Finally Getting my Nose Done! (And Fat Transfer) - Baltimore, MD

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Excited can't express how I feel to finally have...

Excited can't express how I feel to finally have made the decision to do this. I had a consultation with Dr. Boahene mid Sept and my surgery is schduled for Nov 22. Perfect timing to take 2 weeks off since it's the holidays.

I'm having a rhinoplasty and fat transfered from my abdomen to under my eyes since they have always been sunken in. Dr. Boahene's approach is very conservative and kept saying he wants it to match my face. He says that he will file down my hump and lift my tip since it drops when I smile. I never smile with teeth. My nostrils flare when I smile and he says he will use alar cinch sutures instead of making my nostrils smaller. So of course I google alar cinch sutures and I hear that people cannot smile properly so that concerns me. I am a bit concerned that we are being too conservative since we didnt discuss making the tip smaller, simply lifting it. All this trouble and I want to leave there with exactly what I want, although I'm not 100% certain what that is. I scheduled a second consult before my surgery for Nov 13 just to make sure that we're on the same page. I'm sure it will be ok but this is my face and I'm only doing this once!

2nd Consultation

I had my 2nd consult today and I'm so ready to do this! I walked in with a list of questions and concerns and he answered every one! I don't know if I was nervous the first time around but clearly I left there not understanding everything because baaabbyy, I am not just getting the bridge straightened and the top lifted/supported. Here are the topics we discussed and his responses:

- bridge filing. Only top or sides too?
I was concerned that he was just fixing the hump but not the sides around the hump. He said he was narrowing the sides as well.
- tip lift. Is it going to be bigger?
When I lift the tip with my finger, it makes the tip look bulbous so I asked if he's not taking anything from the tip isn’t putting cartilage there to lift it going to make it bigger. He was planning to remove a little bit of the tip as well to make it smaller to compensate.
- cinch sutures for nostril flare
I was concerned that if he put in sutures to hold my nostrils that I would not be able to move lips to smile (I read that). Now this was a surprise, he is actually going to do a alar sill excision WOAH! He’s cutting the inside of my nostrils to make them a smidge smaller so they don’t flare out. Super excited about that! Side note, he went into why just a suture wouldn’t last but I’m 100% positive that he told me he would just cinch it but that’s fine.
- scoop vs straight
His mockup has me with a very straight bridge and I was concerned that I needed some sort of scoop to look natural. He said that a scoop would make it look flat and that’s not what I want. I agreed.
I was given prescriptions to fill. Percocet for pain and Medrol for … Can’t remember now. Nausea maybe? He did not give me antibiotics since I told him I always get a yeast infection. The antibiotics aren’t actually necessary he said.

FYI my BF had a septoplasty two days ago (another dr) and he’s ok so I’m not as scared as I was.

Fat Grafting update will be under that review!

Surgery day!

Today's the day! I'm a ball of nerves but I'll be fine. I'll be back to update when I can.

Guess who's out of surgery!

I'm feeling just fine. I'll write more tomorrow but just want to let you know that it went well. I just changed my gauze and it looks a bit pigish but I read that's normal. Lord please let that be normal and fix itself after the swelling goes down. I have a few "surprises" that I'll discuss in a few days at my follow-up but I'm trying now to worry. I don't have a cast for one. Who doesn't get a cast??? Very weird. No splints either. Also he didn't cut my nostrils but went back to the suture thing (I think). He explained but I was out of it so I can't remember. He said something about cutting from the inside. Anyways. I feel aOkay for now. My nose is clear so I'm having a hard time remembering not to breath through it. Talk to you all tomorrow!

Follow up scheduled at 3pm today

Hi all
I go in later today for my follow-up and to remove my tape. Once I'm back I'll sit and write a recap of the last 4 days. I've been fine just tons of swelling. It's after 3 am right now and I think I've had a break through in the middle of the night. I can feel my top lip again and I don't feel as tight. I was hoping that would happen today since I'll finally be able to see what my nose looks like. I popped a stitch (laughing) in my mouth a few days ago and I've been feeling a sharp pain there when I touch it with my tongue. I called and Dr Boahene told me not to worry so we'll see. My nostrils look more symmetrical thank goodness so I'm sure they will get better. The pigish look is still there. I think I stare at it way too much. Talk to you when I return.

I love it!!!

So I've tried to submit this 3 times from my phone and it freezes. So I'll just add the pics and be back tomorrow. Just know that I love it!!!!! I'm still crazy swollen so don't mind my looking crazy but if it looks good now I can't wait to see the final result. FYI check out under my eyes. So glad I did the fat transfer! Ignore the black and blue eyes lol.

Side by side

Happy Thanksgiving

I still can't feel my face and I can't smile. Added some concealer under my eyes. I think it looks great. Although I don't think I look like myself. I know it's because I'm swollen and I should stop looking at it. Went to the store and I felt like everyone was looking at it like ohhhhh she had a nose job!!! Lol

2 weeks!

Can't feel or move my top lip but ain't I cute!?!

Merry Christmas!

Hey guys!
It's been a bit over 4 weeks and I'm doing fine. I know it's still very early and I'm hoping all these things improve with time but let me run down what I'm not happy with. See pics. I took all but the last one today with a clean face.

Let me start by saying I think I look pretty great with make-up on but I never really wore it so that's getting on my nerves which brings me to #1.

1. Under my eyes are still very dark.
2. Fat has pretty much gone away and its back to what it looked like before.
3. From my nose to my top lip is very tight and numb. Getting annoying. It's starting to itch so I guess it's healing.
4. Nose is a bit discolored.
5. Nose leans a bit to the right. Only really seen in pictures.
6. Nostrils are shaped differently. This really concerns me since he didn't cut my nostrils. Hoping it's just swelling since only one side was cut. This was the drs explanation.
*7. Cannot raise my upper lip to smile! This is the worst of my issues. I'm trying not to worry because I'm starting to get slight feeling in my lip and under my nose but I read that it could take months for the nerves to reconnect. I brought this up during my second consult and he said this wasn't going to happen since he was cutting my nostrils but he changed the plan during surgery. I would not have been ok with dealing with this for 3 to 6 months or however long this takes to heal. I speak a lot on my job and I look very silly not moving my lip. I cover my mouth with my hand when I laugh. It hurts as well when I laugh. I'm more self conscious of my mouth note than I was my nose!

I have a follow-up on Jan 22. That's 2 months. He wanted to see me at 2 month but didn't have a free day. I've been emailing for cancellations. He's also going to do a scar revision for me. Have an eyebrow piercing that I'd like closed.

Other than all of that I'm happy lol. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Picture update

Everything is going just fine. I'm still numb, tight and can't move my lip but at least my nose is cute. You don't even notice my uneven nostrils unless I'm leaning back to show them. Under my eyes look like they did before the surgery, I'm just even darker under there. Hopefully that goes away cause I have to wear concealer everyday where as before I just wore it when I went out. Might do an artificial fill when I go there on the 22nd for my follow-up and eyebrow ring scar removal.

Side comparison

Today is a good nose day. It bled a bit this morning while cleaning it but not much. Here's a pic comp from the day of the surgery and today. You can see how the hump is gone and the tip is lifted and smaller.

Almost 4 months!

Hi guys!!
Sorry for the delay. Well it will be 4 months in about a week and I am so happy I did this! (why didn't I do it sooner???) So nothing has really changed besides the fact that I can move my top lip so much more now. I can smile with teeth. But it is still numb from the tip of my nose through the middle of my lip. It doesnt bother me much and I expect it will get better with time. Some things that I would change (or I'm waiting to fix itself) are my nostrils. They are still a bit off but I think thats because of the swelling on the side he cut. I can't confirm that until the numbness completely goes away which could take a year so for now I just wait. No one notices but me. With that said my nose also angles to the right and you can see that when I smile but I think thats the same issue that will get fixed once its fully healed. If I had to do it all over again I MIGHT have gone a bit smaller. Dr. Boahene is very conservative and although it was spot on, eh it could be smaller when I smile. Dont get me wrong, I am 100% happy. I don't know if its still swollen. I didn't go through the up and down sizes like others. Its looked pretty much the same since the surgery. If I pinch the middle piece between my nostrils that feels hard and fat. I still get stuffy once in a while and have to clean it out with the nasal rinse about 3 times a week.

Hmmm what else. Oh my under eye fat transfer sucks lol. I see a bit of a change but doesnt look worth the money I paid and now I have to wear makeup under my eyes everyday (before I only wore it when going out) because its much darker than before. The fat to me is completely gone. My last follow up back in Jan, he said that I need to wait like a year before I do anything else like a filler to make sure the fat has settled. I wanted to say what fat but he says that over time it plumps back up. I don't think it will. BUT it does feel like I have a base for filler to sit on rather than just the bone under my eyes if that makes sense.

I also got my eyebrow ring scar removed. Might right a review about that but not sure if anyone is interested. I have two scars there now but it looks better than the holes that were there.

He thought I looked great so my next follow up isn't until the end of June.

Let me know if you have questions! Hope this helps!

Getting better every month

Hi guys
Not much to report on. I'm still loving my nose. I would say that I'm 85% satisfied with my nose and that says a lot seeing how picky I am.

Nostrils: they are slowly getting more uniformed but still a tad off. Waiting a year before I make any final judgments.
Numbness: nose, in-between nose and lip, and middle of upper lip is still numb but definitely improving
Size: hasn't changed much to me since surgery. hoping for it to get a tad smaller but I'll live if it doesn't (he could have gone a bit smaller because it still looks a bit big when I smile with teeth but it looks perfect when I'm not smiling)
Angle: still leans to the right, which is the side he cut, more visible when I smile. Getting a smidge better. Waiting a year for the final judgment.
Hump: completely gone when you look at me but if I stretch my face or feel the left side there is a small bump still present. Not anything I'd fix.
Under my eyes: bruising still present but slowly going away. totally disappointed :-( I'll discuss this with him at my follow-up in June.

8 month update!

Hey peeps!
Everything is holding up just swell. So I had my third follow-up with Dr. Boahene a few days ago and he thinks everything looks fine. I gave him my list of concerns and as I thought, every answer was that I need to give it more time. Eh I'm not convinced but I just I gotta trust the process. Let me go over the issues. Oh sorry to start off all negative lol. I'm still happy!

Nostrils: More uniformed but still a tad off. Not noticeable so if it doesn’t change I'm ok.
Numbness: tip, in-between nose and lip, and middle of upper lip is still numb but definitely improving. He said that it's not really numb, just feels funny. Said that if he stuck me with a needle that I would feel it. I agree so I have to just wait for the nerves to reconnect fully. Much better though but I can't fully move my top lip. This is the worst of all the issues. Still feels a bit sore as well.
Size: He says is still have a chance to get smaller but I doubt it.
Angle: leaning to the right is much better but still a tad off. I think it’s because of the cartilage issue I'll discuss.
Hump: He can feel and see the slight hump. Says to wait a year or so to see if it bothers me. If it does then he can go in with a needle and file it down in his office.
Under my eyes: Fat has gone away. He thinks there is still some there (I don't). He claims sometimes after time the fat plumps back up. I don’t see that happening. I have an appt to do a filler on the 30th. He's going to under fill in case his replump theory is true.
Columella: When I wiggle or scratch my nose there's this clicking thing that happens. He says it’s the cartilage that he put in to hold my tip up that’s moving around. He said give it a few weeks to see if it changes. If not there is something he can do to hold it in place but says he has never had to do that because it resolves on its own. There is also some extra cartilage on the inside right that’s a bit bulky. I think that’s what making it appear to lean to the right. Again he said give it time and see and if it still isn’t right he can reshape it somehow in the office.

So that's all folks. Still glad I did it. Might have gone a bit smaller since my no smiling with teeth issue isn’t resolved but all in all I'm content. Hope this helps!


Happy New Year!

Hi guys
Sorry for not updating this more regularly. I really wish this site had an app!

In any event, it's been over a year and I can say not much has changed in my satisfaction category. I'm not utterly thrilled but I'm not disappointed either. I've been back to see the dr probably twice since my last update. Every time he tells me to give it more time. I mean does it take 10 years for things to get back to normal??? It is however slowing getting there. I still don't have full feeling in my nose or top lip. I'm extremely concerned that there is nerve damage. He says that because he cut under my lip, that's why it's taking longer. Although he never mentioned that before and I might have gone with him just cutting on the outside. Smiling still doesn't give me the look I want because it still looks big to me. Now, it totally fits my face without smiling but we could have gone smaller. So if you're going with my dr, please take note that he is extremely conservative and I get that but you might want to push him to do what u want. Someone told me the same thing and I didn't listen. The clicking is not as bad as it was, the issue to me is that the cartilage under my tip isn't secured to anything so it's moving around. He thinks it should stay that way or I'll have a stiff nose.

There's still a slight bump at the top but I doubt I'll fix it. I've invested way too much money already.

It still leans to the right but he claims he doesn't see it.

Under my eyes are still dark and hollow but I went in twice for filler injections and it looks much better.

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