Fat Transfer to Eye Hollows (And Rhinoplasty) - African American - Baltimore, MD

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I'm having a rhinoplasty done and at the same time...

I'm having a rhinoplasty done and at the same time transfering fat to under my eyes. They have always been sunken in and dark. Dr Boahene explained that I have no fat in this area and he can fix this along with my nose job. I've read that if not done properly that it can be hard to the touch. I've had restalyne injections under my eyes and that was done too superficially and did not last. I have a 2nd consult just to make sure on Novnber 13. Stay tuned.

2nd consultation

I had my second consultation today and although I'm sure you all won't agree, I'm doing the fat grafting. My Dr. showed me pictures and answered all of my questions regarding the hardening and bulging (he says that happens when you put too much in a glob in one spot and not deep enough) the unpredictability (he can't guarantee that the fat will stay at the same % but thinks we can take care of that if we need to cross that bridge possibly with a filler). He did not in any way make me feel that I have to do it. He talked to me about the fillers and said he could do whatever I wanted or nothing at all. The fillers are honestly about the same cost. I suggested other things like a blephoplasty (just to see if he would bite) and he said absolutely not. That I have no fat in that area and no amount of pulling it tight will make it look full. So I'm doing it. Wish me luck!

Everything went well!

I'll add more detail later but I'm a okay. Very swollen from the rhino and bruised under my eyes from the transfer. Here's a sneak peek.

1 week post op

It's been a week and I'm doing well. I don't think I realized that I would be so swollen and numb for so long but when I think about it, he did shove a cannula in my cheeks to inject the fat so duh. Still black and blue but I love it. Hope must of it stays.

2 weeks!

Love the result. Cheeks are a smidge numb still but much improvement. Still numb and can't move my top lip but that's from the rhino. A bit of the fat has dissolved but that's ok. Doesn't look a tight as it did and that's better. Still bruised under my eyes but getting better and easily covered with make-up.

I'm still here!

Sorry guys for not updating more regularly. I really wish this site had an app!

In any event, the fat transfer to me was a bust. He says it gave me a base for the fillers *rolling my eyes. I've been back twice to have filler injections. Once in August and when I left I knew he hadn't put enough under my left eye. That's the deepest inset. It was fine for the most part but I still wasn't happy. I went back in Nov and he practically put a whole syringe in under just that one. It's much better now but sheesh, my body must soak that stuff up cause it's only been about a month and it's starting to look hollow again. Anyways, looks like I'll be doing the filter maybe once a year. My SD card got corrupted so I don't have the pics from right after but here's what I look like now.

Take care!
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