50 Years Old 5"5 and 175lbs Getting Mommy Makeover, and Lipo - Bakersfield, CA

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Hello everyone! First of all I can't say enough...

Hello everyone! First of all I can't say enough about this site, I've have been surfing real self and riding on everyone's coat tail thru their procedures and reading all the happy endings... And now it's my turn!! I'm single 5"5 and weigh 175. I'm so nervous and stressed I've gained 11 lbs!! I need to calm myself down so I can lose about 10 at least I have about 3 weeks to... dr. Zachary Barnes from beautologie will be doing my procedure. I will be getting a tummy tuck, breast lift, silicone breast implants under the muscle, and lipo in the flanks and side of breasts. Has anyone had procedures by Dr Barnes?

Can't wait!!

Every day is another day closer ?? Still debating on my implant size I'm wanting 500 but only because I'm told and I've been reading I'm going to lose some the lift. Is 500 to large??

Got my recliner!!! I love my husband??????

My love bought me a recliner for my surgery ?? He's so awesome and has been so supportive about all this and said he just wants me happy and ... He has also been very vocal about what size implants I should get lol ????????????

Layers and layers !!!

This is what I've had to look at for all these years. It has brought my self esteem to ground level, taking these layers off is taking away the embarrassment and humility that I've felt for so long... Saying goodbye to all of that and starting new!!!

feel like a butterfly in its cocoon

I have one more week to go, I decided on 550cc, signed and ready to go. Can't wait to see what I come out looking like. I'm not nervous at all just very excited to finally, finally get this done. Good bye to the days of standing in front of the mirror wishing all the extra skiing and sagging boobs were gone. It feels so good to have so many sisters here supporting one another willing to give you advise, pass on information, sharing laughs , and are genuinely concerned for your well being. Prayers going out to all the ladies going in for their procedures ... Many happy days ahead of us.

It's been awhile

I've been taking it easy this past week but today I feel much better. My boobs are huge!! But the more the swelling goes down the better they look. I have a lot of swelling in my mid section, when I first removed my bandage it was nice and flat but after that its been swell hell every day. The pain has been tolerable nothing like I was expecting. My drain comes off on Monday "yayyyy" it hasn't bothered me until yesterday it's getting it rated because I'm moving around more.

4 days post op

Swelling going down a lil more

Week post op

It's been a little over a week. My back hurts when I walk around and my boobs are hard as rocks!! I have a lot of swelling hope it starts to go down soon.

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