12 Year Old Implant Removal & Lift With Fat Transfer - Bangkok

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I had 350 silicone implants back in 2003 when I...

I had 350 silicone implants back in 2003 when I had a tummy tuck done.. this was at the request of my then fiance.. big mistake! Never change yourself for someone else.. I've had to live with this decision for 12 years.. I am now traveling to Thailand to have them removed with a lift and fat transfer.. currently I suffer with a lot of pain in my back neck and my breasts.. my right breast has CC and I wouldn't be surprised if that implant is ruptured as its very lumpy, it does not feel normal at all.. my left breast is softer but the implant itself is creased from wearing underwire bras.. this surgery cannot come soon enough for me it's been a long time coming, I've been putting it off as the thought of having surgery scares the hell out of me, just like it did 12 yrs ago.. but I feel as if my implants are actually making me sick now.. I suffer with exhaustion that never goes away so I know it has to be done, I just want my body back, carrying around these 14E breasts I cannot live with.. I dream about having regular C cup breasts again & soon that will be a reality! I cannot wait ????????????

Before Pics

19 days to go

Thought I would post an update as surgery date is getting close..
I was traveling to Bangkok on my own but after disclosing to my family that I've decided to go to Thailand there has been a change in plans.. My older brother at the last minute has booked himself on my flight which I guess means he is coming lol.. In a lot of ways I am very glad I won't be going through this experience on my own.. Just to know if I need anything he will be there, it's very comforting to say the least.. I'm getting very excited & nervous at the same time.. Just to know I will be free of silicone & have my body back is going to be amazing!! Let these next couple of weeks fly by so I can't start my new journey ??

Check Up Complete

The countdown has become it's only a week today & I would expect by this time next week I will be in recovery.. Today I didn't go to work, I've been suffering with the flu now for almost 3 weeks, I've also been blessed with my period today which I'm glad it's now given I don't want to be dealing with that as well as trying to recover from surgery but it's landed me in bed for the day as I also suffer from terrible heavy periods which seems to have been passed down from my mother to me.. All that being said I visited my doctor she gave me a check over as well prescribing me some Valium for my flight.. I'm super anxious right now I have to be completely honest & now just wanting the next few days to pass quickly.. I've just been picking up last things I may need, hand sanitizers, baby wipes, cold packs, laxatives, anarica spray.. Anything extra will come to me like my travel SIM card my brother sent on Friday.. I've double checked with my surgeon & he reassures my I will have plenty of pain killers on hand as the last I had surgery, the recovery I found very painful & uncomfortable for weeks, I slept downstairs at my house for over a month due to it being too painful going up & down the stairs.. Even though it's been 12 years I've not forgotten!

More before pics..


I expected to be emotional, this morning I woke up & I was/am crying my eyes out.. I have so many mixed emotions.. Looking at my breasts knowing they will be the same again.. You get attached after 12 years.. Hanging onto that but knowing you have to go ahead because your health is more important than how your breasts look.. That can & does mess your feelings.. I don't ever want to go through this again.. Hopefully today will be busy enough to distract me from focusing too much on the outcome of my surgery! So much to do & so little time!

My Journey Has Started!!

I've left my home after a crazy busy day.. Kissed my babes good bye with a few tears & I have a man who is dear to me giving me much needed hugs! Thank god I needed it today especially after a lady I work with gave me so much attitude on fb in regards to implants! Thank goodness for my ex plant support group on there as my whole day would have ended with very bad bags under my eyes! Now I'm relaxing in my beautiful hotel room!

I'm here!! Thailand ??????

Everything has gone perfect so far.. Flights my driver in a beautiful car.. I'm so happy my anxiety is lifting!! Time to go pick up some things & something to eat ????

Less than 24 hours to go!

Cannot wait for tomorrow morning as I sit here getting my hair done before surgery & my breasts are aching more than likely from my plane flight as they expand I think to myself I will not be missing this continuous aching, back pain & neck pain.. My eldest daughter is stressing her little heart out.. It's making me emotional.. Just got to trust my surgeon God and my much loved beloved father are all taking care of me..

I'm all drawn up!!

Just before surgery I'm all drawn up & feeling fairly good.. Dr is being great & nurses are lovely ????


So I've not seen my new boobs yet, but I already feel so much lighter.. On another note lipo hurts more than I realise did for the fat transfer!

One day post op

So happy I listened to Dr P he has done an amazing job & im not even sore in my breasts at all!! Just the lipo where he took the fat from is killing me like crazy ????

Meds & implants

I've been very lucky I was allowed to keep my implants.. They look fairly intact which is great except for some creases on the sides! But Wow they are so heavy even my brother couldn't believe I've been carrying them around for 12 yrs!


Wow never knew lipo could hurt so bad! Boobs are fine but the harvesting areas for the fat graft is hurting like nobody's business! Need more drugs & good ones!

I have my nails bsck!

So happy I was able to feel well enough to go get my nails done & they look amazing! ??

3 day blues

Really didn't think it would happen got the three day blues.. Love my results just couldn't stop crying this morning.. Think it's pain & missing my babes.. Just resting all day today with heaps of meds.. Upset my mum sorry mum I love you xxx

Check Up Day ??

Well it's check up time at 9am, will be seeing my new boobies again today hopefully get to see my nipples for the first time ???? yesterday I took my mums advise she's a nurse got into bed & took the meds I got hold of & rested my body,, like she said I've just had all the fat ripped off my muscles and I must rest properly! She also told me it's normal for me to have post op blues I've been thru so much emotionally over the past few months & if I didn't cry I would get sick it's a necessary release ???? so glad I can forgive myself for feeling weak! Anyways if I'm healing well my brother wants to take me to Phuket!! I'm so excited I've always wanted to go, he said we can just go in between appointments if Dr P says yes ???????? Fingers crossed xxx

Bandages off ??

Had my checkup and everything is looking great.. Boobs are healing very very nicely.. I know I have good blood flow to my nipples still as they reacted to the cold aircon ???? there is no pain at all in my breasts just the same sore & swollen from the lipo.. So far this dr clinic & his nurses are amazing they have treated me like a total princess I have no regrets at all.. I'm even allowed to go to Phuket till the 12th as my next appt is the 13th.. I'm smiling non stop as this trip has been amazing best experience of my life ??????????????

Lipo ????????????

Lipo for my fat transfer

Additional Pics from prior surgery

Extra pics I forgot to upload ????

First out of surgery

Oh the pain they had to knock me out again straight away! Look like a mummy lol

Phuket ????????????????????

I've just arrived at the most amazing places on the planet.. My brother has brought me here to help me recover & have some real R&R sorry ladies if I have been quiet, I have been going through quite a lot emotionally, so many tears I've been quite depleted mentally will come back to you in a couple of days much love xxxx Sim xxxx

Back to Bangkok

We are back in Bangkok thank goodness!! Stitches are out tomorrow! Cannot wait esp my Lipo stitches are so itchy.. Everything is healing up beautifully ???????? Swelling is going down.. Still sore from Lipo so painkillers are still needed.. Will update again tomorrow once doc has checked me out.. All I have to say is this is then I expected x am so looking forward to summer

Check up

Check up went great except I slept in.. First time ever since I have been here.. Felt very bad about it as I am never late for anything! All was ok tho.. Had all my stitches out except my nipples have two weeks to go ????????????

Boobie update 11 days out

Boobie update we are now 11 days they look great.. Nipples worry me a little tho... Will give it 6 mths to settle then doc has said no problem he will correct for me if I'm not happy ?? Just love him he's been a superstar & I've been treated like a queen xxx

3 week update

Thought I'd do a little update. It'd three weeks tomorrow that I had surgery,. I've been down in the blues a little adjusting to surgery being that I didn't realise how painful Lipo is.. I'm
Very pleased with the results so far except I have one nipple bigger than the other, spoke to to Dr Pichet about it & he's willing to adjust my bigger nipple. I will wait a few months I wait to see how my breasts settle as I can see they have already changed quite a lot.. Only 160ml was transferred to each breast as I guess I wasn't needing anymore ????

Bra size updates

Just some difference in bra differences I would say due to brands..

7 Week Update

Just an update as it's almost 7 weeks tomorrow since explanting.. I've had a few rough patches along the way but coming good now ????

8 weeks post op

I'm currently 8 weeks out from surgery and wanted to do an update.. My breasts are finally healing ???? and to celebrate this I had a new tattoo as I am a tattoo lover.. I wanted to beautify my body, enhance this amazing milestone in my life because the past two months have been a journey that's been very challenging for me in every way! I love my implant free breasts & do not regret the decision to remove and not replace ??
Thailand Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Pichet has been so prompt with returning all of my emails in regards to all of my questions & worries.. I'm looking forward to meeting him in August.. I love this surgeon & his staff they have done everything for me & treated me like a queen.. There are actually no words to show the amount of gratitude I have for this amazing doctor & staff.. I will never see another surgeon but him in the future if I ever need it.. Thanks Dr P for changing my life ❤️

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