Salama October 15 2013 anybody else going

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I am 5 ft 7 in and currently 166lbs. I want to get...

I am 5 ft 7 in and currently 166lbs. I want to get a huge Donkey butt so I dont have to wear butt bra's any more when I go to the club and my stomach is a Hott mess right now lol.
I have always been Fine Ass Hell and got a lot of attention over the years I have modeled but I gained 20 lbs in all the rt places and all the men went crazy!! I now have lost a lot of the muscle and fat thickess due to stress and not excercising and eating right due to a bad break up last year with my EX.
I had a Breast Augumentation by Dr. Revis and I went from a flat C cup to a 36dd best thing in my life!!!! And now I want my sexy Back. I am currently single and hate to get naked for anyone.
Aint doing nothing for my sex life haha. I have lost tone, and Im flabby and want to fill out my booty and hips and I feel the most comfortable with Dr. Salama.

I have posted two reviews an I dont see anyone of...

I have posted two reviews an I dont see anyone of them does it take time to post or do I have to comment on others before you can see my story and info? I just realized that I need in for money help and I dont have the greatest help can other's please Help:) Thanks so much I am happy to be herer and hope to hear back soon

I want to clear up the last post lol I want to...

I want to clear up the last post lol I want to find a company who provides financial credit for surgeries because I dont have the best credit, and would need to start making payments asap plus I really need and earlier surgery date and I realized that it takes one business day to post :) Thanks

I want to gain 20lbs of good weight really fat...

I want to gain 20lbs of good weight really fat cells. I can't wait until I have surgery. I have to save some $ and my taxes are taking so long to come!!! But I hope to meet some people with the same measurements & I sometimes have high blood pressure if I gain weight or low iron I hope these dont stop me...

Okay I love Salama's work but I need an earlier...

Okay I love Salama's work but I need an earlier date than November 19 and he didn't really talk to me that long in our consult but maybe because he knew what to do. I'm very outgoing so I got along with him even showing him a nice picture of where I wanted to be. But he is EXPENSIVE!! So I emailed Hilario Duran and loved her consult she is soooo much more better with pricing than u can imagine but it's full cash baby!! And she has availability in April June wayy earlier Than Salama..
Soo Now to DR. Wendell Perry I went there at 1:07 pm and had to wait 30 minutes to get paperwork or really acknowledged by the secretaries. I loved himmmmm he is soooo nice and knowledgeable about everything. He came to see me about 2:15 but took his time explaining the whole surgery in depth I told him that his booty pics were way too small for me I need sm Ass!!! But he said he could do it and at a hospital too !! The hospital didn't have an limit on how much Lipo u can take out. But he gave a verbal pricing of BbL abd Breast list with implant exchange that I called to make sure b/c it wasnt in writing a day later and once again the front desk dropped the ball they are all over the place said they didn't know. They were not in the office etc... I think DR Perry needs to hire a new front dest employee cause the one he has is going to make him lose some business cuz I don't have time for that!!! Anyway I like his consult and want to make sure he can make me look like I want so I can't afford a round 2! So still trying to make a final decision I still think Salama is a front runner!! But I have to weigh out $ and risk options but I will be doing surgery asap

Its me yall I havent updated my post What is up...

Its me yall I havent updated my post What is up with Duran and not answering her Email??? well Im still not liking my body and I just started taking vitamins which I got on sale at target. I still need to find some B12 but I have the vitamin C and Iron and Folic acid Im taking

Back Again

I lost 3 lbs I have been working out Im 5ft 7 inches and 163lbs Im not sure who I will end up using for surgery or if surgery is worth it. Decisions, Decisions

October 15,2013 Salama

Im having surgery tomorrow or should I say later today I am so nervous my pre op is 38 chest 36 in waist and 42 in hips and 45 inch ass which isn't small but the belly fat

Post op Salama

I'm hurting loved Salama and Alex Monica etc beso

Ass for days

1300 cc in each cheek

Well I just ate some pinapple so I'm feeling better. I went to Salama's office yesterday for postop visit and I was in pain but not so much now I'm just tired. I did my back upper and lower my size my flanks also my stomach and my inner thighs thighs don't hurt that much or the back is my sides where of the drains are.

Some before pics

My mother is staring at my butt lol

No garment

I'm not sure if the top will drop cuz I don't want a donkey. Does it look like a donkey?

In bed I can't sleep

I did my massage today it was so painful I felt bad for Cecila but it hurt! She was a sweetheart very informative but my garment and foams are xl still with foams anyway good nite

Day four

My two cheeks look diff lol well I am the hot commodity when u leave the house everyone is staring


I have these annoying palpitations all day due to low iron I didn't want to get a blood transfusion because no other symptoms is this common it really bothers me

Day 9 pics

It's still nice my swelling has went down a bit

Sorry more pics

Best faja after 1st week of bbl?

I need a new tighter faja now which is the best for compressing the thigh and belly but lifting the butt not flattening it help? Thank you

I've been MIA

I'm trying to heal and relax before I have to get back to reality lol. I did go down but still have projection I hate the garments and it's very uncomfortable sleeping on your belly. I have driven with the yoga mat and boppy pillow. I did get 3 diff burns 2 on my sides and one on my back and I'm putting cream on it. I'm trying to get my iron up still and I'm taking 2 iron pills a day. I'm starting the itching phase so at time I get itch attacks I just put lotion. So I hope I stay here booty is softer and dropping nice

Still maintaining

Stomach went down love the new vedette 136 I have I'm at a 27 in now yeah booty I still have sat yet just been driving with my yoga mat and boppy pillow went to the movies last nite and brought them along lol


I usually don't like to post when I'm upset but I want to tell the reality of this surgery for one day. Instead of just saying everything is great and only people who aren't realistic complain. With the money I spent I feel like I should have any huge scars which I have multiple and one on each hips and one on one side that if u see it will make u gag. Salama did say he would fix. I guess I was the unlucky one because I see many women without it; a chunk of my side is missing. I wear shirts to cover it. I am five weeks out and I don't sit on my butt I use the yoga may when driving I sleep on my stomach I wear my garments my stomach is much better but my asss goes down each day!!! Every week I look at it and I get used to the smaller version then it goes down again. I am mad because now it looks like a deflated balloon and I'm at 5 weeks and I see all these other women who has 48 in ass mine went from 51 in to barely 45 and a half now. I feel so mad like I should've sat on it so maybe it would've given it a reason to go down. I haven't posted a pic now because I am embarrassed by it I know everyone love a good update and hate when you complain saying that it's emotional roller coaster but I held my tongue for too long I'm uncomfortable and in pain all day. I haven't even sat to pee yet. I have to bandage my wound each day & to lose this ass on top of all that I'm not happy rt now.


I meant I shouldn't have any scars. It was a deep burn then the burn had dead skin that Salama cut out do it took a huge chunk out my side. I def can't wear a bikini. Once again I have not sat down not even with Boppy pillow

Since Saturday my butt went down two inches

I should be way past the point where I go down in my ass two inches since sat is way ridiculous I was at 47 now today 45 and a half sorry if I'm mad cuz all this I went through to lose all my ass

I'll finally update

I have a 26 in waist now so the vedette 136 works well my waist went down 10 inches over all. But is still going down I won't take pics cuz I don't hv anyone to take them


Does not come from garment it comes from the hat wand melting fat on your body and although I have a great shape and I wasn't going to post the pics from my burns because I'm embarrassed and I do like Salama a lot but in reality my body is scarred and haven't healed yet. I have to change bandages everyday and this can happen to anyone or maybe it doesn't happen to you luck of the draw I guess. So Salama can have 50 patients with no burns and one like me. But when it's you it sucks!

Burn pic a little further

This how they looked right after surgery about a week

My update

I want to make sure that everyone is aware of what may happen after surgery u may not have projection. Or u may get burned or u may get an infection I'll rather go into surgery knowing that I had a full open knowledge of what negative outcomes can occur. Than to have my expectations so high that after surgery I'm hot I will. Post a pic of me I just didn't want too no face but so u can see what my body looks like


Some random pics from last night


I'm still only 45 and half inches I'm 160 lbs now he shaped me well but wish I had more inches I started at 44 inches. But my Lipo of my back has the shape looking nice. Still have the burns have to fight these men off they just want skin. Not happening lol

What is up with girls who speak about suicide

When they are real sick people out there with cancer and real diseases we all have introduced pain into our lives in trying to look better through surgery and yes I was burned but I'm still here blogging I like positive uplifting people who are honest about sharing their stories not weak individuals who can't see the glass is half dull

Just updating some pics

Idk my booty is looking too normal trying to plump it up any suggestions?
Miami Plastic Surgeon

I saw all the big booty chicas and I loved many results he does exactly what I want with my own body

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