31 years old. 5'7" 130lbs. Breastfed 2 babes. Got gummy bear moderate profile 405cc's.

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Yay it is finally my turn to start a review! I am...

Yay it is finally my turn to start a review! I am three weeks away from my surgery date of October 1, 2015. Some days feel like it's taking forever, other days it feels like it is right around the corner! I am a 31 year old mother of two, 5'7" and 130lbs. I have never really liked my breasts, and have dreamed of an augmentation most of my life (I even have a photo of myself as a child with balloons in my shirt lol). I remember buying the "water" bras when I was a young adult but then never wanted to take my bra off around anyone because I didn't want them to see that my breasts were "lies"! Bathing suits have never fit properly either. Now most of my bras and bathing suits gape horribly at the top. I wear a 34A size but have not been sized since pregnancy so I wouldn't be surprised if I am wearing the wrong size. I plan to have my surgery done in banff with Dr. Hall-Findlay who has great reviews. My consultation went very well with her, I felt super comfy with her even as she was lifting my flap jacks up and explaining my personal breast footprint to me. She has said that I could go over or under the muscle but I have not totally decided which I will decide. I feel like over would give me the results I desire and the healing time would be shorter so that is what I am leaning towards. We will decide cc's at my pre-op on the day of surgery. One of these days I will do the rice test and see what I like, but I am leaning towards 400cc's. The Dr said I could go up to 500cc's but said she would lean more towards 350. Well I think that is about all I have to say at the moment. Am looking forward to going on this journey along with you lovely ladies! Will post pre-op photos soon!

Before photos

Took some much dreaded before photos and tried out the rice sizers. I almost found it depressing! I have it in my head I want 400cc's but found the rice sizers so big and hard that they looked so odd on me. Does that mean 400 is too big? Plus I was hoping I would get some cleavage like some other ladies here on real self seem to get with their rice sizers. Not my luck, no matter how much adjusting I did lol! Plus I found they seemed to sit wide and made me look larger than I am or than I want to look. Makes me more nervous about my results!

Oh how I wish

Here's some photos of my wish boobs that I have borrowed off of some other Real Self users.

I can't believe I did it! Is this real?

Well today was the day! Everything went really well! We ended up with 405cc's moderate profile gummy bears over the muscle. So far I am feeling pretty good. Mostly just the tight and pressure feeling that most people mention. I feel like I would like to take a deep breath in, but can't. The doctor said everything went smoothly and things look good. I can take the bra and bandages off tomorrow so will take some pictures then. So here was a quick review of my day:

Went to the surgery center around 1130. Talked to a nurse for a bit and finished up paperwork. Waited close to an hour and then my PS came in and we finalized size and whatnot. Did some measurements and marking. Answered any questions. Then the anaesthesiologist came in and asked more health questions. Then he showed me to the operating room where I got my IV and something in it to relax me. Don't remember much from there. I don't even remember him telling me he was going to start the anaesthetic lol. And then I remember being a bit disappointed when they were waking me up because I felt like I was having such a good sleep. Spent close to an hour in the recovery room and then walked to the step down room and met my hubby there. Talked to the nurse and doctor again and then got to get dressed and then they wheeled me to our car. It was all so smooth. Everyone was so nice and very attentive! I am so far super pleased with my experience. Now let the healing begin! Yay!

Day 1 PO

So today is the first day after surgery. Have been feeling pretty good. I think that has a lot to do with going over the muscle. And I have been staying on top of my pain meds. Which unfortunately I think contributed to me not getting a wink of sleep last night because of the caffeine lol. So today I just got a new script filled for a caffeine free narcotic. Hopefully that helps! I felt quite nauseous and had stomach cramps early this morning but that has eased up with the use of gravol. The boobs are feeling quite tight and swollen still, but I think they are looking pretty good! Can not wait to see the final results! The nurse called me today to follow up which was nice. I will see the doctor in one month.

Just over two weeks post op

Well my recovery has been fairly straight forward I believe. I do experience hypersensitivity as my nerves are coming back, which means most of my breasts feel like they are sunburned. Even my shirt or bra rubbing on the skin is uncomfortable. But that seems to be getting better, thankfully! I can now sleep on my side for short periods of time. My hubby says he's happy with them so far, so that is nice to hear. My left one is noticeably bigger than the right and that worries me. My friend noticed immediately the other day when she saw me in my surgical bra and t-shirt. But it's not always so obvious when I take pictures of myself. Hopefully they even out a bit more!

Three weeks tomorrow!

Time is going by quickly! The twins are three weeks tomorrow! I still have the hypersensitive nerves which is getting old lol. By the end of the day my boob skin feels so aggravated. Taking off my bra for a while helps. Icing last night also felt pretty good. Just thought I should clarify, I put the cost in American because that's what the box said. So when you convert to canadian, it is a lot more. But I feel like Dr Hall Findlay was worth it. I am super happy with my results. Though i do struggle to not nit pick. But I do definitely feel more feminine and love how I actually fill out clothes. And love how my hubby smiles whenever I take my shirt off. He always acted so "whatever" about it all, so it's nice to see him enjoying them as well. I can't wait to go bra shopping. I tried on a 36C bra which seemed to fit pretty good. I was hoping for a D, but size doesn't matter as long as I love them! But with the way sizing works, I may still get my D if I go a smaller band size. Now... Just time to start working on slimming the tummy a bit. I'd like to feel completely confident by next summer! And show off these great boobs!

Made it past a month!

So I am a few days past my one month mark. Went for my post op appt on Monday. Everything is all good. The doctor expects them to soften a bit more yet. I think they look great and fairly natural, considering they are not lol! They still are somewhat painful, and usually by the end of the day they feel kind of burny on the inside. But I guess it's all normal. My breasts are still numb on the under sides. The hypersensitivity has eased up, thank goodness! That sunburnt skin feeling isn't all that enjoyable. I had a couple of stitches pop out, but they were trimmed up and are no concern. They didn't leave holes like I've seen on other people's reviews. They bounce when I walk sometimes, and that's such a cool reminder of my amazing rack haha. They are very soft to the touch. I am hoping they are where they will remain, I don't want them to drop a whole lot more. There is one spot on my lower left breast that feels kind of like a bubble, but it is just where I can feel the implant because there is not much padding covering it. Otherwise I think things are going as expected and I am still so thrilled with this outcome! Love having boobs!

Great consultation. Very warm and welcoming. Great bedside manner. Seems to have a sense of humor. A little behind on day of surgery but I was well taken care of. All of the staff were so wonderful. Absolutely great place to have chosen to have this done.

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