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I'm a 39 yr old active mom of 3 who is tired of...

I'm a 39 yr old active mom of 3 who is tired of tucking my belly into my jeans! I wasn't always active, after having my 3rd I had a hard time keeping up to my kids. So I made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle and get fit! I do CrossFit, yoga, and many outdoor activities. I have worked very hard to get to where I am now. I feel good in my high-waisted Lululemons, but as soon as they come off (and the bra) I am reminded of what I am left with. A great big jiggly belly, and saggy boobs :/

I have spoken about having these fixed for years – last year my husband and I agreed that I should look into it further (my youngest is now 5). My family doctor recommended Dr. Hall-Findlay to me (despite there being many PS's close) she is the only one he was comfortable referring me to. As soon as I met her at my consult – I felt at ease with her, which took a big weight off my shoulders. I was anxious about it (aren't we all!) Her knowledge and easy-going nature made me realize I didn't have to go meet any other PS's. I absolutely loved that she was brutally honest with me – I hate when people sugar-coat, so right away I knew she was for me! She told me I'd probably not wear a bikini ever - which is ok with me. My hopes are for a low scar, and that I can rock a sexy one-piece with cut-outs one day!

When I think about my surgery I am both excited, and anxious. I am scared to go under general anesthetic, even though she talked to me about it and made me feel better. I think when the week of my surgery hits I am going to be a ball of nerves, but I know the end result will be worth it!

For reference I am 5'2" and weigh roughly 157lbs. I would like to be my lightest at the time of surgery, another 10lbs would be ideal for me. I will do my absolute best to reach this goal!

I am still unsure of implant size. At my consult Dr. HF thought 275/300 cc (I wear a 36C now) I think I would like to go up 1 cup size. But now I am wondering if I should go a bit bigger? She recommended going over the muscle for me, as I have quite a bit of breast tissue. I was glad to hear this because I was worried about having a wide gap in between my breasts – I don't think I would be happy with that?

I forgot to include this pic

Forgot to add...

I forgot to mention another part of the surgery that I am very much looking forward to , is having my muscles tightened up. Mine are very far apart after the 3 kids/ 2 cs. Despite me being fit, I have absolutely no core strength. I look forward to gaining it back with the surgery!

8 weeks today EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

Well I paid another portion of my surgery off - this is really starting to get real now! 8 weeks today!!
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