Goodbye Sponge Bob Square Butt - Bala Cynwyd, PA

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I went to my first BBL consultation today to meet...

I went to my first BBL consultation today to meet with Dr. Carmen DiMario who wasn't available because he was doing surgeries. My appointment was scheduled for 12:30. I arrived a few minutes early, completed a few forms and was called to the back by 12:36. I met with a very nice lady named Janet. She had me stand in the mirror, lift up my shirt, and pull my pants down just under my stomach. She told me to tell what it is about my stomach I don't like. In my mind I'm thinking "you don't see this ht mess in front of you". Anyway, next she told me to turn around so that she could see my butt. I swear she said something along the lines of 2000 CC's but I could be wrong. If so, my butt must be jacked up. Lastly she encouraged me to lose 20lbs for best results which she offered to help with at no extra charge after a $500 deposit (to secure date). I did have money to put down today but Janet said she preferred I speak to the Dr first before coughing up any money. She seemed genuinely nice. My only problem was the patients who were there I am assuming for massages. Seeing them would likely give someone a change of heart. They looked like they were in excruciating pain and the drains hanging out didn't help either. My next appt to meet with the Dr. is on the 13th. I will keep you guys posted.

Dr. DiMario is Kewl

On Monday, July 13 I finally met the mystery man himself. While waiting in the office I did see a lot of nice backsides and got really excited about what he could possibly do for me. I filled out a ton of papers that required my initials which I thought was kind of strange. Come to find out later they told Dr. DiMario I was there for pre-op. How funny was that when I'm not looking to have surgery until next year in March. Anyway, Dr. Dimario is really nice, mild mannered, and friendly. He asked me questions about my health and took a look at this old wrinkled body of mine. He pretty much told me what Janet told me the week before. In order to get the best results I need to lose weight. Dr. DiMario went a little more in depth to tell me that he could do the surgery at my current weight but it may require a follow up surgery because they can only remove so much fat at one time. I respected him for that bit of info because he could have just as easily let me stay my current weight and made money off of two surgeries. I'm so motivated to drop these pounds and have my BBL and lipo next year in March. I also asked if he could lipo my arms. He said yes if he could get to it in time but they wouldn't look significantly different. He said he would have another surgeon take a look at them for a second opinion. Again, I respect him for that because he doesn't seem to see just $$$$. Any, I'm pretty much at a stand still until January 2016. I take my deposit on Monday to secure my date, otherwise I'm just waiting and working out.
Dr. Carmen DiMario

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