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I'm getting ready for my new body I'm 5'2" 125lbs...

I'm getting ready for my new body I'm 5'2" 125lbs I'm getting tt and 500cc silicone mod+ unders... I've nursed 4 babies so it's took its toll on my body I'm a A/b cup and really hoping for a D cup. Moving from Cali to Florida soon so I would love to go to the beach with my kids and not wear a shirt and shorts..


Done with pre-op on to surgery yay... 9 days left to the New me !! It went great today I signed paperwork stood there for awkward pictures :( but it will be great to see them next to the afters :) and I did change from 500cc mod + to 500 cc hp silicone so bring on the boobies.. Woo hoo


I'll post the full befores when I get the after :) I'm still to chicken lol.. I have been preparing for after surgery driving my self crazy thinking and looking up things I'll need or want... For snacks I've got grapes ,crackers low sodium, pineapple chucks(for healing), protein meal bars, and I just can't think of anything else for snacks.. Open to any suggestions? :)

Getting close!!

Omg it's so close I'm going to freak!! Ahh. :) I've been doing so much "research" when ever I get a chance with 3 kids at home it's hard to do anything private and I'm not trying to explain and naked but on the serious side I've got almost all my supplies ready everything is set in motion. Now I have to start packing for my move in a month on the 15th (moving to Florida) no choice military life... and two of my babies birthdays are nov 6th and 11th.. So got to do as much as possible before my sx then it's up to my hubby to do it all.. Getting so excited taking mad doses of vitamin c reg multi vitamins.. Starting arnica tomorrow.. Wish me luck I'm all over the place..

Prep work...

Well today I've started taking the arnica and eating fresh pineapple and drinking pineapple juice... Just trying for the best recovery I can have. And with redhead skin i bruise like crazy so anything I can take or eat I'm all for it. :)

I've got boobies.!

So I'm hurting so bad I had my sx yesterday at 230 pm and I had a very hard time waking up after... And in way more pain then I thought I would be in but I feel a whole lot better now if I stay still and pop pain killers lol...sorry if what I'm writing don't make since I'm feeling fuzzy :) I'll post pics as soon as I can ...

Hurting :(

I'm hurting really hurting not getting any better my cut feels like its on fire...

36 hours after

Boobs look funny in the pic but they don't in real life they were just really high up..


Yep gas

So I didn't hear anyone mention gas which surprises me because it hurts really bad... After sx and not being mobile you get gas trapped inside the stomach so it just rumbles and hurts and it won't come out till you get active again. :(
Other than that I got my second shower since the sx and it was great,& relaxing...
My pain is mostly gone just is very uncomfortable. My back hurts and where the drain goes in me hurts that's about it ...oh and I love having boobies it's been so long. ;)

One week..

So I made it to the one week mark yay!! It's been hard to do nothing at all ... Boring..
Today I go in for my 1 week po appt. hoping to get out my drain (probably not) but I can hope I've been draining barely anything for days ,I only had 25 In 24 hours so crossing my fingers I want to sleep in my own bed again and I can't with this drain in me. (My kids try to pull on it when ever I go near them ) I'll write a little bit more when I get back from my appt..

6 days po

It looks way better then the pic shows . My belly button looks weird I haven't seen one this shape on anyone so that scares me...

Way too busy!!

Sorry I haven't updated I broke my ipad had to wait to get another one.. And I've been so busy with moving my mom out of my house and trying to sale mine then decided there isn't time so (rent it) all awhile keeping it show ready for all the people walking through and painting my house and Halloween and doctor appts and yard sales to get rid of most our things ahhhh !!!!!!! And now I have a double birthday slash going away party on sat the 9th and then moving co. On the 13th carpet cleaning on the 14th and our renter moving in on the 15th ..ahh!! But other than that my tummy is doing great it's looking great still have the strips on it and under one boob :) but my boobs are having a hard time dropping I can only see a little change which isn't great but at least I got them haha. My belly button when it's not swollen is so cute my doc said he gave me a model belly button.. Well I'll try to post some pics today when I get to take a shower ..


I love my doctor officially !! My incision is so thin I just got the strips off today and seen it ...yay. It's look way worse in the pics but it's really thin line and really light... I can't wait to use the silicone strips and it be gone forever....all smiles today... :). :)

My new set!

So I could not wait I was at kmart (which is the only store in the town I live in) and I took two bras to try on they didn't have any 34d s. So I found a 36d and a 36dd and try them both on and the dd is the one that fit best :) heck yeah... But I'm not done dropping yet so will it change?

4 weeks 5 days

I went to my doctor appt yesterday and was told I can work out now yay!! My butt is turning into jello from sitting around eating kinda crappy.. With Halloween and my kids b day and everything so it's time to really get on it... And also I can go buy a couple bras and he said to get a sports bras with separate breasts for more support.... But then I go trying to save a couple bucks went to Walmart ya they didn't have anything in my size same with kmart or the bx on base so I gave up and I'm waiting till I get to the mall.. Didn't know 36dd is a common size. With all the plastic surgery now days you would think that they would supply more then 38 -40 DD's :(.. Anyways I'll take some pics when I get to a big mirror right now I'm stuck in a trailer :(

Pics 4weeks 5 days

Never min I just did it without a mirror lol I'm tired.....

Worked out

Last night I went for a work out just to find out that I'm out of shape. I couldn't breath at all after 15 mins of the arc trainer I got off hoping not to pass on the floor. Haha.. it's only been 6 weeks but felt like my first day at fat camp. Other then that it's been pretty crazy for me with having to move out of my house to a trailer then wrecking the trailer we are on in base housing till tomorrow morning, next stop my moms in a different town till the trailer is fixed and on the 9th I have my last doctor appt and I have child support court which won't be bad they said they want to raise it like that matters he doesn't pay anyways. Then dec 13th we are off to Florida in a slow week long trip with three kids and two dogs. Maybe when i get there after Christmas I can actually relax( dreaming )

It's been forever

It's been forever since I got on here but feels like yesterday busy life... I am officially living in Florida still in a trailer haven't found a house yet but anyways my body is doing great hurts here and there but overall it's great and I absolutely love having boobs I just feel normal now like they have always been there. :) for Christmas I got a 250$ gift card from my hubby to Victorias secrete (hell yeah) I can't wait to buy sexy bras and matching panties !

Best doctor ever he made me feel really comfortable which says a lot because I was terrified to show my body... He answered any question I through at him and even offered more to make sure I knew of all my options. He did great work my incision is thin and healed fast no problems. I would and have recommended him to family and friends. If I get anything done ever again I will only go back to him.

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