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Okay ladies, next month is the big day. And it's...

Okay ladies, next month is the big day. And it's coming so fast! I keep thinking what size I should go to. i don't want to be top heavy at all, and I don't want it to look obvious that I had it done. I wear a 34b but Victoria's Secret and Nordstrom is saying I'm a 34c! Ugh, I already picked my sizes, 405 moderate and 454 moderate plus, i hope that reaches me to a small d, nothing too huge, i want to be proportional. I'm 5'6, 140 pounds and I'm curvy. Ladies please share your experiences with me! Because everyone says "they wish they had gone bigger!"

Sorry ladies I meant 405 and 455** 405 on my left...

Sorry ladies I meant 405 and 455** 405 on my left and 455 on my right.

Less than a month!

So, its pre op is less than a month away! July 2nd is the day, then 3 weeks after is the DAY!! Woot woot! Time is flying by really fast. I'm still going with the same sizes, 405 moderate on my left and 455 moderate plus on my right. Im debating if i shoud go moderate plus on both, because i believe moderate is a lower profile, and i dont want one to be dropping more than the other. One saggy boob and one perky one looks kinda odd to me, but idk!? I seen both of them and they look exactly the same, one is just a little wider than the other. I guess i'll find out for my pre op! Hey do you ladies also know how many days or weeks we are suppose to not drink any alcohol before surgery? I'm not quite sure, I'm debating if I should go to Miami for 4 Days! We'll see though, I'm definately excited!!!

Pre Op.

So, pre op visit was yesterday. PS fees all paid in full! Hospital fees go directly to the hospital. So final decison was 400 moderate plus left, and 450 moderate plus on right, mentor silicone gel, smooth implants. Decided to go with both moderate plus, was kinda uncomfortable with one being moderate and one moderate plus. 3 weeks from today is the big day! Time went by so fast, its crazy. PS says he's going to bring extra implant sizes in the surgery room just incase, sizes 400, 425 450 and 500. Just to make sure everything will be even! Gotta bring in a ideal picture of what I wanna look like too. I hope everyone is having a great day so far, and Happy 4th of July! (tomorrow) you know what I mean! lol

2 weeks!!!

can't believe surgery day will be 2 weeks from today! i keep going on this website more and more, makes me more excited. love to read everyones stories, and seeing everyones results! i learn more when im on here too, lol. so i havent gone bra shopping yet, because im assuming its smarter to go after surgery, ill know exactly what size ill be. then i gotta go swimsuit shopping, this is exciting! a month after surgery ill be in miami, so exicted, i can show these things off! haha. i never really introduced myself. i am 23 years old, and i have a precious daughter who is 2. she is everything! the only thing that will upset me is that i cant really play with her =( shes very active, and talking so much, she always wants my attention. i go back to work on august 5th, that should be enough covery time for me. i work at an office so the most moving i do is paperwork and answering phones. it shouldnt be that bad, i hope not. did anyone get a pain pump btw? im not getting one, and i didnt wannt pay an extra 400 just for something ill be using for a few days. also does anyone know any websites or stores to go swimsuit shopping?! im tired of victorias secret bikinis. i want something sexy, exotic looking. pref a thong bikini too =) i gotta fill my presciptions in, im gonna do that friday, and do grocery shopping. gotta get everything prepared. laundry gotta be done too. my boyfriend will be off for 2 days, im hoping 3 so he can take me back to my post op apt 2 days after surgery. the picture i just posted is draya michelle, i want mine to look just like that! and drop just like that! hers look so natural looking =)

heres a pic.

1 week already!

hey ladies!! so picked up all my precsriptions on monday, dont have them in front of me right now, but i have 4. one is for pain, one is for naseau, one i have to take 2 before the day of surgery, the other one.. completely forgot. lol. its coming so soon, cant wait! does anyone know what to bring day of surgery? i have to ask my PS, im not quite sure.. i really dont have much else to say, lol. the countdown begins!!!!


Good afternoon ladies! So they are here! Surgery yesterday was at 7:30am. Had to be there at 6 to fill out paperwork and meet with the nurses and anesthesiologist etc. everybody was so nice!! My surgery was located at northwest hospital. After I met with everyone I met with my surgeon to just go through the sizes, my post op apt is tomorrow so he will discuss what sizes he put. We planned from 400-500 mentor round silicone moderate plus. He did his drawings on me, inframmary incision and under the muscle. A nurse then came in and walked me to OR, I then laid on the operation table.. Everyone was so sweet, they gave me warm blankets to keep warm.. It was pretty cold in there. They then put a mask on me to breath oxygen, and our my anesthesia through my iv, all I remember was my surgeon massaging on my arm saying it will be just fine, then I was out!! 10am I was in the recovery room. Stayed there for about an hour then the nurse strolled me to my mothers car. I'm very surprised, pain is very minimul just very sore. I was eating Popeyes by the time I got home, lol. I'm waking every 2 hours for 5 minutes like my surgeon said. Everything is good so far, I'm eating, walking, using the bathroom etc. my boyfriend is so sweet. He helps me get off the bed when I need to and makes me dinner etc. I try not to eat too much because I hear you can be bloated and not take a crap! Lol I don't wanna get fat.. I'm drinking lots of water, fruits, and vegetables. I slept at 10pm last night and woke up at 11am this morning! I only woke up once last night. So far so good.. I have a high tolerance for pain.. So I honestly feel like I been working out my arms and chest. I've been watching funny movies, not a good idea lol.. Cause when you laugh it hurts lol. I'll let you all know about my post op tomorrow. I hope everyone is having a great day! Love you ladies!!!! xoxoxoxo

Post op pic.

2 days post op! Still very swollen


Where can I buy the front closure sports bra?! I need one ladies! Please and thank you!

Hey ladies!

How is everyone?! So it is 1 week post op already and I am doing great! Had my surgery last Wednesday and was already feeling good by Saturday, crazy huh? Stopped taking the pain medication.. Don't need them! Started massages the girls today. So I found out I have 400 moderate plus mentor silicone on my left and 500 on my right! Wow what a difference lol. I can't wait til they drop and fluff, soften up and jiggle lol. Ladies y'all were right! Go big or go home!!!!! I initially planned on 350, but planned on 400 and 450.... Wrong again. Wish I had done 500 on the left and 600 on the right! Yesssssss it's crazy. Going under the muscle seriously takes out 100cc of what you actually want.. That's what it looks like to me. But I can't complain! Their looking great so far. I go back to see my PS next Wednesday for my 2 week post op. also ladies, how often do you wear the band that goes over your chest? Because damn.. That is uncomfortable!!! I only wear it when I sleep at night... I wonder if its suppose to be an all day thing. But massaging them is great!!! I'll post pictures later. Hope everything is doing lovely!!!!!! xoxoxo


I meant I hope everyone is doing lovely! Lol sucks you can't edit your post!

Time for an update!

Hey ladies. So it's been over a week and a few days since surgery. Everything is going great! Go back to work on Monday. I've been massaging every day as much as I can. They been dropping great already! I think I'm going to do this surgery again.. Sadly. I'm just upset about the size, I wish I had gone bigger.. Very depressing lol. But here's a before and after pic girls! Hope everyone is doing great!

3 weeks!

its already been 3 weeks!! everything is going good. i can move my arms more.. and their dropping and fluffing! cant wait to see the final results! go to my 3 week post op today, to finally get the steri strips on my scars i believe. i hope everyone is doing good! ill post some pictures later! xoxoxo

4 weeks!!

Hey lovessss. How is everyone?! I'm already at 4 weeks and everything is back to normal !! I'm working faster, lifting things, the recovery was so easy y'all! It's definitely worth it! Dropping and fluffing, can't wait til they drop and fluff more, it's still pretty high! But it looks good. I hope everyone is doing great!! Love ya dolls xoxoxo


I know one nipple looks higher than the other, my ps said one implant is sitting higher than the other so I gotta massage my right one more than my left!

2 months post op!

2 months post op!

Hey ladies! I hope everyone is doing good. I've been so busy lately, havent had the time to really update. But I am 2 months post op, everything is GREAT! Of course I wish I had gone bigger, but I am satisfied. They actually got bigger after surgery too, I think that's normal, because they still have to drop and heal. So I was a 34D after surgery, now that I'm dropping and fluffing I am now a 34DD. I guess you have to wait a couple of months to get your final result and size. My PS said it will take 3-6 months to actually get your final result. But anyway, I hope everyone is having a good day. ITS FRIDAY RIGHT!!! =) Love yall.

6 months post op!

Hello ladies I am 6 months post op and looking and feeling great! Still wish I had gone a bit bigger but I can't complain! My doctor is amazing. I am still using mederma gel for my scars and also wearing my silicone sheets on them
Everyday, and my scars are getting flatter and the appearance is getting less noticeable. I hope everyone is okay!! Love y'all xoxo
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