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I had a mommy make over which includes a tummy tuck, lipo on the sides and Brest lift. I am discontent with the scar finish of both the tummy and the lift. The skin on the sides seems like it was pinched. I initially contacted the office and I was told needed to wait 6 months and when I went again I was told it would go away after the 6 months. It's been 2 years almost 3 and the scar looks exactly the same. I can't wear a regular bathing suit top because the scar shows on both sides. I also had the tummy tuck which I loved the belly button and the appearance of the stomach but right under the belly button I have a bump which was also advised would go away and it has not. I have been told by other doctors that the bump is from liquid which was not drained properly and was only able to be removed with minor surgery to remove the liquid. I would like a scar repair and drainage removal. Update: Horrible experience. I wrote a couple of months ago regarding my mommy makeover and how unhappy I was with the results. I went to see the doctor since I had a breast lift and a tummy tuck and On the sides it looks like if my skin was pinched or pulled, the bottom of my breast (under the nipple) are always red. I was scheduled an appointment as soon as I made a complaint in the BBB website in which I attended last Monday. The doctor is extremely cold and arrogant at times. He said that the side scars or skin was just fat and that it could be fixed with Lipo, mind you that this was something I had brought up to him less than 3 months after surgery and he said it would go away. He took pictures that day and compared them to before I had the surgery. I had no complain about the tummy tuck itself but the breast look almost the same as how I had them prior to the surgery with the only difference being that he cut the niple and placed on the highest part of my breast (every time I wear a low cut shirt my niples come out). Finally he said that would fix everything. When I received the cost it was at the low cost of $8,500. I understand that a surgery includes other aspects that not just the doctor and I was expecting to pay something but $8500??? That's almost what I paid the first time. In general I'm extremely unhappy with my results and now with the revision appointment. Would not recover him at all.

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