52 Yrs, Mom-2, Grandma-5... Doing It for Me! 5'4", 143 Lbs - Bakersfield, CA

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Finally financially and emotionally ready to get a...

Finally financially and emotionally ready to get a flat tummy and perky girls! Some may think that I'm too old to do this but right now happens to perfect timing. I have a busy but comfortable self-employed life. I'm at the age where they no longer need to ask if I'm pregnant. ;) I'd had that question asked on numerous occasions which was so hurtful and humiliating. That awful pooch is something that has been in my family for generations including my mom and her six sisters. Even at my thinest of 99 lbs, I still had a belly pooch. With my second pregnancy, my breast were 34DD's and gravity took its toll shortly thereafter. I've met with several doctors and ultimately selected Dr. Barnes in Bakersfield. He spent a great amount of time explaining everything to me and my spouse as did his staff. My preop is May 19th but I've already checked in with part of his team twice with questions and they've been very supportive. I can honestly say there is a big difference in doctors and staff. One doctor made me feel like he was a salesman! You know the kind of hardcore car salesman or the alarm salesman that end up at your door? Ugh! I want a competent Doctor not a salesman! I'm thankful for this site and all the brave posts and pics. Today begins my day of sharing.

Nervous about Pre-op

Boy, I've had a complete hysterectomy, a gallbladder removal, a colon resection, hernia repair, and many exams with anesthesia and never have I been so nervous about a surgery. I'm so nervous that I'm even nervous about the pre-op! lol. I suppose this happens to be a bit different kind of nervous because there's positive anticipation as well. Even hubby seems to be getting more excited. He knows how much this means to me. In the meantime, I am so thankful for everyone here who shares. I don't know how strong I'd be without seeing all the great stories and pics! Thank you to you all!

Sisterhood and boobs. lol

My husband asked me last night "are you looking at boobs again?" Typical man!! Ugh!! Although I'm undecided on my cc's just yet and I do look, but how in the world can you compare to another sister? What it's (RS) really about for me is the sisterhood. I am so encouraged by the stories, photos, and advice and thankful for all that share. When someone has a surgery close I get excited for her even though I don't know her. I have struggled with a pooch of a tummy since I was 19 (even at a size zero, there was pooch). Having a TT will eliminate that pooch that I have tried DAILY to hide for 33 years. So yes, I'm excited. I know many of you have had similar struggles so I am excited for you too! Thank you all for sharing.

Decision Made: 600cc's it is. 10 days to go!

Well I tried on sizers again today and decided on 600cc's. My doctor had me down for 500-650. I was at 550 but so many RS ladies have said that they wish they had gone one size bigger so I'm going to 600cc. Now it's just the countdown. 10 days to go!

Surgery today. Prayers, positive vibes etc accepted. :)

Ok my supportive ladies I am leaving now for my procedures. I likely will not post this evening because pain medicine just exhausts me. Tylenol makes me groggy so you get the idea. Thank you all who have helped get me to this point, past ladies and future ladies! Many blessings to you all!

I'm here on the flat side!

Sorry that I haven't updated ladies. I am extremely sensitive to medication and I have been vomiting a lot. :( I am doing much better now and will give a better update during the day (1:17 am right now). Thank you all for the kind words and for checking in on me.

3 days post-op.

Hi ladies! Ty for checking in on me through RS, it was encouraging seeing you all there when I was down. I'm finally over the nausea and have only taken one-half the pain med this morning. Honestly, the pain was not that bad or at least I've had worse. That's not to say that this is easy because it's not. The part that bothers me the most is the very top of my breasts. I am already wanting them to get in their place but I know it takes time. As most girls say, the difficult and annoying part is the drain. I've caught it in between the recliner, put my hand on it while raising out of bed, and hooked it on the TP dispenser. Believe it or not, it's still attached. It just always seems to be in the way. Anyway, I wanted to post a quick after pic for you (I had not showered yet) and to check in with everyone to see your progresses. Have a blessed day everyone.

1st post op visit today. Everything is going great!

So I had my first post visit this morning and he was impressed with my progress and that I'm looking well. My pain meds are done, going potty regularly, and moving really well. Both he and the nurse told me that I was recovering quickly. Yea me! I get the drain out next Monday. My amazing doc has a 10 day requirement. Some things I learned today: Belly button needs gauze in it because it tries to heal and close itself. Nips may appear low and pointing down but when the implants drop I should be more rounded and the nips should point up more. It may not hurt to take the muscle relaxers to possibly help the muscle that the implants are tucked under to relax. (I will take one in the evening, they wipe me out). Walking more will help release the drainage (I've not been draining much). It is ok to cut a portion of the waist band off if it's irritating your skin. Mine kept sneaking up under my girls and was always so uncomfortable and my skin got irritated. We cut a portion off and what an incredible difference! I just wanted to post those couple of things for those that are getting ready to go in for surgery. Im not saying your doc would approve of all these things. It's just that knowledge is power. I read so much on RS that I felt powerful and in control of me. I knew what to expect because of RS. Good luck and best wishes to those of you who are embarking on this journey. Healing blessings to all of you on the flat side! ???? to you all.

9 days post op and feeling close to normal

Well the muscles in my chest have relaxed a little, thank goodness! But other than that and some additional tummy swelling nothing has really changed. I do feel a little closer to my normal self with regard to general energy. Thank goodness! I hope all of you on the flat side are taking it easy and healing nicely! And for you ladies getting ready, it will be here sooner than you think! Mwah to you all!

Surgical Tape Nightmare!!! Old tape, got too hot??!

Good evening beautiful ladies! Hope you all are healing well and those of you getting ready for procedures - woohoo!!! I wanted to share what recently happened with me in case any of you are buying your own tape for post op. I purchased 3M Micropore tape to cover my incisions from our local Walgreens. I was to change my tape every three days. On the third day, we carefully pulled the tape off and I did notice some tender areas or so I thought. After getting out of the shower my breasts felt strange and looked strange on the lower incisions. I actually couldn't see my lower incisions. We discovered that my breasts were stuck to the skin below my breasts. The tape glue had remained on my skin. E V E R Y W H E R E!!! I have small areas where the tape glue is not on the incisions but just outside of them. These are the list of things that I have tried to remove the glue: The tape (tried to get it to reattach to itself) Vitamin E oil Olive Oil Coconut Oil Nail Polish Remover A Magic Eraser (yes I did!) Goo Be Gone (yes, on my own skin!) Now you may think it's not that big of a deal to have a little glue on you however my bra sticks to it and my CG sticks to it. Every single inch of my incisions (plus some) sticks to my undergarments. When removing them, I have to slowly peel them off the glue. I was feeling like a million bucks but now I'm stuck to my garments which does not make for smooth movements. The only thing that truly worked was picking at it with tweezers. Dot by little dot. I got the glue off my left areola and that was all that I could do as that took well over an hour. So for now my garments stick to my incisions. Oh and the glue also comes off on the garments and won't simply wash off in the washer. If there is a way that you can test your tape somewhere on your body before leaving it on your tender incisions, I say do it! The tape that I bought looks perfectly fine so don't let that fool you. I was doing so well and this has been very discouraging. It probably rarely happens but I'd rather post here and maybe help someone prevent the problem from happening to them. Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well this weekend!

Update on the tape issue... Probably caused this problem

About 10 days ago I posted about my nightmare of an experience with the glue from the tape staying on my skin. I have gotten the majority of the tape off my areolas, most of it off under my breast, and apparently none of it off my lower abdomen. I thought I had it all off my lower abdomen and my nurse placed their tape across my lower abdomen last Friday. When I took it off, the entire area was still sticky! Ugh!!!&$!;?/$&@!!!

Having the tape glue stuck to your skin causes so many problems. Any little scab is embedded with glue not allowing it to dry and flake off naturally. And clothing holds on tight to it causing me to have to slowly and carefully pry it off. And I gained a slight infection as a result of the glue being stuck under my breast. I can't prove that but the areas that are glueless are not irritated and healing nicely now. In one pic you can see some of the glue. I have to rub/roll and tweeze it off. Again I say if you purchased your own tape, put it on for a few days on a safe area just to test it. I don't wish this mess on anyone. Other than that, all is well!

1 month post update

Hello ladies! I just wanted to take a quick moment to update my profile and add a couple of pics. All is going well now that I am just about out of tape glue hell. I'm pretty sure that nasty glue did hinder my healing and put me a bit behind in the process. But I'm on the way and have noticed the scars are smoothing out nicely now that I'm using my doctors tape on some of the areas. My right breast still has some settling to do. Also, I have read about ladies who have trouble with certain foods causing bloating. I was a bit bloated in the pics that were taken yesterday but boy was that Greek meal delicious! Ah and there's also the tummy swelling that randomly shows up. It's difficult to relax when you are feeling normal and my tummy pays the price for being more active. I haven't been on RS as often as I'd like but I am happy to see everyone healing well and several beauties who've made it to the flat side! Happy healing, less swelling and mwah to you all!

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