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I have a consultation with Dr Boahene on the 15 th...

I have a consultation with Dr Boahene on the 15 th Jan in regards to a rhinoplasty. This is a procedure I have always wanted done and at the age of 28 I have decided to give my body a major overhaul and renovation. I like to call the whole process "Project Phoenix"

I have an authentic Black Caribbean nose, which consists of a wide round nose, with little to no bridge and thick skin.
My siblings don't have these features to the extent I have them, but I got the genes straight from my mother and father to the highest extent.

This coupled with my family often thinking it's cute to pinch my button nose as a child and indeed even at 28 years old, it has always made me very self conscience of my nose. Coupled with regular nose bleeds and a cricket ball to the nose at the tender age of 7, it has made me wonder why my nose didn't match my face.

These are the things I feel are wrong with my nose:
There is a weak bridge definition and so it gives me a funny piggish look from certain angles.
My nose tip is much too round to fit my face and I can only take nice pictures from certain Angles, as the light has a definite knock on effect with how my nose looks to me.

My nostrils flare out too much when I smile and the attention of my face is focused primarily on the circus attraction which is my nose.

It's nearly impossible to contour my nose when I want to put on make up and even make up artists find it difficult to contour my nose and I really don't want to pay ££'s each time I want to go out or look dazzling.

My new job will place me in the spotlight a lot more and I will need to be able to hold my own and feel confident about myself.
I will put up pictures of my nose so you guys can see my nose. Please forgive me I currently have flu, so make up is not even an option, my heads tied and I'm au naturals right now.
Embrace the natural look people. Lol!!!

Changes I want to my nose.
I want to have a bridge, de bulk the skin on my nose.
Straighten the tip of my nose and make it smaller, as well as have rounder nostrils and hopefully increase my breathing capability.

I want small changes that will cause a clever effect to the ways light plays on my face, as well as the angles of taking pictures, not to be a problem for me.

I do also want to fix the dark circles under my eyes and hopefully have some lipo on my chin to destroy this double chin.

My face is heart shaped, so even the smallest amount of weight gain effects my face and it really shows.

The swollen look is definitely not the one!

I must say that I dislike the idea of using rib or ear cartilage, so an implant would be a better option for me. If I must take the rib cartilage route then I will, but I'm praying there is enough in my nose.

I will definitely be going with Dr Boahene as I have watched his work and seen how he has managed to create artwork from various canvas'.
I love his artwork and dedication, plus he has the most experience with my type of nose, plus it makes sense to me that I would go to a surgeon who knows what he's doing and just so happens to match my ethnicity too.

When I see black people with no bridge, thick skin, going to him, them having wonderful reviews on various sites, it makes me think this guys knows what he's doing.

The only downside is of course the communication with his secretary, I know he's busy but my God, my experience with her correspondence is at best a sourish experience.
I did have a Skype interview planned for November which due to the 5 hour time zone difference from London to Baltimore, I was up past 2 am waiting for this consultation which I was excited about.
Up till 2 am thinking he was just late, it was only weeks after I had damn near stalked him, that I was told of him being asked to help on a surgery.
I wouldn't have minded, just let me know even a simple email or text would have sufficed.

I don't think I was being unreasonable, but that's now water under the bridge, but just be warned and make sure the secretary knows you aren't joking. I will let you guy know how the consultation goes on Wednesday and I will also let you guys know the date of surgery too.

This may be tricky as I will be having a BBL in March and wanted to have the rhinoplasty in the second week of May latest Is this too soon?
My birthday is late May, so I wanted to complete the transformation ASAP.

Bag Snob your reviews have really helped me.

Will update you all soon!
Happy new year!!!

Just updating you all with some pictures

As you can see from the pictures my nose is a pickle.

I like to call it how I see it, the truth is always harder but sometimes funnier!!

I have no make up on so don't cry people.
I am also uploading pictures of how I would like my nose to look.

I basically want to achieve the ability to not have to contour my nose, as I dislike wearing too much make up.

I want a nose that will compliment my eyes lips forehead, cheeks, chin and one that will create a harmony with my features.

The surgeries that I am having aren't life changing, that aspect starts in my mind, the surgeries give me a kick start to up keeping and motivation as my time money and effort will be required.

Tha Consultation

Hey ladies,

Just sending a quick update seeing as I'm very busy.

I am glad to say that I had the consultation with Dr Boahene.
It was very relaxed and he was very calming, unrushed and extremely focused in the conversation.

Now, I have read reviews and had always slightly doubted the genuine nature of the Doctor's when people spoke of the amount of time and focus given when in a consultation. I can say that I was pleasantly surprised and a little awe struck that I was talking to THE Dr Boahene, that I had trouble contacting for such a long time.

Dr Boahene introduced himself and asked me if I was interested in rhinoplasty, to which I confirmed.
He also asked me why I had chosen to have a consultation with him, to which I explained that I had researched his work on ethnic noses with thick skin and told him my own opinion if his work. Dr Boahene, modestly accepted my evaluation if his work and thanked me.

He then asked me a question that blew me away.

What do you like about your nose?

My mouth made a little O of surprise as I racked my brain for things I liked about my nose, to which I replied "it's unique?"

He said all of his clients have problems stating what they liked about their nose, so I shouldn't feel ashamed. It's seems my lack of a response is common.

I was then asked what I disliked:

Which was the bulbous tip,
The wide nostrils
The thick skin
The width if the nose
Lack of bridge.
I disliked the flare of my nose when I smiled and the fact that the light hit my nose in unflattering ways, which made my face less photogenic.

He asked me to slowly turned my head so he could see my profile as I turned my head left to right.
He suggested that in order to improve my nose, he would build a bridge and create definition, to give my nose a contoured look.

He also wanted to narrow my nose by bringing in my nostrils.
He will debunk the skin on my nose to allow for greater definition for the tip of my nose, but he would be careful as to avoid the pinched look.

Dr Boahene did warn me that he needed a lot of cartilage for the bridge and he knew that I wouldn't have enough in my nose for his needs, so he wanted to take that cartilage from my rib.

I squirmed to which he laughed and assured me that there were ways to collect cartilage from less painful places, as we have an extra rib which is lower on the rib age than the rest which is easier to access and slot less painful to use.
He also suggested the option of buying a rib and using the cartilage from this rib if I was so against taking from my own body.

I liked this option and said that I would consider this and email him my answer. I will probably go with this option seeing as it is the hassle free option.

I was then given the chance to ask questions.
I asked how long would it be recommended for me to stay in Baltimore?
8 - 12 days usually.

Do single travellers need nurses with then after surgery and if so, how long!
The first 24 - 48 hours a nurse is required to be with the patient. They will take you home, check on you and help with small tasks that you cannot do properly.

Will there be any scarring?
There may be some scarring but this is minimal and are hidden within the natural creases of the nose as well as inside the nose.

How long will the surgery take?
The surgery will take approx 2 hours.

Where is the best place to stay for accommodation as I'm an out of town patient?
A list of hotels and accommodation will be provided as well as a list of nurses.

All in all, my mind was set at ease and I was given alot of information and the genuine sense that Dr Boahene was definitely in control and knew what he was doing.
He was adamant about making small changes to enhance my nose to compliment my face.
I told him the strong need for me to retain my ethnic identity and he spoke to me about the importance of the way that light and shade play on the features.
He explained how he would manipulate my nose in order to fully allow the light and dark to work with the natural harmony and planes of my face.

The Skype connection did cut out once, but it was tee stablished immediately, so not the dr's fault.
I was very happy with the consultation as I had done a lot of research prior to this.

I have decided that I will be going ahead with the Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Boahene and I will let you guys know the date once I get the full list and availability from his secretary.

I have emailed a few more questions to him, which I will update you all on as soon as he replies.

I hope this review has helped!

Date all set for my rhinoplasty

Hi guys,

I just wanted to update you all on the progress of my rhinoplasty.
I will be having surgery on May 23rd, which also happens to be my birthday as well.
It will be a memorable birthday present let me tell you!
It's not everyday that you get to mark a birthday with surgery.
It seems that there is a consultation on the Wednesday which is the 21st where I talk through what I want as well as give pictures of noses I like and just generally talk about the procedure and aftercare.

For those who have read my earlier blogs, I have decided to go for the option of buying a rib, instead of using cartilage from my own body. This to me is not a bad thing in my opinion as I'm much too squirmish to go through the procedure.
There is a considerable cost to buying a rib, which is 700 dollars, yes people feel my pain!!

There is a method to my madness regarding buying a rib. For those who aren't aware, I will be having a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure in late March and do not like the idea of having any more surgery near any potential lipo sites to disturb any healing that will be taking place.

I know some of you may think that I am mad by doing two surgeries so close to each other, but they way I see it is, if there was any time in my life I needed to make changes to myself, now would be the best time to do it and everything is in my favour to do it.

I am excited and can't wait, hopefully in the next two weeks I can have my accommodation and flights sorted out.
I will of course let you know which nurse I choose to stay with me for the first 48 - 72 hours and the rates for them, as well as a review on this.

For single travellers, you will be required to have a nurse with you for 24-48 hours. This is mandatory not optional.

I have no received an answer from Dr Boahene regarding my questions, but as it is the weekend I don't expect anything till around Tuesday.

Once he replies I will update you guys!

My mind is now blank, so... See ya!

Q &A with Dr Kofi Boahene

Hi Guys,

As promised, I said I would give you the list of questions that I asked Dr Boahene about my rhinoplasty procedure.
Some of these questions are from the community page regarding suitable questions to ask your surgeon:
Here are a list of my questions below:

q1: Will my surgery require the Open or closed technique?
A: i usually use a hybrid of the 2 techniques.

q2: What type of anaesthesia do you use and why?
A: intravenous sedation and quick recovery. the anesthesiologist will discuss this with you morning of surgery

q3: Where will the radiated rib come from?
A: The Tissue bank university of Miami hospital. they specialize in this. we purchase it only after i have seen you for consultation and it is delivered the day before the surgery

q4: What are the potential risk associated with rhino for clients who have noses like mine?
A: prolonged swelling is the main issue managed with time and steroid.

q5: How long do you think swelling will take to go go down?
A: in phases..allot is gone after 3 months but depending of skin refinement take up to a year. you will however see immediate change

q6: how long before I can commence low impact exercise?
A: 2 to 3 weeks

q7: Are there any foods that I should avoid to help wit the healing process?
A: No. alcohol

I will of course ask more questions, as and when they come into my head.
Hope this helps guys!

Accommodation and flights.

Hi guys.
It's been a while and I'm here thinking about the rhinoplasty and hoping that everything will be fine.
I have been excessively organised and have decided on my accommodation and already organised the airline and dates of departure.

The only thing that I want to do is put down a deposit for the accommodation as the booking is for late May. Is it unreasonable for me to want to only pay a deposit now as opposed to the full price of £887? As the place is soooooo nice and I don't want it to get away, kinda impatient to wait till the end if the month / early mech tbh.

I will be taking British Airways from Heathrow and Landing at Baltimore. I'm thinking of upgrading to first class as it will be my birthday too. I will actually be having my rhinoplasty on my birthday. When they said they had that date, I just had to have it, thought it was fate! Lol

I was also thinking that it would be excellent to find a carer for the first three days for like 4 -6? hours each day till for three days, till I'm back on my feet properly. I only need the help in regards to cleaning my nose, making sure I take my tablets at the right time and eating the right foods. Most of the rest of things I am more than able to do myself. Especially if I get to do some serious grocery shopping.

Can anyone recommend a taxi or cab service as I will be travelling alone?

Can anyone recommend a carer or company that can help with my requirements?

Where are the best places to order take away as I like all different types if food, but I want to stay away from the usual pizza and fried chicken. I'm trying to keep this healthy and organic as possible.

If anyone could help I would be grateful!

Update y'all

Hi Beautiful Ladies,

I must apologise for being so MIA but a woman had business to attend to. So a lot of you ladies have been asking me about photos regarding my nose and I have yet to have my surgery.

My cousin passed away unexpectedly a few days ago and it really knocked me for six, so I will have to push back my rhinoplasty till either July or August I'm still waiting for definite confirmation.

I will definitely be uploading pictures for all to see. I will also make sure I do before and after pictures. I will be posting daily about the recovery so you all know what to expect as well as a review of the whole process.

I am truly grateful for the support a lot of you ladies have given me, it means a lot to me.
I want to also add that those who believe me to be ugly, that is also an opinion but I have no use for it.
I am far from ugly, I am having surgery to help highlight my own natural beauty. I'm not being made to look different at all.

Ladies we are all beautiful and having any type of elective surgery should not be seen as a person transforming from ugly to pretty.

Beauty starts and ends from within.

Be blessed!
Baltimore Facial Plastic Surgeon

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