20 year old Afro-caribbean female Ethnic rhinoplasty with DR Oelbrandt from belgium

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Hi Everyone! I'm soo excited to begin my...

Hi Everyone!
I'm soo excited to begin my 'Blogging' or 'documenting' phase of my rhinoplasty journey. Although the actual procedure will probably be done in a years time or a bit longer, i have found other peoples reviews, updates and progress reports soo helpful that i decided to do one myself.
I am still in the early process of saving, but i am definitely looking into the different surgeons now, their results, reviews, prices, e.t.c. This early search is a necessity for me as i Live in the London (UK), and would have to travel to the US to get my ethnic rhinoplasty procedure done, so i'll most likely have to have a Skype consultation with which ever doctor i choose.
So here's a little information about me....
I'm 19 years old and i'm currently in my first year of university /(college as american's say)
I began to notice how disproportionately large my nose was in comparison to the rest of my facial features at the age of about 13, and have wanted to get rhinoplasty from the age of about 15. I'm hoping to get the procedure done when i'm about 20/21, so next year, to give me time to save e.t.c
I have seen a lot of great reviews here on realself and been able to ask questions to other members about their procedures..e.t.c, that has been a great help for me..... and so my journey begins.... :)

i've Finally upload photos... even though my eyes are covered, lol

..and two more

Two Years on and still haven't taken the leap!!!

So its been 2 years since i last updated my profile. I've been on the site quite often to check the progress of others and carry on researching doctors but i havent gotten round to taking the leap. Its not that i'm having second thoughts, in fact i want it more than ever now! its more an issue of balancing financial constarint with fining a quality surgeon that gives me the results that i want. My definite top pick when ibegan my journey was Dr baner; whilst i still really like him and would be happy for him to perform my surgery!, i'm well to concious of financial constaint and distance to the US. i've heard alot about a Dr oelbrandt from belgium; I've seen a few before and after pictures from his procedure and i'm quite impressed, and all the online reviews about him that ive seen are positive. Also, belgium is not very far from the UK and so travelling alone abroad for surgery seems alot less daunting for me. I wish i had someone to go with me to my surgery.... that will make the whole process of going abroad and recovery alot easier for me.
Anyway, dr oelbrandt is really getting me thinking at the moment. Today, i sent an email to enquire about a consultation with him, and i'm awaiting the response. My hope is to have the procedure done by the end of next year! i wish i could do it closer but again, the financial constraint is always an issue for a full time student like me :(. i will have the consultation and hopefully that makes everything feel more real for me. i'll try to update this platform more often and upload pictures.

I've booked my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt

So its 2016 (Happy new year!) and I've booked my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt For January 9th. I'm Hoping to get this sugery done by march (if i'm fully saved up), because i'm graduating this summer and want the swelling to be significantly reduced by then. Its all become more real now that i've booked my consultation, and i know it will only become more real when i actually meet the doctor. But this has been a long way coming and i'm ready to take the leap! If there are any others out there who are considering Dr Oelbrandt or who have had sugery with him, please leave comments below or message me privately, it will be really reassuring to have someone in the same boat as me lol. Im looking foward to my consultation! i have some wish pics ready to show him and I'm in the process of researching on questions to ask him.
wish me luck! :)

Wish Pictures!!!!!

I will be showing Dr Oelbrandt all these pictures during my consultation this saturday. I chose these because i see strong similarities with my nose in the before pictures, and i think the results are incredible! All the surgeons that did these are in america, but im hoping to get results close to this on my side of the atlantic lol.
I will be happy for anyone to suggest questions that i can ask Dr Oelbrant during my consultation :)

Nearly 3 weeks after consultation with dr Oelbrandt

Hey everyone, I've been getting many messages regarding my consultation; I'm really greatful to everyone that is following my journey. I took a few weeks of to gather my thoughts and deliberate on my decision. Not because i'm having second thoughts; but because its really difficult to take such a massive step, and its important to come to terms with the risks associated with such a massive surgery! Also i've been bombarded with work this past few weeks and needed a minute to organise myself.
So i had my consultation with Dr Oelbrandt on 9th January. My appointment was for 6pm but I arrived over an hour late:(, (the trains and buses were not on my side and that was my last day in London for a while so i had to get alot done.)
I called his receptionist, who asked that i continue to make my way. When I arrived there were a couple of people waiting at the reception, and there was a young friendly receptionist.
I hadnt been told the cost of consultation until arrival (despite asking severally via email) and so i had to walk to the nearest cashpoint to withdraw money. The consultation charge was £40.
I was given a form to fill out regarding my contact details, age, reasons for wanting surgery, and some general health questions. Whilst filling out the form i got chatting with the receptionist about the procedure i wanted e.t.c
Then I went in to the consultation room to see the doctor. He asked me what procedure I wanted and took some photos of my face. He stepped out of the room quite a few times to get cofee and grab some snacks (which i initially thought was unprofessional but then i realised that it was about 8pm at this point and this was probably because his day was supposed to have ended and i came so late and was the last person of the day)
I showed him some pictures of what I wanted and told him what i wanted.
He kept on enphasising that i should be aware that because of the thick nature of my skin a dramatic change may not be achieved, and i should always remain aware of this.
I told him that, i wasnt looking for such a change. I wanted my bridge brought in and a slightly smaller version of the tip that i already have (in terms of shape). He told me what he would do to achieve this results but he was unable to show me similations because he had recently got a new pc and the app was yet to be installed, so he asked that i come back for a free follow up appointment to get my similations done.
He also kept emphasising about how young I was and what my parents thought about my decision, who i had told etc, and he suggested that i come with my mum on my next appointment if i wanted to (but thats not gonna happen lol).

So like i mentioned earlier i took a few weeks to think about things. If all goes to plan I will hope to get my procedure done in march. But i also thought about what exaclty i want done; and i realised that ulimately the change i want are subtle, the main thing will be for my wide bridge to be brought inward (without having those fake looking contour lines that some surgeons give lol), my nostrils SLIGHTLY reduced, so that they can maintain thier natural round shape, and my tip slightly reduced through defattening and a collumellar strut graph. In terms of my profile i font want a significant change, I know that it will starighten out slightly due to the brigde infracture and the nasal tip graft but i DONT want to look like a different persin lol. I essntially want a slightly smaller nose that the one that i have, and i realise now that i'll rather be conservative than end up with a completely different nose that makes me look like someone else! I will emphasie and reiterate this points with DR Oelbrandt when i go to get my similations done.
Anyways, i'm rambling now. Thanks again to everyone who messaged me to check how my consultation went. I am yet to set a date for my second consultation, but i will update it on here once i do.

Second Consultation QUICK UPDATE)

I have booked a second consulation for the 6th of march, after which i hope to book a surgery date for hopefully end of march or early april because thing get crazy after this period) but that will be based on the availability of the surgeon, and im aware that he is always quite busy

I've booked a date!

So I've booked a surgery date!!! I have booked it for May 19th! i am super happy and super nervous but i know its the right decision for me! Anyone who has any questions can go ahead and ask. Also, if anyone has any advice for me on what to buy pre surgery to reduce swelling and boost healing please let me know, because i have to start thinking about getting all of those bought from next month. :)

Issues with review

Hi, just a quick disclaimer lol. I am having my surgery with DR Bert Oelbrandt of Singleberg Clinic in Belgium. This website won't let me change location from baltimore (which is where i was previously considering) .
Also, it shows that I've already done the surgery, But i am yet to.

Booked my train ticket!

So My surgery is about a month away now and I've just booked my train ticket! its all getting so real now. I remember back in 2013 when i discovered this website and used to come on here and look at peoples reviews, results etc ; and i never thought it was going to happen for me because i didnt know if I had the confidence to take such a huge leap; especially when the very few people you have told are not soo keen on the idea and don't understand why you want to go under the knife for a cosmetic procedure when "nothing is broken". Nobody has really said anything negetive about my nose in years and i get complemented on beign pretty. But its a personal thing! I am the one that doesn't like my nose! noone has made me not like it... I just want a small change to make it more fitting for my face and features; and finall, after all this time I'M GOING TO GET IT DONE! It would have been great to have a travel buddy, because going abroad to a country you have never been, especially for surgery is very daunting! but i just keep reminding myself what an impact this procedure will have on my personal confidence, and the hassel of it all seems worth it.
I hope it all goes well and I'm greatful for the support i've been getting on here! I will be updating on here alot more as my surgery draws nearer and post surgery also. So please keep the positive comments coming and do not hesitate to ask me any questions at all.


Buying things pre surgery for my recovery post surgery...

So my surgery is just under a month away now, and i've started to order/buy thing that i will need to help me with my recovery. So far i've ordered:
Arnica cream
Arnica tablets
Medical tape
antiseptic soap (as advised by my doctor especially for my pre surgery shower)
thermomer (as advised by my doctor to check my temprature in the first week/avoid infection)

I'm going to pick up pain killers, cutton buds (for cleaning my nostrils post surgery appararently) and face wipes.
Does anyone have any other suggestions for what i need to pick up. I want my recovery to be as smooth as possible. My surgeon said that he can prescribe antibiotics for me when i arrive in belgium, but that its not a neccessity to take antibiotics.
Any suggestions?

Arrived in Belgium!

So my surgery is about 6hrs away right now. I can't believe it! From the moment I got into the train I kept asking myself if I'm actually doing this and how I had gotten to this point lol. I'm checked into the hotel quite late at like 12:15 am. And I took about an hour to sort myself out for tommorow. The cab is coming to collect me at 7:40 am in the morning as my surgery is at 9am and I'm required to arrive 30 minutes before. As I'm alone, I'll be updating on here very regularly through my stay. My surgery is this morning 19th/05 at 9am and I'm staying in Belgium till the 23rd. I'm excited and nervous; I just hope it all works out.

I did it! Surgery day update! Day 1 post op

So I had my operation earlier today. The swelling is not soo bad at the moment even though I took a nap in the hotel when I got back. So fingers crossed it won't swell any more than this. I've been able to see my nostrils whilst changing the gauze and to be honest I'm note soo happy. They look triangular and completely different from my previously circular nostrils which I specifically asked to be maintained. I know it's just day 1 and the tampons are still in my nose; but I can't help but slightly fear that they are going to remain this way. I hope not! Otherwise I'm doing fine back in my hotel. My mouth and throat are soo dry because I'm having to breath through my mouth because of the tampons in my nose. But my doctor said that I can remove the tampons tommorow. Hopefully breathing will be back to normal then. I'm also still breathing from one of the incisions at the left side of my nostril; also the incision on my ear is still slightly bleeding (because abit of cartilage was taken from my ear to be used on my nose tip. I have not felt nauseated at all which is great and probably due to the twilight anastasia used.

4 days post op

So it's the 22nd of may and I got my surgery done on the 29th. Swelling is still pretty bad especially in my eyes and cheeks but nostril stitches are healing.
My main complaint on my first day post op was the triangular shape of my nostrils but that seems to be improving; and I hope it becomes more and more circular as time goes on. As far as my profile is concerned it looks way too projected at the moment and there seems to be a hump on it especially on the right side; I hope all of these are just part of the swelling/ caused by the cast.
I can't wait for the swelling on my face to go down because I miss my normal face lol especially my eyes, they are so puffy and swollen at the moment. I getting the train back to the UK from Belgium tommorow evening which I'm kind of looking foward to because I'm kind of over this hotel room lol. But just thought I'll quickly update on here about my progress so far.

Not Happy!

So guys i took off my cast today.... and I'm really unhappy!! I feel like this last few days since having my sugery have been so draining emotionally and physically and I'm really struggling and regreting my decision as the days go on. I definitely still would have wanted my nose done, but the experience/results Im seeing are soo depressing.
So its day 6 and I took off my cast. The swelling around my eye area has been real and still is! Particularly my right eye. The good news is that my nostrils are not as triangular as the did when the tampons were in but i noticed that once i took them out. When my surgeon called me in for my preop on the day of my sugery, he said that he couldnt narrow my tip because my ears were too small to be used for a tip graft ... even though we had discussed this in my previous consultations and I had suggested that I didnt mind both ears beign used for grafts. He suggested that he used a metpor implant, which I refused again, like i did in the previous consultions. I saw this as a window to relay my expectations to him. I told him that i was very happy and comfortable with my profile, and that I didnt want much change there, but was aware that to reduce the tip some mild raising may occur, which I was okay with as long as it was MILD. I told him that I wanted my nostrils, slightly reduced whilst maintaining thier naturally round shape and my bridge brought in alongside the mild reduction in my tip. Therefore, i wanted a slightly smalle version of my nose. He said okay, but that in that case I shouldn't expect some of the definitions that he had shown me of pictures from some of his other patients. I gladly accepted and agreed!

So after the on day 1 of my rhinoplasty, i began slighthly panicking from the triangular shape of my nostrils, this resolved slightly after I took out the tampons in my nose on day 2. But one thing I noticed from day 1 was how heavily projected my nose profile had become! initially i tried to comfort myself by saying it was the cast that made it so prominent etc. But upon taking off the cast today, I am soo depressed and confused because whilst the front profile looks okay, my side profile make me look like pinocchio... i know that sounds funny but i cant even laugh, i am soo depressed right now.
I feel like my sadness is also coupled with the fact that at day 6 i still look soo unrecognisable to myself. I hope its only swelling, but my eyes look completely different. i have large bold circular eyes and now they look more triangular and small. Also my stitches ae still soo visible and are not dissolving at all for day 6. I'm so depressed and self concious that i'm stuck in my flat because i don't want people to see me and see how different I look. I wanted subtle changes that will almost unnoticable to most people. But the overprojected pinnochio profile coupled with the completely different eyes and extremely visioble alar and collumela sutures I am officially so depressed right now.
Also!! My vision has become blurry and i cant really see from afar, which i could before. I noticed this particularly on my way back from belguim yesterday when i was looking at the train boards. My eyes are constantly irritated and my tear ducts are blockd because i can even tear up when Im crying about how depressed i feel. I know this is such a rant, but I cant rant to my mum because she was quite against this and the other person that i told is helpful but is really busy and doesnt really understand the whole rhinoplasty thing per say.
It would be really nice if i could get some encouragement/ stories from others, has anyone else experienced something like this???
DR Oelbrandt

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