1st Ever Plastic Surgery (Outer Thigh Lipo) - Baltimore, MD

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I am going for outer thigh lipo with Dr. Markmann...

I am going for outer thigh lipo with Dr. Markmann in 8 days (Feb 3, 2014). He said it would be a little over a liter total removed. So this isnt a *major* surgery, but I have never had any plastic surgery before so I don't totally know what to expect as far as recovery. I am basically expecting the worst so hopefully it wont be that bad! haha. I am nervous as anyone would be I'm sure, but also very excited! Decided to do it now so that by summer I can wear shorts (hopefully???)
I have been taking all of the recommended vitamins/supplements so hoping that will help. Haven't been drinking much alcohol (going to stop in a few days), trying to drink a lot of water. I've been preparing as best as I can. Any tried and true tips for smooth recovery are greatly appreciated!!! I don't know anyone who has gotten lipo, but have been reading a lot of reviews on here which is very helpful. Anyone have any insider advice for a first timer??

4 days to go... (before pic)

Here is a pic of me before. As you can OBVIOUSLY see my outer thighs are way out of proportion! Can't wait to finally get rid of them!! I REALLY hope he takes enough to make a difference. I will say that of course.
Fingers crossed!

PLEASE READ IF YOU'VE NEVER HAD PS BEFORE! A detailed account of outer thigh lipo.

Hey everyone, my surgery 10 days ago went fine and I am healing nicely. I wanted to mention a few things that may seem like small details, but that I did NOT expect. Nothing too major, but since this was my first plastic surgery I did not know what to expect at all. Here's how it went:
I had to get to the hospital at 6am, to me that is hella early so I was pretty out of it despite being nervous. The surgery was scheduled for 7:30am, I was first.
First thing was remove all your clothes put on a gown and shower cap, pee sample, and wait for a
nurse. The nurse was super nice thank god. They put all my stuff in a locker. I was very nervous and wanted to get it over with. But she asked me a LOT of medical history questions, seemed like a million. Then she put in an IV.
Then came more waiting. Next to come in was the anesthesiologist and 2 other ladies who I dont remember who they were, but they said they would all be in the operating room with me. They were kinda nice but seemed to be rushing a bit. They put these anti-blood clot white thigh-high stockings on me that are tight and ugly. I had no idea that I would have to wear these for 2 weeks!
More waiting, then came the surgeon Dr Markmann. He is a really nice guy, I like him a lot. He drew circles on my thighs with purple marker (which apparently NEVER comes off, still there after several showers). I was like "dont be modest!" Haha. He was like "I am going to make you look good".
I thought all that was nerve wracking but then came the scary part- they took me into the operating room which almost made me have a panic attack. It is just so scary in there. It was a huge room that is EXTREMELY bright with a stretcher in the middle. There are like 5 people looking at you. I felt like I was about to be abducted by aliens. I think they could see the fear in my face becuase they kept asking me what my name and birthday was (i guess to see if i was coherent?), I laid down face up on the table and one of the nurses put an anti anxiety med into my IV thank GOD which was instantly relaxing. They there was a man I never saw before who put a mask over my face, and thats all I remember.
I woke up in a dark room with a lady ( i think the anesth.) talking to me. I was very woozy of course. She was asking me stuff I think but I dont remember. All I remember is the pain. I am not gonna lie. I was very surprised how painful it was. I was told that they inject lidocaine with the tumescent fluid to decrease the pain and that it would feel kinda numb. IT DID NOT FEEL NUMB. My legs, butt, and lower back hurt sooo so much. No idea why my back hurt, but it certainly did. I remember asking the nurse why it hurt so bad and she said "you just had MAAJOR surgery". I was like duh. So I asked how long the pain would persist and she said "you just had MAAJOR surgery". I was like omg get out of my face bitch. I still wish she wouldnt have kept saying that. Then they wheeled me in the bed to my room (I had arranged ahead of time to stay the night). They kept saying "were about to go over a tiny bump!" and i was like ugggghh shut up just get me there. When I got into the hospital room I was relieved, I was like ok step one is over! But it hurt SO BAD that I started crying. I was literally sobbing. I was like DONT THEY HAVE DRUGS FOR THIS?!? I told the nurse I was embarrassed for crying. They seemed kinda annoyed with me. But I know they are just doing their job and have to deal with dozens of people per day.
I think they gave me pain killers via the IV cuz the pain definitely got less and I think I fell asleep. They brought me oxy-something and valium every 4 hours. I was in and out of sleep most of the day/night. I had to pee a lot. I peed in a bottle thing they gave me so I wouldnt have to sit on the toilet. They kept acting surprised how full it was? IDK why. I got up and took a few little walks every few hours. it was slow but fine. I am glad I stayed the night. I recommend it.
Here is somethng that really surprised me- everyone kept saying how there would be a lot of leakage. They said it would be a blood-tinged liquid. I was instructed to put a shower curtain on my bed and use old sheets and cover it with towels. I prepared all this ahead of time so I wouldnt have to worry about it when i got home. Well I am here to tell you I did not leak anything, AT ALL. Not a single drop. I was like whaaaaa? I called and asked if that was normal and they were like yeah, it just depends. i guess some people just dont!
Another thing I was surprised about was that inside my body suit there were foam pads. They are not absorbent pads, just like, rubbery foam. I did not know that I would have to keep them in there for 2 weeks. When you take off the suit to shower, it is VERY hard to get it back on while holding those pads in place. Almost impossible. And painful. It also makes me feel bad because it makes me look bulky. I cant wait to get rid of them! There is also a strip of tape under my butt on both sides which I am supposed to keep on still. I am not looking forward to getting it off honestly because it seems like it is superglued to my skin.
The first 4 days were the most painful. Not unbearable though. Basically it only hurts when you move haha. I got a leg elevation pillow online and I think it has helped, i like it.
On the 3rd day I went for my post op. It was the first time I'd taken off the suit/pads. I looked in the mirror and I could not believe it. It was totally transformed. I almost cried because I was so happy. I was so excited. The bruises were pretty gross, not black and blue at all but red and yellow and green.
I went yesterday for my 2nd post op. I was depressed because I was really swollen. It made me look kind of the same as before surgery. It made me feel really bad and I was kinda sad all day. He said it was quite swollen and I need to relax more and not do too much activity, and that it also depends on what you eat. So i looked up anti-inflammatory foods and got them all at the store last night. Praying the swelling goes back down soon, but it is supposed to last for 6 weeks :(
Anyway I feel fine besides that. It still hurts sometimes but def not as much and very manageable. I can drive and stuff. Last night was the first time I could sort of sleep on my side.
I know this is long but I really wanted to share- I scoured this site for detailed reviews before my surgery and it helped prepare me. Hopefully this will help you too. I will post a pic soon when its not as swollen, the bruises are going away now. :)

oh by the way..

... he took 800cc from each thigh! 1000cc = 1 liter, so yeah its a lot!! :)


(i mean, its not a lot for liposuction in general, but it is a lot for 1 area.)

1 more before pic, and pics from 3 days post-op

1. Here's a more accurate before pic with jeans on.
2. 3 days after. It is swollen of course but I can already see a difference!
3. 3 days after side view (hard to take a good pic of myself from the side). You cant really see a difference from the side but I wanted to show the damage. This was the worst of the bruising. Only got better from then on. Almost gone now (13 days post). I'm still wearing that tape (annoying) supposed to for 2 weeks. It holds your skin in place so it doesn't sag.
4. This is what the doc showed me was 800 cc's
I weighed myself yesterday (2 weeks post) and I am 3.5 lbs lighter.
(for reference, I am 5'6" heavy-ish build 155 lbs. My ideal weight is 150, and I'm 34 yrs old)

i think i forgot to upload the 4th picture

4. This is what the doc showed me was 800 cc's

I have only met with him twice so far (consultation and pre-op). I will be able to give you a more detailed review afterwards! I chose him because his credentials are really good. He is board certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery, The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Also because the procedure is done in a hospital. update: I am almost 2 weeks post. Everything is great so far. I can't tell yet how the results are exactly so I will update again once I've healed up!

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