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I have been researching whether to get my breasts...

I have been researching whether to get my breasts done here in the UK or travel to Thailand. Of course Thailand comes out on top and it's nearly half the price.

I've requested a quote and sent my pictures to both destination beauty and medi makeover.
I have been given a quote from destination beauty with Dr. Kasemsak at Samtiivej Thonburi hospital. Has anyone been here or had this surgeon??
I'm still waiting to hear back from medi makeover.

I'm looking at going over April 2017.
Can anyone share their experiences at this hospital/with this surgeon, or suggest and recommend any good surgeons in Bangkok?

Thanks a lot

Glasgow or Thailand !?

Ok so I've looked back at all my research on Glasgow clinics and surgeons when I first started looking, and I'm looking at 'la belle forme' as I know a girl that went here and her boobs are great. Prices start from £3800 including one night in hospital and it's 5 minutes from home.
I have calculated as estimated cost of Thailand and the surgery and 7 nights stay in a hotel costs £2650, plus between £500 - £600 on a flight, and then insurance on top of this which can be as high as £300.
I'm now wondering if it's worth travelling all the way to Thailand to then have to travel that long flight home being uncomfortable, or pay a couple of hundred extra and get it done at home !!

Some pictures

Very flat chested, currently wear a 32A, I'm 5'6 and around 8,1/2st

Taimur Shoaib - consultation

Ahhh so today I booked in and paid for my consultation at la belle forme with Mr Shoaib on the 24th of this month. One step closer, I'm so excited!!

After a lot of research I finally booked a...

After a lot of research I finally booked a consultation with la belle forme in Glasgow which I mentioned in my last review but I thought I'd start a new one as I'm not going to Thailand anymore. My consultation cost £100 and the staff were so friendly. My surgeon Dr Taimor Shoaib was so nice and made me feel totally at ease, as I was a bit nervous about taking my top off in front of him. We had long chat discussing what I wanted and that I didn't want to go too big as I'm quite petite so it would look silly. He gave me the option of both tear drop and round but I choose round, with the biggest profile. He suggested I get 375cc and he wouldn't put any bigger inside me which I was totally fine with as I went in thinking I was getting around 300-325cc, so 375cc is plenty!! I'm just scared this will be to big?? I'm currently saving just now and will book my surgery in January to then have it done in march. He said he plans on putting it half under the muscle. What do you girls think? Will this be too big on me? 

Stats ...Currently - 32A Height - 5'6Weight - 8stAge - 19

Exciting day!!

Ahhh so today was the day I paid my 20% deposit and booked my surgery for 2017. I have booked for Friday 17th march and will be having it done in Ross Hall hospital in Glasgow. I will be the first person into surgery that day, so I will be in for 8am and taken at 10am. The saving starts now, I'm sooo excited ahhh!!!

One week to go

Forgot all about this page and have been very distant lately, but thought I would come back on and give an update.
Yesterday I paid off my surgery in full and have one week left to wait until I finally have boobies, I can't wait!!
My Macom surgery bra has finally arrived, and I ordered a wedge memory foam pillow and a neck pillow for afterwards. Now trying to get my hospital bag ready and everything set for after surgery, so if anyone has any handy checklists I could follow that would be great

Surgery is finally done

I had my surgery yesterday morning around half 10 and everything went so smoothly. I was so worried about getting the jag in my hand but I didn't feel a thing. Next thing I remember I was waking up in the recovery room and was feeling soooo sick and warm. The nurse had to call back the anaesthetic man to inject some anti sickness stuff into me. I was back into my room for about 1 in the afternoon and I remember my mum and boyfriend commenting on how grey and unwell I looked. I felt sleepy the full day and didn't manage to eat anything at all. I stayed over in hospital and it's currently the next morning and I'm waiting for breakfast to be delivered to my room. Pain wise it just feels very heavy on my chest and I'm struggling to sit up by myself, other than that everything seems fine. Photos coming soon !!

Pictures (3 days post op)

Ignore my swollen stomach, still very bloated!! .. can't wait for the whole drop and fluff process to happen, patiently waiting

2 weeks post op

It's now 2 weeks since I've had my surgery and today I couldn't help but feel sad and frustrated that I've wasted 4 grand on something I'm not happy with. I know everyone says be patient and wait for them to change, but I tried on a crop top I had and I still look like I have zero boobs and have no volume at the top.

Are my implants too far apart?

6 weeks post op and still not happy with them which is disappointing. Still have no cleavage and feel like most of the implant sits under my armpits, which makes me wonder are they too far apart?? Hoping after time they will change
Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

Great, made me feel at ease

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