27 Year Old, 32A Cup in VS, Considering 300 Silicone Gel Breast Augmentation. Bakersfield, CA

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Got tired of putting on dresses and just not...

Got tired of putting on dresses and just not having anything to fill out. Struggled for years with super padded bras but it just doesn't seem to work. Wanted some fullness but nothing crazy. Haven't done the procedure yet but as part of the pre-op discussed silicon versus saline and what that would mean in terms of after effect. Doctor looked at my boobs and gave me an idea of what they would look like.

I dream of boobs, still kind of panicked

I think the more I read about all the pain women have gone through the more freaked out I get. Apparently a lot of people wake up with really bad pain the second or third day and it continues into the sixth or eighth day. Can't afford to take that much time off of work but I really really want boobs.

To boob or no boob

I've seen over 3000 photos of boobs and I do believe that on a 5'2" tall 115 pound person 300 ccs will be a good size. Would probably bring my VS size in the super push up bra that adds two sizes from a 32A to a 32C or D.

Appointment for pre op is on Friday. Excited and nervous. I'll be bringing a bunch of clothes and things to play with the sizers again.

Appointment scheduled, now the panic sets in 6 days till surgery

I've been reading a lot of the reviews online and on here about people who had problems, people who weren't happy, people who regretted it, and a few that worked out. I can't seem to figure out if more people are happy and if the awful ones are just because 1) they had the surgery 20 years ago 2) they had unrealistic expectations or 3) they went too big or too small..... Or on the other hand maybe I'm just justifying the surgery.

I'm sure I'll be back to update you all. Hope my journey will help you as much as some of the others helped me.

I can tell I'm going to drive my boyfriend who I live with nuts but he's very supportive.

4 days to go - selling my things

Hi everyone, feeling a little better about getting the procedure done. Today I did something really important, I took out all of my old bras and put them up for sale on Poshmark. While I did it, I remember how much I hated wearing the super padded ones and how invisible I felt without them. Feel free to check them out @midnightskyz on Poshmark if you are a 32A or 32AA. I'm saying goodbye to small breasts!

4 days till Friday - new worries

Haha so today I'm doing not so good. I called to see if I could cancel and I would be out $4000 since it's such a late cancellation.

New questions I had:
1) do women really need new implants in 7-12 years?
2) can this affect future children, causing them to have autism?
3) how often do women have breast implant sickness?

Notions of a worrier....

2 days and counting

Went to Walmart today to buy bras and I got out of work early. Unfortunately, went to the doctor and they said I have an ear infection and prescribed ear drops. Hopefully it doesn't affect my operations. Called dr Barnes office to let them know.

1 more day yikes

Okay so the ear infection was mild so they only gave me ear drops so nothing that I need to take.

Excited, nervous... Oh man

It's done! I did it! The day after...

It's pretty amazing but I have boobs! The whole process took about less than an hour and I don't really remember most of it. In fact I remember getting in the bed to go into surgery and that was it.

So pre-op they put me in a gown and underwear. I waited in a separate room until Dr. Barnes came in. He sat and spoke to me answering all the questions I had including the ones regarding poisoning of children. *Apparently this is a myth. However he did mention I may have problems breast feeding in the future.

After this he drew lines to make sure everything is symmetrical. Joked around with him to make sure they were even.

I don't remember much after getting into the surgery bed because part of the medication they use causes fuzzy memory.

After the surgery, my sister told me I kept asking her the same questions over and over again because I would forget I had already asked her something. There was relatively little pain and with pain meds the pain is very manageable. Most of the time I feel a little sore and if I push or pull a particular way, I feel a twinge.

Otherwise, if I take my meds on time, I don't feel much pain. Every four hours...

My breasts are swollen but I switched out my bra for my pink sports bra.

I admit I feel like I am wearing a miraculous bra from Victoria's Secret. The bombshell which gives you two cup sizes because the weight and size is almost the same. Except these are permanent.

More photos to come but just wanted to say my breasts look amazing so far. I was actually up and about the whole day. Did some light shopping, went out for lunch. I do get quite sleepy once in a while due to the muscle relaxers but otherwise I'm feeling great.

4 days post operation

The actual operation is mostly a blur. Dr Barnes came in and made some markings on me. He joked around with me which made me feel a lot better.

I don't remember the procedure itself or even going into the surgery room. I remember getting into the surgery bed and asking my sister who was taking care of me the same questions over and over again.

By day two the swelling got huge and I was in a lot of pain if I didn't take my meds.

By day three Monday, I went for a post operation appointment and then drove 4 hours to get home.

Today I could go to work even though there is pressure but I'm taking it easy because it still hurts.

Photos after surgery

Tip for ladies buying bras!!!!

Hi everyone if you were like me and buying bras pre operation think about this:

I'm 5"2' usually a 32AA and went 325 ccs of silicone.

On my first day after the surgery I could wear a size 34 bra from fruit of the loom. Then the day after on the third day I had to wear a size 36 because of the swelling. Today the bra size has gone down and the 36 is loose.

When you buy your bras buy a little larger than the one you want. You should also buy one 2 sizes larger than your intended size for the swelling.

One week since my surgery

So, they really forget to tell you that your chest will feel really strange for a month. It's only been a week and I feel like I have a super support bra on all the time. My right side is super sensitive, my left side is still numb. No signs of dropping or softening yet but it's only been a week. This is where I wish we could fast forward 6 months.

On the bright side I put on my blue dress that I wore a month ago with a sports bra, no padding and the chest area fills out nicely. Quite surprising... That's never happened before!

One hurts and one doesnt

So I figured some other ladies may have this same problem but wanted to post about this since i find it a bit weird. My left boob is numb and barely hurts and my right one is super sensitive and hurts a lot more. I've started massaging them and bought the warranty today in case anything goes wrong. I hope they'll be around for the next 15 years.

One week post op photo

One week later

10 days out... Feeling much better

Hi everyone, moving around has gotten easier and I'm more comfortable with my implants. Right breast nipple is still sensitive but left one still feels a little numb. I can feel sensation more now though. Started massaging both and the left is a lot softer.

From the side in comparison to when I started I definitely have boobs.

Looking forward to hitting 2 weeks

10 days before and after

Just to see

Three weeks and one day

Hi just wanted to update with photos of my breasts at two weeks and the scars when I took off the tape the first time

Almost 3 months...

Hi everyone just a quick update! I feel like my boobs are too big but it's quite possible I'm not used to them! I went to get a bra and Nordstrom says I'm a 30DDD in a Natori bra. But Victoria's Secret puts me at a 32DD. Weird I know...

Photos below!

At my follow up my doctor did mention that my scar would be red and puffy in the third month but so far nothing!

Puffy stitches

Stitches are puffy and red now
Dr Zachary Barnes

Pre-op consultation my doctor was very nice, answered all the questions I had as well as giving me tips on what I wanted to achieve

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