Thailand Rhinoplasty in 3 Weeks - Bangkok, Thailand

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Hi guys, I have my rhinoplasty scheduled for...

Hi guys, I have my rhinoplasty scheduled for April 21, 2016 at Bangkok plastic surgery clinic with dr.pichet. I've done quite a bit of research and I found pretty good reviews for their practice, plus it's about 1/4 of the cost for the surgery in Canada. Although it is a relativity easy procedure, I'm just getting it shaved and reduced, I have some concerns. About 6 years ago I was hospitalized due to having a blood clot and I'm worried this surgery may cause another one. The good thing is the nose job won't restrict me from walking around too much so I'll be able to get my blood circulating well. I'll keep everyone posted with how it goes! My question for the community is: what helped you the most after your rhinoplasty? Any tips to reduce swelling/bruising that you found especially helpful?

Medical tests done- 2 weeks pre

Since I expressed my concern for my previous health complications the doctor requested that I get some blood tests and a chest X-Ray done prior to surgery. I was happy they wanted me to get this done as I haven't really heard of other places in Thailand requesting this so it's good that they want to make sure I'm in good health.
Since I am a Canadian living in Australia I don't have Medicare and my travel insurance doesn't cover this. I was expecting to have to fork out another $500+ for the tests but might be a bit less. The chest X-Ray was only $60 and the blood tests I'll have to wait until I receive the bill in the mail but hopefully that's less than $300.
I'm so excited I leave for Thailand in 1 week and will be able to have a little 1 week vacation there before the surgery date.
Here's some more pre-op photos.

2 hours post op

Hello everyone!

Just got out of surgery 2 hours ago and I'm feeling much better than I thought I would!

Here's a little description of my experience with Dr.pichet & team at Bangkok Plastic Surgery clinic so everyone can get a good idea of his clinic.
I must admit I was quite nervous yesterday as I got a text from ms. Tak asking if I was still interested in having the surgery done in the morning and then telling me I had to taxi to their clinic when I thought they would have a driver pick me up. I guess some people don't show up or something so she was just confirming with me. Once I got to the clinic one of the nurses went out and paid the tuk tuk right away and said they would arrange my way back to the hotel so that was no issue at all :)
Once I got in the clinic the ladies were all so friendly and cute. We went upstairs to a meeting room and they made me read and sign a million forms and video taped the whole thing incase anything comes up in the future. Dr.pichet came in for about 5 minutes just to see how I wanted my nose to look, I showed him a picture and he seemed very confident he knew what I was talking about and how id like it to look.
After signing all the forms they brought me and my boyfriend to our private room and took some blood tests and did an EKG. After the tests I was off to the operation room!
I laid down on the table and they injected the anesthesia through IV and next thing you know I'm waking up in my room.
Apparently I was in surgery for 1 hour and stayed asleep for another hour after that. The Dr came in to see my bf after he finished and said everything went well and he made the incision in my nose so I won't have a cut underneath. Yay!

I woke up with my throat feeling pretty dry and my nose feeling like it was on fire but it's nothing too intense. I had some water and they gave me some amazing corn soup to eat.
I'm quite surprised I can actually breathe through my nose, I guess they didn't put any packing up there, and I also don't have a drip pad cause my nose is hardly bleeding. Looks like just a little bit of bruising between my eyes and swelling isn't too bad yet.

Just need to wait here for 1 more hour and then we can go back to our hotel. I'll post some pictures and some more updates tomorrow!

Day 2

Woke up this morning with my eyes pretty swollen. My nose doesn't hurt at all but my throat does feel a little dry which is uncomfortable. My eyes also feel watery since they are so swollen.
I have been able to eat and drink with no problems.
So far I'm feeling much better than I thought I would! My nose is barely dripping blood either which I hope is a good thing. Just going to keep icing on and off and hopefully get to bruising down a little.

Day 3

Today is 3 days post opt and I'm not feeling much of a difference from day 2. My eyes are a little less swollen but much more itchy. I'm guessing that's a good thing and means they are healing though? My throat also isn't as sore anymore but the tip of my nose has a mild stinging feeling.

I laid in bed most of yesterday so now my butt is feeling pretty numb so I'm going to try and walk around the hotel room a bit more today and maybe go hang around by the rooftop pool later this evening. (Too hot during the day cause Bangkok is like 40C)

Day 4

4 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good. The bruises around my eyes are starting to turn yellow and have been itchy. I keep icing them to make sure they don't swell up again. My nose feels pretty much normal, a little bit of a stinging feeling inside (probably where the sitches inside are) but I haven't taken any tylonal today so that could be why it feels sensitive.
I have an appointment to see the doctor tomorrow morning and I hope they take the cast off then, it feels like it's ready to come off. My face has been so oily the tape is moving around at the ends :(
I took a nice bath yesterday and felt so refreshed after. Currently sitting by the pool to get some fresh (hot) air.

Day 5- cast off!

This whole process went so smoothly and fast I can't believe it's already time to get the bandages off. I was pretty nervous going into it, partly because I was about to see if all this was worth it, but also because I've read so many stories of the cast removal being the most painful part. When I went in Ms.Tak brought me to a room upstairs where another nurse took my blood pressure and temperature. Then they had me lay down and started peeling the tape off. The tap didn't hurt at all since it was already mostly off at the ends. After they peeled the tape she cleaned up the glue and then I was expecting to feel the splint ripped off but she just easily removed it and I barely even felt it! After that she removed the layers of tape underneath which only was a little painful between my eyes which felt bruised. Next thing I knew they tell me to have a look and say it's all finished! Dr.pichet came in and asked how I liked it and reminded me that it will stay swollen for the next couple months so to be patient. He said if I had any concerns to send them an email and they will give some comfort. I am very happy with the result. From reading reviews I know I will probably go on a rollercoster ride with liking and it not. It may not be EXACTLY what I was expecting but it is a huge improvement from what it was before. I have to remain realistic as my face shape in general is different from others and that plays a role in how my nose looks on my face and what they had to work with. I'm excited to see how it changes over the next couple weeks and hopefully it makes me love it even more.

1 month post op

Nose has been doing really well with healing. Still fairly swollen and some areas are sensitive to touch while others feel numb. The stitches in my nose are starting to dissolve out. I'm happy with the final result but I do feel like the profile/tip is still quite big for my face. I don't know maybe I'm just over analyzing it. I don't want a revision because I am happy enough with it now. Can't wait until all the swelling goes down.

6 Months post op

Still happy with the procedure and I have had no complications. About a 3 months ago I noticed a small bump on the inside of my nose where the incision was done but it has gone away and was never painful or a concern at any time, probably just some scar tissue.
I do regret not asking for work to be done on the tip of my nose. That was completely my fault and not the doctors because I told him before the procedure that I didn't want the tip of my nose to be changed, only there to be a slope. I wish he explained that the tip may look strange after the other adjustments, but some language barriers or wanting to respect my initial request may have affected that.
Overall I'm satisfied with how it turned out.
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