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I had my consultation with Dr. Kumar about a month...

I had my consultation with Dr. Kumar about a month ago. My insurance has approved my surgery and I am scheduled for surgery on June 6. I have struggled with back, and shoulder pain for years, and I think that it's time to do something about it. I'm both anxious and excited. There were no pictures on Dr. Kumar's practice website, nor did he show any pictures during the consult, however the practice he works for was highly recommended by my doctor. I will keep y'all posted through this process.

2 days post opp

I had my reduction on June 6th. The staff at St. Agnes were amazing and made me feel so comfortable. I don't even remember when I was given the anesthesia. When I woke up, I wasn't in any pain, however I felt dizzy and nauseous. It was impossible to eat and old food down, so I think the only think I ate was a few crackers on day one. I was given drains which are a pain. I cannot wait until they can be removed. Dr. Kumar saw me befor I left the hospital and providing me with further instructions. Dr. Kumar does not have a lot of personality, but I can truly say that he made me feel comfortable and he really listens to what the patient wants. One thing I will say about Dr. Kumar is to know what you WANT. He takes what you say into consideration down to the T right until he draws his markings. I haven't had to take to much of the pain meds, however it does help to relax you and ease the tension from so much sitting.

4 days post opp

So it's been four days and it's getting better each day. I am, however starting to feel more pain where the stitches are at. It's also very itchy after I shower. My breast are still very swollen. I think the worst part about it all is the drains. I cannot wait until the drains come out. Dr. Kumar took 1100 grams out of the left breast and 1200 grams out of the right. He said that's about 2 or 2 1/2 pounds off each side. I do feel a great deal of relief on my shoulders. I think I'm starting to go through a stage of uncertainty. I have had large breast for so long, it has become weird to see them so small. I sometimes wonder if this will be a decision I will regret. I know I could just possibly be in shock right now, and although I am having mixed emotions, the amount of back and shoulder relief is AMAZING. I will continue to keep you updated.

8 days post opp

So it's been eight days since my surgery and things are going well. I went to the doctor today and they removed the drains finally. It didn't hurt at all to have them removed. I was a little anxious about it after reading other reviews, but I honestly didn't feel anything. They also changed the steri strips today which was a little painful. I'm glad they changed them because all I could smell was blood and sweat. I didn't see Dr. Kumar because he was on vacation. I saw his colleague Dr. Grace and one of the PA's. Dr. Grace was very quick. I think I like Dr. Kumar because although he personality is professional and strict, as a patient I could tell that he cares and wants what's best for his orient. The office was also very crowded today with patients, and the CNA that was on staff was so rude. Overall my experience with the office has been good, and I am loving the job that Dr. Kumar has done so far

16 days post op

So today I went to my second follow- up appointment and things are going well. I am 16 days post op and I feel great. Dr. Kumar was great as usual. Today I went to his Columbia office, which I like much better. The nurses there are awaome, and Suzie who works out of both of the offices is always pleasant. Today I had the steri strips taken off. It feels funny to have them off, I don't feel as secure, but Dr. Kumar stated that my healing is going well and I can start scar massages. I barely feel any pain and I constantly have to remind myself that I need to still be careful, and not raise my harms or make sudden movements, as I am still healing and the wombs can still open up.

21 days post op

So it's been 21 days since my sugery and things are going well. I am out and about, and will be returning to work next week. I have noticed that there are some openings on my right breast, but I put steri strips over the wombs and hopefully they will close. Now that things are settling I am noticing that my right breast is bigger than the left and hangs lower. I can actually see my scars on the left breast without lifting the breast, but in the right breast I have to left it to see the scars. I also noticed that the scars in the right breast are thicker and raised. I know it's still early in recovery so I am going to patiently wait and see if anything changes. I will keep updating and I will post moreThe pics soon.

1 month post op

I am one month post op and so far things have been going well. I recently noticed a yellow fluid coming from my right breast at the incision. The doctor stated that it's fluid still leaking from something called a Seroma. I have had a few red areas that look like a scratch, but no open wombs. I am still praying that I don't get any open wombs. The right breast has probably had the most problems, and I really don't like they way the doctor stitched the right breast. I recently started putting Shea butter and bio oil on the scars, but I decided not to continue with the scar massage because my breast are very irritated and develop red marks that look like freshly burnt skin. I'll continue with the scar massages when I'm closer to 7 weeks post op. I also don't like how the middle of my breast look, but I do like the shape, and the fact that they are perky. Overall, so far I am satisfied with the results. I will continue to post updates.

2 months post op

So I am 8 weeks out and things are going well. I recently had to make a doctors visit because I had stitches poking through. It caused some swelling and extreme irritation and some pain. Dr. Kumar pulled the stitches out and it was a huge relief. My scars are raised but they still look good. I have been doing scar massages and using bio oil, Shea butter, and Mederma. I don't like the Mederma because it's sticky and flakes. I am going to try Bio corneum next. I still have a little bit of swelling. There are still spots on my left breast that are num. hopefully as time goes on the feeling will come back. I do have sensation in both nipples. I no longer have any restrictions and life is back to normal. My right breast is larger than the left but I still love the result

Almost 5 months

So it's been about 16 weeks since my surgery and things are going well. I feel like I'm getting bigger and bigger with each month. The doctor said they would get smaller but they are definitely getting bigger. I can fit D and DD bras. Anything is better then what I was before. I haven't felt back pain since the day of surgery and it's amazing. My scars are starting to soften and the redness is slowly going away. The scars are still thick, however I am very happy that they haven't keloided and hopefully they won't. I have been using bio oil at night and coco butter in the morning. The mederma didn't work and left my skin itchy and flakey. I purchased Bio coredum but it did the same thing as The mederma. I think the scars will naturally fade over time. Over all I am very happy with my results. Hopefully they won't continue to get bigger.

Final check in with Dr. Kumar. 6 months later and loving my breast

Today was my final appointment with Dr. Kumar. I can truly say that this has been a pleasant experience. My recovery went well, I am healing well, and I am truly happy with my results. The decision to get a breast reduction was one of the best decisions that I ever made and I am so happy that I decided against it 3 years ago, because I would have went with another doctor. Dr. Kumar and staff have been great the entire way. My scars are starting to flatten more and the redness is almost completely gone. I still use the bio oil and massage the scars twice a week. I still have some achy pains in the morning but it's tolerable. I also have some pain on the right breast we're the incision line is at when I wear a wire bra, but I expect that will diminish with time. I will say though, my breast are very itchy at times, but it's nothing that the bio oil and massage doesn't fix. My breast are a great size. I no longer have back pain and my posture has significantly improved.
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Dr. Kumar was professional and friendly. He answered all of my questions and encouraged me to ask more questions. His nursing staff was also very friendly. His front office staff is a little dry, but overall the experience during my consult was pleasant.

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