through the office to get to his patients in a timely manner. Despite running a bit behind schedule, once he sat down with me in the exam room, he not only took the time to discuss every concern I had, but explained to me what he was going to do, confident that he could achieve what I needed, and also explaining he'd be conservative, which I sincerely appreciated. He also made the time to chat with me personally, about our boys who are the same ages, growing up in New Jersey, which is where I am from, and overall sincerely struck me as a really awesome, down to earth, sincere and competent physician who was easy to trust. The procedure itself was quick and easy… I didn't opt for numbing cream and handled it just fine. They use a sort of distracting device with vibrates the skin in a different location from where you are receiving the injection. This was a great touch. At the conclusion of the appointment, he specifically requested I reach out in a few days to let them know the results of the procedure and whether or not things turned out as expected. Of course, the downfall is that if it did not, it's not as if I could make a return visit to the office, as he would then be back on the West Coast… However, I appreciated his request for feedback and certainly felt as though he cared very much about the results. I am currently two days post-injections and I'm starting to see the final results… My eyebrows are now even, and my lines have been nicely smoothed without looking frozen, uneven, or over-done. Price-wise, Botox with him was definitely more expensive, almost twice as much as what is typically charged in the higher-end practices in my surrounding area of southern New Jersey and Philadelphia, but I am also a person who very much believes in "getting what you pay for"… Some people may have a major problem paying this much for Botox but due to my level of anxiety about procedures like these, I would likely pay it again. I have to stress that for a world renowned physician, this man is extremely down to earth, sincere, genuine, with everything you would expect from him in terms of skill. I personally choose my providers based on their level of skill and care, and although it may be true that his skill set is easily advertised through being on television, I hope real-life reviews like mine stress how wonderful he actually is. Whether he is on TV or just a doc down the road doesn't matter to me, I will continue to see him for all of my esthetic needs for as long as I see results like these! Many thanks to you guys, see you again on the east coast soon! -Kristen

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