Can't Find a Doctor - African American Nose Job - UK Girl - Baltimore, MD

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I have been searching for months for a doctor...

I have been searching for months for a doctor specializing in african american rhinoplasty. I live in the UK but given the lack of Doctors who seem to specialize in this area here I am resigned to the fact I will likely have to travel to the U.S. to get the best care. My search however has not been going very well...

Firstly, I contacted Dr. Jeffrey S. Epstein. Although (from what I have seen) he does great work, his office applies some heavy pressure tactics to get your deposit including witholding information which would inform your decision at an early stage. They try to force you to go with them even if you just contact them to express an interest in obtaining general information about the procedure. For me personally this is completely unacceptable.

Next I contacted Dr. Lawrence A. Lefkoff. Although he likewise appears to be a talented surgeon I never received a reply from his office for weeks! I understand he is running a busy practice but 3-4 weeks is too long too not receive any form of email/acknowledgement from his secretary that my message had at least been received. This really put me off and made me a little anxious. The secretary did eventually reply but did not answer any of my questions. She just wrote sorry and said to phone her in the United States which is really expensive from across the pond! Needless to say this put me off them. I'd rather go to a slightly less busy practice with a more personalized approach.

Lastly I contacted Dr. Kofi Boahene. From what I have seen he does some truly incredible work on African American patients and I was really enthusiastic about his aesthetic which is basically natural and not overdone results. I was really keen to get a skype consultation with him to discuss the procedure further. I sent an email to express interest and although I did receive a personal response from Dr. Boahene requesting that I send some nose images, I never heard from the Doctor again after sending the images as he requested. Over 3 weeks later and I still have not heard from the doctor. Disappointing and discouraging to say the least...

Can anyone else tell me if they have had a similar experiences when trying to contact surgeons? Can anyone recommend a doctor who does great natural work but is not too big/popular that they can still have time to respond to patient enquiries and provide a kind and more personalized approach?

Thankyou and look forward to hearing from you.
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