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Ive always thought about having a breast reduction...

Ive always thought about having a breast reduction. Large breasts are definitely something that runs in the family. Growing up I was never proud of my well endowed chest. I was a C cup by grade 5. The teasing and bullying that ensued was unimaginable. Why would somebody taunt and tease someone for having a large chest? That answer is beyond me. By grade 9, I was sporting a lovely DD cup and I hated it! I have always been self conscious and have always dressed to attempt to hide my chest or at least minimize its appearance. By junior and senior high I had turned into a trophy for the boys. Great, just what I wanted....Not! I received a lot of unwanted attention from the males of all ages. I guess I appeared older that I actually was.

Well here I am now at 23 years old, a college graduate working full time. (Who isn't these days?) My choice in post secondary education was a natural one for me. I have loved horses from the get go, so attending a school where I could put that love to use just made sense. My riding classes were always a challenge. Never mind trying to find a collared button down shirt that will fit a 5' frame, but will actually button up over a 30DD/28F size chest. Of course there was also plenty of back pain and a ton of other problems that made what should have been my favorite class of the day a dreaded one. However 4 years later I survived and am out in the real world.

The final "push" for seeking the breast reduction came earlier this year. I work in an office environment and as such need to dress accordingly. Easier said than done. I also hate having my picture taken, absolutely hate it! I find my lovely endowments make me look much larger and heavier than I actually am. Granted I have put on some weight since graduating college but not a ton. I phoned my family doctor and asked about the procedure and she gave me Dr. Hall-Findlay's name. I did a lot of reading before I even made the first steps towards a consultation. I also spent a lot of time discussing this decision with my Mom. She has always been supportive and she was not in the least bit surprised by my choice.

I had my consult on August 31 and Dr. Hall-Findlay and her staff are amazing. She answered all of our questions (I brought my Mom with me, Surprise!). I knew she would be the best fit for me to do my surgery. After the consult I had a lengthy discussion with my boyfriend. I was single when I made this decision initially and I have been completely open and honest with him the whole time. He is 100% supportive. He is so great!

My surgery is schedule for Sept. 29 and I couldn't be more excited. I'm sure the closer I get to the surgery date the more a little bit of nerves may set in, but I am very much looking forward to this. I will be able to comfortable and confident with my body and not feel that people only see blonde hair, blue eyes and large breasts. I may even have clothes that fit properly!!

To the new me!!

Surgery is 8 days away and the nerves are kicking in!

The surgery is 8 days away and I guess now would be a good time for the nerves to start acting up. Lovely. I'm still incredibly excited and cant wait for a smaller chest! My clothes will fit better, my winter coat will fit better! Ski season here I come! I know that it will be a while before I am up and running again but I cant wait to be able to exercise and lose weight and actually notice it! Instead of only seeing my damn breasts reflecting back at me in the mirror. What a buzzkill! The boyfriend is pouting a little bit more as the days go by but he remains supportive. Fingers crossed that all goes well! Will update with pre-op photos soon!

Surgery is 4 days away!

Well my surgery is 4 days away and I am so excited! Have a few things to finish up this weekend to prepare but other than that I'm ready to go! Had am amusing little chat with the boyfriend last night over the phone and text message. (He is away working in Stettler for the week) I'm not sure why, but it didn't dawn on him until I sent him pictures of what I may look like post-op. He was more than a little freaked out haha! Frankenboobs. Now I'm pretty sure he is more nervous than I am. I will be dropping my dogs off at a friends place on Saturday, she will look after them for me while I recover; such a lovely woman! Then it will be off to Edmonton for the Comic Expo and the water park! One last Hoo-Rahh with the girls before I don't feel like doing anything. Hopefully the weekend passes quickly. I have one more full day of work left on Monday, which is going to crawl by I just know it. Then Monday night we head off to Banff. WooHoo!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Some before photo's, you will notice some photo shopping as I have some easily recognizable tattoo's on either side of the ribcage.

Surgery came and went in the blink of an eye!

One of the great things I love about anesthesia is that it feels like you only just closed your eyes! My surgery was on Tuesday Sept. 29th at Dr. Hall-Findlay's surgical suite. We (my Mom and I) had an 8:30am check-in, and then it was time to meet with some lovely nurses who went over the procedure and some final consent forms. Dr. Hall-Findlay also came in to do her markings and take some photo's as well as answer any questions or concerns we may have had. She said that the "wish boob" photos I had sent her were great, definitely do-able; which made me very happy! Then we met with the anesthesiologist who is another wonderful lady, and she explained how things were going to go once in the operating room as they prepped me for surgery. They took me past the bathroom for a final "pee break", and then it was into the operating room. The last thing I remember was the nurses asking me about my dogs and then it was lights out!

I woke up very groggily in the recovery room and honestly I have to say that the pain wasn't as bad as I was expecting. On a scale of 1-10 I figured I was sitting at about a 4. The nurse asked if I wanted to take one T3 or two to help take the edge off, I told her only one or else I'd be back asleep in no time at all! I felt really bad about being so drowsy and I continued to apologize for it. The nurse simply said "Oh sweetie you don't need to stay awake to entertain me, you just close your eyes and relax a bit." At least they have a sense of humor!

After being in the recovery room for an hour, they ask you to walk the short distance from there to the "step-down" room. Though my legs felt a little wobbly and weird, the walk was fairly easy. Once in the step-down room they invited my Mom to join me and they went over the post-op care and what to expect in the coming days and weeks. I was still feeling fairly drowsy so keeping my eyes open was a bit of a struggle. I'm sure I was making odd faces at the nurse as she was talking in my effort to stay awake, but she didn't say anything about it. Dr. Hall-Findlay came in some time afterwards to check on the incisions and bandages one last time. She asked if I had any feeling in my breasts where she was touching and much to my delight I did! She answered any other questions we had and made sure we were comfortable with everything before discharging me. They wheeled me out to my Mom's vehicle in a wheelchair and helped me get into the car and all comfy cozy with my pillows. Mom and I made a quick stop at a gas station before leaving Banff to grab some munchies as I was starving! I managed to eat a sandwich which helped with the gnawing feeling in my gut. The drive home was pretty smooth. I couldn't get over how much better my shirt fit me! I had worn a flannel button up top to the surgery and beforehand, the shirt fit fairly snug over my bust (and huge everywhere else of course). If I moved a certain way, the buttons would strain against the fabric and pucker ever so horribly. That doesn't happen anymore! It didn't matter how I moved, the shirt remained loose over my "new" bust line, and that is saying something considering the surgical bra was also stuffed with gauze!

Once home (at my parents place) I was beginning to feel a bit more sore. Kind of like I did way too much lifting on chest day at the gym. For some reason I thought I had to wait until 8pm for my next dose of pain medication, but I reread the post-op instructions and realized I was due for the next dose at 4:45pm.....It was now 7pm. No wonder I was starting to feel the pain! Oh well, it was terrible but rather uncomfortable. I took two T3's around midnight so that I could have a better sleep. I am fully able to sleep on my side according to the nurse if I am able to, however I opted to create a nest of pillows in the bed to keep me on back. Much more comfortable this way. The first night I didn't sleep much, I was much to worried about rolling over onto my side.

I managed to slowly get through a shower yesterday, Mom had to blow dry my hair for me as I knew there was no way I could manage that! The effort of the shower really played me out and afterwards I went for about a 5 hour snooze. Once I woke up, I was very sore, most likely from the shower. I opted to take two T3's at dinner time to help take the edge off. After dinner I watched some of The Walking Dead with my brother, currently re-watching season 5 in preparation for season 6 later this month; then it was off to bed for me as I was yet again tired. I slept better last night, I'm pretty good at waking up every 4-6 hours to take my medication. I still haven't had a BM, though I am taking stool softeners. Hopefully I can go to the bathroom soon as I am beginning to feel rather full! There is a whole lot of grumbling and groaning going on, but not much other action just yet.

I will update again as the healing progresses. I am so happy with everything so far! Dr. Hall-Findlay did a fantastic job and her staff are all wonderful ladies! Everyone was very professional and welcoming! If you are thinking about having this procedure done I would definitely recommend Dr. Hall-Findlay and her wonderful team!
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