Love my results at almost 10 months new pics!!!

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As soon as I walked into his office I was...

As soon as I walked into his office I was impressed by it. His staff was very friendly and willing to work with me. I obviously had to get completely naked in front of the doctor and at first it was uncomfortable be he put me at ease. I am going to be getting a Brazilian Butt Lift, Lipo, and a Tummy Tuck. My day was picked and I have a deposit to secure my date. My goal at the end of all this is to feel sexy after a big weight loss and having a baby.

Some of my wish pic!!!!

Some of my wish pics!! I dream big =)

Me now, I have quite a bit to go.

I posted pictures of myself now. I have never done anything like this before, but I want to keep track of my process and be able to look back and see how far I have gone. I want to loose 30 lbs before my procedures.

Everything is going good!!!!

Well I am starting to get everthing ready for my first set of surgeries, on Dec 18 I am getting a TT and arm lift then I come back in March for my BBL. I finally cancelled with Dr. Rodriguez, I was so nervous but his staff was so nice about it. I did not get my deposit back but that's ok I can still use it on something eles maybe boobs, lips, or whatever I want. I also booked my hotel since I work part time for a Quality Inn I get rooms really cheap $35 a night baby!!!! Everything is falling into place. I can't wait to feel beautiful again. Hope all my BBL sistas are doing great with healing and enjoying their new beautiful bodies. Ooohhh and I stole a wish pic from one of the girla but this is the perfect body that I want a little smooth waist, big hips, and a fatty. Dr. Salama will make it happen.

It's setting in!!!!

It's finally setting in the flights are booked for me and my mother and so is the hotel. I work part time in banquets for a hotel so I got 10 days at the Comfort Inn in Hollywood F.L for $35.00 a night with breakfast included. I am so happy I can't wait for December 18 to be here!!!!

So I am a curious person by nature........

So I am a curious person by nature which can be a bad this sometimes. Since I am less then a month away from my TT and arm lift with Dr. Salama, I decided to YouTube videos to see what was going to be done to me. WTF now I am scared sh*tless!!!!! The only thing that gave me comfort was that after this women's TT she looked great. I know that all the pain will be well worth it. I am thinking about possibly adding a BA, but I am unsure if I can handle all that pain. UUUGGGHHHH what to do, what to do????? Have a blessed day everyone.

Error with previous post

Opps just noticed a mistake I am less than 2 months away from my TT and arm lift.

The girls are amazing!!!!!!

Ooohhhh Eeeeeemmmm Gggeeee the girls that Dr. Salama has working for him are amazing! !!!! To be more specific Cynthia, I have been working with her the entire time. She has to do all her work and be a therapist all at the same time. She puts me at ease and is honest. In a business like this it is hard to find. Well I felt the need to say that, have a blessed day chulas!!!!!!

Im addicted. ......

I am addicted to this website!!!!!!!! I feel like a creeper cuz I stay looking at boobs, butts ans bellies when I have the chance. Iam so freakin eexcited I cant keep still lol!!! On a more serious note is there and advice on a list of things I need to take with me for my first surgery (arm lift, tt, ba)?? Help me please me real self sista

I hope to look close to this

I love this app!!! I really, really, really, really, REALLY hope I look like this after all procedures (tt, bbl, arm lift, and hopefull a ba Cynthia still hasnt given me the ok yet). I would hope to look similar this = D one can only hope and have a positive attitude and call positive thoughts. I am trying to loose more weight but I am so fu@king unmotivated its crazy. I already lost 60 lbs and been there for the last 2 months. I can't see another piece of chicken or vegetable but I know I have too. No pain no glory. Hace a great day eveyone!!!

hope this is realistic

What do u all think??? Keep it real ppl but polite I like to hear the honest truth but I dont get alone with ignorant dumb ass people, whar do y'all think

Well i just got off the phone with Cynthia ......

Well i just got off the phone with Cynthia and the Doc hasn't confirmed my breast augmentation = ( he is still thinking abut it. He is still weighing out the risks and the recovery I hope he does approve it bit if not than its ok no big deal I rather have him be honest and refuse than something bad happen. That is why I decide to go with Salama because I feel that they are honest and will tell you how it is even if it means losing money for them. I just want to say again I love Cynthia she is a peach!!! Happy Holloween everyone!!!!!!!


All my vets out there I have a question, I have been seeing ladies that have had surgery mention something about burns. What does that mean? What causes these burns? Is there a way to prevent them? With what I am having done could I get them? If I read right in one review i think it had something to do with there drainage pump. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!! LMAO!!! But nah this is a serious matter and I hope to hear from my sistas soon thanks ladies for all the love!!!

Pics of me today

These are pics of me today, I feel good because its a beautiful fall day in P.A, the sun is shining and I feel blessed to have my family close to me and healthy. I have a beautiful daughter and she is so smart, healthy and every where we go she is honestly the center of attention. I try to give thanks to my heavenly father for all his beautiful gifts he give me everyday. I hope you all feel the same way as me. Have a blessed day everyone xoxoxo

more pics don't know what happened above

More pics don't know what happened above

Ok now it better work

Thinking on a religious views

Ok everyone there is something that has been bugging me since I made my decision about having surgery. Before I made my decision I became a member of a church and have been going ever since, well there was a sermon about worldly things and taking care of our temple (meaning our body). The sermon made me feel guilty that I wanted to look and feel pretty and be happy but am I being vain and destroying my body?? It also makes me guilty because I feel I am spending my money in a selfish way. My mother tried make me feel better and told me that God wants his children to be happy and that I am not destroying it but fixing it. Has anybody else had these thoughts before surgery? Do I sound crazy? Does any of this make sense? I am just expressing what I feel. Have a good day everyone.

Oooohhhh Eeeeemm Ggggeeee

I was looking through videos and I found a video that my niece took of me, since I hated to get my picture taken she secretly took this video of me and I snapped shot a piece of it. All I can say is shit I was really big!!! Can't believe what 60 lbs of weight loss changes you, so happy I made the change

wish pics

This is one of Dr. Salamas patients who had 1250 cc's injected in her buttocks and hips. I think this is realistic for me

There is no turning back

There is no turning back ladies my first surgery is this week I am having a tummy tuck, arm lift and hopefully some new boobies but I am not sure of that yet. When I see the doctor I am going to beg him a little but if he is stern with his answer than I am not going to push it too much because that means it was not meant to be. Well my flight leaves from Atlantic City Airport at 7:00 am and arrives at Fort Lauderdale at 9:45 then Justin (the driver that was recommend to me by the Dr. Salama's office) picks me and my mother up and then off to Dr. Salamas for my consultation and meeting him for the first time. On Wednesday I am going to be nipped, tucked and salamafied!! Thank you ladies for all the support and kind words and i ask anyone who sees this to please say a little prayer for me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again everyone and God bless.

a quick update

Ok well I am so sad its Xmas eve and I am away from my baby and my family. But so far the recovery has been good. Here are some pics hope everyone is have the best Xmas.

pics day before surgery

pics 5 days po op

I decided to change mt bbl date.......

I decided to change mt bbl date because I got so much done in the first surgery I don't know what I was thinking so schedule my bbl less than 3 months later. I want to give myself time to properly heal emotionally, physically and financially. This plastic surgery stuff is a emotional rollercoaster ride and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I was seperated from my baby for 10 days and I dobt know if I want to do that again so soon. My stomach is still hard from the swelling i can no stand up straight and I still can't lift my arms without some discomfort. I reall wanted my booty done asap but I know I need the time. Cynthia is great she said she can fit me in some where even though he is booked till fall I just have to let her know around when I can which is probably going to be in May some time. I think its better that way well night night XOXOX

I have to keep a positive attitude

I just took pics and I hope these are not my final results. I feel like I look better than before but my left breast sit higher and feels bigger and harder than the right one. I also have a pouch on my lower abdomen I am praying it is still swelling. I wear my compression garment around the clock and I get my massages as I was told. I guess at this point I just need to give it time. Any pointers ladies I really need some advice about my breast and the pouch as I refer to it. I have recent pics attached thanks ladies and have a blessed day xoxo

FYI to see the pics I noticed

To see me pics from a smart phone I noticed you have to turn the phone long way (vertically) if not your only going to see one boob or half my stomach.


So I was having a melt down about the pouch and of course I called my mother crying hysterically and she told me that I'm crazy that I'm still swollen and that I need to give myself time to heal. She also said that I had to remember that I had a lot of skin and fat to remove and that I should have been thankful for what he was able to do for me he is only human he is not God. When I talk to him he said the maximum he can remove was 5 liters and I have to consider that maybe he had reached its maximum and didn't want to jeopardize my health. Before surgery I gained 9 pounds due to the holidays and I weight myself to and I am weighting 12 pounds less and I have not been watching what I eat that much to loose 12 pounds in exactly one month so that means that he removed almost 20 pounds of fat and skin because my implants are 533 cc's each. So I feel much better now. Everyone that sees me says I look amazing and like an entirely different person. My masseuse tells me that my scars look beautiful and that he did an excellent job she even asked me for his name and number and said she will consider him for a breast lift. So no more negative nancy her I am going to be positive because I have came a long way. When I get my BBL the doctore will remover the rest and give me a great result. FEELING GRATEFUL THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS GIFT = D

before and after pic

This is my before and after pic feont view. What a change right

Feeling Good

So I was out and about just me and my baby girl for the first time. I am doing good so far but sometimes I feel like I push myself to much I hope it doesn't effect my final results any ways I am ffeeling the scares on my arms from my arm lift are sort of hard. Its that bad? Could it be possible swelling or a possible seroma? Also how long to I have to wait if I want to cover up the scares with a tattoo???? Ok well here is a pic of me today, and have a blessed day everyone.

My home made board

I feel my swelling has gone down since I began use my home made board. I have been wearing it to go to sleep. I got a mini clipboard at walmart for $3 and a plain cheap pillow case for $2.50 and remove the clip piece off the board wrap the pillow case tightly around and BAM I got a cheap board lol!!!!! I was told that I should not wear a board because of the incision but the board doesn't hurt me so I do it but I listen to my body. Being uncomfortable is one thing but feeling pain is another.

Forgot to post a pic

Stuff for homemade board

my new wish pic

I just saw thus pic and I think this is perfection

Loving my results can't wait for my bbl next!!

So far so good I am loving my results so far but I have a recent concern my scare has been doing good but in the last few days my scare has been opening and little pieces of what I think is surgical string comes out with puse. I sent Dr. Salama and email and I waiting for his response. Here are some recent pics if this has happened to anyone eles please let me know. Over all I love me results and I can't wait for my bbl

New pics before and after pic side by side

Loving my new body. Have a good day everyone!

Almost 5 month post-op

Well what can I say, so far so good. I am still enjoying my results and I couldn't hace asked for better. I know I made the best choice and I am glad I didn't wait till I lost more weight. I wad 194 lbs when I had surgery (I gained 9 lbs right before the surgery because of the holidays) everyone told me I should wait to loose wait and I was going to get the best results but I am happy I listened to myself and did what I wanted to do. I would have been still carrying around that huge tire and that was emotionally draining. Here is a post op pick I am trying to loose some weight before my BBL so I can look fly ;-) XOXOXO

New wish pics! What do u all think?

This is salamas work and I think it is pure perfection thanks for my Salama sis TheQuestForAdunk for letting me use her pics. She is one of my favorite Salama results and I hope I can get similar. What do you ladies think? I want some honest opinions because going in to surgery I feel we have to be realistic with our outcomes. Dr. Salama does his best but there is only so much he can do and that is when I think some patients become disappointed because their expectations where a little to high. This is just my opinion, now my RS sisters I would love yours and I would appreciate it. Thanks

My girl came through as I knew she would!!!

Cynthia came through for me as I knew she would. I was on the waiting list because I cancelled my March date because I felt like I was not ready to go through everything again but Cynthia took great care of me like always. Well now I am so excited that I know my date and I and going to start everything now booking the flights, hotel and ect. I have been loosing some weight because I wanted to look super fly and I was still a bit heavy so now I am at 172lbs I was 182 a month after my TT and then gained up to 186. I am hoping to be down 7-10 lbs more pounds by then and I think that I can do it but let me tell you I feel like I wear that 172 lbs pretty nice but I want to be a little smaller. Anyways ladies I am so excited this is it I am going to have the ass I always dreamed of!!!!! Well I went shopping last night for some post op comfy dresses and I picked up this little piece and I must admit i felt super sexy in it, thanks to my beautiful Dr. Salama shaping my body with my TT, BA and arm lift.

Pic didn't post

We'll try this again

I feel like I might be to fat for this surgery

I have lost 16 lbs and I feel like I might be too over weight for this surgery I weigh 171 and I want to loose 6 pounds before my surgery but I feel like I am still to over weight. Uuuhhhhggg I feel like shit and I look around real self to see if there is any other girls around my height and weight to compare myself to and i can't find any. Please my bbl vets help me make my decision it is a lot of money and if I am not going to like my results then I will wait some more time and loose a few more pounds. Hope to hear from someone soon, take care everyone

Update pic

Recent pic

Pic didn't Load

Pic didn't load

3600 ccs got injected

Well I was told that I got 3600 injected so1800 cc's per side. I hope that is not to much but only time will tell. I just realized that despite that we are not happy with the bodies he gave us and we are so vain God still permits us to wake up from these surgeries and give us strength to get better. Thank you Jesus Christ, my Father God is so good and merciful!!!! God is good!!!

Day one pics ladies keep in mind I have tones of foams under my garment. What I feel it seems like an inch of foam.

Day 2 pics

Feeling good so far, I love my results!!! I hope they don't go down to much I didn't bring measurement tape but when I get home I will take then.

not all the pics posted

2 weeks post op today

Feeling good so far but the sitting situation is horrible

pics didn't post

loving my results at almost 6 weeks

well what can I say I love my results at almost 6 weeks. I think Dr. Salama did an amazing job I am completely shocked at my total body transformation and I owe it all to him.

Pics didn't load!!

We'll try this again. Oooohhhhhh so I went out for the first time in a while and the attention was crazy!!! I was deciding what to wear so I wore the high waist jeans which where really soft stretchy material. A bad thing about this surgery is all the shopping after lol cuz every thing looks 100x better but I'm ok with that side effect!!!!!!

I don't know what the problem is

Well hopefully third time is a charm

I'm going to try one at a time

This is beginning to make me mad

More pics

Ass so fat I need a lap dance!!! lol

Love me some Meek Millz. Anyways 2 month post op all is well and I love my results. I also love the attention it's good and bad attention but none the less I love it

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!

Sorry I'm not on here anymore but no one every really hits me up, but for the few that did thank you for the love beautiful ladies. Here are some updated pics. Who ever is thinking about getting this done my advise is to just do it you will not regret it. This surgery has changed my life I am so thankful to Dr. Salama and his team. Good luck everyone and God bless

Almost 10 months post op

Hello everyone!!!!!
Sorry I have been m.i.a but I barely sign on because no one ever really hits me up. Well a quick update I am still in love with my results. I became a little to confident and went back to some of my old eating habits causing me to gain 25 lbs :*( but I am back to making healthier choices and plan on loosing the 25 lbs.

Something that has suprised me the most has been the way people have reacted towards my surgery. Such as my best friend saying negative things towards the way I look or my female siblings never complimenting me but yet making a appointment to see Dr. Salama. It's crazy to me but I just brush it off because I refuse to let anyone kill my buzz. So fair warning ladies jealousy might rear it's ugly head just be careful.

Attached are a few recent pics. I hope everyone's journey is as successful and life changing as mine. Take care and God bless.
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Salama right here on realself and the reviews do not lie. He is a true artist at his profession. The girls are so nice and willing to help but my personal favorite is Cynthia she has been there from the start and has many hats one being a psychiatrist lol helping calm my crazy emotions and know just what to say being honest but sweet. Before I found Dr. S I looked at a couple more ps and thier prices where ridiculous I feel Dr. S has good fair prices and his work is amazing. The surgeries I got where tummy tuck, arm lift and breast aug andI am happy with the results of all three. I am so excited to have a bbl done soon and I know he will do a great job

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