28yr old 5'4 , 138 lbs one child / 550cc hp mentor memory,smooth round silicone - Bakersfield, CA

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Hi everyone I'm 5'4 weight 138 I'm debating...

Hi everyone I'm 5'4 weight 138 I'm debating between 500cc and 550cc hp (sub) don't want to be disappointed need some opinions please! I want a good size breast size will 550cc be to big and have little tissue he took my measurements and said sense I have very little tissue it will be mostly inplant that will show hes doing it not under or over the mucle but in between from what I understood

Two more days till my BA!:)

I'm so excited and ready for this!been wanting for this for a while now finally going to do it.Monday at 6:15 is my arrival time I was called on Friday to let me know, I also was sent an email in case I forget anything that said :) I have stocked up pretty good with easy to make food to make and will be given my kit of pills with instructions after surgery.

On my way to my BA!

Heading to the surgery center now,very excited finally thankyou lord:)staying positive but realistic at the same time hoping everyone has an awesome day today! You guys have helped me so much,want to say thank you ladies

Done with surgery today!

Surgery went great, felling pressure,but when I stand up i do feel the pain taking my pain pills on point so I should be good

2nd day sense my BA

Can't wait to shower tomorrow I haven't seen them yet but I have been peeking,I'm curious to see them.Can't wait to recover to start hitting the gym with my swolemate!

3RD DAY POST OP/ before and after

So finally today I took a showerd,felt good was a little scared to shower though(thought my strips were going to come off or something lol) but my husband was there helping me out and letting me know it was ok (love him)also my mom and step dad came to visit me felt nice!and yesterday I workout partner also came by with flowers and a recover soon so we can start working out again card she's awsome.Well today I finally took a look at the new girls of mine and I really like them put on another sports bra I bought at Walmart which feels so much confortable, because the one I came home with was getting to tight

4 day post op

Wanted to share some pics with you ladies sense seeing all yours has helped me in such a great way,I'm feeling better and better as the days pass by. I am getting a bit fustraded because I want to drop and fluff already but it's only been 4 days so it going to take some time,but can't wait :)


Hi everyone so today I went in for my one week follow up and it went great i was told to start massaging only one time a day and only ten reps each aswell for also a month, I have seen and read so many different ways of massages but everyone surgeon is different. He was very impressed with my recovery he said I was ahead of the game and that I was dropping quite quickly and looking good,but that I wasn't allowed to pick up anything heavier than a gallon of milk so to take it easy but definitely start doing more walking around I'm off my pain medication and have a few mucle relaxers that was advised to take when heading to bed so won't be so drowsy and tired during the day. I'm also allowed to start the eleptical and treadmill machine at the gym which I'm happy about its better than nothing, to be honest I love weight training and never really do cardio unless I need a Lil warm up but never do more than 5 or 10 minutes,I started doing body weight squats in my room because I just couldnt stand not being able to work out bacause of my surgery,well have my next follow up in 3 weeks.Putting a pic of how doctor said i should massage to share with you guys also some others ones I took while waiting in the waiting room today, hope my journey helps others with more insight and information that want or are getting a breast augmentation love you ladies have a blessed night until my next review :)

Stretch mark creams!

Hi everyone wanted to share this creams that I'm using for stretch marks,cocoa butter I use during the day time and maderma pm I use at night after I shower to go to sleep with :)


Hi ladies,hoped everyone had a great day today,it was definitely a good day for me today I am two weeks post op and am very happy about it.The more time that passes my girls bloosom more into their true results and am falling more in love with them each day ,took of my surgical tape strips today and have a look at my incisions for the first time sense surgery.I'm feeling good about them too,one thing that sucks is that through out the day my boobs hurt on and off,they are very sensitive to the touch when I'm driving I have to hold the crossing seat belt away from them lol but I manage.Left some pics for you guys to see my progress of my BA journey, will be posting my next review when I go in for my 3 week follow up which is on the 13th can't wait to see what my doctor tells me and hoping this time he gives me the green light for doing more than just walking on the treadmill this time,we'll heading to bed now may all you beatiful ladies have a blessed night goodnight :)


Hi ladies if this is your first BA You qualify for the mentor inhanced warranty,your implants have life time warranty but will not cover surgery and anasthesa fees with the inhanced warranty you will get assistance with 3,500 financially which is a big help.It's 200$ to enroll which I think is money well spent even though mentor inplants are known to be really great inplants you just never know,and it gives me a peace of mind :) if you want to know more about it you can go to www.mentorwwllc.com or call 1-800-mentor8

3 Weeks Post op!

Hey ladies just reporting my 3 week post op!well nothing much has changed yet but one is dropping faster than the other!and another thing my was looking closer at my incision and one is cloder to the crease than the other I'm hoping because one dropping faster but I'm still concerned will ask my ps on Wednesday which is the day of my follow up will keep you guys posted on what he says about my progress,here are pics the pink tank top was given to me at beutogoly which is where I got my BA also when coming home from surgery I also received a cute teddy bear love and a cup to drink my fluids in when I got home just wanted to throw that out there:)

Had my second follow up today

My surgeon said that I'm looking really good,from my recovery process he said I look like I'm one month post op not 3 and a half weeks I got the green light to star doing lower body but should wait a Lil longer to start doing upper body also he suggested to buy one or two inexpensive wire bras ,he said in two to three weeks I should experience a Lil more dropping but alot of fluffing and that the underwired bras will help the shaping of my results I was given a scar stick which I have to apply twice a day oh yeah and to buy a really support bra for the gym:)

My Full body pics with my 550cc

Wanted to add this full body pictures I been taking to my breast augmentation journey,I have to say I just love how my shirts fit me now more than ever, I feel so sexy and confident with my 550cc and so ready for the drop and fluff process.My surgeon told me that in two or three weeks they will drop just a bit more but fluff alot so I'm so ready for that.On another subject I went to the gym today for lower body only was advised not to do no upper body for couple months and I have to admit I was a little scared didn't want to go to hard my workout partner took good care of me making sure I was ok in all that I did I love her she's awsome:),anyway I ran into a friend of mine who also had a ba and reminded me to be very careful about what I do and how I do it because she said she didn't want me to end up like her,she didn't listen and started doing to much to soon and one of her breast wasn't dropping right.She had gotten a capsular contracture and they had to redue one of breast,so yea I need to be careful and take it easy felt good being back though hope you guys like my pictures and if you guys have any questions don't hesitate to ask im more than happy share my journey with you guys and I enjoy reading everyone's else journeys ;)

Putting up this pic upon request and also today I'm four weeks post op!!

So here's some pic with a bikini sorry this is the only one I have right now couple days before my BA I gave all my bras and other bikinis to my Lil sisters so this one was left behind didn't find it till later so I still have it hope this helps daisy19850,I need to go get some just waiting for some time to pass:)oh yeah as you can see it doesn't fit any more tried lol tried my best though sorry it's the only one I have at the moment

Loving my 550cc in this jumpsuit!

So went to buy some shirts this morning cause I'm limited in wearing my old ones and came across this jumpsuit thought it be fun to try it on not to buy just to see how it would look my husband would never let me wear something like this in public lol and took some pics because I loved how much girls are looking,let me know what you girls think,cute or no?

Officially one month today!!

I'm so happy I'm officially one month post op today!and to all the girls who are on the other side or are thinking about getting a ba let me just say it get better I mean i have alot of changes to go though still but I feel so good,sexy and happy with my self.I don't regret for a minute getting my BA,I love trying on clothing that I would've never thought of putting on because I was so small before,but now I have fun with it and feel so sexy and confident with myself in my intimacy and with clothing whether it's on or off body.I will continue to keep posting and pay it foward and suggest you guys do the same it a big help for the girls that want more insight on breast augmentation or going to get one soon or are in the process.Really appreciate you girls who keep posting thankyou! here are some pics before and after my BA looking forward to your post :)

One month and week post op!

Hi ladies hoping everyone is having an awesome day! Well as for me and my girls were doing well they are getting softer as the days pass by and oh yea, it been almost two weeks already that I don't get morning boob no more sorry forgot to add that before and I'm so happy about it. So this is the bra with underwire I been advised to wear to help them shape out I got just one because my ps not to get to many or pricy ones because of all my changes,purchased it at Walmart it's a 38C but the worker there warmed me the Walmart sizes are way off which I believe it's true cause I know I'm going to be a D don't know how big just yet though but she said that I will probably be a bigger size somewhere else but I was ok with it for now not worried about my measurement just yet I mean when I go to the gym I wear a 38D in my max support sports bras from champion so go figure lol . My scars are doing and looking well as well :)

2 moths post op!

HI everyone been waiting to hit my two month mark to post my progress, today is the day happy to report that everything is great i get little pains here and there but it's normal from all my nerves and everything in there getting stable i haven't got fitted yet taking my time still have changes to go though but I did buy one more bra from Walmart which I'm a 38C in. Also my left is still dropping quicker than the right but it's normal as well, here are some pics

Got my before and after today!

So today I had my last check up with my doctor,went good he said everything is looking great i did ask him about a concern I had though which was that my right feels just a bit firmer than my left he said I shouldn't be concerned about it because even though is a bit firmer it still really soft and it is but sense my left feels squishyer I was thinking both should be that way but I guess not and my right needs to catch up so with time I'm berly 2 and a half months so I getting there. Also I became a VIP Member which I thought it was neat here are some pics of things I got today

3 months!

Hey everyone want to hi!and report my 3rd month progress everything is good great here are some pics if you have any questions about anything let me know :)
Bakersfield Physician

Had an awesome consultation with Dr.Barnes wasn't sure what size I wanted but was sure of the look I was aiming for Dr.Barnes and his staff made sure all my questions were answered and explained anything I didn't understand or wasn't sure of,went in twice cause I wasn't sure of the size I wanted to get and both times he spoke to me about any concerns or questions I had and to top it off his nurse is such a sweetheart I am happy I went to Beautologie they are the best!

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