24 Years Old 600 Ccs - Bakersfield, CA

So far I have only gone to my consultation and it...

So far I have only gone to my consultation and it was a success, price was lower then expected, which I was very happy about. The Dr was was very nice and has 25 years of experience which was also a high positive I feel safe with him and trust him. All we talk about was my goals and size...and explain a Lil bit about the procedure . I'll be back till Dec 5th to do my lap work... I'm excited!!!!


Hello ladies, today I'm feeling very confuse, I've been looking at tons of profiles and I been on a few where they got 600ccs which was what I want, but on some women they look like a good size and in other women they look way to big and they have similar before pictures... so now I don't know what to get. My Dr did tell me that if I wanted to avoid a breast lift, the bigger the better... and 600 ccs where the biggest size they had me try on and I felt comfortable but now I kinda just want 500 ccs.... I just want a size that I'm love and not regret and I'm finding that to be quit hard to figure out....


Oh and I will try to upload before photos soon.

wish boobs

I'm going for the round perky fake look

before pics

Hello ladies, well here are some before pics, I really dislike my breast and the size of my nips but I will just be getting the breast implants and I'm trying to avoid getting a breast lift so Dr said the bigger the implant the less likely I'll need one, I'm still confuse of what size I want but I think I'll probably just stick with the 600 ccs

Brett Edward Lehocky, MD

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