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I'm 57 yrs old. I already have a profile about my...

I'm 57 yrs old. I already have a profile about my breast reduction (#1 and #2) which hasn't completely healed yet. Well, I'm only in week 5.
I've been in menopause for 12 yrs. As I go through each stage (different types of 'side effects') such as losing your ability to speak (words start to come out your mouth and disappear), night sweats, and in the last phase, WEIGHT GAIN. I do all the right things, but nothing works. I was using the elliptical every day at work and I just started gaining weight. After a year I weigh 157, which has been as high as 162. I am 5' 2.75 inches tall. My average weight through out adulthood has been 118-132. Ups and downs with weight gain, but WHY DOES NONE OF IT GO TO MY BUTT?? So I talked with Dr. Lehockey, who is partners with Dr Shah that did all my boob surgeries, and he will be doing what he calls a 'BODY SCUPLTURE'. He will take fat from everywhere he can (and he has a lot of choices) and build me a butt. The procedure is $7700 but I always get $1,000 discount. I will post BEFORE pics before my procedure on Aug 1st. *I'm a dancer/teacher/choreographer and I need to look good in my booty shorts* Some pics are from past dance years....

12 days pre-surgery (lipo & fat injection into butt

Can't wait! I'm still working on swelling from the reduction #2 and I know what to expect. I just hope I heal enough for my 40th high school reunion!

5 more days!

This surgery is different from my other ones. Tomorrow is the last day I can shave on any body part. And tomorrow I have to start washing my entire body with anti-bacterial soap (what they gave me) until I go in on Monday. This is weird. For my reduction & correction, I had to make sure my belly button was clean. Different doctors I guess.
I've ordered my compression garment, and have my Arnica, Arnica cream, Bromelain & dry brush ready. I'm excited!!!!!

not enough fat!

How could I not have enough fat? So I didn't get the butt I really wanted, but I had 'indentations' on the sides and he filled that in. I think I'm skinnier too. Hard to tell with the swelling.

post-op day 2

Very swollen. It's been super hard to move. I had pretty good ab muscles before, and using them hurt like hell. That's the only way you can get out of bed! First shower today. When the water hit one of the 'tubing holes' I jumped. It burned! weird. Anyway, I'm hoping the 'swelling' I have in my butt stays, otherwise I'm back to no butt. I know I have a ways to go. ALSO, I'm still healing from my reduction-correction. My right boob is bigger. Again. I guess I'm super unlucky in this plastic surgery stuff.

4 days post-op Lipo/Butt fat transfer

I have been doing everything possible to speed up my recovery. It's all working pretty dang good! My husband will be taking pics in the morning, but for now I want to tell you what products I'm using.
I ordered (prior to lipo-BBL) this Faja garment (pic attached) and post day 3, the top where it zips up was about 3" apart. I would say I should have ordered 3 sizes bigger which is insane because I ordered the 40 with the sizes way bigger than I am. (returning it).
The garment I went home in is a velcro compression thing that bulges up (I have a short torso??) and made it extremely painful to sleep. Too much pain to sleep on my stomach, and too much pain to sleep on my sides.
I had also ordered prior from Kohls a shapewear camisole top which I figured would hold the upper back with the other garment. (Ordered medium per size chart and is quite small, which is what you need). [pic attached] When I took my shower on day 3, taking off that thing felt sooooo good! I decided to put the top on because at that point I didn't have anything else to use and that bulge thing was NOT going back on my body. I got the top on and it was super tight. It did not roll up. And it was sufficient (in my opinion) for a compression garment. Your body will love it. I did still order another Faja (I don't even know what that word means), but this top has to be washed at some point so I will use that as back up (IF it fits!).
Prior to sugery, TAKE ARNICA TABLETS! I did not do this for my breast reduction or my reduction/correction.
other stuff I'm using:
Arnica cream
Bromelain (anti-inflammatory)
ginger tea
small ice packs for hips
Large ice pack for front and back (pic attached) THIS IS A MUST HAVE!!!
Milk of Magnesia (which should be in your post-op kit from the doc)
a dry brush, which I have not used yet. Need the husband to do that. :) [pic attached]

pics after 5 days

I'm disappointed. I don't look any different. In fact, I think I look worse than before. ?
I know I have to be patient. But the main disappointment is I don't have a butt. That was because I didn't have enough fat (and I had plenty of fat). Anyway, still doing a lot of research. So many doctors with different opinions. I saw one that said icing does absolutely nothing. I disagree. I'm icing (while still at home) as soon as each ice pack is cold in all areas. I think it is helping the swelling. Plus the cool feels good.
I have to go back to work in 2 days. I'm not ready. But I'm out of sick & vacation days. Don't know how I'm going to get through 9-1/2 hrs (PLUS after work that day I'm going to get my nails back on. Muy importante! (lol. is that right?) My nails have been ripped/torn with no nails left. (you can't have acrylic nails on during surgery)
PLUS... with these pictures, you can see the ongoing results of my 2 month post-op reduction correction.

14 days post-op (lipo-butt fat transfer) and 2 month post-op breast reduction-correction

It's funny... I haven't even paid attention to the boobs - too much pain going on in my torso.
the boobs? they still look the same as they did 6 wks ago. They both have different shapes, but I'm just glad I'm a C cup.
The lipo - OUCH! Working just 3 days last week killed me. The most sensitive spot on my body is the lower belly. So sore. And I tried wearing leggings to work last week. BIG MISTAKE! I was dying all day because they were cutting into me. So now it's only dresses with comfy (not tight) dance shorts.
Thanks to all the arnica I don't have much bruising left. When I get home I put on a regular camisole top to take a break from the shape wear since it makes me numb.
stats: lost 1" in the hips and 1/2" in the waist. I ice as much as I can. I think a lot of the swelling will go down in a couple of weeks. At least I HOPE it does since I'll be on a plane flying over 2000 miles. Can you imagine? owwwwww

just a note... (re boob surgery)

when I had my reduction correction 8 wks ago, I had found that there were a couple of stitches that didn't disintegrate. One got a bit infected, but boy, once the nurse pulled that one out it was instant relief. Then I found another one sticking out of my left nipple. I pulled that one out myself. It wasn't a big deal since it had already healed. So don't be afraid to pull out those wiry little suckers.
I felt like I was super woman for pulling out my own stitch. haha

I think I'm in that depression part of this journey

First of all, I'm just scared that I haven't been doing anything right. I had to go to work 1 wk post, and I sit at a chair in front of 2 monitors 9 1/2 hrs per day (off every other Friday). It's excruciating to be sitting here, 1) you're scrunching your lower belly which, for me, is the most sensitive and painful part and 2) I'm afraid my butt is getting flatter. Not that I got that butt I wanted. I didn't. But he did fill in some areas that were quite ugly.
right now I am 3 wks post (and I write this while working). My shapewear is killing me! I went to the store yesterday to get a size large (I've been wearing a medium Maidenform tank top) and even the large is making me numb! I can't wear pants. And I have about 5 dresses I can wear. Every week, the same dresses (lol).
I was happy with how I was looking the first week. Flat tummy but with a lot of swelling. Now I have a hard belly that sticks out a little (like I gained weight). I was icing every day 3-5 times per day. Now I try to ice, I have to cover it because it actually hurts! like I'm getting freezer burned! So did I do more bad than good? oh, and when I was in the dressing room trying on these super tight tops, I STILL looked horrible in those stupid mirrors! I look like I have gained weight even though I know I haven't.
I heard the 4th week is a big improvement. I sure hope so! I can't take working all day and taking a step backwards instead of going forwards.
I'll post pics in a few days.


Doc said I'm coming along perfectly and was amazed how the shape wear (I'm wearing Maidenform) tank top I've been using as my compression garment has helped my healing process. So girls... don't spend more than $50 on all those other garments!!
Still have a lot of swelling. It's weird.. the swellling has subsided a LOT in my lower belly (ice, ice ice!) but has shifted to my belly. There's a big bump in the front (kind of hard) that makes me feel like it's a baby bump. I can almost tolerate sitting at a 90 deg angle, but won't if I don't have to. Just worried about the plane ride I'm having on Wednesday (5,000 mile trip!!)
A couple of the holes you can't even see, the others are almost healed. (my dress for my reunion is a side cut out dress which shows the middle hole on both sides and I will definitely be using makeup to cover!)
The pictures I'm attaching was taken a few days ago. But no lie, I am feeling FAT! I know I will look better soon, but still having full knowledge of the healing time doesn't make you feel better.
until next time..... xo

4 wks post-op pics

read above

10 weeks post op (lipo)

*I will post pictures this week*
I still have a large amount of swelling. The sides and my abdomen. The WORST part of this recovery is my bruised back. This was caused from the garment I was sent home in. It was the binding with the velcro. I'm short waisted, and the binding kept creeping up. While I slept, the binding was bunched in the middle of my back. That's the reason. And 10 weeks later (as of tomorrow) it still hurts and I don't know how long this will heal. It's inside. You don't see bruising on the outside.
I continue to take Bromelain, and Arnica (WHEN I CAN FIND IT!!!) *problem!
this is definitely a slow process. Although I'm thrilled each week as it slowly goes down I can see my figure developing. I'm guessing that in about 3 months I should see the total 'product'.
I haven't been able to wear pants yet. Unless the waist is loose. And my underwear all hurts, I have to roll it down. the WORST part is that I can't work out yet. I can dance, but trying to work out in the gym, using light weights, caused more pain the next day. I tried push ups, pain. So that is extremely frustrating. The other thing is that I'm so scared I'm going to gain weight because I can't properly exercise.

11 (1/2) wks post Lipo/fat transfer

Saw my doc 2 days ago. He thinks I look great. He feels I should be healed in 2-5 months. *he believes it takes a good 6-8 months for the swelling to go away in total. I've heard other docs say 6-12 mths.*
What I'm experiencing, ESPECIALLY in my abdomen area, is I had a flat stomach after surgery, and then the swelling started a few weeks later. It is the hard swelling. I still felt fat until they gave me my before and after pics at the office. So.... looking forward to the next few months to look awesome! I will continue to post pictures.


and I learned around half of the fat that gets suctioned out dies before it can be injected back in. So weird! (which is why I didn't get a total butt)

IT'S BEEN 15 WEEKS now since my lipo & fat transfer

I'm still sore in some areas, but was able to start wearing pants a week ago! (leggings and high waist pants cut into me. ouch) My doc says I should see final results in about 3-4 months. The small amount of fat he injected into my butt (did you know that half of the fat they suck out dies??) gave me a silhouette that looks like I have a butt. Now I have to buy bigger clothes because my hips are 2" bigger. But I'm not complaining! It's been a long road and I'm looking forward to seeing final results!

5 months post lipo fat transfer (less fat transfer than lipo!)

So I realize I'm going to have a flat butt for the rest of my life unless I get implants. But in order to do that, I'd have to stay off my bum for 4 weeks. That's all my vacation for a year! Anyway, I'm still feeling like a fat slob. The swelling is taking forever to go down. You can really see it in my stomach. Not sure about the rest of my body. Is it fat? is it swelling? And I feel like I gained weight since I took these pics 2 weeks ago. Hard on myself?? YES!


here's a pic (left side) I took 14 days after, and a pic (left side also) 5 months after. I know they say the swelling gets worse before it gets better. and wow, do I look worse than I did at 14 days!

lipo fat transfer update - 27 wks (6-3/4 mths) post-op

my butt is still flat. more flatter on my left side. but I do have the back 'sculpture' that makes me look like I have a butt (with clothes on).
I'm still sore. My sides, my abdomen. I had to get a prescription because I'm having nerve issues in the abdomen. So working on my abs, wearing certain high waisted pants, and belts periodically causes some pain. My stomach is still swollen. Sometimes it's hard. But the doc told me I'd never have a flat stomach. WHAT??? I thought that this would be my ticket! granted, I'm 58, so maybe I don't heal like I would have 10 yrs ago. I don't know. But a tummy tuck? I've already spent over $18k on my procedures. It's taking a long time for me to see results. Hoping I can go back to working on my abs SOON. Still glad I did it, but man, I wanted a butt and flat tummy SOOOOO BAD!


Bakersfield Plastic Surgeon

I've been going to Beautologie for 9 yrs. One Shah brother does all my injections, and the other Shah brother did my breast surgeries. I will not trust anyone else.

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