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So, I am booked in to get surgery with Dr Pichet...

So, I am booked in to get surgery with Dr Pichet in Bangkok Thailand on Saturday and I am terrified! I will also be getting a Tummy tuck at the same time.. But the count down begins! Fingers crossed all goes well :) will continue to post as I go. I have before pictured, but as you can imagine I don't like them, so if I have awesome after photos I will post both together :)

So I did it!

Arrived in Bangkok yesterday morning, where Dr Pichets driver picked me up and we went straight to the clinic... When I saw the clinic I was absolutely terrified because it looked so dingy, but when you get inside it's lovely. I took off my shoes and was given a pair of foam shoes to wear inside the clinic, we went upstairs, I filled out so much paperwork and then went to a private room where they took photos. Paid my money, then went in for surgery. Very quick!! Next thing I am waking up in my room. Bandages all over me, so I couldn't see any of it.. Was on alot of morphine so I didn't care at the time..

Back in my hotel!

Left the clinic at about 2pm today after more morphine and some walking (which hurt like hell) getting back into bed was the worst! I will post pictures soon :)

day 2 first night sleeping without strong pain meds!

Holy hell! Ouch! Woke up in the middle of the night because somehow I had let my body relax that I was laying flat... Well my tummy didn't like that at all! Definitely asking reception for more pillows today.. There is a really sharp pain under my right breast hopefully it's all good! Going down for breakfast.. Wish me luck walking ahh!

It's amazing what a few hours can do!!

Went for breakfast and it hurt a little, but a few hours later and I can get up off a chair without almost crying :) it is now more uncomfortable than anything.

Drain hole oozing yuck stuff!!

So last night I had a slight fever and felt a bit sore on my left leg. I had blood and yuck stuff coming out where the drain was. I called the emergency number and they asked if I wanted to see a doctor right then or could it wait till the morning. I opted to wait... Went to the hospital today, no fever. They cleaned all my wounds the the drain hole is now clean and fine. I have another appointment in 2 days.

They also removed the padding from under the binder which is alot more comfortable.. Still so stiff and can't stand straight, but it gets better ever day
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