Rhinoplasty and Chin Scheduled for February 10, 2012 - Baltimore, MD

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I am so thankful for these boards and the many...

I am so thankful for these boards and the many reviews that helped guide me through this process! I am scheduled for primary rhinoplasty and chin lipo for February 10th with Dr. Boahene of Johns Hopkins. I cannot say enough about how wonderful this mans work is, how kind, understanding and patient he is and how impressed I am with his work, credentials and staff. I know he is the doctor for me and feel confident we are on the same page with regard to my expected result.

Initially when I consulted with Dr. Boahene I only had the intention of having rhinoplasty surgery. I am a very confident women who just wants to refine her existing nose. Dr. Boahene is excellent and highly sought after for all facial plastic surgery, but for me it was a lock when I saw what he does with those seeking what's called an ethnic rhinoplasty. It's important that your nose suit your face and your heritage and I expressed that immediately.

As an African American I dont want a cookie cutter nose and more terrifyingly nothing resembling a Jackson! We were instantly on the same page. I want my wide bridge narrowed slightly, and some tip definition. Dr. Boahene is not a fan of implants and prefers using septal cartilage to build up my bridge. Upon his examination of me during my consult, I have plenty of septal cartilage since this is my first and hopefully only rhinoplasty. as a backup he would use harvested cartilage or rib and ear.

He felt strongly that I will get my desired result. I saw pictures of patients with noses just like mine with amazing results. Dr. B is of course board certified and even writes the exam questions or those seeking board certification!

Anyway, I had a second consult with Dr B for 3D photo imaging it was then that I saw I have a little hang under my chin from the profile view! Lol I was like, who in the hell is that? We then discussed chin lipo because I figure why not knock it all out in one fell swoop! Plus, I have friends on this board who have undergone lipo under local and experienced extreme discomfort. My chin lipo will be performed at same time I'm under general while getting the rhino to eliminate that! My chin area requiring lipo is very small, I've honestly never noticed it, I rarely gawk at myself on profile view, but should be a nice added improvement.

Because I had not obsessed over chin lipo and had focused soley on all thing nose in terms of research, I had a 3rd consult with Dr. B. He has been wonderful throughout this entire process thus far and didn't make me feel rushed. I am methodical and wanted to research before committing to the additional surgery and he was more than accomodating. Answered my questions and showed me results.

I was terrified of having skin sticking to bone and oth things I read about chin lipo while researching. He explained that that happens when too much fat is removed and that he always leaves a layer of fat to prevent that. I'm not explaining it as eloquently as he did, but again, didn't want that being my result! I will be sure to post pics and updates as my date draws nearer. My nerves are everywhere simply because it's major surgery! Anyone having one through this, about to embark upon it with me or anyone else that can offer words of encouragement, pre and post op advice etc feel free to post. Thanks!

Surgery is tomorrow! Stomach in knots with...

Surgery is tomorrow! Stomach in knots with anticipation!

Returned home from surgery today around 3pm. My...

Returned home from surgery today around 3pm. My surgery was scheduled for 10:45 but I was told to be at John Hopkins surgery center by 9. I arrived just before 9 with my friend and filled out just 2 disclosure forms as everything was given tone prior and completed. At 9:15 I was taken back and gave a urine specimen. After that I was given told to change and my iv was started. Once the iv with saline was going I began to feel cold which is normal and was given warm heated blankets which felt like heaven! At that time my vitals were taken (my blood pressure was high the first time because of nerves.) my gal pal was allowed to come back and hang out with me after iv was started and I began to calm down. 20 minutes later Dr. Boahene came in with forms and an iPad. The forms were for me to sign stating the risk to which he explained thoroughly answering and questions and final concerns. After the paperwork, he pulled up my image on his iPad and said, I want you to tell me what you want for your nose as of we were just meeting for the first time. I told him what I wanted and what we agreed upon. He added his notes saying that we would use septal cartilage for building up my bridge (I forgot to say that) and we both were on the same page. He said "I'm ready and I'm going to take good care of you" I felt so comfortable with him. My friend said after hearing our mini consult, "I want a nose job, and I want him to do it"! Lol! Bedside manner is so important as much so as skill and in my opinion and luckily Dr. Boahene encompasses them both! Dr. Boahene was assisted in my surgery by his resident and a doctor from Germany who was shadowing him that day. I felt at ease! Was happy that he was showing off his skills on me! Haha! My momentary nerves and apprehension turned to excitement! He then said the anesthesiologist would be in to talk to me and she wax his favorite one. She too was wonderful. I loved her nature and demeanor and calmness. She said you will not leave here until you feel good enough. I felt everyone at Hopkins was of the
highest calibre. From the receptionist up to Dr. Boahene.

I was taken to the bathroom one last time and then wheeled to the operating room. I walked over to the operating table and the anesthesiologist said I'm going to make you feel good. Within seconds, I said did you already give me something and she said yes. I do not recall anything else. I woke up tonthencharge nurse saying my name. It was truly a breeze. I was given diet pepsi to sip on. My throat was dry but no pain. The nurse wrapped up my chin and then put me in a chin bra to compress my chin lipo. No pain. I have a splint on my nose but no packing! Dr. Boahene typically doesn't have to use it. I am still breathing from my mouth however because of the drip gauze tapped to my face. The charge nurse gave me a percacet and I became sleepy pretty quickly. I was in recovery for about an hour and a half. The nurse brought my friend back then the nurse helped me get dressed and told my friend to go get her car. I was wheeled down and taken home.

I came home to 2 edible arrangement deliveries and flowers! My husband and daughter are now taking care of me. ( I didn't want him there so we had little disruption to our daughter plus my girlfriend is better at not looking worried so picked her over him ( haha) to come with me. My husband and daughter and friends have been great! I am not in any pain at all. I will take my percacet ( which I had filled prior) every 4 hours the first day and then only as needed. I have napped already and now understand that I will likely not sleep that well tonight. Very very congested and not loving the breathing thru mouth deal. I had a wonderful experience and am looking forward to my reveal. While changing my drip pad I was able to see my nostrils and the stitches in them. They were reduced slightly in size and look great already!!!! I will continue to update because I felt the more comprehensive reviews really helped me. I will also post pictures very soon as I found that helpful also. Tired so going to sign off for now. Throat is sore and congestion are my only issues and they are not so bad! I was also super prepared and that has made things so easy. I have iced my eyes every hour for 20 mns using my Swiss therapy eye mask (fab)
And took arnica montanta the day prior to surgery and for the next week as advised for with swelling and bruising. Take care all and thanks to those of you who have offered your
Prayers, thoughts and support. You have been a huge blessing!

Sorry for typos! iPad plus percacet not a good mix!

Sorry for typos! iPad plus percacet not a good mix!

So I am one day post op and it is a full 24 hours...

So I am one day post op and it is a full 24 hours after surgery. I feel great. I have been cleaning my nose faithfully with the hydrogen peroxide and applying neosporin with a Qtip to the sutures. I have also been using the saline drops as much as possible, helps to loosen up the gunk thats up there. My sleep last night was simply non existent. My doctor does not pack the nose but the gauze that I had to continuously tape under my nose because of bleeding really made it difficult. Was forced to breathe through mouth and that doesn't work well for me. I will have better rest tonight. I am no longer bleeding so I'm not using the gauze across the nostrils. I am very swollen today and even though I'm on arnica and icing my eyes around the clock, I see dark bruises forming under my eyes. My recovery has been really easy so I have no complaints. I did want to mention something that i haven't seen mentioned at all but may be helpful for some. During my consults Dr. Boahene mentioned facial alignment and how your brow line was generally used as a point of reference for nose alignment in terms of symmetry, this makes perfect sense being a makeup junkie so the day before my surgery I made an appt with my best brow waxer and told her to wax and arch my brows the way I think looks best. Basically following the natural arch and not to thin. She did a lovely job! This served 2 purposes in my head. First, I don't want a brow wax anytime soon having just had this procedure done so was good to get it last minute right before the procedure and second, my brows were perfectly arched and hopefully served as a helpful guide during the procedure. May seem insignificant but I felt it had to help. Anyway, that's it for today! I will get pics up next week. My cast comes off on Feb 16th. Excuse typos I'm on meds! Lol

It's been 2 days since my surgery and I just...

It's been 2 days since my surgery and I just wanted to post that I slept well last night! I took a shower, sprayed my nose with Saline drops, cleaned my nose with hydrogen peroxide the applied neosporin I ate a turkey sandwich, took 2 Tylenol pm's sipped ginger ale had an applesauce, turned my humidifier on and slept from 12 midnight til 7 am. Very happy with that. Now the icing begins again for face. Still see faint bruising under my eyes. I removed my compression garment and switched it out to another I had purchased for the chin lipo and the chin area looks great. It wasn't horrible to start with but I'm impressed with the lack of swelling I have there. Can't wait to take all this stuff off! I do have some itchiness around nose area that I can't scratch because it is under the cast. Not much can do about that other than try to ignore it! That's it for now.

Only new thing to report today is that my bruising...

Only new thing to report today is that my bruising seems more prominent now and I have more feeling in my nose and upper lip. When I smile or laugh it is very sore. Still no major pain. Just keeping myself busy and keeping my nose clean. Slept well again last night with humidifier and all seems well. Anxious for splint to come off!

Breathing and sleeping is better each day. I...

Breathing and sleeping is better each day. I really like the parts I can see. I go to my post op visit tomorrow! I am so excited and nervous. I can see the swelling around the perimeter of my nose. I know everyone says don't underestimate the swelling and don't judge your nose this early and I will keep that in mind. One post I read said to look at your nose as soon as the cast is removed because it will look really nice before it begins to swell again. I am all over the place thinking about it but will just try to keep in mind the shape and leave it at that! I'm tired of hiding out, but if my nose is so swollen that it looks horrible, I am prepared to lay low for a month! Will report back tomorrow after my post op appt. Depending on the look, pictures may come 2moro as well! Wish me luck!

I am so happy! Dr. Boahene is THE MAN! Even with...

I am so happy! Dr. Boahene is THE MAN! Even with the swelling Incan see just how beautiful and perfect for my face my nose is. Surprisingly it doesnt look like a complete overhaul although in theory it is! How did he do that? I have a natural beautiful result and could not be more pleased. I should have done this years ago!!!! He suggested I continue to tape my nose each night to keep the swelling down. I cannot believe how pretty it is!

The removal of the stitches wasn't bad, the splints coming out of my nose was painful to me. It just felt so weird having something pulled from your nostrils! removing the cast wasn't horrible because he used some adhesive trick. I could tell it could have been worse! I am sooooooo happy! I will post pics by the end of the week. My skin that was covered by the cast is a hot mess! I couldn't believe had blotchy it was, but boy oh boy is my result worth it! So happy and so impressed with my doctor and His entire staff!

Anyone reading this for the chin lipo portion...

Anyone reading this for the chin lipo portion should know that I didn't have alot of concern with my chin, was just a tune up and preventative maintenance. I am very happy with that result as well although the rhinoplasty certainly is the star of this show. I have great skin elasticity and already see the difference. My chin had 2 small pin size entry points from the lipo and had 2 stitches which were also removed today. The area under my chin is very sore just like my nose. I purchased a compression garment and wore it for 3 days straight and will sleep in it for the next few weeks as per the doctors instruction. I would highly recommend this procedure as well, although please remember my comments on pain for the chin are minimal because my chin was done simultaneous to my nose so I was under general. I have heard it can be extrememly uncomfortable with just the local. I am thrilled with this procedure and the result as well.

Hoping to post pics by Saturday. I am doing great...

Hoping to post pics by Saturday. I am doing great and loving my results more and more with each passing day. I can't believe today marks my 1 week post op date! A,a zing that this time last week I was filled with anxiety and excitement and only 7 relatively easy days later I have my dream nose.

The only thing I'm dealing with now is the crusty nose issue! Yuk! I am constantly cleaning it and putting the saline solution in which does help in breaking down the gunk, but man when will this stop. My nose feels so gross. I am constantly worrying that something is hanging out of it! I know this is perfectly normal but didn't realize I would struggle most with this! If anyone has any suggestions or can offer any insight to when the crustiness will subside I would appreciate seeing light at the end of this crusty dry booger filled tunnel! Help!

Wanted to post my pics. Dumb question, but how? I...

Wanted to post my pics. Dumb question, but how? I have an iPad and do not see a link to do so from the update page.

Figured out pictures! Crusty nose issue much...

Figured out pictures! Crusty nose issue much better now at 8 days post op. Feeling great and nose becoming better each day.

Exactly 2 weeks post op today and nose looks alot...

Exactly 2 weeks post op today and nose looks alot less swollen. I have been going about my regular routines and have only heard "have you lost weight"? No one can pinpoint exactly what is different. Again, I couldn't be more pleased with my result. My swelling is mostly on the tip now. I'm truly excited to see the fine changes that occur. This is such a rewarding process when you and your doctor are on the same page!
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Boahene is an artist. I found him perfect in every way for me. From our first meeting to the operating table, he remained the same stable cool headed, collected professional. His reputation is excellent and I will tell anyone considering rhinoplasty to see him. He is a humble man with a rare talent. I am so pleased with my result and my choice of Dr. Boahene. I couldn't be happier!

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