Please make me a Yily Doll

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So far I have researched many but Salzhauer is the...

So far I have researched many but Salzhauer is the only one that has really convinced me. His results I have seen are super good. And he's been super nice and helpful. I wanted to go with Moises salama but he asked me to gain twenty pounds which is impossible to do for me anyway. I think I have found the best dr. For my procedure because I dnt want a Kim k I just want a cute lil bubble but like Suelyn meirdos. I can't wait to hit to beach in my thing bikini!!

Changed my mind

I've decided to go with Yily because her results are amazing. I've been back and forth with sooo many surgeons over two years checking over this website and I have seen different doctors become super popular overnight. I have never seen results as good as Salama until Yily became the next big thing on here. One really big reason I want to travel to DR is the price is right I can actually afford what I want. I'm excited to start the process with Yily and her team and obtain my Kim k figure!!

Can't wait to get a booty

How unfair is it that some girls are born with these super nice asses n I don't even get a normal ass I got all my ass fat deposited in my stomach area...the apple look is not a good look ever!!!

Also I forgot to add

I'm not unhappy with any other part of my body except for my ass
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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