39 Years Old, 3 Kids, Muscle Separation, Hernia, Loose Skin, No Core Strength

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I'm a 39 yr old active mom of 3 who is tired of...

I'm a 39 yr old active mom of 3 who is tired of tucking my belly into my jeans! I wasn't always active, after having my 3rd I had a hard time keeping up to my kids. So I made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle and get fit! I do CrossFit, yoga, and many outdoor activities. I have worked very hard to get to where I am now. I feel good in my high-waisted Lululemons, but as soon as they come off (and the bra) I am reminded of what I am left with. A great big jiggly belly, and saggy boobs :/

I have spoken about having these fixed for years – last year my husband and I agreed that I should look into it further (my youngest is now 5). My family doctor recommended Dr. Hall-Findlay to me (despite there being many PS's close) she is the only one he was comfortable referring me to. As soon as I met her at my consult – I felt at ease with her, which took a big weight off my shoulders. I was anxious about it (aren't we all!) Her knowledge and easy-going nature made me realize I didn't have to go meet any other PS's. I absolutely loved that she was brutally honest with me – I hate when people sugar-coat, so right away I knew she was for me! She told me I'd probably not wear a bikini ever - which is ok with me. My hopes are for a low scar, and that I can rock a sexy one-piece with cut-outs one day!

When I think about my surgery I am both excited, and anxious. I am scared to go under general anesthetic, even though she talked to me about it and made me feel better. I think when the week of my surgery hits I am going to be a ball of nerves, but I know the end result will be worth it!

For reference I am 5'2" and weigh roughly 157lbs. I would like to be my lightest at the time of surgery, another 10lbs would be ideal for me. I will do my absolute best to reach this goal!

I am still unsure of implant size. At my consult Dr. HF thought 275/300 cc (I wear a 36C now) I think I would like to go up 1 cup size. But now I am wondering if I should go a bit bigger? She recommended going over the muscle for me, as I have quite a bit of breast tissue. I was glad to hear this because I was worried about having a wide gap in between my breasts – I don't think I would be happy with that?

I forgot to include this pic

Forgot to add...

I forgot to mention another part of the surgery that I am very much looking forward to , is having my muscles tightened up. Mine are very far apart after the 3 kids/ 2 cs. Despite me being fit, I have absolutely no core strength. I look forward to gaining it back with the surgery!

8 weeks today EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!

Well I paid another portion of my surgery off - this is really starting to get real now! 8 weeks today!!

3 weeks out tomorrow!

Wow, time is FLYING!!!! I'm trying to get as much as possible done for Christmas so that I can enjoy some time with my family before going for my surgery a few days after. I got bronchitis last week but luckily got myself to the doctor immediately, he sent me for lung x-rays (to be safe) and it was not pneumonia, thank goodness. On antibiotics and feeling a lot better already – I was really worried when I got that.

I'm getting excited being so close… But of course nervous. I honestly am not nervous about the recovery what scares me is going under, and losing a lot of my fitness while I recover. I'm still having trouble deciding on breast size as well, I'm thinking the day of my surgery with Dr. HF is when I will get my mind made up!

I have lost about 5pbs and am happy with this. I'm at a plateau, losing is hard for me (trust me I am trying 110%!) I plan to be strict with my intake over the holidays because let's face it… I owe it to myself to be at my lowest weight and best fitness before going under the knife :D

5lbs down = more hanging skin for me

Looking in the mirror after losing these 5lbs I realized I have more loose skin around my tummy, so I am very glad I am working hard at losing some weight before my surgery. The more loose skin that can come off, the better! Losing 5lbs was a lot of work for me, I am at a plateau - so I'm very happy about this.

For you ladies who have already had surgery (or are about to…) I don't know about you, but I am looking forward to not having to always wear high-waisted pants, LOL!

3 days out - extremely nervous :/

Merry Christmas!

I am 3 days from surgery and my nerves have set in. Not anxious about the surgery/recovery - but of being put under.

It went great!

Hi ladies!! I wanted to 1st thank you all for being here for me! I woke up for surgery yesterday morning feeling less nervous, which was great. Once I got to the hospital and met with Dr. Hall-Findlay I felt even better. The anesthesiologist was great, I felt confident going into surgery :)

6 hours later I was done! Waking up in recovery went well, once I got back to my room though the anesthetic/narcotics got to me and I threw up quite a bit. Got the cold sweats and fainting feeling (but never did faint).

Once the nurses figured out what worked best for me (into last night/early today) the vomiting stopped. I have to take a gravol before the Percocet.

As the day has progressed I have felt better and better. I had a shower and went for 2 walks now – so I am definitely on the up! I am extremely happy with my results so far, even with all the swelling I have a waist and my breasts I think will be really good once they settle. She ended up going with 310cc and removed more from my larger breast to account for the difference. I'm really glad she did this! She is an amazing doctor (or shall I say artist) as she definitely knows what will work best for her patients.

Post surgery pics

First 2 pics from the day of surgery. Others from the next afternoon (obviously I am swollen all over). I feel good, I honestly thought I would be in more pain than I am. The hardest part for me was the nausea/vomiting.

Day of surgery

Some pics from after surgery

Day #2

Breakthrough day for me. Once the nurses figured out what would work for me (anti-nausea meds) the vomiting stopped. I showered myself and went for 3 or 4 walks. Moving is key! makes the biggest difference to how you feel :)

Feeling good :)

If counting the day of surgery, today is day #6. I have gone 6 hrs + in between pain meds now. Pain is becoming less. I'm able to walk around a lot more now and do more such as bend and pick up light items, definitely nice to see progress. I am still quite swollen – I realize this is because I am up and moving around but looking forward to seeing the swelling go down soon.

I tried on a "pretty" bra I bought as a gift to myself following surgery today. It's very cute (a bit tight) but I am still a bit swollen ;)

I'm really happy to have found this place, it's nice to see others' progress and see that we are going through the same things around the same time :) I am so happy I did this...it has been a life-changer already!

2 weeks post-op tomorrow

I'm doing great! I am probably even doing a bit too much, moving feels so good. I am quite swollen (in the evening especially) due to this. Swollen everywhere, but most noticeable in my lower abdomen/pubic region. Today I needed an hour of quiet from my kids, so I took it. It has been very cold here, the walk to-and-from school feels awesome though (of course I am very bundled up) it's so nice to get outside!

I am starting to see more definition in my waist, and my breasts are settling more. Although my muscles are a bit sore I have to say it is AMAZING to feel them there! It has been so long since I have felt that.

I've said it before (and I won't stop saying it) I am 100% happy I did this!! :D

5 week update

I am feeling more & more like myself every day. Able to be on my feet longer, right back into all the kids' activities - life is good :) Swelling isn't nearly as bad anymore, still wearing my compression for the most part (you can see all the marks from it in my pics). My right breast has dropped and is so natural looking - I am so happy! Waiting on the left to drop now ;) My old bras fit which is great, I didn't want to look "bigger" just perkier with a better shape!

I'm looking forward to getting back to the gym next week (starting slowly of course) I can see my bum and thighs losing tone. I've eaten 75% clean but need to get back onto my 90% clean eating regime - it will go hand-in-hand with returning to the gym.

13 Week Update

Time is just plugging along, I didn't realize it has been 8 weeks since I put an update on here! I'm doing great :) Happy to be back at the gym, not quite at 90% clean eating (but close). I've gained some weight but I am working out and my clothes fit good - so not going to worry too much about it.

Have yet to go out and purchase a bra other than soft cotton sports bras and bralettes… I need to get on that soon. Although my old bras fit, they aren't a great fit. My left breast still hasn't dropped to match my right, I realize it can take some time so I'm being patient (or at least trying to be)! Even if it doesn't drop the same as the right, I am happy with how they look and feel! They are so soft and natural feeling.

I went back to hot yoga and it felt amazing. Just took it easy, obviously there's some bends that are still uncomfortable. Back to lifting weights (scaled for now) feels so good to feel my core! My incision is healing nicely – I still have a couple of stitches poking out, letting them work their course. Still a few in belly button as well. I feel like my belly button is my original - she did an amazing job!
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