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I am 46 years old. I have wanted larger breasts...

I am 46 years old. I have wanted larger breasts since my 20's but not implants. I met a girl from real self who had a fat transfer with this doctor. Since she lived in my area, she was willing to meet and showed me her great results. I scheduled surgery today for April 11th and began the Brava today.

I just hooked up to my 3 night of Brava. This...

I just hooked up to my 3 night of Brava. This thing is uncomfortable. The morning after the first night, I saw some swelling. This morning, I was very disappointed as the Brava seemed to give no results. I tried to make sure I had a good seal with the domes tonight. I realized that my breasts go outward & so should the domes as I thought they had to be in the middle. So, I am hoping that will help. Also, the first 2 nights, I only wore it for 8 hours. Tonight, I will try to go for 10 hours from here on out.
I am having liposuction done from the flanks and the thighs. Dr. Shermak says she does not need the fat from my thighs for the transfer but I would just like to have them done. Also, I do have some available fat in my abdomen if we should need to do a 2nd transfer so we are saving that area.
I am using Brava for 6 wks pre-op and plan to do 10 wks post op if I can stand it.
I am very excited but also very nervous & just hope it goes well. I wish we had more long term updates on these blogs. I will try to be diligent about updating my story over 1 yr, 2 yrs, 3yrs out so women know what to expect as this is an emerging procedure that is becoming more popular.

I have one month to go to surgery & I am very...

I have one month to go to surgery & I am very excited!! (nervous too)
Tomorrow, I will try to post updated photos after using Brava for a week.

Continuing w/Brava. Seeing swelling. Still feeling...

Continuing w/Brava. Seeing swelling. Still feeling hopeful & a little over 3 weeks to go before surgery.

I am finding as the tackiness of the domes wears...

I am finding as the tackiness of the domes wears out a little, the Brava is less annoying to wear. Thank God! It is interesting how the Brava makes your breasts stand up (like young breasts) and fills in the upper pole giving a very nice effect.
The aloe vera and calendula are really helping reduce the red marks on my chest. They are finally almost gone.

The Brava is really starting to show some nice...

The Brava is really starting to show some nice results now. I am getting some really good swelling & fullness. I am just SO antsy for my surgery day to come. It is still 3 weeks & 2 days away & it feels like it will never be here!

Well, I was considering moving up my surgery date...

Well, I was considering moving up my surgery date b/c at this pt, I am SO antsy to get this over! But I decided to wait & 3 wks feels like an eternity!! I am seeing good results w/Brava & have been avging 14-16 hrs wear a night. My nipples look lighter pink (almost whitish color) than normal so hopefully they return to normal after surgery. The sensitivity has changed as well. They are still sensitive in a good way but maybe not as sensitive. It is harder for me to take walks now ( I walk 4 miles, 6 dys wk) b/c the girls are sore. Brava is becoming slightly more comfortable now as the stickiness on the domes lessens & my skin is mostly healed except this one spot that I have trouble with. I have been wearing Bali Revolution Bras which give light support but stretch & are flexible. I got done my mammo, physical, etc everything is done for the surgery & paid so now I just keep using Brava & WAIT til it is my day! I have only told a couple people abt the surgery, others just that I was using Brava so if they see a difference, I can just say it was Brava. I am hoping I get good results like my friend who used this doc. Her breasts look gorgeous at almots 1 yr post op. It has been a blessing having her support & Beagle Baby from this forum to walk this journey with. My husband has been great too. I got a cheap, dark colored sweatsuit, zip down in case leakage, have made healthy soups, got Mesederm scar gel & also considering getting Scarguard for the lipo sites. I am trying to decide if I will need to order the extra large domes before the surgery for the new girls. I will wait til like a week before as right now I am pretty far from the end of the large domes. I am also very concerned that due to my age (46) that the weight from the new fat, may cause sagging and my nipples to turn downward. Right now, they are up but how will all the heaviness effect with my age/gravity. I really do not want to get a breast lift (do not like those vertical scars) s we'll see. My doc encourages walks starting the first day of surgery to prevent blood clots so I am excited about that as I LOVE to walk! No weights or yoga for 3 weeks but that is fine, it will be a nice break!

Last night, I used the 'black bulb/pump' for the...

Last night, I used the 'black bulb/pump' for the 1st time. Thanks to Beagle Baby on this forum who was so kind to send it to me. I could not get it with my Brava since I did not purchase from a ps. I saw VERY good results last night. I cycled 3 times. I am really having ALOT of trouble with my domes as all of the sticky stuff is coming off so I am hoping to get my new domes SOON! I am super excited and super NERVOUS about this procedure & beginning to feel sicker every day that it gets closer! I will put an updated Brava pic on soon & prior to surgery so that you can see how girls look prior to surgery. I would say right now, I am a small C with swelling in the am. 17 days left to surgery & the countdown is ON! Just 2 work weeks left and then it is my surgery week. I will be off the entire surgery week as I have to wear Brava for 24 hours a day on Mon-Wed with surgery being on a Thurs.

I can't believe I am finally under 2 weeks til...

I can't believe I am finally under 2 weeks til surgery. I can say, 1 week and 6 days, yay! Good results from Brava last night. Will post pre-surgery pics within 24 hours of the surgery to see final Brava results. We seem to have more women joining this section on real self which is great & I hope they will be willing to update long term with posts to educate and help other women.

I touched base w/my ps in prep for surgery. She...

I touched base w/my ps in prep for surgery. She offered for me to come in again to see her since its been a while since I've been using Brava. I decided not to go in b/c we are spending time on surgery day going over our surgical plan prior to the operation. Also, I feel very confident with her based on my friend's long term results. Dr. Shermak has also been available by email whenever I have questions. She promptly answers all of your questions so that you are comfortable. I had considered maybe not doing the extra lipo to the legs & the cost would then only be 5000 not 7800 but I really want to get my legs done. One thing that has been difficult is that I have been losing weight since I signed up for surgery. Not alot but I want to make sure I don't lose too much pre-surgery and I also do not want for that to effect the Brava results. I will post pics as soon as I am able after surgery.

10 days til surgery & so excited!! So far, I...

10 days til surgery & so excited!! So far, I am feeling strangely calm. I was nervous a couple of weeks ago. Brava is going great but I am concerned about using the pump based on Jenna's comment. So, we'll see.

Super excited and calm SO FAR. New pics w/Brava to...

Super excited and calm SO FAR. New pics w/Brava to come within a few days of surgery. We are having ALOT of new ladies joining our fat transfer forum, so cool! More women are getting this procedure & sharing, WE ROCK fat transfer chicks!!! LOL

I can't believe I am finally a week away from...

I can't believe I am finally a week away from surgery. It's crazy! I am the first surgery at 8:30am. My friend shared there is a CD called Successful Surgery that helps you relax & have a speedy recovery. I may consider getting it, not sure. Tomorrow is my last day of work before surgery so that I can wear Brava as much as possible for the 5 days prior to surgery. So exciting!

Okay so Jenna has brought to light a possible area...

Okay so Jenna has brought to light a possible area of concern. So, I contacted my doc. I spoke w/her via telephone. She says she has not heard of this and she is actually speaking next Fri-Sun at a conference for plastic surgeons on Brava & Fat transfer. I also called Khouri's office and they said they have not heard of it either. I called Dr. Tantillo's office who says it is true and they are not using Brava for now but are still doing fat transfers to the breast without Brava. The info they gave me was different & it was just that Brava did not have enough cases to prove that it was increasing the amount of fat retained, this is what they said at Tantillos. They said it was safe. It all seems very strange. My PS is still going ahead with my surgery as she has not heard this. This has caused me significant anxiety in worrying that my surgery would be cancelled after wearing Brava for the last 5 weeks. So, lets just put this to rest for now.

Brava tip for irritated skin is calendula cream is...

Brava tip for irritated skin is calendula cream is working very, very well. I am excited to post my updated Brava pics this weekend. Tonight was my last day of work prior to surgery so that I can wear Brava intensely.

I am done working now until 5/1 so just trying to...

I am done working now until 5/1 so just trying to use Brava as much as possible. The weather in Maryland is looking promising as we have high 60's and 70's coming which will be nice after surgery b/c Dr. Shermak wants me to get outside and walk for 15-20 mins on the surgery day. She wants me to walk every day to prevent blood clots. I am not allowed to lift weights or do yoga for 3 weeks but I will be walking ( I hope anyway!). LOL

Brava Update I called Dr. Louton's office &...

Brava Update
I called Dr. Louton's office & spoke for a long time to them. They told me that the FDA just wants Brava to do further studies and that Brava is no longer selling the devices so they are just doing fat transfer to the breasts without Brava for now. So, I called Brava and they are DENYING what Dr. Louton's office said. They said they are still selling Brava and that I could purchase one right then. They also claim they are still selling them to ps. So, I say that there is NOT consistent info out there. Someone is either not telling the truth or not knowledgeable...it is VERY SAD!! The Brava Drama really is CRAZY!!!

Last weekend before surgery...Happy Friday to all!

Last weekend before surgery...Happy Friday to all!

New pics using Brava for 24 hours straight with...

New pics using Brava for 24 hours straight with just an added pump or two here and there. Not full cycling..trying to save skin.

Well girls, I have 3 days to go & I feel like...

Well girls, I have 3 days to go & I feel like I am going to VOMIT! Ugh, it is close now & feels scary now that the weekend is closing & I know Mon-Wed that I will be tied to the house wearing Brava for the next 72 hours prior to surgery.

I can't believe that I am 2 days away!! What a...

I can't believe that I am 2 days away!!
What a great way to spend the Spring..sitting around in the "Digger Domes" while I try to make Turkey Kale soup for recovery, LOL! I am trying to keep my spirits up as I am strapped to the house! :-)

Tomorrow (Wed) is my last day in 'this body'....

Tomorrow (Wed) is my last day in 'this body'. Thurs morning, is the day! I am feeling nausea. I am trying not to let the anxious thoughts take over so it is presenting physically! The weather is so hot here that I had to escape Brava & go out & get a short sleeved button down shirt for surgery. Whoo! Almost 48 hrs of the 72 hours of Brava is done.

I can't believe it is 9 days post op already. As...

I can't believe it is 9 days post op already. As you all know, I have been very sick with severe anemia. I am doing better and will have my hemoglobin/CBC retested on Tuesday. I have been taking in tons of iron to get those red blood cells producing again. I am feeling hopeful that I will be fully recovered soon. Here are some pics finally! I gave the procedure a "worth it" rating for now (can always change later) because if anything the lipo results look excellent. I love the breasts as well and the swelling is starting to go down. Still a small amount of yellow bruising. You can also see a little redness under one breast as the doc removed a mole for me. The only thing that I am slightly disappointed in with the breasts is that the one breast still goes straight across at the bottom/ it is not as rounded along the bottom as the other. I did ask the doc if she could fix this so I am not sure if the shape could not be molded/curved or what. I have another post op visit this Wed so I will ask then. I had my stitches out at my visit last week and the marks are few and very tiny which I am thrilled about. I am still bruised in shades of purple, green & yellow. I guess that is normal for 9 days out? There is still some tenderness/soreness and some spasms in one leg at night occasionally. I also feel an occasional pain in the breasts for a second but the doc says this is normal. Since I am feeling better, I am considering beginning wearing the Brava again tonight at bed time for a few weeks. But, I don't know if it is too late to get the blood flow going to the breasts now since I stopped wearing it for 5 days. What do you guys think? I also saw that Purple Lake did not wear Brava at all post surgery and has maintained good results 4 mths post op. I guess it would not hurt to try it for a few weeks just at bedtime. Although, it will be strange going back to it. I am wondering since I had such a large transfer if all will work out. Although, then again, I see that Purple Lake had even more cc's put in then I did and she has had great results and no problems. What do you guys think? Enjoy the weekend!

So, I can't believe that I am 2 weeks post surgery...

So, I can't believe that I am 2 weeks post surgery already! The breasts are starting to deflate a little as expected. I will post new pics at the one month mark (in 2 more weeks). I would say they are a full C right now. The lipo results still look fantastic and the marks are tiny and few. Great news, I am feeling SO MUCH better!!! I already got my blood test results back and I raised my hemoglobin levels 2 points in 1 week! I have followed a strict regimen to get maximum iron absorption. I am still anemic but only have 1.2 points to get out of the "anemic category" and 3 points to get back to where I was. I only wore Brava one day and it seemed to give me such a bad rash and blisters so I discontinued it again so who knows how the lack of wearing it post op will effect my results. How is everyone else?

Well, I really may have overdone it today. I was...

Well, I really may have overdone it today. I was feeling so much better that I walked my normal 4 miles (after only 2 weeks since surgery). Now, that I am sitting, I feel sore! In addition to that, I shopped for 3 hours at Kohls. I wanted some additional compression type garments so I don't just have the one from the doctor. Kohls now sells Spanx much cheaper than Spanx. The leggings were $26 not $80 like on their site. I got two pairs of the high rise leggings b/c I need the compression on my back/flanks. I also got a waist/back shaper to wear over the leggings for addl compression. The only thing that stinks (although I am sure none of you are going to cry for me here) is that the smallest size that Spanx makes is a 1 and I really need a smaller size for more compression. Same with the waist shaper, I really need an XS and they don't make it, poo! So, I am getting some compression anyway. I ended up getting some yoga/athletic pants in an xs and they are pretty tight so that should be good. Ended up getting a load more of things..turned into a real shopping spree. I also got 2 more Bali Comfort Revolution Bras that look like tank bras with a swirly design. They are sooo cute & fit so good. Got a 36 C but I seem to be spilling over in it. I tried on a couple of cute dresses but my boobs looked too big so I did not buy them. My boobs scared me as I am not used to seeing them protruding thru a dress, LOL! Then, the funniest of all, another woman was complaining to me that she could not find any bras b/c she had 'nothing up top" and I would not understand since I 'had boobs'. So, of course, I had to tell her my 'boob story' and directed her to real self. Another lady overheard & needless to say I made alot of friends today who are happy to get rid of their thighs and get some boobs, LOL!!!

Feeling great. Went into surgery weighing around...

Feeling great. Went into surgery weighing around 128, came out around 125. This am, weighed 124. Following an awesome eating plan to enhance the figure post lipo developed w/a trainer. I will share it in case anyone can use some of it for ideas. My energy is soaring since starting it & it creates a lean body.
** Drink 4 liters ( 1 gallon) of water per day & exercise min of 45 mins cardio/weights every other day. Space mini meals 2-3 hours apart (do not eat more at each meal-will gain fat)
Meal 1- 1 egg & egg whites w/ fruit or 1 dry grain toast or Kashi Very Berry cereal w/milk (1 cup)
Meal 2- smoothie made in blender, 6-8 oz coconut water, big handful of spinach, 1 scoop Raw Protein by Garden of Life (ordered on line from Amazon- see ingredients-so good for you), 1/4 cup frozen cherries, 1/4 cup frozen pineapples, 1/4 cup mixed berries and 3 tbs of 0% plain greek yogurt, blend, yum, your energy will soar after this!
Meal 3- 4 oz lean protein, 3 oz healthy carb (grain bread-1 piece, 1/2 cup quinoa or brown rice, or 1/4 cup diced yam) and side leafy salad & 1 oz dark chocolate
Meal 4- think thin protein bar or cottage cheese and fruit, or 1oz cheese w/6 healthy crackers or 3 tbs hummus dipped in celery & 6 almonds, or tbs pb spread on celery sticks
Meal 5- dinner- 1 cup healthy soup, 6 oz protein, (protein can be lean meat or vegetarian like a veggie burger, etc) and 2 cups leafy green veggies steamed
meal 6- something small pre bed, a 1/2 cup frozen greek yogurt, egg whites scrambled, small flavored yogurt, tbs almond butter & little protein
Hope maybe this meal plan may help out..you will really feel great!

I am 3 weeks post op. Still very, very happy with...

I am 3 weeks post op. Still very, very happy with my results. I will post new pics at the 1 month mark (in 1 week). I will include a full body photo so that you can see my improved contours of my entire physique. I still continue to shrink as I put on a pair of my pre-surgery size 4 jeans today and they fell down. The only place that I still feel a tiny bit sore is on my back where I have an entry site for lipo. This area will swell a little if I have the garment off. Otherwise, I am now exercising alot. Got my hair done and feeling good! Both breasts and body look very nice and I just hope it continues! I am almost afraid to get to excited!!!

Today is my 1 month anniversary since my fat...

Today is my 1 month anniversary since my fat transfer! Boy, am I happy to not be back to that evening 1 month ago, LOL! So, this weekend, I will post pictures with lipo site close ups and all! I have been shopping like crazy as my 1 month anniversary gift to myself. I had to consign my ENTIRE wardrobe at a local shop b/c I was a size 4 and now I am a 0 (zero)! I also got sized at VS & I am a 34 C. Got some nice sexy bras. Now here is the strangest thing of all, I am sitting on the sofa after dinner tonight with kind of a tight t-shirt on and my husband comes up and rubs him self all over my boobs (like a cat rubs themself on you!) and rolls around on them admiring them with his big eyes, LOL!!! Sorry if this is TMI, very sorry. But, he just seems fascinated by them, LOL. He tells me that I looked great before the surgery and now but hmmm...I don't remember this "cat like" behavior pre surgery!!! LOL Okay, pics to come on the weekend!

Here are pics at 1 mth . You can see a pic of...

Here are pics at 1 mth . You can see a pic of what the lipo mark looks like at one month. Although, I understand that they will continue to fade. They are all hidden within the bathing suit line so that no one will ever see them. I pulled the skin apart so you can see a close up of my biggest lipo mark. I did not have my waist, inner thighs, inner knees or stomach done with lipo. I am hoping any future fat does not land in those sites. I did have my outer thighs, back thighs, flanks down to the butt and hips done with lipo. I hope these photos help.

2 more shots in my summer bathing suit this way...

2 more shots in my summer bathing suit this way you can see a full body leg/hip shot where I had lipo and side shot & I got a pic of my dog's water bowl, fun! LOL

Have 1 pic posted at 1 month out in blue bathing...

Have 1 pic posted at 1 month out in blue bathing suit. Deleted some as I am getting a bad angle since hubby is so tall. So working on putting new pics up soon!
Everybody have a great week, Happy Monday!

5 wks out

Today is 5 wks out. Extremely happy with results. Breasts are the same, retaining fat. Lipo looks great. My friend that used my doctor is also willing to sell her Brava now if anyone needs it for a reasonable price.

7 wks post op

Breasts still look good. Size C cup. Lipo sites look good. I can finally run and not feel sore. Overall, I do not feel much soreness or anything except a tiny bit of itching at this point. I am still very glad I did this procedure. The hardest thing for me to get used to is my hips. They seem so small compared to how they used to be. It is a little strange but everyone else says they look great!

2 mth update

So, crazy as it sounds..I am 2 mths out! Wow, does time fly. Interestingly, over the last couple of days, I have been eating like an oinker, LOL! So, I gained a few lbs & it is interesting to see where they have landed! The pounds have gone to my lower abs ( as I suspected they would since not lipoed) AND my boobs. The boobs look great but I do NOT want a pouch in my lower abs SO it is back to losing those 3lbs pronto!! I can honestly say that at 2 months out, I am SO HAPPY, SO HAPPY that I did this procedure. I LOVE how I look with clothes and without clothes. I am thrilled & so is my husband!! What a nice mid life gift to myself truly. I can do EVERYTHING that I used to do with ZERO soreness. I am running, walking, yoga & lifting my original amount of weight. My boobs are still a C cup & look even & pretty. My lipo areas are healing very nicely with marks getting smaller, still a little red as I forget to put on my scargel everyday and I think they will stay red for a bit longer per my friends who have had lipo. At this point, I think this procedure is a gift to the times..I would have LOVED to have this done in my 20's & 30's when I wanted larger breasts then. The women of today are SO LUCKY that they have this as an option now. I will keep you all posted if I get these 3 lbs off and my abs go back flat. I think they will. I also have IBS and I may have bloating from a food that I ate which can really irritate my stomach. I have to be very careful. To all of you, I toast to you wellness in your recoveries, good luck to those considering this & enjoy your new physiques!! Amelia

New Pics at 9 Weeks Post Op of Breasts & Lipo Sites

Here are some new pics at 9 weeks out. My breasts appear smaller, however, they are still fully filling out the VS 34 C cup bras. I think it may be that they have dropped down now & due to age look smaller when hanging. They are not as full but I still love them & I am happy with the size. I hope they stay this size. I did notice a little reduction of fullness in week 6 & 7 but are still a C. With the fat transfer, they are definitely wider than with implants which have more projection. You can see a full body shot of my legs & hips which were lipoed. My abs were NOT lipoed. I weigh 123 right now. Lost a couple of lbs back but I also have had food poisoning for 3 days so my belly is very swollen. The front of my legs look good. The backs are not perfect but they never were as I have always had cellulite. You can not see the lipo marks in the thong as they are in the panty line which is nice. They have healed beautifully. I may not keep these photos up since all of my furniture is in the pictures but since I've been sick, I just took some quick photos since it has been a while. Also, several women have emailed me about surgery with my doctor and have said that they have been quoted much higher prices. It seems to be around $9000 now for what I had done. So, please do not be upset if you call expecting $7800. Also, feel free to pm me for any specific questions. I no longer have my pre surgery body shots posted but for those of you that remember them, there is quite a significant difference. I am happy with the improvement although it is not perfection. I will be turning 47 soon so I will be happy with improvement.

10 weeks post op update

Interesting as someone here said their breasts seem smaller between weeks 7-9 and then got bigger/fuller. I think it was projectalice. It seemed strange to me & I did not think that could happen. However, I feel like I am experiencing the same thing. I think Beagle Baby also said hers became fuller again. Now, I did just gain another 3-4 lbs again & I am up to 126-127 so that could also have something to do w/it. It is so interesting to me that my weight gain seems to only be going to 2 places which are my breasts & my abs(big time). Luckily, when I get back down to around 123 the abs seem to get better. My measurements are still the same 36C-26-36. But, the breasts look full & beautiful. I am very happy w/a C cup b/c I do not want my boobs too big with people staring at them, just in proportion to my frame. I have been up since 4am today, I've lost my marbles! LOL

3 month post op update

I can't believe today is 3 months since surgery on 4/11/13. I am not bothering posting any photos b/c nothing has changed. I look the same. My weight has gone as low as 122 and as high as 130. I am back at 125 since I am home from vacation. My breasts remain the same, a 34 C cup, full and beautiful. My body gets fuller when I gain weight. It is interesting to see the weight distribution. I would still highly recommend this procedure for anyone who asked me about it. I will update again at the 4 months post op mark. Have a good night my fellow FT ladies!

6 month update w/pics, fat transfer to breasts

I can't believe yesterday was my 6 mth post op anniversary. I have gained weight from eating bad. My dog died & from feeling sad, I have eaten a ton of sugar! I feel most of it has landed in my stomach & waist & back of legs & butt. I originally took photos in a bathing suit but had to delete them b/c of the rolls on my stomach, yuck! I now weigh 128 which is about what I weighed pre surgery except the fat that used to be on my outer thighs & hips is now in my gut. It looks gross although you can not see it in the photos that I posted. I also posted a pre surgery photo of my full body b/c I had deleted my pre photos. This photo is exactly 3 days before my surgery in the blue polka dot pajamas. You can really see the fullness in my hips and thighs. So, I am looking for some feedback. I was considering having ab/waist lipo done with a small transfer to the hips to round them out just a little and any leftover fat to transfer to the breasts. What do you guys think? I could also just do ultrasonic cavitation to the abs & waist to reduce them down a little and keep the breasts as they are. If my waist were a little smaller, it might make my hips appear a little larger. My measurements are 34 C (36 around the breasts) so 36, 26, 36 sometimes 36, 27, 36 after I eat which then makes me look even straighter. Sometimes around my abs it can measure 32-33 which makes me look straight in comparison to having 36 in hips. Overall, it is still a thumbs up vote as I am very happy with the breast improvement and body overall. Another consideration is just to try to lose 5 lbs and get down to 123 or so and see how that effects my waist and abs. But, who knows where the 5 lbs would come off of? Any feedback is appreciated. Hope all of the fat transfer people are happy overall.

7 month update

Hi all. Interesting news that I think I am getting a little curve back to my hips and my hips appear to be growing. They are 37 inches now, not 36. Which, I am thrilled about. They could still be a little curvier but with 50 not far around the corner, gravity may help out, LOL! Right now, I weigh 128 which is exactly what I weighed on surgery day but interestingly I look completely different as you have seen from my latest photos. I will update more pics to show how in the last couple of weeks that my hips are filling in a little. I still feel I am getting the fat in my stomach (upper and lower-never had it in upper stomach before) and it seems like my waist is a tiny bit bigger...on some days measuring 26.5 not 26 which does not thrill me. Boobs still seem to be a 34 C, fully filling out the bras like a glove. Maybe it takes time to get used to your new body. I am still getting used to it. It feels a bit shocking even after 7 months. I just ran into my friend this morning who told me, "Oh my God, you look so thin". Funny- no one ever told me that I look thin at 5'5 and 128 before due to all the fat on my thighs and hips. I think when your hips & legs are smaller that it can give an illusion that you are thinner then you are. Just my hypothesis. I look frwd to all of the ladies updates, esp those we have not heard from in a while and any newbies.

Mammogram Update at 8 mths post op

So ladies, about a month ago, my gyn found a couple of small lumps that I did not feel and wrote a script for a diagnostic ultrasound. Just got back. I have many oil cysts from the fat transfer. I can not see them or feel them but they are there. No worries as they are benign but it was good to establish a baseline pre and post surgery so that any future mammograms show what my new breasts look like inside and there are no cancer concerns!

9 month update

At 9 months, I am still happy overall that I did this. Not much has changed as far as my measurements which are still 36,26, 37 (hips went from 36 to 37 in last few months & it may be b/c my butt is larger). I am noticing my weight is staying mostly around 128 which was my exact weight going into surgery. Post surgery, I got as low as 122. I carry a good amount of fat in my stomach at 128. My only complaint is that the backs of my legs are not the best lipo results. It looks like the skin is a bit loose, maybe oversuctioned a little. My doctor just emailed me. So, I do not know if I would want to do anything about this. Since, overall, I am happy but it is not perfect.

17 month post op review of fat transfer to the breasts

I can't believe that it has been almost 1 and 1/2 years since my surgery. Time flies. Overall, I am still happy & would do the surgery again. I am still maintaining a 34C cup breasts/bra. I was originally a very small b cup. After surgery, I averaged around 125lbs for a while. I am currently around 130lbs and have been for quite a while. I have gained the weight in my triceps(back of arms), stomach (upper and lower). My hips and legs remain unaffected by the weight gain since that is where I was lipoed. My skin on my legs is bumpy and my hips are a little too straight. I am still considering a 2nd transfer to try to curve out the hips just a little bit. My main concern is the lipo. I love the shape of my breasts. I am concerned about finding a doctor who will not be overly aggressive with the lipo. I will try to post pictures soon.

2nd Fat Transfer

Hi all. So, I made an appointment with a different doctor here in Maryland on Mon. 9/29. The goal for my appointment is to discuss a "final overhaul" to create an hourglass shape. I am interested in having lipo done to my waist, stomach & back of arms. First, I want to use the fat to repair my hips & legs from my first surgery. My hips need to be curved out some (creating the "c" curve) instead of appearing so straight. I also have some "dents" in my legs that need some evening out. Lastly, if there is any fat leftover, I want to have it injected in my breasts. Might as well use all of the fat up in ways that look good! lol. So, this seems kind of like a real "overall body shaping" lipo & fat transfer. After I meet with the doctor, I will update on if I decided to schedule with them or move on to interview another doctor. This doctor is also in Maryland which of course is easier since I live here. They are only 20 minutes from my house which is nice. Fat transfer doctors appear to be limited in Maryland. I am really looking for a doctor who will take their time, give a lot of attention to detail to create the best overall look. I don't want "partial" areas done because it often gives an unbalanced look later on when you entire figure is not tapered to match other parts of your figure. I am very scared about the lipo b/c of the condition that it can leave your skin in if it is not done properly. I will update all of you soon! Wish me luck!

Decision on 2nd Fat Transfer

So today I met with a ps in MD to discuss repairs to my hips & legs and if there was extra fat to transfer to the breasts. I would lipo upper & lower abs, waist, back of arms(triceps) & knees. I would still have fat left in my inner thighs if I needed a touch up. (which God knows I would hope that I wouldn't). I also consulted with a ps in CA by sending photos and recd a quote. I also emailed by original ps . I have decided to go back and consult with her for a repair. She was very nice by email so I am going to call tomorrow to set up an appt. I may also consult with one more doctor I have in mind in MD. I am still unsure if I even want to add any fat to the breasts if I have any leftover as I am very happy with their shape and size at a 34C. Decisions, decisions!! I will update when I decide what to do!!

Why not to use Dr.Shermak after another unprofessional consult for revision

I met with Dr.Shermak today about a revision to the hip/buttock area and back of legs. I attached photos (which I will remove soon) so you can see some of what I am talking about. You can see how part of my hip/buttock is missing. She agreed. You can not see in these photos where my legs were oversuctioned. It is hard to get a close up of the dents. So, she decided she could "throw a little fat" into the hips from my stomach and arms where I gained weight. I now weigh between 3-5 lbs more than I did on surgery day, on any given day. But then, she starts going down the typical ps "accusatory road". She tells me that I did not communicate, that I have cellulite, that I must have lymphatic issues & that my legs look fine even though in person they are clearly way different sizes (can't see in photos). She becomes as she was pre surgery- very gruff and nasty. She then tells me that I do not communicate well so she is not going to do the repair. I ask her so what is our resolution to this then since we both agreed that part of my hip is caved in/missing? She says the resolution is nothing, that I can leave. I told her that I need to get this repaired & would she reimburse for part of the fee since she won't repair to have another doctor repair? She says no and that I can get out. She told me that in my profession that I should be able to communicate better and now, she has done nothing wrong. So, I ask for copies of my original photos (which if I knew how to scan & post I would b/c I actually looked really nice). She gives me the photos and walks out. As she is walking out, tells me to go w/her asst to take "after photos". I tell her assistant, "no thanks, my doctor just abandoned my care" & I will file a complaint with the medical board. As soon as I got home, I filed a complaint with the medical board. It is one thing that we sign away our rights to have the work turn out well, that's fine. But, I do not sign away my rights to be treated with professional conduct, not be yelled at, accused and abandoned as a patient. Not to mention, she operated on several areas that were never discussed in our surgical plan. She and many other ps think that they have a free ticket to not be held accountable for their work. I wish I could change her rating on here. Not sure how? I only knocked down her rating a little because I was afraid she would see my reviews and it would effect my aftercare because she is such an angry and nasty doctor. You can also see just from gaining 3-5 lbs how much weight is in my arms. There is also a lot in my upper & lower abs but it is hard to see in these photos. So, a heads up for those considering lipo, that very little weight gain can cause an unattractive weight distribution. That is something I will work on. Because she was so unprofessional, I don't know that I feel I can trust another surgeon to do the repair work as many of them don't want to be responsible or accountable after the fact. Her attitude seemed more about engaging me in an argument so she could throw me out and not have to rectify her work. I honestly don't know how people like her sleep at night. One day, I hope she doesn't make the wrong patient unhappy because her sons are on facebook which easily link to their school and her home address. My resolution is to let the medical board handle her by filing a complaint. Other people may not be as nice as me especially since her personal information is so easily accessed. Unless you want bad lipo, and lots of grief from your doctor, stay far away from Dr. Michele Shermak. She does not abide by the Hippocratic Oath. Sad! Shame on you Dr. Shermak! Shame!

Also read realself review by Busybee in Baltimore about Micheler Shermak's horrific treatment of patients

Here I read Busybee's review of Dr. Shermak and it was EXACTLY what I experienced. She was so nasty to Busybee that it caused her anxiety. This is exactly how I felt causing me not to go back for so long about my revision. This is a horrible breach of the Hippocratic oath.

This April will be 2 years since my fat transfer to the breasts by Dr.Shermak

It took a while for me to notice just how bad the liposuction results were by Dr.Shermak. As time goes on, they get worse & worse. The skin on my legs & buttocks is very old looking (like a 90 year old). It is stretched out & sagging down to my knees with divets, dents, valleys, lumps, ripples and lipo track marks with a bulge of fat from my butt that slid down my leg. My hip is missing a big chunk and I can not wear any form fitting clothes or you see it. Dr. Shermak was nasty & unprofessional when I went to see her about this. She treated me like an animal not a person. I've noticed that my negative reviews of her have disappeared. She now has perfect reviews again. This is very scary b/c this is what we as consumers are believing. There must be a way the doctors are paying to have them removed. My breasts are about the same. A one size increase. While that is nice, I can no longer wear shorts or any clothes that do not touch down to my knees. I am not going to try to "fix it" b/c I've read that it just makes it worse. So I continue to try not to focus on it.
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Shermak is an unprofessional, raging person who treats her patients with disrespect. She does not communicate in a way to resolve things and work with her patients. The procedure itself is a great procedure in the right hands. Unfortunately, Dr. Shermak rushes and does not give attention to the work she does creating valleys and dents with liposuction. She was very nasty to my husband and myself on the day of my surgery leaving me in a very compromised position since I already paid in full. If I could have, I would have left immediately before the surgery began because she was yelling at me about getting enough fat. Well, Dr. Shermak- guess what? You don't cave in someone's buttocks/hip to get more fat. Not smart. You make a logical plan & stick to it. Shame on you!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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