A Little Bit About Myself and my journey to Breast Augmentation 550cc silicone HP - Baltimore, MD

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Hi guys! I'm writing on here because I want to...

Hi guys!
I'm writing on here because I want to share my experience about breast augmentation, in hope to help others that are going through what I did. And are thinking about getting the procedure done. I am a young mom, Im 20 yrs old. Soon to be 21. Ive wanted breast implants for as long as I remember. But the thought of getting them never really crossed my mind until after I had my little girl. I did breast feed so my boobs got pretty big. I went from a small Acup to a full C. After i stopped breast feeding, my boobs began to lose their volume and perkiness. My daughter is now a year old and my boobs are back to an Acup. But a droopy Acup. I dont want to say sag. Because I dont consider them "saggy" but droopy. I dont know. Lol. Anyways, they have access skin that didnt tighten up after i stopped BF. I have done research, A LOT of research. A few years worth. I became a bit obsessive about it. Lol. I wanted to know absolutely everything there was to know. Ive watched so many youtube videos on the surgery, that i could probably do it myself! Haha.

I have already had a consultation. The doctor I am going with is Dr. James E Vogel. He is in Baltimore, MD. Which is where im currently living. I went in for my consult about a week ago, I would say. Danielle, the patient coordinator has been awesome so far. Answering any questions I've had, every concern. Everything. Anyways, she took me back to my room, introduced herself and told me the doctor would be back soon to see me. Even offered me water to drink whike I waited. The nurse came in, introduced herself, asked me to take everything from the waist up, off and to put the robe thing on. So i did. The doctor came in, introduced himself. He was so kind and caring. Made me feel special and very comfortable with him. Which I liked! He did some measuring on me, asked me a few questions, and took some pictures. After that, the nurse gave me a bra to put on and a few implants to try. I can not remember the first implant size, but the second one was 475cc's and the third was 500cc's. I really liked the look of the 500cc. The 475cc was good, but liked the 500cc best. (Im shooting for a full D). We then went into another room where they pulled my pictures up and showed me what i would look like with implants. Which I loved of course! Looked at some before and after photos of previous patients. Looked great. I have decided im going with silicone jell implants, sub muscular, and imfamammary incision. I dont know the size yet. But I do go in for sizing Wednesday, the 26th! And my surgery date is March 10th. Im so excited yet so nervous! Lol. But, Thats pretty much it, I do believe. If you have any questions about anything, dont hesitate to comment or message me. I will be updating this when I come back from sizing, and let you all know on what size im going with and what not!
Have a great week!
Oh! And Im not posting pictures just yet, but I will be sometime in the near future, so be patient!

Sizing today!! Maybe...

Yay! Today is here! Today I go in for my sizing! Oh my goodness, I can't wait, it seems like I've waited forever just for this day to get here! Lol. But, on the other hand, I may not go. :( This snow is ridiculous!! And of course it would snow hard for the day of my sizing. My appointment is at 3:30 today, so Im hoping it stops or at least lightens up by the time I have to leave!
I'll update later..
Wish me luck!

Oh! And some stats.
Age: 20 (almost 21!)
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130
Pre-op : A-small B Cup
Post op: hoping to be a full D
Kids :yes.. 1

Some Before Pictures

Sizing update! Sorry, I'm late!

Hello lovelys!
I went in today for my sizing appointment. Everything went absolutely great. Danielle is the best, by far! Shes so amazing. Caring, nice, listens, knows what shes doing and what shes talking about. I love her.
I put my bra on that they gave me to put the implants in. I told her that, during my consult I was able to try one 500cc and thats what i liked best. So thats the size we stared with. We started out trying on 500cc and i loved them. But she had 550cc laying there and 600cc. So i tried on 550cc and boy can you tell a difference! I absolutely loved the 550cc look. So much that i didnt even try on 600cc. Lol! The 550cc implants gave me the nice full look that im wanting. I felt that if I tried on the 600cc implants they would look too big, and i definitely dont want that, but I also.dont want too small either. Im starting to think maybe i should have tried the 600cc implants, just to make sure? Should i have tried the 600cc implants? I just dont wanna look too top heavy. I dont know. Danielle did tell me, if I wanted to try them on again and the 600ccs before surgery that I absolutely could, so thumbs up on that!!
So long story short, (So far) we/I are going with 550cc implants. Under the muscle, and under the breast fold for incision.
Here is some of my Physical Examination info:
Med to Small Build
Breast are relatively symmetric in terms of shape
Right breast is approx 25cc larger than the left breast
Base Diameter 14-15cm
Nipple to Notch: L 23cm R 22cm
Imfamammary crease Left is 0.5cm higher than the right
Grade1 ptosis present bilaterally
Any questions or comments, comment below ((:
12 days left!

More Before Pics and Wish pics (:

Can time go by any slower?!

Its 8 days till my surgery and the days seem to go by slower and slower, with each day that passes!! I have become absolutely boob obsessed!
Which, I've always been crazy about boobs since I can remember. My boyfriend has always said "I swear u like boobs more than any man I know."
But, I'm just trying to figure out For Sure what size I want. I know I want a Full D. Theres no doubt about that. Its just the implant size im worried about. We originally agreed on 550cc silicone jell implants, but Im worried it wont be big enough. So should I go with 600cc implants just to be on the safe side, or stay with 550cc's?? I dont want to look too "top heavy" but i dont want to be wishing i had gone bigger either... Hmmm.
Any advice/suggestions?

Second guessing size... freaking out a bit..?

Okay, so I know freaking out and second guessing size is probably normal right before surgery, especially since it is 4 days away!! I was worrying about if 550cc was going to be too small. But now Im wondering if its gonna be too big..? I want big breast, of course, thats why Im doing this. But I want big natural looking breast. Im okay with alittle bit of fake looking breast, where people would look at them and think "are thise fake or real? I cant tell". Im okay with that look. But i dont want it to look like I have big boulders hanging off my chest. I guess to say, too top heavy... But I also dont want boobie greed!! Oh the struggle. Lol. My stats. 21.Yo, 130lbs, breast feed one child, Currently a 34 small B, 36A.
Is there anyone out there close to my stats that have gotten 550cc silicone Jell Implants? And had the more natural look..?

Today is The Day!!!

Today is the day, ladies!!! Im oober excited but also really nervous.. I go in for surgery in 1 hour and 45 minutes! Wish me luck!! Will update when i get home ((:

And It's Done!

Hey ladies! I've finally made it home and Im finally starting to come down off the anesthesia to where i can focus, eat, talk, move and comprehend everything thats happening. Surgery went well im guessing. I am home so everything went okay i suppose. My chest feels VERY tight. As for the pain on a scale from 1 to 10 i would say its about a 4/5. Not bad at all. Ive been taking 2 Extra Strength Tylenol. 500Mg every 4 hours. The nausea isnt too bad. I only feel really nauseated if i look around to fast, mo e too fast, and etc. Which im guessing normal? As far as I know the doctor did 550ccc silicone in both breast. My left is definitely a little more.swollen than my right. Which im hoping.is normal too? Sorry for any typos im still coming down off all the anesthesia and pain meds and ect. Im going to post pictures. They are not the best, but i will Definitely post better ones later sometime down the line. And A BIG Thank You to everyone for keeping me in your thoughts and wishing me good luck (:


This dang thing aint letting me upload pictures for some reason. Keeps sayin, "low memory"... I dont know. Ill keep trying!!

Few Hours Post Op

More Few Hours Post Op Pics

Stinging and Burning like sensations...?

Okay, I know I'm only a few hours post op. But I'm having stinging/burning like sensations under my left breast..?! Is this normal, if so what can i do to help it stop and how long does this last..?!

Couple Days Post Op

Well, nothing has really changed. Im still stiff and very tight. I think today is the worst day yet. Woke up this morning, I'm the stiffest I've been by far. They are still sitting pretty high. I tjink mg right is dropping a tiny bit faster than my left. My left is the one giving the most problems. Its a tiny bit more swollen than my right, the incision is burning more,... pretty much anything i have, the left has a little more of.. is this normal?

Im not really having any problems moving my arms. I can lift my arms pretty high for being 2 days post op.... I think so anyways. I think thats pretty much it. Everything is pretty much the same. Ill update more later along with a few pictures (:

Is This Normal... Worried...

Hello Ladies, so i have a really important question. Is it normal for your skin between your breast to be slightly raises after having a BA? Ill upload some pictures for you girl. Im worried i might be getting symmastia.. so I have been keeping a pair of rolled up socks between my breast until I hear back from my surgeon...


Heard Back From The Doc...

Finally! I heard from the doctor, he said everything looks good, and nust how it should for being 3 DPO. Just to keep cold compresses, and a face towel or something like it rolled up and between my breast. To put my mind at ease.
I really hope the skin goes back down though. I dont like it being raised a bit, and neither does the bf. So, keep fingers crossed that everything goes OK!
I took my first shower after surgery today. Everything went well. No dizziness, my pectoral muscles did feel a little stiff and hurt a bit after the whole showering process was over. Guessing its normal. My left boob still hurts a bit more than my right. Doc also said it was normal bc it was the bigger one. My sternum is a bit sore as well, i have light bruise between my breast as well.
Ive been off my Extra Strength Tylenol for about a day and a half now. Im not having any trouble raising my arms or anything as long as i go slow. It does hurt just a little to stand up straight though. Guessing thats normal too?
I was constipated after surgery, but havent had a problem going the past 2 days so thumbs up on that!
I think everything is going good as far as i can tell. Other than the skin being raised but thats it i believe!
I want to thank each and every one of you who kept me in your thoughts throughout this whole process! I really do appreciate it!
Dont be afraid to question for comment below XOXO

5 Days Post Op pictures

Day 6... some questions

So not much has really changed. Boobs still pretty much look the same as yesterday. Still pretty high and swollen. How long does it normally take for almost all the swelling is gone? My left boob is still pretty swollen. Up high it is anyways. The skin in between my boobs is going down finally. Also, everything was going good and this morning i woke up and my sternum bone is REALLY sore today!

Im waiting on the doctor to get back to me. Since my left is bigger. The reason im wondering and questioning is beacuse, before surgery my right boob was the bigger. Almost 25cc bigger. And now after surgery my left is the bigger one. It just confuses me. Because youd think that since the right was bigger pre op, itd be bigger post op too and it isnt. So i dont know! I just like to question everything, especially since this is a big transition i made to body. I want to know about every little detail that happens big or small. But thats just me, im sure im not the only one.
Also, how long does it take for your breast to "drop and fluff" and do they get a little bigger when they do? Like, i like my breast the way they are now. Very perky, but i do want some sag to them i guess.. like i want my boobs to have a crease. If you know what i mean?

Post Op day 6 Photos

Super Scared!!!! In tears!

Okay, so im totally FREAKING OUT! So scared, is this an early sign of double bubble?!?!

Relieved yet.... Itchy!

So, Doc got back to me or i should say Danielle, the BA Patient Coordinator. Shes the one ive been emailing about my problens and talking them over with Dr. Vogel.
Anywho, she got back to me. Says everything is fine and theres nothing i need to worry about. her words:
You have done so much research you are worrying
yourself to death lol It is ok. I reviewed it with Dr.Vogel and he is not concerned at all. It is just somepost op changes/swelling in the area above and below where the muscle is and it will settle down. You can gently massage the area by pushing the breast in slightly (from right toward the cleavage) Do not be too aggressive though. I can tell from the picture that you are already starting to settle nicely.

She is absolutely the best, I must say! Caring, understanding, and puts up with me! Lol.
Now about the itchy, Im.So.Itchy!!! The edge of my incisions are itchying so bad and sometimes my whole boob itches! Im guessing it'll pass, and im hoping fast! Lol. Because its itchy, itchy, itchy, itchy.
Other than that im okay i suppose. Everything pretty much looks the same. Left is still still higher and more swollen than the right. Im a super worry wart, and im itchy now. Awesome! Lol

Day 6 pics that never uploaded!

So, i was going through my review and realized my photos that i tried uploading from day 6 never did! So here they are now! Sorry!

Two weeks Post Op..... still worried

Okay, well im guessing day 6 photos are not going to upload!!! So im done trying. Anyways I am 2 weeks post op today. Everything seems to be going good. The swelling between my breast is gone, and my skin isnt raised. If it is, i dont notice. I think pretty much all the swelling is gone. The girls seem to be getting a little more squishier everyday. I can squeeze them together. Not alot but a little bit. So. Thats a good sign! Im still worried about this whole double bubble thing though. Because i thought it was just one breast and now its both. The doc said its just some swelling left in the breast above and below. But i dont know honestly. Ill try and post a picture to show what im talking about. Its really worrying me! I DO NOT want to have this done again!! Luckily, i have my two week post op appt tomorrow. Besides that i love everything about them. The size, the shape, everything is perfect. No boobie greed here!

2 week appointment

Yesterday was my 2 weeks post op appointment. Everything went really well! Doctor was very pleased at the results so far. He went over my massage technique that i have to do now, once to twice a day. I asked him aboit the double bubble thing. He says its fine, that what he thinks it is, is the muscle is still tight and grasping around the implant, and that he thinks everything will settle down and relax and get better now that im doing my massages! So, i hope hes right!! But im not going to get my hopes up. And i have to wear this bra or something like it that is supportive for another 3-4 weeks. Booo!
Other than me being a worry wort, everything has been going great. The girls looks great, feel great, theyre getting softer, ect! I still have yet to have boobie greed, im very happy with the size, i think they fit my body perfectly. Not too big, and not too small. I do hope they drop just a little more though, to give it more of the natural slope on the top.
They still itch. But not as bad as they use to. Oh! And i got my stitches out too!
I definitely have to do some shopping once mu breast have settled more and i dont have to wear this dang bra anymore. I tried on most of my shirts (theyre tight fitting) and i can hardly get them over the girls! Lol and if i do, the shirt comes way up.on my belly which i dont care for due to my stretch marks i have that my little angel gave me! Lol!
I can finally start working out, just not the upper part of my body, but hey, all im worried about is my legs and ass. My arms are big enough as it is. Lol. Well, i think thats about it... any questions just comment below or pm me. Ill respond (: Xoxo ladies

two weeks post op

Two weeks post op pics

Rest Of 2 Week Post Op Photos

Accidentally pressed post update instead of add picture! My bad lol

3 Days from being 1 month PO

So, I am 3 days from being 1 month Post Op. I have to say, im not really sure if im liking my results or not. I have wanted this for SO long and now im starting go kick myself in the Ass for getting this procedure. So, as all of u know, i have been having a problem with this crease in my boob. The crease was in both breast but the left is starting to smooth out, where the right isnt and im SO DEVASTATED!!!!! My doctor keeps telling me its nothing, but i definitely think its something! Theyre suppose to be smooth and pretty. And theyre not. :( i put alot into finding this surgeon and reading reviews and looking him up and everything. I did very good research on this surgeon and i feel like i have failed so far. They are dropping with no problen. The knly thing wrong is the crease in the right breast.. Anyone else experience this? At all?? And advice would totally help me right now!!!

38 Days Post Op. Still not sure... :(

Well, today is 1 month and a week post op. They are definitely getting fuller but not sure if the double bubble thing is getting worse or better! I ask people who ive showed and they say the definitely think theyre looking better but who knows if theyre saying it to make me feel better or if they really are looking better. I dont feel like theyre any better than when i first discovered it. Maybe I'm wrong?! They are definitely getting squishier and dropping good. I just wish the double bubble would straighten itself out already!! I do keep reminding myself that I. am only, a little over a month post op. The doctor said iy can definitely take up to three months to settle especially since they put a good size implant in. (Sigh) i sure helps this works out. Im already starting to kick myself in the a** for going through with this. I cany imagine what id do if i had to go back into surgery for a revision due to DB! Btw, is it the surgeons fault if i do get double bubble and need a revision? I heard it is then again i heard it isn't?

ladies, quick question!!

Okay, so on the 10th I will be 2 months post op. When can i start wearing a normal bra?! Like, dont get me wrong, i like that im able to wear a sports bra and still have boobage, and on top of that it comfortable. But im DYING to go bra shopping and wear normal bras. Not everything goes with a thick sports bra! Lol.

P.S ill be updating later and posting some two month photos!


My ps just got back to me and i am in the OK to do and wear whatever i please!!

Boobie Update

Everything is honestly pretty much the same. The crease is still in my right boob (your left). Some say its getting better, i think it looks just as bad. But its only in certain light that you really see it. Which youll see that in the photos im posting. But all in all, im happy with them! The only thing i would change is the crease and thats it. I finally heard back from Danielle and see said im free to do and wear whatever i like. So im soooooo excited to go buy some bras!! Ill post some pics once i buy some. Well, i think thats it, if i think of anything else ill post, and if anyone has any questions, ill gladly answer them
Xoxo ladies

Need advice and opinions!! please!!

So, I have finally gotten the OK to wear whatever i want! I can finally go bra shopping!! But, i have NO idea where to even start! I know alot of women go to VS for good bras, but lets face it VS is sooooo expensive! I dont have near that kind of money to blow on bras. So, heres my question! Where can I go to get good quality and cute Bras for lesser value than VS? I havent a clue where to go and start.... need help please!!

5 months post op!

I am now currently a little over 5 months post op now, and I absolutely LOVE my girls! They're awesome! They feel like mine, like I've always had them. I honestly can barely remember have small tits! Lol. I look at my old bras and think "omg, was I really THAT small!?" It's amazing how something so small can make u feel so much better about yourself. As most of you know that has followe my post I had a crease on my boobs. The crease on my left u can barely even tell it's there. It's pretty much gone. But the right crease u can see especially in the right lighting. Which disappoints me. But hey, what am I gonna do. I'd rather have that than something major, u know. But I'm gonna upload some pictures and I'll upload better ones later. Also, when I flex, u can see where my muscle lays on my breast implant.. Anyone else have this problem!?!

Help!!! I need all the advice I can get!!

Ladies! I'm freaking out here. I am 5 just about 6 months post op an I just found out I'm 10w4d pregnant!!!!!! Has anyone been pregnant with breast implants before!? Is going to ruin them? Am I going to have to have them redone? Ugh! I'm happy but so upset at the same time. I just got my new girls. I love them! But now are they going to be ruined is all that $6,400 going down the drain??

Almost 6 months post op and 10w5d preg

Well here are the girls at almost 6 months! They're doing good so far. Let's see how much bigger they're gonna get before this pregnancy is over! -.- lol

Need a scar and breast revision

So as most of you know, i have been having problems with my girls about a week after surgery.
the muscle tension has not gotten better but it has gotten significantly worse! I have pain in my chest if i extend my arms above my shoulders. I have pain in my chest whenever i flex, intentionally or not.
The crease (as shown in above photos) has only gotten worse and is very prominent now and well noticed by everyone.
My scars DO NOT rest in the fold of my breast. They are very raised, red and are now considered "keloid" scars! They are very irritable, red, sore, painful and itchy ALL the time!

I've been having pain for a while now and have contacted my doctor several times about the issue and he says "wait till after your pregnancy and see if it "fixes" itself"
Guess what?! It didn't.
i contacted him again about the issue and he says "wait till your done breast feeding for 6 weeks and we'll talk about it then". So, I did.
I've contacted him recently and sent photos of my problem. They agree it has gotten worse and want to call and consult with me about it.
They want to call and consult with me August 3rd! Almost a month away!
But I guess since i can't make it out there anytime soon, that will have to do..
i honestly don't want him touching me again, i'm afraid if i let him try to fix it that ill just be right back to square one and have to do this all over again. And thats not going to happen.

Im so sad. I was hoping id be lucky and only have to have this procedure done once, and now i need a revision along with a scar revision as well.
I thought i did perfect research, i looked him up and he was the best in the state.. i don't know where I went wrong here.
Shit happens I guess..
ill post pictures when i can
Has any of this ever happened to any of you here on realself?
By the way, my doctor is James Vogel out of Maryland.
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